City of Beaverton plans to demo a landmark & shutter 60+ small businesses.

For 55-years The Peaks have stood and served a variety of historic businesses and their customers. It has been the Design Center, Brothers Trading Post, Washco Garden center, the Ski Shack, Ludeman’s Home Center, and now Curiosities Vintage and the Beaverton Flea.

Now there are city planners that want to demolish this historic landmark and replace it with YET ANOTHER mixed-use high-rise.

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It’s unique. And a TEMPORARY parking lot is a ridiculous reason to raze a building that has been put to good use! It’s historical.

The city of Beaverton should take pride in hosting a local business like Curiosities, not push them away.

Stop tearing down your history for the benefit of the developers. People and iconic buildings and thriving small businesses are what make areas like this desirable communities. Your citizens and their tax dollars deserve better. Thank you

This building is a retail space for 60 small business owners, many of whom utilize this space as a major source of income. Furthermore, this building and it’s retail businesses supply the character, uniqueness and appeal that is disappearing as the city of Beaverton moves towards “developing” the area.

The building is so integral to so many lives

Curiosities hosts 60+ vendors who depend on this shop as a venue to sell their goods. This demolition could ruin the livelihoods of these people plus the owners/employees for an unforeseeable time, how can you justify that? There are no other venues like this in the Beaverton area. Not to mention the destruction of a successful resale shop for the purpose of something new and temporary is shameful, buying/selling reused goods is one of the best things anyone can do for our environment. Speaking as someone who is a vintage dealer I would be devastated if this was the shop I sold out of! I feel for these people and you should too!

Curiosities is a one of a kind store with a one of a kind family behind it!

The value of vintage architecture can be hard to calculate, but this mid century building is a landmark and treasure. Beaverton has more than its share of malls - it needs to work in preserving what little history it has left, not destroying it. This deserves protection.

We as a community have grown so much in recent years, however, memorials of our history and culture as well ways of life should be preserved. The Peaks are home to several small businesses that have been people's life work, and through this we support the individualism of different people within our large, beautiful, and diverse community.


Too many iconic buildings in Beaverton have been torn down! I love beaver, lived here since 1974, progress is great but we need to preserve some of the older, original even beyond Down town, old town. Parking is important and should be considered at the same time, not after the the “progress” creates a parking crisis.

As a former vendor and current shopper at Curiosities I know that this is not just a shop. It is a vibrant community that draws people to shop at the surrounding businesses. The summer flea markets are a huge draw as well.

The building itself is a treasure worth saving. It feels very, very shortsighted to tear down this wonderful building and destroy this business and the 60 small businesses it houses for a temporary parking lot.

Surely there is a creative solution that does not require the destruction of an architecturally interesting and unique building and 60 small businesses! The city should be supporting vibrant business communities and preserving unique architecture not destroying them.

Please find another solution.

Because it's history duh!

My family loves shopping at the Peaks. Are only reason to venture downtown area in the first place.

We have been coming to Curiosities for years. The store and the Beaverton Flea that they host has become a staple of our lives. We love to come to the store on weekends and the Flea during the summer and walk around, talk to people and eat a local businesses like Tom's or the Cartel. It's one of the few rare thriving businesses in town that isn't a big box chain store.

To hear that the city government wants to level the building is deplorable. A government should work for it's citizens, not take from them. Demolishing this building would damage local business to the point of it likely never being recoverable. It recently had a nationwide TV show shot there, but that publicity and goodwill would all be erased. The owners would have to breach contracts with all of the people who pay for booths there.

Worse, citizens of Beaverton lose a place to gather and celebrate their local neighborhood. When I had a lengthy hospitalization a few years ago, the Beaverton Flea was one of the first places I went to after leaving the hospital. That is a happy memory. I was able to purchase so many wonderful rare items that bring me joy. I got a trilobite fossil there for around $10. I have wanted one since I was a child. Razing that for a parking lot is like destroying joy itself. My opinion of my city will plummet. The joys of getting out of the house and into the world, diminished. My opinion of government lessened. Please, do the right thing. Reconsider this decision, and find another option. For the good of the people of Beaverton and in the spirit of doing the right thing.

Progress is not always better. Portland has already lost what made us such a great, unique city. Beaverton is following in its footsteps. We can not let that happen! The are plenty of other places for y'all to park your cars where it won't be an eyesore.

Shuttering a pile of small businesses for yet another stupid building full of condos is ridiculous

We don’t need more parking lots!This business is being run out for a parking lot and this makes absolutely no sense as they contribute massively to Beaverton’s culture and livelihood! the building needs to be on a historical register. If BCC wants a new parking lot they can easily doze a derelict building like the Chinese restaurant!

We go to Beaverton specifically for Curiosities. While over that way, we go to lunch and do a little shopping at other places in Beaverton as well. But our trip is planned around Curiosities. Without it, not only will we not be able to shop at the best store ever, but we will most likely skip going to Beaverton altogether. I cannot believe you would destroy a wonderful store for a parking. That just seems ridiculous, and very sad.

This building is beautiful, don’t take all the Character in history Of Beaverton away. Please!!! I love this building.

Please don’t erase history

It’s also a fantastic Venue filled with wonderful treasures and supporting small business.

1. It’s a unique landmark, and adds character to Beaverton’s downtown area. There are too many non-descript and modern buildings in Beaverton - we need architectural and historical variety!
2. It’s a prime example of MCM architecture. While not everyone’s taste, it was an important era in design.
3. A *parking lot*? Seriously? City of Beaverton needs to figure out a better solution. There are already tons of parking lots. Set up a bike share so employees can pedal in from somewhere else!

My friend has a small business there

It’s a wonderful piece of atomic era design & houses an independent business, which in today’s age is very hard to do. Been going to Curiosities Vintage for years & it adds so much to our local community.

It's a historic building and a small business

Part of history, sick of people being bullied out of their affordable space!

It makes no sense to tear down a business that has brought a sense of community to the city. The city should reconsider!

Too many cool old buildings are being torn down in Beaverton.

55+ years destroyed for parking?! Surely there is an empty building sitting elsewhere that could be an alternative choice. That's a lot of history to erase to just park cars.

A healthy small business community is crucial to driving economic recovery.

This is a unique part of our community and should be respected as such.

This building houses a thriving local business, and is an iconic midcentury architectural gem that should be preserved, not destroyed.

This is an outrage. Have you any idea, city of Beaverton the waiting lists to get into antique malls are? Have you a clue, city of Beaverton that place gives your suburb some credibility in the style department?
All for what? A parking lot????
There are an abundance of fast food corporate stains that would never be missed, as Beaverton is teeming with that for of bullocks.
To tear down this unique piece of architecture also takes away opportunities for multiple vintage vendors carving a life out for themselves by thoughtfully curating an array of desirable and stylish items to the retail marketplace.
Tearing down this structure is not only taking away an attractive looking mid-century structure, but you are literally ripping dinner off the table of a substantial group of quality vendors that love what they do.
Do you really want this very misguided decision of putting a slab of concrete for city workers that could literally go anywhere else staining the already questionable reputation of Beaverton?
I implore the people responsible for making this very unfortunate decision to reconsider. Think of all the MULTIPLE small businesses you are crushing by doing this. To demolish the most eclectic store you have for a nothing burger is not only a small tragedy for all vendors and shoppers that happen to appreciate the unique environment that antique malls provide, created by the vibe of the collective also just plain sad.
If the town of Beaverton has a soul, this action would certainly crush it.
Please reconsider the locale of this parking lot.

It gives Sm biz a place to work.
Stop ruining OR
Why tear down if there is already room
Why always ruin the good?

We need to preserve our historic landmarks and invest in small, local businesses.

Because to destroy a building and a small business in the sake of people’s laziness to walk is unacceptable!

We don't need a parking lot or a tall building in Beaverton! Leave this beautiful place alone!

The Peaks isn’t only a great place to shop, but it has unique character that is so visible to busy streets. Demolishing this building will be detrimental to the spirit of the area.

This is a lovely, vibrant piece of modern architecture! Please don’t tear it down and displace small businesses just for the sake of a big building with higher rent. I’m all of density at the city center, but find another site. Please!

The older buildings are the heart of Beaverton. Please don’t tear them down.

We need to keep the charm of older buildings and stop adding ugly, tall buildings!

This is a classic example of architecture that can never be replaced. How dare you want to destroy this for a parking lot!!!

Curiosities needs to be saved! Not only is it one of the best antique shops in the Portland area, but it is also a hub of local small business. If Curiosities is demolished, not only will Beaverton be losing that building with all of its vintage charm, but 60+ local small business will be, at best, robbed of a revenue stream, or at worst, forced to close entirely. While I completely understand the need for further parking, I can't help but think there has to be a better option for the location that wouldn't have such a negative impact on the local population, economy and history.

Our history and buildings are being demolished all over the city. It is time to put on the brakes on demolishing our buildings and history. Let’s think about what we are doing.

As a small business owner this is a HORRIBLE move by the city. Why would you shut down a thriving business? What kind of message are you sending to me and other small business owners? You are telling us that our companies and livelihoods don't matter to the city that we pay our taxes to. Shame on you Beaverton!

This is a destination location in Beaverton. There isn't much in Beaverton that is. Losing a shop like this is going to significantly impact the economics of the area. Adding 40 parking spaces does nothing for the community. This isn't an abandoned building on an abandoned lot. This is a living building with living tenants who pay their taxes and give back to the city. Their customers spend money in the community. To take this away would be a very short sighted move. Please rethink this.

Curiosities is much more than a store. It's a sanctuary of great friends who care about the community and provide a unique place in time that would be impossible to replace. Please consider saving the piece of some many's lives:)

The City of Beaverton must prioritize preserving architecturally and historically significant buildings such as the Curiosities Vintage building instead of accelerating their demise. Simply preserving a couple of buildings (like the Arthur Murray Dance Studio), while significant, is not sufficient. Why can't the City carry out its vision of downtown without allowing nearly all the trees and buildings that stand in its way to be destroyed, such as the Rembold apartments at 2nd and Lombard? Is this really the city we want to be building, disregarding our community's colorful past? The community clearly doesn't think so, considering the feedback given. We must preserve the character of downtown Beaverton so residents do not feel alienated in their own community and that Beaverton can retain its charm that has attracted people here in the first place. Do not demolish the Curiosities Vintage building and change policy direction to prioritize the preservation of historic buildings, historic and large-form trees, and small businesses in downtown and beyond.

This is such a cool retro building. One of the few left that has any style or interest about it at all.

Not only it is a great shame to destroy a historical building, arguably the most iconic and beautiful in Beaverton, but this will put out of commission over 60 small businesses. I also think this will hurt other local businesses in Beaverton as many people visit Curiosities as a part of a date day or meet with friends day and have a meal somewhere locally afterwards or conduct additional local shopping. I know I have done this over the years. Please reconsider this. I am sure we can find a different solution if we work together.

Please don’t destroy the character of the city!

Destroying any building that has a good established business occupying it to use for parking is ridiculous. Find another way.

Unique shopping that provides a place for sustainability sales (re-use).

Not everything old has to make way for the new.

I love to shop here. It's so unique and perfect for all vintage shopping needs. PLUS...everyone is SO nice.

This is such a great building and brings much needed visual interest to this area.

It is a wonderful venue that bring the community together and allows the vendors an opportunity to share their treasures.

Keeping some of the older architecture makes the city more charming and welcoming. High rise after high rise is ugly and it makes me so sad to see all of these older landmarks being bulldozed.

They are a brilliant display of midcentury architecture. There is no purposeful reason for demolishing them & by doing so you’re going to seriously harm several small businesses.

I love this old building, wish I could be there to march on the city but I have to work. Please don’t destroy this building! It’s a landmark & livelihood for many.

It’s a historic building with lots of character

It is iconic to Beaverton...mid century design. Not everything should be new! The city needs character!

Beaverton needs culture and small business more than a parking lot. Maybe move the food cart park somewhere else since those carts actually are designed to move. Or put a parking lot in, I dunno, maybe one of the several empty lots and fields within a 5 minute wall from there?

Beaverton's history is fascinating: from Native Americans to fur trapping, farming, post war boom, and now tech and sports apparel. Don't turn Beaverton into one of those places that could be anywhere in the U.S. with homogenous, featureless architecture. This building is not only wonderfully evocative of midcentury America, it's unique in the entire Portland region. Make it a landmark, not a memory. Its uniqueness is a magnet that can be parlayed into tourism, and the authentic sense of place that is so attractive to visitors who come to spend money in places with stories and charm.

Oregon city governments and developers have become one unified force for the erasure of history and displacement of long-time residents and their livelihoods. Any city government officials that push this through must be aggressively named and shamed come the next election. The government is supposed to work for the people who already live here, not out of state investors looking to turn a profit. The blatant corruption displayed here is absolutely disgusting, and the city of Beaverton should be embarrassed to take part in such wanton destruction of local businesses.

This section of town is the unique flavor of this community. More new concrete-and-glass, indistinguishable from any other place? Or preserve the uniqueness and character of downtown Beaverton? Let's support these small businesses and the good things they've provided. Say NO!

Small business is what keeps us going

There are many empty lots right next to the Pecks. How about the old location of the move theater.!!!

Because destroying a really cool building and a small business for a parking lot is a really gross thing to do.

The city of Beaverton should be preserving the few pieces of history that haven't been bulldozed by rampant, poorly planned development that has come at the cost of both city culture and affordability. Shame on Beaverton for pushing out one of the last interesting vestiges left in what used to be a much better place to live.

We are systematically losing what makes Portland and Beaverton unique. Please stop destroying iconic landmarks and buildings. The character of our city is disappearing

It is home to a wonderful small business and gives Beaverton a little slice of something historic and funky.

I love Curiosities so much! It's my favorite antique/vintage shop. I'll often make a trip out to Beaverton from Portland just to visit the shop. Also, the building has historic value and should NOT be torn down.

These buildings are iconic and add personality to the area. New development doesn't have to go on the main street. All of the small businesses who inhabit the area won't be able to afford rent in what replaces it.

Because it is a beautiful little shop, unique for Beaverton. Who needs another parking lot, especially in that location. Tear down the building next door which has been empty for 20 plus years and used to house a Restaurant, you kill two birds with one stone. Get rid of that eyesore and provide parking. Easy!

The Peaks has been a unique & special location on TV Hwy for years. It provides services & revenue for the people of Beaverton & should NOT be torn down for 'parking' privileges for City officials. Particularly when there is a suitable substitute availabe with a large parking garage right next to them avaialble!! Shame on the City of Beaverton for such a power grab!! Save The Peaks! Save the spirit of Beaverton small business owners!

It’s is a historical building. Maybe you should watch the Lorax by Dr Seuss. I just feel like we need to hold on to a cute building like that. In the long term it will make the town worthwhile. A parking garage will not.

The biggest reason is because it is a part of Beaverton history. It is a lovely building, not an eyesore. But, just as important, they have unique items that one can't find anywhere else. Special, one of a kind items. It's the perfect place to find that special gift for someone, or that special item you want for yourself, or your home. The store is neat, clean, organized and well kept, and the people that work there are wonderful Why tear something down that is an asset to the neighborhood, and to Beaverton as well? There is plenty of parking in that area.

This is one of my favorite stores and I think the location is fantastic. Beaverton doesn't have any other store like this and it's wonderful for the community. The flea markets are a great way to bring the community together. The building is incredible and all the new construction, though necessary in some instances, is heartbreaking. We are losing the uniqueness of our city.

Displacing small businesses for temporary parking sets a terrible precedence. There’s had to be a better solution.

We love this community and store. Where will they go? Please don’t force another mom and pop shop out!!

We love this community and store. Where will they go? Please don’t force another mom and pop shop out!!

Keep historical buildings and character in this town and shops..... not parking lots

I come here almost every Sunday with my mom and look at all the new stuff that’s always coming in. It’s our favorite vintage shop in the Portland area and we would be absolutely devastated without it. It’s been a tradition of ours for a couple years now to come to the shop and gets some lunch afterwards.

It’s an historical landmark

Its an iconic part of Beaverton. Why replace it with TEMPORARY parking?? You're displacing small business owners. This is a great store for shopping. Don't take it away!

We have enough mixed use buildings in downtown Beaverton. We need to keep structures with character and support small businesses.

These beautiful buildings are interesting and unique on their own. But they also hold such beautiful and cool things inside. I have only recently discovered Curiosities and have really enjoyed exploring the amazing stuff they have in stock and I really look forward to continuing to visit and find wonderful surprises. Please don't tear this landmark down to create a parking lot.

60+ families rely on their small businesses to make ends meet, provide for their families and boost income to a livable amount. If the city of Beaverton can honestly say it supports small business, then this action completely contradicts that. I have been able to support myself and my daughter with the extra income through Curiosities and the summer flea markets for several years. To see the panic and anxiety that this brings to so many who rely solely on their income through their small businesses is sad and uncalled for. The flea and Curiosities brings a ton of business to the surrounding businesses including the food carts. Do not tear these buildings down. You will destroy livelihoods and ruin years of hard work and dedication.

We are losing so many historic buildings for new ones. This is unfair. Leave this building

It is a landmark and it houses amazing shops!!

It's gorgeous! Mid century architecture is unique and worth protecting for future generations.

It is as this reads a historical area and this is what the leftist do, they wipe out history and tradition for apartments and parking lots. Stop them and stand up against this. GOVERNMENT OVER REACH HAS TO BE STOPPED.

Its a beautiful, historic building. The antique mall is a great treasure piece and one of my favorite places to go in the Portland area. It should be valued and seen as a excellent destination spot, as I see it, and cherished by the community and tourists alike.

Building is over 50yrs old.Should be considered Historical Architecture. We need to save our history!

Beautiful aesthetic building, rich local history, contributions to local economy.

We are losing these architecturally significant buildings at an alarming rate. While I understand the argument for density, I believe that we can make some room for the preservation of buildings that represent our architectural past and give the community a sense of continuity and joy. This building is clearly loved by many Beaverton residents. Hopefully Beaverton will listen to its residents' wishes instead of bulldozing them under the preferences of a few.

Please do not evict Curiousities and demolish the building/business. It is one of the few really interesting places in what is a mostly mainstream suburb. The city claims to promote diversity and revitalization. Destroying a small eclectic business is NOT the way to do that...and for a parking lot?? Please.

Curiosities has become a destination for antiques buyers around the metro area. It's become the anchor for a fledgling antique center in that area (see also Rose City Modern).

I would suggest having the auto dealers nearby on Canyon move further out from downtown beaverton and then redevelop those - the FORD and KIA dealers.

It’s a wonderful place to shop and brings the community together. There is no other place like it in Beaverton! My wife and I also love the flea markets held monthly.

This is a fantastic place and is historic leave it!

As a vintage collector, Curiosities is a treasure, not only that, The Peaks is is the perfect place for them to be. With its mid-sixtes architecture, it’s eye candy for vintage geeks like me! Please leave The Peaks and Curiosities be, what’s the point of a parking lot over history? To quote Joni Mitchell: Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t what you’ve got til it’s gone”. Please don’t pave a piece of paradise, and put up a parking lot. Save a great small business.


for god sake does anyone care about history in beaverton?
it should be important to all cities across our country
to preserve the old buildings we do have.

Curiosities is a wonderful business, employing many people. With all of the work being done in downtown Beaverton to make it a walkable, friendly place to shop and bring customers to the area it seems ridiculous to ruin a business for a temporary parking lot.

we need to keep history alive. its been a part of beverton for so many years. we dont need another parking lot

Curiosities I THE place to be/visit in Beaverton. I have friends and family that come to visit me and specifically ask to go here! There are also NO other buildings around with such great aesthetics and architectural importance. Save the Peaks, and Curiosities!!!

I have been going to Curiosities, for a few years now, and enjoy the connection this store has to the community. Curiosities bridges our past with our future. Many individuals bring small business to this establishment. There is always a time to enhance our city with new business, and infrastructure, but please reconsider this impact on our neighborhood.

We should not destroy a wonderful building and small business for yet another parking lot.

Please don't wipe out Beaverton's history!
It is a charming spot... why turn it into just another boring generic building area? There are already plenty of those!

Iconic well kept building shouldn’t be knocked out because of convenience of location. There enough unmaintaned and/or empty building that could be removed in order to make space. Why uproot thriving businesses?

Please don’t destroy history!

There are plenty of ugly buildings to replace. Please keep the ones with integrity for future generations.

Simply a great building! The shop and now with the addition to the open market there is making the property viable. No more tearing down!!!! Stop it City of Beaverton, for filling in every nook and cranny. You create more traffic without road improvement. Kmart sight with 400+people and cars at that intersection soon to come! You tear down single home dwellings and replace with crammed in condos/ apartments/etc that push out affordable single homes buyers. Plus, they do not match the area of architecture! Just look at the monstrosities on Murray near Farmington!!!
I shop at this place and the shop across the street. Love going there. Wise up and stop making stupid decisions! I would like to know , how you have the right to tear down this building in the first place? Did you all change the zoning without anyone's knowledge?
Not happy with this at all!

We don't need more parking lots. We need small businesses and jobs for the people who work there.

Downtown Beaverton is sorely lacking in character and charm. It’s become a wasteland of mini malls and car dealerships. The small businesses in older buildings are the only cute, interesting, charming places left. Don’t tear them down!!

Classic and unique architecture that gives character to that part of Beaverton. A small business that features other small businesses and individuals is pretty great as well!

I have lived in Beaverton since 1990, and have always loved this iconic example of mid century architecture. Beaverton has so few buildings left from this period. The city of Beaverton should be working with the current tenants to preserve it, not tearing it down for parking. Parking can happen in so many other places, but once this building is torn down, there will never be another like it. Additionally, the building is currently providing employment and shopping opportunities for many people. It provides a service to the community that is unique and irreplaceable. Please reconsider your decision! Save the Peaks!

The Peaks is an institution. But it’s also a place where I’ve made friends and many memories, not to mention that it’s a historical site. It’s a place that doesn’t deserve to be replaced by another of the many parking lots.

Too may new big box buildings already that are an eyesore and causing more traffic congestion. Adding more retail/business/parking only makes traffic worse!

I've spent many wonderful weekends shopping here. It brings my business to this side of town. Tearing it down for a parking lot seems extremely unnecessary.

If you want to bring people to Beaverton, this is what you want. Along with the new developments that bring people in, so do shops such as this, ESPECIALLY these 60 vendors. Please consider sharing the future of Beaverton with the new AND the legacy of Beaverton stores. This is a unique place not found anywhere with the West side businesses. I've shopped her many times, and refer people all the time who love this place. This shop is gem on the West side, and particular this mid-century building. Even moving would not give it the same flair, I'm afraid it would be like all the other multi-vendor antique stores - not quite as appealing.


A great Community Place for people to go and support small business around the area. shame and a disappointment to see this go..

It's a part of what makes Beaverton unique. We already have so few of these fun places! Please don't turn our city into a cookie cutter city.

Bye, bye Beaverton. Beaverton will just become part of the big blob of metro Portland. Why even have city limits anymore. And you don't think these new dwellers of what you plan to replace this with won't be owning & driving cars?

It shouldn’t be destroyed to preserve Beaverton history

This is one establishment that actually brings interest and culture to Beaverton. Beaverton should strive to be an awesome community and avoid being a sprawl of strip malls, chain stores, and parking lots.

Save History for the future

I shop there weekly. There are quite enough empty building spaces already. Fill them. Stop trashing our city for your profits!

Curiosities has created a community beyond just buyers and sellers. They have events that promote the local flavor. I've been to several and each and every time I've made new friends and created wonderful memories. If you take away this building you will be destroying a huge touch stone of the Beaverton community. So many love this place and if allowed to grow, it will continue to bring in others from outside the area of Beaverton. Making it a destination stop for those who travel. So rather than driving through Beaverton people will have a reason to stop, shop and bring in more income to the local area. (Travis you are more than welcome to grab some pics from my Facebook page from the events I've attended, to help illustrate my point. Good luck!)

This is an amazing small business! There is another way to get parking without tearing down landmarks...

Filling the Portland region with hideous big-box sores and high-rise crappily built condos is a disaster. STOP IT NOW!!

It adds so much uniqueness to that area. It's a character shop that a lot of people love.

Mid-Century Modern (MCM, Mid-Mod) is white hot in new design and the collectibles market. People visit Palm Springs to admire the MCM buildings and homes and it generates a great deal of revenue for that city. There are a few MCM buildings left in Beaverton and they should be treasured, not eradicated.

Why destroy this business for a parking lot??

Nothing better than a quiet afternoon perusing the items of another time. This mall is one of the most meticulously curated spaces in Oregon and what a shame it would be to lose not only a space of artistic creation and history but a building that adds so much more than a parking lot. Completely unbelievable that this is even possible. Keep this incredible community space and historical building. Please.

It is absolutely devestating that the City of Beaverton is even considering putting 60+ small businesses out of business while simultaneously erasing local history by demolishing these incredible examples of mid century architecture. The loss to our community and the city of Beaverton in general is inconceivable and I urge the city officials to reconsider. You can’t take it back once it’s done and that is a travesty for our future generations as well as past and present citizens of this town.

I feel we have very little of old Beaverton left we need this more then parking!!

I've always like the look of the building, the business inside. Please don't tear it down to put up boring architecture or a parking lot. Beaverton needs these unique things to keep it unique and attractive to businesses , visitors and customers.

Got enough of those Hi-Rises...Love the Shops that are there.

Beaverton is sorely lacking in places to shop and eat that are unique. Tearing this building down would not only make room for more of what Beaverton already has plenty of, it would simultaneously displace and destroy one of the few interesting places to shop in this boring and homogenous suburban wasteland.

This is the best spot to look for vintage in the area, I frequent it, the flea market and neighboring businesses while I’m there. If it gone, I won’t have any reason to head to that part of town . Sad for everyone.

That is absurd that you would interfer with someone's business and lively hood. People who are providing a service to the community in way of business. Building high rise buildings only destroy the environment and create havoc later. There is no need to make Beaverton or surrounding areas to look like New York.

Find another spot for parking. There are other lots and available areas.

enough with the high risers

I want The Peaks saved because i have made so many friends and the place is so magical like i have been going there for so long. This building has impacted me by giving my family a home because my mom works there and it shouldn’t be destroyed because people love it and if it becomes a parking lot it will break my heart and my friends hearts because we go there a lot so please don’t do this to us we need a place like this to stay here:)

This is so unique to this area, and brings so much to our town. Shame on you for trying to demolish something so important to our community for NOTHING.

I smile every time I drive by the cheerful, brightly painted sidewalk and am always looking to see what's new there. Not only is The Peaks a visually interesting, charming building, it provides a bit of unique character to a main Beaverton corridor that would otherwise seem a bit generic. The fact that dozens of even-smaller businesses are being giving an opportunity to participate in the local economy is a big win – this sort of consignment / cooperative model gets harder and harder to find, and the square-footage price for any new retail space on this site will almost certainly be cost-prohibitive for the very folks who made this spot so desirable. While I strongly support increasing the density / infill of existing cities (vs. promoting sprawl, which makes cities unwalkable and traffic worse), the argument that the City needs to tear down an operating business immediately for the sake of having a parking lot seems tenuous, at best, and mildly suspicious, at worst.

When we lose a viable, thriving, shining example of art and architecture for lack of vision and a callous disregard for or past, we lose part of our identity. It would be one thing if the buildings were crumbling and became a threat to the community. It would be one thing if we were erecting some new necessary community center with architectural nods to the previous occupant... but to tear these wonderful structures down to provide parking for a select few? No. There are far better options. The peaks represent Beaverton when it embraced the style of the mid century. Don’t throw that away. Nobody ever looked back with regret saying “I wish I had built that parking lot instead.”

To remove such a historic landmark in lieu of a TEMPORARY PARKING LOT?? These are the kinds of decisions that make me lose faith in humanity. I have been shopping here for years, and the flea markets are the highlight of my month. SHAME ON YOU CITY OF BEAVERTON! We will not go down without a fight!

The picks and curiosities antique mall is a vital thriving hub small business revitalizing some of Beaverton is more derelict areas Curiosities antique mall is a cornerstone in the antique world not only is it inviting for visitors coming to Beaverton also for the local community and other vendors who actually are starting small businesses within its location in a tracks all sorts of people of all walks of life I had races it's a been very interesting shopping their and their items are very unusual the loss a curiosities would be a slap in the face for the city of beer it in and it disgrace to the community I suggest that you find another parking lot such as the vacant field by the Tri met area I hope this helps and resolving this issue as I personally know Travis and he is a excellent spokes person for the Beaverton community

This is a beautiful, unique building hosting a thriving business that draws in people from all over. This building should be celebrated! There are many buildings in the area more appropriate to tear down. Please save The Peaks!

The building itself is iconic. The community it fosters is beloved. And it’s a place where history can be retold through treasure hunters sharing their wares. Curiosities is a place that adds to the great culture of Portland well beyond the lot boundaries. I find the argument for a parking lot suspicious at best seeing it’s a block from the Max and on a bus line. I question why a government would strip its community from a timeless building, essentially fire 60 small businesses and purposefully destroy a successful business. A parking lot simply doesn’t justify the decision. Local government has a responsibility to provide the greatest amount of good to the greatest amount of people. Let’s vote and see how many are thanking the great leaders of Beaverton for a few parking stalls. It’s absurd. Be better Beaverton.

Why remove thriving/small/local/independent retailers that are successful to make way for the typical cookie-cutter building. I feel like the impact to these small bussinesses and the surrounding Community is not being factored into the equation very well. Surely there is a more derelict and better location in the area.

Love this unique little part of downtown Beaverton. Please don't destroy any more of the city's character.

I am so disappointed in the direction Beaverton is going. What will be unique about any town when we tear down their original features to put in high-density homogeny? We used the be the welcoming homey suburb, now we are on our way to being a cold, dense, corporate wasteland. The warmth of nostalgia is alive and well at Curiosities, it's one of the few places around where one can remember the happy times.

The City of Beaverton should come up with an alternative to destroying yet another building in a small downtown area. Learn to use our taxes and be more creative rather than put hundreds of small businesses and people out on the street. If you want to encourage economic development in Beaverton, this isn't the way to do it.

I remember that building as a child. It's part of the community.

What a lovely building, and Curiosities is a great resource for the Community! A unique small business in a well-kept MCM building --- JUST the type of venue that helps stave off the encroaching big box stores. Shouldn't we be encouraging such tenants in our midst?

Please do not demolish this unique vintage building for a parking lot! We need to hold on and protect as much of old Portland as possible, too much has already been destroyed.

We should preserve and renovate the buildings of the past. Especially when they have the character and unique style of these buildings.

Please don’t tear down this valuable small business which houses so many vendors & is integral in keeping Beaverton’s business and neighborhood communities diverse. I love shopping there. Please no more parking lots.

You shouldn't demolish these buildings and close businesses (not to mention the possibility of running livelihoods) just for extra parking spaces. They are a landmark and should be preserved!

This was one of the first places I shopped when I first moved to Beaverton. It’s an amazing store and really authentic items. I would hate to this building go and worse for a parking lot.

I think the city has a responsibility towards its small businesses, and only giving 60 days notice seems a little unethical. The city should work with the owners to find a compromise.

Geez how about keeping the city many places incorporate old buildings and they are beautiful. Look at the places in Europe that are absolutely awesome because they keep their buildings. San Antonio Texas is built around their old buildings, especially one very famous one..The Alamo! Stop this insanity of demolishing our history and asphalting everything! Beaverton is an ugly town with no planning and asphalt everywhere, weeds and strip malls and constant traffic!! Leaving this place as soon as we can!

This is a GREAT antique/vintage store and contributes a lot to the area. Not only is it a source of income for the owners of the Curiousities Vintage business, but for MANY vendors that consign to the shop and those, including myself, that participate in the Beaverton Flea market. I'm sure parking is a pressing issue, but to flatten this building and displace so many seems rather heartless. Please reconsider this decision and allow Beaverton to keep one of it's few historic buildings near the old town area and allow the Curiosities Vintage to carry on. Thank-you

It’s not just a cornerstone of a community and the culture of the community. It supports 60 small businesses of local residents. It is disturbing that the city would want to harm a part of history and culture and also the local businesses it promised to protect.

Living in Newberg (and now Portland), Curiosities is one of the very few things that brought me into Beaverton. It is a top-notch store, staffed, stocked, and maintained by an incredible group of individual small-business owners. Over the past few years, I have spent a good deal of money there, and as a result of shopping there, in local restaurants, coffee shops, and stores. This business, and it's wonderful-refreshing building, are central to my Beaverton experience. It would be shameful to push out such a great part of the community in order to build a parking lot or some high-rise. There is plenty of space for those things, but find it somewhere else!

Please save this historic building and the history contained in it. The building's architecture is a time capsule into Beaverton's history and evolution. Please do not make Beaverton a homogenized collection of multi use high rises that look like every other part. Save The Peaks and allow Curiosities Vintage to continue providing an eclectic journey through history.

I do not live in Oregon but I am from Guam. I always make it a point to visit here and always find something unique. It would be unfortunate if this were destroyed and turned into a parking lot.

Its a wonderful place to go and find a treasure.
I love to go with my adult children and have a lovely afternoon! Good memories made!

Wonderful old building. Love the business it is now.
Don’t destroy our history!

This is a lovely addition to a community that has a minimal number of quaint businesses.

No more parking lots!

Historic and houses small businesses that deserve a chance. Their livelihood is more important than a parking lot. Seems like encouraging carpooling and use of public transit would be better than destroying people’s businesses.

Please reconsider forcing this Gem of the community. Support small buisness! Preserve community landmark buildings and architecture. Without these gems we loose integrity of people who dedicated themselves to preserve the past footprints that originally built our Beautiful n Unique city! Please be fair and reconsider.

Why can't the employees park in the parking structure next to City Hall? If that's not possible, have them park at the Library. That's what they told us to do when we had a down town business. So our customers could walk 3 blocks to get to us. Employees could do the same. Tear down the old Authur Murray building and make a parking lot there. At least that would give some downtown patrons a place to park. The city always told us we didn't have a parking problem, that there was plenty of parking spaces. They just don't get it and I'm sorry to hear will put a lot of small businesses out of business.

Save the peaks!! Besides being one of the coolest buildings in Beaverton, it is a wonderful thriving business of 60+ small business owners. Many who are women and senior citizens. The small businesses inside are each a portal to the past. Combined it’s a walk down memory lane for anyone. It would be a travesty to lose this awesome local business. As well as the beautiful unusual building that houses it all.

Why is Curiosities an important part of the fabric of Beaverton?

1. I am a local resident and love Curiosities....between Curiosities, Goodwill and Garage Sale Warehouse, I was able to furnish my new home after getting divorced.

2. Curiosities also epitomizes community spirit by organizing Beaverton Flea and creating an ambiance of conservation and sustainability that the big box stores do not.

3. Last, mid century modern is one of the most underappreciated forms of architecture in the US. We have a really cool version of it in the HEART of Beaverton! Let's preserve this architectural treasure.

Thank you!

The Peaks is a mid-century, historical landmark in the city of Beaverton. It is an architectural gem that houses and supports wonderful small businesses that makes this city unique and special. Please save this building and allow the business owners to continue operating in this space and providing opportunities for other small businesses to thrive.

If the city demolishes this building they should provide another GOOD location for Curiousities with the same amount of parking so they can remain in business.

The building houses several successful small businesses and is part of the city history. These businesses create jobs and generate economic activity. City employees can get by with the parking they have.

My family moved from SW Portland to Beaverton in 1972 when I was a child and I currently live in Beaverton. Agree with the comments I just read on the website - this is a very valuable and historic building that needs to honored and promoted. As do its thriving small businesses and the community gathering place it provides.
Beaverton needs to preserve it's history and help local businesses. Agree that the last thing it needs is another "mixed use" high rise and that Mayor Denny Doyle and City Council should be ashamed of destroying a positive and productive piece of Beaverton's history.

Because there are other buildings that are a better possibility.

Because it is home to many shops that make Beaverton unique

I have been a vendor at the flea market at Curiosities for 4 years and have had great success ! Our clients are amazing and come back every year .The flea brings so much business to the area it seems like a huge mistake to take away this money maker. I also grew up in Beaverton and to demolish this beautiful store for a parking structure would definitely ruin part of the history and ambiance of this great city. Please rethink your reasons for demolishing this building. There is a vacant lot across the street which would be as accessible for customers to have a parking structure.Please save The Peaks!
Thank You,
Paula Bush

Is this really a question?

Evicting a lot of good small businesses for a parking lot? Parking lot needed at that location?

We need to preserve character when we can

It is an iconic design out of the 50's that does not deserve to become a parking lot.

Curiosities and the Flea Market are one of the best things about living in Beaverton. They have been a big part of building the community out here and it would be a crying shame to see them go. A 30 second walk away there's the derelict Fung Huong Palace, one of the biggest eyesores in the city. Why would you target a pillar of the community instead of removing this blot on the landscape for your parking lot??

I love this building! It provides a wonderful example of mid-century architecture. It is a Beaverton landmark. Additionally, I frequent the shops inside and appreciate the entrepreneurial efforts of the vendors. What a shame to take the building and the business away! I'm certain there are many other buildings along that road that are better suited to a tear down. How about that awful gigantic restaurant that has been sitting empty for many years!!!

I've lived here basically all my life and I want my son to know about this area, I really don't want it looking like an overdeveloped part of Portland. If this area gets taken away and turned into apartments or hotel buildings, it would be heartbreaking.

This mid century modern building is one on the best looking on this strip of Canyon Rd. It needs to be saved and the rest of the area needs to be improved upon.

City of Beaverton, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. I live here and this is one of the fun and interesting places to shop and to bring out of town visitors to. And for WHAT? A parking lot???! How disgusting. A MAX line runs right past city hall. Great job taking something cool away from the residents of the city so that a few people have parking. I'm so appalled by this.

This iconic building has stood the test of time for my entire life, somethings should be preserved and not destroyed for a quick buck!

Amazing place and really great shops. I love the fact that the vintage shops feel like a part of the city.

The peaks not only represents the local culture of Beaverton, where happiness resides, but it is also a bustling community with hundreds of people every single day taking joy in the peaks.

Stop tearing our city apart by making more apartments no one can afford, parking garages that make the place ugly and big businesses that take away from the small businesses. Leave this building alone. I don’t want Beaverton looking like Downtown Portland, and that’s the direction it’s going. So sad!!

This is an iconic mid-century structure and design. It's one of the landmarks along Canyon Road. Don't make Beaverton ugly!

Keep the small businesses in Beaverton. Install a parking garage somewhere else.

It is a shame to evict a successful business in Beaverton. We are a city that already has a hard time with identity and this is an iconic building in the city.

When I first moved to the area and happened to drive by the building, I did a double take. What was this cool place situated nearby a sea of ugly car dealerships and body shops. I thought, “oh wow, there IS actually something interesting and trendy/design-forward located in Beaverton.” I did a u-turn and went back back to check it out. Since then, Curiosities has been a regular stop for me, my family, and the friends I recommend it to. In my opinion, it is the most redeeming thing that Beaverton has to offer and is a shining star in the entire Portland Metro areas and probably in all of Oregon. This metro area has lots of sophisticated shoppers and people who appreciate good design and a special (not big box or chain store) experience. They also appreciate good aesthetics, which, outside of Curiosities, that area is sorely lacking. Curiosities offers all of the above and more. The love and care that they operate their business with is is evident It is shocking and short sighted that the City would want to race toward mediocrity by pushing out such a dynamic unique business that adds so much flavor to the city. The City needs to support, not destroy, this business!

We need to preserve historic places.
Let them ride the MAX. Wasn't that the purpose of mass transit.

Small businesses are important!

I shop there all the time! Best vintage store around.

Demolishing historic buildings and destroying small business in destructive to the fabric of the community. These buildings are a piece fo the town's history, and the business are something unique amongst so much chain and big box store shopping. Please preserve these special pieces of history and keep people coming to Beaverton to explore them.

This is one of my favorite places to visit in Beaverton. I reside in Portland and take my kids to Curiosities and then the food cart pod nearby.

It shouldn’t be destroyed because there are people who have businesses there who don’t want it to be destroyed. If all of those people couldn’t continue paying their rent for the buildings, that would be one thing. But I don’t think that is the case in this scenario. City employees should park in the existing lots, or take the bus.

small business should be saved

Dear City of Beaverton Leaders,

Please reconsider the decision to have Curiosities Vintage Mall vacate their building and put 60 vendors out of employment. This business draws people from all over the state to our unique little city with such charm. It's akin to something like the Saturday Market, a very special community based small business platform that you will not find anywhere else.
I hope you are able to reconsider or offer a working solution.
Jennifer Wandell

I moved to Beaverton in 2014, and appreciate the small town feel that the city has. I believe that Beaverton has a lot of great infrastructure that is forward looking, and I realize that growth and opportunity are knocking at the door of the city, as is happening in Portland and elsewhere in the metro area.
Here is the thing. Beaverton is special, and a big part of what makes it special is structures like The Peaks. Downtown is beginning to flourish with foot traffic, and these are the businesses that will support that growth and keep people coming to this as a destination.
As a former Toronto, Canada, resident, I watched as the city lost so much history and character as it chose to demolish key parts of its architectural history. Toronto learned the lesson it needed to as a city, but a city can never get back those priceless pieces of its past.
I really implore the council to reconsider this move to demolish these buildings. These are valuable artifacts from Beaverton's past, and infinitely more valuable as they are, rather than as a place to park. Consider building a parking structure, building up multi-stories in another, vacant location.
These mid century buildings are fast disappearing. Don't allow the city to forget its past. These are the things that make this city special. Progress doesn't always look like cookie cutter condos and parking lots, and the reason why people love a place is rarely because there is another unremarkable parking lot.

There are enough cookie cutter buildings as it is, why wont developers see the benefits of character and existing structures? Building just for the sake of building seems like a terrible plan.

It is an institution of good taste, good citizenship, exemplary small business supporting many different people, and the tradition of old Beaverton.

It is far more valuable and important than any parking lot, or almost any other potential use of that site. It is a friend through the years, one I know I could go to right now and find a friendly reception.

Please do not destroy this precious resource.

Because it’s the history! People love history. I like the character of the building.

Historic buildings should be preserved! Please let these buildings stay. There are already enough mixed use buildings! Please let them stay!

The business is a wonderful addition to Beaverton’s downtown - the building is part of the business’ allure

Just because a building isn't new and super modern doesn't mean it's outlived its usefulness. It's important to preserve our historic buildings. There are other locations to put a high rise.

Closing the building for temporary parking will affect approximately 62 small business's that are in the structure. I sounds like the City of Beaverton is going about this in the wrong way. When the building went up for sale why was it not made public? This could have a huge impact on a lot of families.

Because they are awesome and deserve to stay!

This building is not just a building, it’s a community. It houses sixty small businesses that will be in jeopardy if this business closes. It is a meeting place for people who love the past and how it relates to the present, something we all need to be aware of. It may look like a funny little building with a green roof but it’s so much more than that. It adds to the community and, in its own way, makes Beaverton a destination for a lot of people who wouldn’t normally visit. Before I became a vendor at Curiosities I went to the flea market. Before I found the Beaverton flea I never even thought of visiting Beaverton. Now I not go to Curiosities I go to surrounding businesses. Without Curiosities I doubt I would visit Beaverton. Please do not take away this place. The city will be poorer for its loss.

Old Beaverton is disappearing quickly enough! The building is iconic itself, to say nothing of the broad range of goods and the number of residents who sell and shop there. This is a valuable part of Beaverton. Please, please rethink. This is as bad as Ptld.getting rid of the food carts! Leave our Beaverton some

It's part of the community!

As a small business owner-I feel the proposed an election of this landmark building completely invalidate the current tenants and owners.

This is one of the most interesting buildings on Canyon ! Don't tear down the only truly unique and older building in the area for a lousy parking lot. All the citizens of Beaverton knew when you city employees set yourself up in the newest, chicest building in the area, that you would quickly outgrow it. Now you are out of parking, which was predictable. Move the city offices to a more convenient location and leave the Peaks alone!!

it's been there forever And where will all those businesses go?

It is a unique visual representation of Beaverton in an overwhelmingly homogeneous area. Please let us keep some personality in our community! It is an historic building and should be preserved as such.

The place is so iconic! We really need to make sure thriving businesses like this are fully supported by the city. To replace this gem with a parking lot is completely unacceptable.

The peaks and relrela

The peaks and businesses should be saved. They add some interest to Beaverton, close to downtown. Surely you can find another place for a temporary parking lot! Once the business is gone, it is gone!

It’s one of the only cool shops to visit. Walking around the city of Beaverton has no draw. Only restaurants not cute, fun, successful businesses that make you come back.
Please save this iconic one of a kind buildings/stores!

A building with character is what we need. And we have it. ...not parking.

Like many non-Beaverton residents in the Portland metro area, I had a mental picture of Beaverton as a land of generic malls, shops, and unattractive strips. Then I visited Curiosities and got a look at a quainter, more welcoming Beaverton that I had assumed was long gone. The loss of this building would mean that I and people like me would have that much less reason to visit Beaverton to shop, eat, or discover. Please preserve this slice of history.

It's my favorite place to shop on my day off!

This is a great business and I would like it to stay in its current location. I visit the business twice a month and usually go to the food carts nearby afterwards. They should at least get enough notice to relocate instead of getting thrown out. I thought Beaverton was on the side of small business; apparently not!

I have been coming to Vintage Curiosities for years. I was really excited when they expanded their business. Last Christmas my sister got me a gift card, and I made several trips to the area till my card was finally exhausted. Part of these trips included frequenting other stores in the area (i.e., Fred Meyers, The Dollar Store, Arby's, gas stations, Winco, Target, Michael's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Rite-Aid, etc, etc.). I have many of these same stores where I live. I go to the ones in Beaverton because they are part of my visit to Curiosities. Quit killing small and unique business in the name of progress. It hurts what is special about Beaverton. Thank you.

This business is very unique to Beaverton!, there are plenty of eyesores on Canyon Rd. to remove; Pier One old restaurant/Chinese restaurant, cigarette shack sell shacks, pawn shops, and the list goes on and on! Just because the city wants it, take into consideration the business and history of the structure.

I know of many people who have been customers and vendors at Curiosities. It would be a shame to tear down such a piece of Beaverton’s history. Please reconsider.

Don’t destroy our community’s unique spaces. One of the most interesting, places on the west side being demolished for a parking lot. Shame ...

I am against destroying successful small business that serve their communities well in favor of parking spaces or yet another box building. This is a slap in the face to the community.

We love walking here on the weekends and the flea markets.

We need small businesses in our community, they stand for what community is all about. People getting together and building a better city. I feel the sadness of what Beaverton is becoming just another extension of Silicon Valley , we are not San Jose or should we try to be.

The building alone should be preserved on top of the numerous venders that will be losing their business home. And for a parking lot? There isn't anywhere else to put a parking lot- you need to destroy people's livelihoods?

Save the feel of what Beaverton was for today.

Frankly, Beaverton is losing a lot of its great old buildings to make room for more luxury living space for Portland’s overflow yuppie population and it’s annoying as hell.

This building and the businesses located around it offer a sense of community within Beaverton! There is no other place like curiosities around Beaverton! I have seen Beaverton change and grow for the past 30 years. The small business owners who would be affected by demolishing this historic building would have an everlasting effect on Beaverton’s growth and economy. The newly installed space around back for food carts draws people to this location. Demolishing this space for a parking lot makes no sense. This area needs enhancements and improvements done to parking lots and streets. Destroying this building is not the answer!

Now more than ever we need to support local small businesses. They enrich our community. City hall is right on a max line. Take public transportation. We don’t need another parking garage.

One of the reasons we moved here when we retired last year was because of buildings like The Peaks. It gives Beaverton that small town feeling which you no longer get in the Portland area. Please reconsider this action and figure out a better place for the employee parking.

As a realtor in the metro area, and the founder of the MCM League, I’d like to express my opinion that the Peaks (or “folded plate” roof officially or “zig-zag” roof colloquially) is one of the few remaining buildings in Beaverton that draws interest to DT Beaverton. It could possibly be architecturally significant for the area as the sole “Googie” style building, and should be researched thoroughly. Moreover, I’ve been told by home buyers that it’s presence makes the difficult decision to move from chic urban areas to ultra-suburban Beaverton, emotionally acceptable. If the city removes the few remaining bits of interesting architecture left, they will justify their well-earned title Beaver-Tron. Parking lots DO NOT attract wealthy home buyers, architecture does.

Keep oregon original

It’s important to the local economy!

This business and the 60+ in that building shouldn’t be punished because Beaverton needs more parking for the food trucks. I’d rather have that business than those food trucks! Plan better public transportation; not take away small businesses.

Because it's locally owned. Because the city should do much better by its citizens and by itself than replacing a retro shop in a retro building with yet another parking lot. Because the strip is ugly enough already without the city deciding to park its infrastructure anywhere. Make Beaverton cool and attractive, not construction site ugly.

Why are you destroying small business vendors for temporary employee parking??? We need small businesses!!!


Please reconsider. So many people derive such joy from and others make their living here. Surely there is another option that doesn't upend a truly unique and one of the last few of it's kind shopping experience. A shame to take it from it's customers and the people it supports. I moved to Portland and still find a way to make the trek over as often as possible. Please save my reason to visit Beaverton don't take it way.

It’s an iconic Beaverton landmark! I remember going there as a young child and enjoying the plants and flowers.

Besides being a historic building there is a business representing Beaverton

With Portland and the surrounding areas growing, a lot of the historic places are being torn down to make room for strip malls and condos. Most kids don't even know what type of architecture existed before square box buildings took over. Please save old buildings so future generations will know that not every building is a just a box with a cannibus shop and a slot machine joint in it.

This is important to our community!

It's an actually busy business area while there are closed and abandoned properties right near by that would be a much better choice

Save some history in your former little town.

This would put numerous businesses out on the street and raise unemployment

This is by far my favorite business in Beaverton. It is a fantastic shop filled with a community of vendors. The employees here are kind, knowledgeable, and a perfect example of the kind of people I like to see in Beaverton.

We love shopping here! We do business here often. It’s would be a real shame for these buildings to be removed.

Buildings like this should be preserved and admired for they have stood the test of time, reflect important architecture and enhance the city of Beaverton. Every time vintage architecture disappears we lose not only history but a piece of ourselves. Save the building and save who we are..

This is one of the reasons people come to Beaverton! There’s plenty of parking in Beaverton, you don’t need to tear down a landmark/tourist attraction for convenience.

Do destroy a business and many jobs is disgusting and selfish on the city of Beaverton’s behalf. What ever happened to supporting small businesses and keeping jobs for a parking structure and with 60 days notice. Shame on you Beaverton council.

Because it’s a historical site that all of us enjoying shopping at. It’s a unique place like home.

Finally, this area if Beaverton is getting some quality, interesting, community-invested businesses. Don’t raze this building and the goodwill of people making things better.

This vintage building is unique and has character...something Beaverton needs more of, not less. We also enjoy browsing the old curiosities.

Because I always thought it was a unique and interesting building.

This is the only shop of this kind in the Beaverton area. I have shopped here in the past and will continue to do so. The city of Beaverton has many options in the same area for "temporary parking" without destroying historic buildings.

Support unique local businesses! Please don't tear this gem of a building down, keep some whimsy and uniqueness to Beaverton, you can't replace this!!!!! Curiosities is a prime example of what keeps Beaverton from becoming even more boring.

Great part of the Beaverton downtown area. Maybe the Mayor should have thought about parking before all those new buildings were put up or before the food vendors were put in. Why does every business
in downtown Beaverton need to be a restaurant? Bad planning on the cities part. This small business has spent money to update that building and make it visually appealing. Curiosities is a gathering place that the Beaverton community looks forward participating with.

It is a part of our history.! And you want to put a PARKING LOT there!! This is simply crazy. Been a resident of Beaverton for over 50 years and it is so sad to see all the changes. Please, please keep a part of our history.

This place is a treasure of uniqueness and community center for our town. A historic building should be saved and maintained. The vendors in Curiousities deserve to stay put and continue to thrive as they bring people together from all over.

We have been going here for so long . We don’t want to see it ruined. We have way too many Apts and it too crowded people need more places to go and this is absolutely ridiculous

Save local and small business. Beaverton is starting to sound like Portland.

This is a gem of mid-century American architecture. It’s hard to believe that the powers that be, do not value this treasure they are fortunate enough to have.

This building and business are such a unique feature of downtown Beaverton. My family loves to stop in and see what’s new whenever we go to breakfast at Toms. There’s a huge empty lot right next to the transit center that goes directly downtown, why can’t that become a temporary parking lot so that Beaverton can keep this gem that makes the downtown landscape varied and interesting? I also think the short notice is absolutely despicable and city management should be ashamed.

This is a beautiful, historic building that is being utilized and kept up.

It is one of my favorite resale shops in my area!!
Please don’t tear this area up.

I have grown up in Beaverton and remember going to this building for so many things. Most recently one of my favorite stores curiosity is there. I love getting breakfast at Toms then going shopping with my mom. It would be so sad to see this go.

After moving to Oregon from Guthrie, Oklahoma, this little shopping annex was a home away from home with its kitschy antiques and kind workers.

Solve your issues elsewhere.

Because city's poor planning in development (i.e. your underground parking is inadequate in new buildings) shouldn't mean the city can just grab from others what it wants destroying more small businesses that add to the community's diverse culture in the process.

Save small businesses and keep Beaverton thriving!

This store has brought myself and my family so much joy over the years and the owners deserve better than this.

Does Beaverton not value it's small businesses? It seems it doesn't. Beaverton had lost a lot of it's charm in the past decades and the demolition of these iconic buildings would be a great loss. Even more of a loss is the loss of the 60+ businesses that would go down with the rubble.
City of Beaverton: show your small town values and appreciation of these successful businesses. Keep The Peaks.

This business and building it is housed in is amazing! Although I live in Tacoma Washington I make frequent trips here because of the unique and wonderful shopping experience this location offers. I would have no reason to visit the city of this business closed. I’m sure I’m not the only loyal out of state shopper to frequent this business. I would hate to see such an iconic structure demolished for parking.

I have lived in Beaverton for over thirty years. I have enjoyed the variety of shops and businesses that have called that area home. I have shopped at many of them. It grieves me that businesses and lives will be destroyed. Traffic through Beaverton is terrible and more apartments will add to the chaos.
Has a study been done regarding the impact of traffic? There is land east of there that has housed several restaurants and been closed longer than it was open. There is almost nothing left of an older Beaverton. Please don't tear this area apart.

My boyfriend and I search the Washington-Oregon area for antique stores and this is by far the best one we have found. The staff is so friendly. You can really tell they are passionate about their store. You can build a parking lot literally anywhere, but this store is one of a kind. The architect of the building is absolutely beautiful.

It impacts our friends business..

This is really one of the only vintage malls the Beaverton area and a favorite place for us to spend a couple of hours shopping. Please don't demolish this business for parking spaces!

Why would you tear down one of the only buildings in the city that has character? Don't do it!

In a city that increasing looks like every other city, the Peaks building is iconic. To tear it down for ANOTHER parking lot is ludicrous.

Because this is an awesome local business, and a wonderful part of our community. It has impacted me in many ways, I can buy used products to cut down on waist that is made in China, it’s a local business, and it helps me be creative in my life. I love coming here on cold and rainy days, it’s so home like here. All the staff are wonderful and I always find a super unique treasure.

Please save Beaverton's Historic buildings and small local businesses! Not only are these small businesses great to shop at, they give Beaverton a unique sense of community, help build our local economy, and give area residents a place to see neat architecture of long ago. I love shopping at Curiosities Vintage and Beaverton Flea market. These businesses are your friends, neighbors and fellow residents. A parking lot or an unaffordable high rise will not help to make Beaverton better, and goes against what the city of Beaverton is all about. Please reconsider your decision for a better Beaverton!

This building is so cool! Everything is getting replaced with boxes… You can go around the corner and look at it box, you can walk anywhere and find 1 million parking lot… No trees, the forests are all gone the cool architecture gone, everything that was very cool is now plowed down and replaced with a black structure. I have absolutely no other reason to come in to Beaverton except to go into curiosities and Shoppe. Unique item Unique items that I can only find there. I can shop anywhere else in any city, right down the street actually from my house and pick up anything I need. But those things that are treasures and remind me of my childhood are only available at curiosities. You need to find a different option. Have you thought about putting in a parking structure, leave the building alone!! I, like many others will not even venture into Beaverton if you do take this away from me.

This building needs to be saved because it has connected me to many other people in my community. I've brought family, friends, visiting relatives to Curiosities over the years. I've celebrated holidays with the Curiosities crew and made new friends at the Beaverton Flea.

I am so incredibly disappointed to hear the City is thinking of tearing this building down. Not only will you be demolishing an iconic building, but you will also be ruining a community of wonderful people.

The city can do better than this and we, as a community, deserve better.

I ask you to reconsider this horrible decision. There are many other ways around finding parking for city employees. How about public transit? How abut a city shuttle? Other businesses do this same thing all over town, so why should the City of Beaverton not be able to come up with a better choice?

Demolishing this cherished space for a parking lot makes me sick. Do better & be better. Our comunity needs this space to stand for many years to come.

This is stupid. A thriving piece of the community gets demolished for a parking lot? What is wrong with the city of Beaverton, that they would think this is ok?

It is currently home to a successful small business that supports many other smaller businesses with its spaces for rent in retail. We don’t need Beaverton to become a downtown Portland with high rise buildings everywhere.

Please look elsewhere for the next mega building project!

Being a owner of a Rummer home in the Bonnie Neae neighborhood, I like seeing the familiar mid century architecture. It’s nice to see some of the original buildings still left in downtown Beaverton which makes it unique

Keep small businesses!!!

It’s a Beaverton landmark!

This building for one is such a cool little gem. Not very often are there still older pieces of architecture still around in Beaverton. Number two Curiosities has some of the best vintage finds! There’s nothing like it around and otherwise it’s impossible to find such hidden vintage treasures!

Community and character

Curiosities is a fantastic shop. The building itself adds character to our area and should always have a localy run small business located in it!

We must keep some of the original buildings that give the city character. What about using the packing lot across from city hall or better yet, encourage using Trimet.

Thriving vintage business in a vintage Mid Century Modern store. Park somewhere else. This building is cool maybe you should put it on a historic registry!

Small businesses should not be shuttered just for temporary parking.

My daughter-in-law loves shopping at the Curiosities shop and has discovered both furniture and smaller objects for her home. She also took me to Curiosities when I was visiting and I loved the shop. Of course, I had to bring home a couple of treasures too. I'd love to shop there again during a future visit.
The Curiosities shop and the others in The Peaks add a lot of character and interesting places to shop in Beaverton. Communities should be saving their historic areas and promoting them. They are an asset to any community.
Apartment buildings can be built anywhere. But, historic areas can't be replaced.

It’s a shame to destroy a beautifully designed building that’s over 50 years old that houses 60 businesses for a temporary parking lot. The logic is missing from this one. The history will be gone, and it’s another short term decision with lasting impact. There has to be another option for the City to consider than this one.

It makes me so happy to have a unique space in the desolation that is TV Hwy. Please please please keep this space so we don’t turn into another Salem!

Beaverton isn't exactly cool. People are starting to move out here....why demolish a cool place that could attract folks and business. Mid century architecture is really great- dont mess it up

One of the only reasons I come into Beaverton is to go to curiosities. Demolishing the building and pushing them out of that great little block would disrupt the livelihood of all of the vendors there as well as destroy the historic little slice of Beaverton that exists there. We love the building and love the business - please don’t make them vacate!

It’s my favorite place to destress and go vintage shopping.

Great businesses in a cool building! There is already a lot of parking. How lazy is the city of Beaverton?

“New” does not always mean better. This unique “old” building and the business are perfect for each other. We NEED places with character!

It’s a business not a parking lot !!

We need to keep our small business going! Why is the city doing this. The Walmart and Costco’s are taking over... you rob us of the small town feel that keeps people from moving further out...the food truck area was a great addition to that area and helps people support their locals small business. This seems so counterintuitive... WTH?

Iconic architecture!

These buildings and businesses represent years of Oregon history. For you to rip this out from the community is basically saying you don't care about our history.

Have to save historic character and small businesses!

Because small local businesses are vital to the community.

Piece of history! Don’t always have to be out with the old in with the new!!!

Love this store!!This little area has changed and been brightened up so much by this store and what they bring to the neighborhood. I think it would be such a huge loss to our community to shut this business down, and that’s what this eviction would mean. I don’t think it’s makes any sense to give them so little notice, especially considering how much business they bring to Beaverton. The Beaverton Flea they hosted a couple weeks ago was amazing! I can’t imagine them being removed from the community. It would be at such a loss to the city of Beaverton to lose them. Please reconsider.So many people depend on this building for their lively hood... just think of all the lives impacted. I have shopped here for amazing treasures... and I have taken my kids here. It would be so incredibly sad, such a beautifully used space turned into a parking lot.I live in Portland and have watched many distinct buildings get bulldozed and replaced with parking lots or dense, sterile "dynamic urban villages" over the last decade. This transformation has gradually turned a once unique city into yet another gentrified Anywheresville, block by block and building by building.

I've made the trek to Beaverton many times specifically to visit The Peaks, Curiosities, and its wonderful collection of vintage vendors. It has given me the sense of character and charm that is increasingly being scrubbed from the landscape.

When I make the trip I feed Beaverton's local economy in my own small way. I buy lunch or dinner, I grab coffee, I explore downtown and discover neighboring businesses. I suggest to friends that they do the same.

Demolishing The Peaks would demonstrate to me that Beaverton doesn't place much value on structures that have history, or charm, or support local business-people.

Simply put, doze The Peaks and I really have no interest in visiting Beaverton.We are customers who live in the Hayhurst neighborhood of Portland. My husband and I LOVE this little mall and the flea market - it adds so much vitality and character in this little area and we were so thrilled to discover it. Don't ruin Beaverton by demolishing it! Small businesses and artisans deserve a chance. Beaverton, in our opinions, is being selfish and short-sighted by even considering this. This is a cultural landmark and improves the whole city of Beaverton with its mere presence.Curiosities Vintage Mall should be the exact type a business every city would find lucky to have downtown. This is a locally-owned concern that not only employs its own staff, but has help provide a sense of community and supplementary income for over 60 independent deal, many of them seniors.

Please, do your part to help save this vibrant community.It’s a jewel in Beaverton. It serves a purpose and is used by many. We don’t need a new building. Let’s preserve what’s already there.How refreshing it is these days to find a quirky building with the personality of The Peaks. To save this unique building with its many businesses will give the people of our community faith that they are being, and have been heard. The people want The Peaks! Save The Peaks!This is a unique store that benefits many people! I am from Iowa and have had the pleasure to explore through the store on more then one visit to Oregon. This isnt just a store that sells manufactured goods, but a store that has antiques and other specially chosen items!It’s part of the history of Beaverton! They have given incentives to remodel the exterior of several businesses in downtown Beaverton. Some 90 plus years old. Burgerville just went out after 50 plus years. No room to remodel. We’re getting rid of our history just because they are old. I say treat that area like you treated downtown area. They deserve it!The building has historic significance. Do not tear down that building.There are other options for housing. Why demolish perfectly good (and tax paying) businesses? Any of the number of large, empty (non-tax paying) lots should be considered.Small businesses deserve to thrive. Making them move could be life or death for them. Is the city going to pay the cost of relocating, setting up a new store, the downtime of the business having to be closed for the move? The one thing I have loved about Beaverton is it has always had a good variety of new and old. If we destroy all the old nothing historic will be left. For those of us who grew up here that is sad. It won’t feel like home anymore.Demolish an iconic building design, a small business “incubator”, and replace it with ... parking? You gotta be kidding.It is a beautiful store that makes for a fun shopping place. No need for another “parking lot”.We’ve always appreciated the historical design of this lovely building. It adds character to the area. We also love that curiosities support many local artisans and vendors. It would be sad to see them take a hit for the sake of parking. Go public transit!!I like old buildings and think they should mor be demolished for an ugly parking lot.Architectural interest, we cannot afford to continue to lost our Mid Century Modern buildings. Please reconsider.This is exactly what ruins small business in Washington County! Really.....a parking lot🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄Beaverton has so little character already and The Peaks are one of the few bright spots in a city that looks way to much like any nondescript midwestern suburb. Save this little bit of what is left of Beaverton's heritage.I absolutely LOVE this building and the wonderful business owners as well. They have beautiful things, they are helpful, they are what business owners SHOULD be like. This shouldn’t be destroyed in the name of gentrification...there needs to be places that us “regular” people can go in and enjoy. Why does every good place get torn down and high rises for the rich get built. Just stop. Don’t take love out of Beaverton and sell out to those who could go virtually anywhere else with their money.Save small entrepreneurs. Save the only cool funky place in Beaverton. Find somewhere else to park.Stop demolishing small businesses for cookie cutter high risesWe love the small businesses in the Peaks. Please support our local ma and pa shops and keep the Peaks open!This is such an amazing local business. Take the max!Travis has worked very hard to make this building a destination spot in Beaverton. I have been a seller at Curiosities in the past and only am not now because I moved to the coast. He has a keen eye for what interests the public and has worked hard to hold various events to bring shoppers in. City Hall should be rewarding him for bringing people to downtown Beaverton, not shutting down his business which nutures so many small-scale entrepreneurs. I would hate to think that Beaverton is only interested in large corporate renters which will seal the fate of making Beaverton an entreprenuerial desert, with one cafe located on site and nothing outside but parking lots.
Since the eastside Hollywood Antiques District collapsed, Beaverton businesses have quietly been opening, giving the young (and old) mid-century and vintage fans a place to feed their addiction and to fill their homes with reasonably-priced items. Beaverton, with the train running through its gut, is adrift, looking for for a hook to bring people downtown, not just for the days that people will come for performances but for the 5-6 days a week businesses need to be open to turn a profit. Shame on the City for trying to close them down... GET ON THE STICK and find them a new home with comparable rent.It creates a feel of community besides being iconic. It’s how neighborhoods are made.Historic buildings should not be torn down!The Peaks is a prime example of mid-century architecture. I live in SE Portland, all the way out near Gresham, and find that when I’m home (as I am a long haul trucker and have little time to spare) I make my way into this area just to take in the area’s splendid architecture which thus causes me to spend money in this district.

Let me be blunt, City of Beaverton, if you tear this down I will not spend another dime in your city as my husband and I will see to it as to make it our goal to keep everyone we know, localized tourist as well as ones that come from afar, away from your city for becoming that bland, urban monstrosity that you have the choice not to become.

There are options out there to redevelop while keeping the prime examples of mid-century modern buildings intact. Think outside the box and become the example of how a respectable suburb preserves its history instead of following in the dismal footsteps of others.One of the few quality vintage and resale shops on the west side and one of the only reasons we come to Beaverton anymore. Tearing down an iconic building is bad enough, but to do it for a temporary parking lot is shameful and disgusting. What’s next?Great establishment. Employs many. A unique and fun business in Beaverton. Beaverton desperately needs this type of business to keep it a viable city.
The city should support small businesses and treat them fairly.This amazing shop houses my small business TEW #43! AVe the peaks will also save my small business💕This is the only area that had space for small unique locally owned and operated shops.They filmed a widely popular show there recently! I remember that space was sad before the curiosities took over and clearly someone put a lot of hard work into making it the beautiful space it is today.Well I love the fact that it is one of the only stores in Beaverton like this. It give the city character . I thought we are spending a bunch of money on city beautification??? A parking lot there would be an eye sore in an area that has many buildings that don’t look so hot! Take out that vacant Chinese restaurant !Walkability over parking, please. Small business over Big Brother, please.Beaverton used to be a suburb of Portland and it’s feeling more and more like we’re at the city center all the time! We don’t need more high rises, parking lots, etc. The unique shopping opportunities like Curiosities and dining experiences like the nearby food truck lot is part of what keeps Beaverton special. Please don’t tear down historic buildings to replace them with more cookie cutter concrete buildings and parking lots!OMG where do I start?? I have lived in Beaverton for 50 years. I have seen SO many changes. Some good, but more not so good. This business creates income for 60 plus people. I have purchased many things from this business. You want to kick them out to put in parking spaces? Are you flippin' crazy? The city stated not long along ago that there was plenty of parking. I think it would be a very bad decision to close the doors here. PLEASE don't do it!! It is a struggle to makes ends meet for so many people. This business allows people to earn an income, and for those of us that can,t afford new things all the time, we can shop here and spend a lot less money! Please reconsider your plan to demolish this business!!!Let the city folks use the transit that stops outside their building! Shutting off income for small business is bot the way to grow commerce- especially for a so called temporary lot.Every time I pass I have to stop because my friend’s mom works there and I was have to stop and say hi. Seeing someone work their job with love and compassion like that shows there’s something special here in the heart of Beaverton. You don’t see stuff like this wholesome place anywhere else.This business drives a lot of traffic/money to the city and is a unique and fun destination. As a taxpayer and resident of WA County, I am appalled that this small business is being sacrificed for a parking lot! We have plenty of parking lots. We live here because we do not want to be "Portland". Please find another way to give your workers a place to park!!!The Peaks represents an important mid-century commercial architectural style that has been under preserved in communities across the nation. The idea of tearing it down for a temporary parking lot, and I would imagine an eye on later development, is disappointing.First, the building itself is a Beaverton treasure . While not on any historic register it represents an era of development in Beaverton that should be preserved . To tear it down for a parking lot is disgraceful . Buy and use the property next to DamerowFord with the long defunct Asian restaurant on it . Better yet condemn that eyesore (Asian restaurant empty building ) and give them 20 cents on a dollar for leaving it stand there for so long .
Secondly , Curiosities is a viable Beaverton business that houses many small businesses inside . Why are you trying to run businesses out of Beaverton ? You should support and encourage small businesses such as this that bring people downtown . Are you considering closing the food pod? Of course you're not. Well this is the same kind of endeavor - a small business that draws people to the area .
Pleas reconsider ! Save the Peaks and save Curiosities !One of the great vintage malls we visit regularly. Bought a lot of amazing items furniture at the store. Great eclectic collection from various artists and designers. City of beaverton needs small businesses like this and support local artists. It would be shame to see it go for a standing structure with no life.This is a place I always look forward to going to. The unusual shape of the biilding has so much character. It is easily identifiable and serves as a showcase of a different era. 0lease save this gem!First of all, Beaverton is getting too crowded ...too much construction. It is losing its charm and the reasons people pick Beaverton over Portland proper. Curiosities was a saving grace for me in many ways when i started calling Beaverton home in 2014! Find another parking lot.As a Beaverton resident, I would prefer we look at our rundown abandoned buildings and overgrown vacant lots for areas to demolish and improve, rather than getting rid of a successful business in a historic building that is clearly thriving.Cmon!! This is the best shop, EVER!! Great owners! I love supporting the businesses. One of the thing I really like is the sense of community. It is close knit...sellers are all so friendly and helpful. Not to mention the the items they all sell, but the building its housed in. I remember going there as a child to get our ski rentals. Such wonderful memories. I would be more than saddened if this wonderful iconic building was torn down. Its buildings like this that give Beaverton its charm. Please reconsider before you make a grave mistake!!Well, it is more important the the people of the city than a new parking lot would be.As Beaverton continues to modernize, the city continues to lose its charm and draw. Shops like Curiosities are the few gems that Beaverton has left.I've never been to the peaks, but strongly believe in supporting small/local businesses. The city of Beaverton should be ashamed for even considering this.My Daughter and I enjoy visiting the store, every time we go we find great treasures. The store provides employment to a lot of small business by renting them space. They are doing a great thing for the community and it would be sad to see it goThis is the only reason to go to Beaverton. It would be a complete waste to turn this into a parking lot.It's historic. In this time of growth where new buildings are being squeezed into every nook and cranny, it would be nice to not destroy what already exists!Curiosities is one of the few shopping experiences that is unique to the city, creates destination shopping for the West side, supports multiple small businesses, and is housed in rare heritage architecture that creates a warm, human scale in an area that suffers from chain store, cookie cutter sterile boxes. It’s one of the few businesses that helps pull Beaverton out of the sterile car city its been since the 60s. Don't do it, develop that area in a way that creates culture.60 days ?!?!? That's insane! Way to go City Council! Can't wait to hear who ok'd this at the city! Let the finger pointing begin! Seriously, start naming the guilty parties. Heads should roll! Another hi-rise apt. bldg. is not what we need!Travis Diskin is a saint. A pillar of the community. Demolition of the Peaks would irreparably damage the community. Please reconsiderThe city of Beaverton and Tigard are what I have called home for 35 years of my 38 year old life. I've watched time and time again as pieces of my memories have been filled or overshadowed by development, uneccessary big box stores, and now high rises. It leaves little to be desired in the area. From what I can see and hear, many of us whom started this community are now being flushed out by overpopulation. Much in the same way wildlife is flushed from their homes when greens paces are demolished and developed. The "Peaks" and namely " Curiosities" has become a place my family and I enjoy visiting. We're able to reconnect with items from our past, support small business, and enter a building I still remember from my childhood. Rather than demolishing the past due to over population, we need to look to the future, and find alternatives. I respectfully request that the Peaks, and Curiosities remain in place.Beaverton needs these businesses, NOT a high rise.The Peaks should be saved!!! Beaverton and Tigard have too many big box stores and not enough local charm. Getting rid of The Peaks would eradicate a lot of drive to visit Beaverton!The Peaks is a landmark that is part of Beaverton’s appeal. It also houses many revenue generating businesses.This is iconic architecture that deserves to be preserved.Successful local businesses should NEVER be demolished for a parking lot!It’s hard enough in today’s world with more consumers buying online or shopping big commercial stores. We need to invest and support more small businesses especially historic properties.This gorgeous building gives Beaverton some architectural interest!The vintage mall is my favorite thing about visiting Beaverton. It's got such wonderful local charm. With Portland shutting down the Alder food carts and now the possibility of the best vintage mall in the PNW being shut's disappointing to see cities trash it's tried and true local charms in the vain hope of making extra cash..The Peaks and Curiosities is a diamond in the rough. It provides Beaverton with better access to culture and has added vibrancy to an otherwise dull neighborhood.
It’s an insult to small businesses and economic development to consider flattening it for a parking lot.Because it’s a historical building and rented to a good store for the Beaverton area. A parking lot instead of history’s?Small business is at the heart of our economy, take that away and the infrastructure of our communitie’s livelihood will start to unravel.Quality architecture and visually stunning exteriors should be preserved. And the small businesses housed in the building currently shouldn’t lose their home in favor another mixed use, bland high rise. SAVE THE PEAKS!There is no excuse for giving a unique established downtown business a 60 day notice to build a employee parking lot especially with an empty city owned lot that has already been razed next door.Lets not make Beaverton look like Tigard !It’s a great place to walk around on the weekends. Adding more parking spaces for the city of Beaverton and kicking out a bunch of small independent businesses seems wrong as the people that run their business will need to uproot and find a new spot. Curiosities and all the other businesses bring a lot of people not only to the shop but with the food trucks located near by it would hurt their businesses too. Making extra parking spots for the city employees of Beaverton seems unfair as they already have a garage to park their cars. Leave Curiosities and all the shops alone!!!It's a landmark. The first time I drove by it I noticed, and made a point to go back and check it out. Examples of that architecture are getting harder and harder to find, and should be preserved if at all possible. There's no progress in a poking lot. I've been visiting the store for years, meeting people there and exploring. It will be a sad day when and if it gets torn down.The things the peak and lot do for the community outweigh anything that a parking lot could give BeavertonOne of the coolest places to shop, in such an iconic original building. With so much new going in Beaverton, this building/business is such a breath of fresh air. It’s a staple of Beaverton and would be such a huge loss and very missed. You can always tear down and build new, bust is that always the right choice? It takes real integrity and consciousness to choose to keep and preserve the old. I hope the city of Beaverton makes the right decision and realizes how many small business this would impact. Please don’t do it Beaverton.Stores like these help your community thrive and instead you want to replace it with a parking lot! ShameI love shopping here will miss it.Keeping local business is what differentiates Beaverton from most cities. Those businesses support our citizens and should be allowed to continueThe Peaks are a wonderful piece of Beaverton history and should not be torn down for a parking... New isn’t always betterwe love the vintage mall and what it brings to the area. theyve brought a weekly flea to this side of the river thats been greatly needed. its an amazing community space that fosters community relations.It’s s landmark that allows many people to run their own businesses. These businesses help support families.We have so little of our unique parts of history remaining. And the thought of this being destroyed forever for temporary parking is an abomination.Keep the unique and fun places in Beaverton intact! Curiosities is one of the few reasons we go to the suburbs!I moved to Beaverton in 1959 as a child. My parents bought many items from this retail spot. My husband and I continued to shop here as a young married couple. Now as retirees, we enjoy shopping there and sharing memories of earlier visits with our children and grandchildren!Great place to shop and support local business. Love the building as well and drive by it everyday.Curiosities and Beaverton Flea are the only thing that ever bring me to Beaverton. I live in Hillsboro and avoid Beaverton like the plague, id rather go to portland and thats not likely either, but will make special trips just to shop at curiosities. Beaverton is about to lose its only redeeming quality.With the flea market, it has become a wonderful gathering place in Beaverton to build upon, not tear down. It would be nice to see more of this, not less, in downtown Beaverton. A good parking structure to park and stroll would be great, but better planning is key.I enjoy The Peaks, It is Unique for Beaverton and it is a terrible decision for Beaverton to tear it down just for a temporary parking lot. I suggest that you put your heads together a little closer and come up with something a lot better. It's a snap decision that will ruin someone's business. You talk about making this town people-oriented, but yet you work against it. The Peaks pull people together! Please think again.This is one of the main Beaverton business that give people that “Portland” feel without fighting the traffic having to drive into Portland. There is plenty of parking all over and I’ve never had a problem finding parking when frequenting any Beaverton business. It’s a shame that this is even being considered.This is a local history landmark! People connect with each other here. It has visual interest and, again, HISTORY! Why would you flatten something everyone wants to save to erect yet another cookie cutter commercial/residential building? Please don’t do this!Unique buildings such as this one are the life blood of a community. They create a sense of identity. This is no different. A place as special as this should be absolutely saved! Do the right thing!Not only is does this building have historical value but the business that it offers is outstanding! Many a time my family has gone there to shop! It is hands down the best vintage shop in the area! The area doesn't need another parking lot. There are plenty around and with the max being right next door it is utterly stupid to add a lot there.We have duty to protect stores like curiosities. We have enough parking and apartments in this city. May we stop building new structures and begin restoring the one that defie Beaverton.This is a piece of beautiful vintage architecture and houses some great shops! The city needs to keep this!We need small local businesses. This is one that especially enjoy shopping in.You have a thriving business in a MCM building, that is a landmark for the building alone let alone the business in it.

What you should be doing is find a compatible business or two for whatever space is currently for lease. Ask yourselves the WHY of why you can't rent them out??? Maybe offer a discounted rent for a new business for a few months for a new business can get a good start at that location.

Their are some people who won't shop at a lot of new places because of location or building design. I no longer shop at most malls because of their "improved" designs and shop basically at mom & pop types of stores. In speaking with some of my friends, they are doing the same thing...

Please reconsider your decision and save The Peaks.This is a livelihood for so many people!I’ve frequented this shop many times - i love it and wish there were more businesses like it.As a small business owner, I can’t imagine losing my source of income and a business I’m passionate about to demolition. It’s HEARTLESS and these businesses mean something to someone - owner or not!Small businesses are an important part of the community. This business helps other small business people who couldn't afford a retail store on their own to have a safe secure place to sell their products. Which helps the local economy.Love this amazing shop! It gives tons of character to a city which is too quickly changing. We don't need more parking lots, we need unique local spots. Please keep this gem!This building and business is the essence of small business and the eclectic and intriguing nature of Beaverton. A Parking lot there on Canyon will be s public eyesore and dies not show appropriate planning for the city overall. Why can’t the city build s multilevel parking lot whate street level parking is currently next to
The Mexican restaurants and next to curt t Beaverton City offices at the Round. Build a multilevel parking there by the max which could improve parking for citizens visiting the area and the food carts as well as for city employees. A parking structure there makes more sense and us in line with the needs of the community as wellStop destroying Beaverton in the names of progress. I was born and raised in Beaverton close to 50 years ago it is a same what it is becoming.We come there a lot and love the Vib of the 50's 60's Please dont do this !Destroying a functional, revenue generating, legitimately cool business in central Beaverton for a parking lot is utter madness, especially because the MAX line is right there. There must be a better way. Can't you rent spaces from the Ford dealership nearby? Or from the round (the multistory garage, or the sea of parking lots behind the round)? Or borrow spots from that massive, never full parking lot on Milikan? I hope that city employees can find a better alternative option than this.

Also, as much as I love the peaks, if we're actually going to replace the building with Transit Orientated Development, and finally build a "downtown" Beaverton, I'm cool with that, too. Just don't tear it down for a fucking parking lot, and don't tear it down until someone's actually committed to building something there.It’s income for people trying to bring fun and diversity to their communityI understand the need, for housing, parking in a growing city, but we need to honor the local small business owners as well. I've only shopped there a couple of times but found it very quaint and a fun place to browse . And though those reasons may not seem like substantial reasons to go against growth, it's more about not forgetting the past to bulldoze our way into the future.It is a piece of Beaverton History!This area of Beaverton does NOT need more parking lots! This business is a treasure, and unique in our area. A parking lot will not draw people from out of the area, but this place does, as well as being a great place for locals. I have shopped for birthday gifts there, strolled with my husband from this place to the food carts to ice cream, and admired its architecture from the road many times. With all of the new construction happening in this area of town, please leave some of the character-- like this building-- to keep Beaverton interesting and unique. Please!It seems wasteful to demolish a unique building and displace a thriving business that attracts people to the city. All for "temporary" parking that might or might not be built upon in the future. Evicting Curiosities seems like a short-sighted solution to a problem that could be solved in another way.This buisness is unique and adds character to the area, it brings people together!!! It's so nice to be able to come here and enjoy looking for treasures that aren't negatively impacting the environment which is what our state is ALL ABOUT!! We don't need more parking lots and cement poured, we need character to keep people coming back to different neighborhoods which just helps small businesses thrive!It's a beautiful building with tons of character. And it would be devastating to these local businesses for it to be destroyed. And all for a stupid parking lot. That would be terrible!This is a treasured landmark in Beaverton! It is the only spot like it in Beaverton. The flea markets are the highlight shopping experience of my summer. It is one of the few places in Beaverton where I can shop local! How does destroying this business HELP our city?It is a landmark and part of the history of the area! We don’t need another parking lot!You don't destroy very cool business for a PARKING LOT. Let me say this again. You are going to destroy a lively hood for PARKING! This mall is one of the coolest looking buildings. Seriously you are destroying history for PARKING!It's a part of what makes Beaverton unique!!It's a beautiful vintage building in a city that gets a lot of shame for being suburban. Portland natives were pressed out into the suburbs like Beaverton due to inflated housing, and places like this keep our cities interesting. We don't need more parking out here, we need more advanced transit systems and to see the value in the spaces that remain.The Peaks are Beaverton history. Cities do need to expand but by demolishing Beaverton's past and booting out small businesses demolishes what makes this town great. If development continues in the vain as it has soon Beaverton will no longer have any of the history that makes it what it is.It’s an example of an architectural style and time period of which we have few examples left intact.Old town Beaverton has had such charm, losing Beaverton bakery was heart breaking. You can’t replace the character of these landmarks with new construction, and your community will start suffering a loss of history and identity the more you chip away at the things that make it unique. This sets a bad precedent for the treatment of small business owners as well.Small businesses are true Americans. Who cares about your stupid temporary parking lot!! Save this cool vintage building!!Having owned a small photography business for decades, I am all for small business men and women! Please save all of these peoples' jobs and leave the building alone as it is nearly impossible to find affordable space to rent.It's a beautiful historical building. Too many buildings are being destroyed in the name of progress. As a former Beaverton resident and someone that still loves Beaverton, we need to preserve some of the wonderful buildings in Beaverton. We don't want Beaverton to look like every other city in Oregon or the USA!Beautiful, fun, quirky spot that is one of the only real appeals of Beaverton. If curiosities closes, I will no longer have a reason to visit the otherwise boring cityI love shopping at Curiosities and bringing out of town friends there as well. I live in the historic part of Beaverton and see a lot of changes some good and some not so great. To hear that the city would displace a thriving business and demolish a historic building that holds the character of my neighborhood is upsetting. To hear it is for temporary parking for city employees makes it worse. It begs to wonder why the city moved their offices and employees to a building and area that would not allow for existing parking. Poor planning should not lead to a business being ruined and a great building being done away with. This is not progress.The city has so few buildings of interest. But by golly look at that shiny new parking lot.This building holds a small business that many people depend on. This is a destination for me to shop and have a wonderful visit with the owner and dealers. Putting them out of business hurts everyone.This is a landmark area, tearing it down will close too many small businesses that are desperately needed in this economic climate. You need to promote small businesses not destroy them.This is history, you don’t destroy something that impacts the community for a small parking lot!Small business is at the heart of small towns. You're taking away people's livelihood by demolishing a building to accommodate a temporary parking lot that is needed as a result of poor planning. The space for the lot should have been found before that agreement was signed.Small business is at the heart of small towns. You're taking away people's livelihood by demolishing a building to accommodate a temporary parking lot that is needed as a result of poor planning. The space for the lot should have been found before that agreement was signed.There are several vacant lots around Beaverton- why ruin a successful business in a historic building?It's such a wonderful and unique building that stands out and gives Beaverton character. mention, the special treasures that reside within. This building is well kept and looks great. Why would you want to turn it into an ugly car lot? There are so many other buildings that should and could be taken down for this purpose, but not this one! This building and its business brings a smile to my face as it brings me back to simpler times. Please Don't Destroy iconic landmark.This is a unique piece of architecture, and should be spared for that reason alone. Add to the fact that it currently houses a popular local independent business, and you can plainly see moving forward with the current plan is absolute idiocy. Do better, Beaverton! You still have time!Because progress and expansion should not come at the cost of art or hard working people.because the peaks is better than a parking lot!!This was one of the first cool things in Beaverton, and a positive sign that Beaverton could actually become hip like some of the east side neighborhoods. We need to support and promote businesses like this, not get rid of them. Please, find someplace else for your parking lot!We don’t need a different structure!!!!!Too short of notice. The way the city is making decisions is not good, very clandestine and quick and only in the interests of city insiders. Not a good look city leaders.This building had a lot of history and it is important to Beaverton. We should be preserving buildings like this. The City of Beaverton can find an empty lot or deserted building to build their new building. Plus all if those small business owners will be impacted. They are also important and they need to also be protected. City of Beaverton, BUILD SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!Curiosities’s Vintage Mall is one of the shining jewels in my life here in Beaverton. It’s a business that I frequent very often, and I’m always so excited to browse and shop. Each vender and artist that sells there is so uniquely talented in their vision, and the Mall as a collective is an absolute treasure to the character of Beaverton. Removing it for any reason would be a travesty, but removing it for a parking lot is just insulting and disgusting. Shame on the city for being so willing to put so many artists and businesses’ livelihood in jeopardy! This community has rallied and supported this business for a reason, it’s a cornerstone to Beaverton culture and life. It’s walkable to historic downtown, close to the Food Cartel pods, hosts lovely events for the community, and adds so much character to Beaverton by being so prominently located! Curiosities is literally one of the city features I proudly share with my local friends, and show off to all of my numerous friends who come to Oregon to visit. I would be so personally devastated and angered to see this place I love loose its current home. Please, do not allow this place to share the fate of so many other true Beaverton local businesses, for the sake of “rejuvenation”! To “rejuvenate” is supposed to mean to give new life, but in this and so many other cases, Beaverton city would be losing, not gaining life.I am a long term resident of Beaverton and I have had the opportunity to own a small business. work for other businesses, and because of certain physical limitations I have found myself returning to my love of the antiques world.
Through a lot of hard work and efforts I was very fortunate to secure a space as a vendor at Curiosities. My work at Curiosities, besides generating a wide group of friends and business associates in the Beaverton area, now provides my main source of income as well as personal fulfillment. To hear now that the Mayor and City Council are going to evict 60 vendors, and the underline Curiosities business, in order to tear down this historic building for a parking lot is both unconscionable and heart breaking. Not only don't I have an alternative to replace my main source of income but I cannot also comprehend destroying a historical landmark for a temporary parking lot.
Please seriously reconsider this decision and when doing so, think of the 60+ families and their customers who are being seriously adversely affected.As a lifelong citizen of the city of Beaverton, some of the places deserve to stay. I have lives here for 54 years. This is one of the places that deserve to stay. There is plenty of space near Orenco Station. Let them build out thereWhat should they not be saved? Two pieces of amazing architecture that should be a cornerstone of city destroyed to make a parking lot? Who thought that was a good idea. Maybe tear down the old vacant Chinese restaurant down the street instead?Beaverton has very little character and dull and ugly new buildings. We need more architectural buildings not less.It's a piece of cultural importance and the livelihood for so many people. It needs to stay.For a city that is reported to not only support but champion small businesses in the area, the eviction of Curiosities, demolition of the building for a parking structure, and the death of a local flea market for multiple small businesses to get together to sell their wares seem contradictive to the IMPACT Beaverton mission. "Impact Beaverton [was] a future-forward partnership that [provided] resources and assistance to attract, retain and grow [a] successful business and [supported] innovation and entrepreneurship in Beaverton."

Has the vision ("By 2020, Beaverton will be recognized as THE development friendly city in Washington County and the place to create and start business and jobs.") really been tossed aside for more parking spaces? Is that a worthy trade-off?

I say it isn't. Save The Peaks.A really cool vintage shop, unique. Love wandering the shop. The building is a landmark!It’s a staple to my drive to and from work and/or my public transportation commute when I’m working/enjoying the downtown area of Beaverton. If it and other surrounding businesses are booming why tear it down. Keep it alive and well!Supporting a friend.This is the coolest business in Beaverton! One of the only little shops I regularly go to. The few places with soul and character. Please don’t make it into a parking lot. Let’s keep our old Beaverton and it’s historic buildings.My favorite store in Beaverton, the only reason I drive out there from Portland.Tear down an ugly eyesore from 1990 on! This building is an awesome piece of history, a mid-century gem. I love visiting the antique mall and strongly support saving this business! Retro merchandise deserves a retro building!!!Beaverton needs local businesses more than parking and cookie cutter fast food.It’s an amazing building and an amazing shop which needs to be preserved on principle, if nothing else. Tear it down for what? A parking lot?! It houses independent business owners, and people who work hard to preserve the past and save this earth’s resources by ensuring that WHAT ALREADY EXISTS IS GOOD ENOUGH! Reuse goods, reuse resources, and reuse buildings. Tearing it down would be such a waste.They are the nicest looking buildings in that part of town by a lot.I think that closing a thriving business is ridicules! This store is unique and has a lot to offer. I am so sad to see businesses closing around the Beaverton it makes want to move away from Beaverton and or support other local businesses elsewhere. The curiosity store is a family store a place where families can shop together. Not only does it serve the local community but friends and family who make it a destination stop when they come to visit. So please city of Beaverton find another location where hard working people will not loose their livelihoods.It’s very true that Curiosities is more than a shop-it’s a landmark AND it brings community together! I have been coming here for about five years. I can’t think of any other reason to come to Beaverton from Portland.
At first I came because I heard Beaverton had a vintage flea like the one in SE Portland. During my first trip there, I ran into a coworker who is a mid century collector and makes the trip to Beaverton from across the River. I’ve brought friends visiting from out of state and I’ve run into local friends while shopping here. I can’t think of any other place where that happens! The business is unique and lends more diversity to the Beaverton shopping experience. It’s one of the best things Beaverton has to offer. A successful business in a cool landmark location that also provides a gathering place for community....Hmmm Beaverton you don’t recognize the value of this business is greater than that of a parking lot? Really??Enough is enough with the constant construction and new structures. The Peaks is full of history and something this community needs to be able to access!This is a part of Beaverton history. And there are other areas you can use for a parking structure. Several right near City Hall I can think of.The building is a unique 1960s modern design which stands out in the otherwise bleak scene of stripmalls along Canyon. Taking down that building will take away from Beaverton and though I support the Art Center, its getting built won't make up for the loss of the building or businesses. This is another example of the city government being tone deaf to the community's preferences.Why would the city want to displace a thriving, unique business just to create a parking lot. I'd prefer that City officials have more respect for Beaverton's business owners and community. They've done this kind of stuff in Portland...very sad and annoying. Maybe the city officials allowing this should be replaced with someone else.Small businesses should be valued. Small business does way more for a community than any parking lot is worth. A city should continue to promote something that is already working instead of tearing down people’s livelihoods.With all the eateries going in; what do people do before and after? Shop! That is why we need unique shopping experiences to balance eating!Displacing these small businesses and destroying this iconic building is simply the wrong answer. Reconsider your options City of Beaverton. Protect the businesses that bring a heart to your community center!I can’t believe this is even a topic of discussion. We need to support local businesses.

#savethepeaksThis is the only place in the area where we can go and enjoy unique antiques and oddities and random stuff. All the other antique stores are rodiculously overpriced amd everything they have is the same. Once curiosities is gone we will have to drive out of the community to enjoy these benefits.You know PokPok started in some guys garage, right? It’s still in that garage. That extremely thriving neighborhood built up around that funky business. That guy that started it helped make Portland’s food scene a tourist destination. Tourist money, tax dollars, all that. You know what doesn’t create any kind of buzz, cool scene vibe or tax dollars? Free parking for public employees who should be using public transit. Give them passes & let them figure it out. Mayor Doyle has no clue how to create a downtown worth staying home for.It is a historic building and should be preserved!This building has a wonderful character and this business was one of the first to revitalize the area. How many sellers of merchandise share Beaverton and oregon history as they offer their goods to a new generation. The triangular intersection of the street and back alley feel have the potential to be pedestrian shopping area!Why shouldn’t it be saved? This historic building houses the most eclectic shop ever. There is a man running a business that fuels local economy, and puts money in the hands of local people. To let this amazing space go to a corporation who only wants an apartment building is asinine. Let local business thrive, and support a true local member of our society. Bet you can’t find this shop in any other city. BET!!!Many great memories there as well as I love the stores there and the people. It’s a landmark. It stands out. Not another generic high rise please!Curiosities is my go-to spot when I need to surround myself with good memories. I love the mid-mod building (how many of those are left?!) and I love buying from the local vendors who appreciate the quality of fun, vintage goods. Always friendly, clean, and well-maintained, Curiosities has been a refreshing change from the mall or online shopping. I am heartbroken over this! Please save The Peaks!It has historic value! Also lots of jobs will be lost and these familes will suffer!You should never destroy small
Businesses. They work harder then anyone else.It’s a fun destination in Beaverton. We come from far sw Portland just to shop this antique mall. It will be greatly missed if it goes.Historical landmark- save the businesses!!!Save good businessesThis building has been restored and turned into a lovely, desirable piece of Beaverton history. It adds to the community and provides true charm to an area that, quite honestly, lacks that much appeal. Please rethink this poor decision and save a historical building with true architectural appeal and historical significance to Beaverton!So tired of so called progress, please this historic site alone.This is a landmark and beloved location for many of us. Displacing these vendors will hurt their personal economy, and be disappointing for so many.Let's keep a little character in our beautiful city!It's part of old downtown Beaverton and I thought this was what the leaders of Beaverton were all about....invigorating downtown! Please keep the peaks.Every small business that is a part of Curiosities is a point in a very large network of businesses, individuals and creative endeavors. I am part of that network. This network is part of what makes Portland and the metro area, a great place to live and visit. I value the businesses hosted by Curiosities, the building itself and the Beaverton Flea Market.It is the best vintage shop and a staple for Beaverton!I love this building! It adds character to our neighborhood. If we tear everything down to build new it all looks the same. You can be anywhere on any street. Destroying local character destroys local communities.It's a small historic building that brings character to the city of Beaverton and it's home to one of our local small businesses.History is important, and small businesses like Curiosities is why I like living in Beaverton.Curiosities and the building it resides in provide irreplaceable character and life to the community.We need to preserve this buildingWhy should any structure that serves a community be torn down to make way for a parking lot?!This is a vintage building that adds character and charm to downtown Beaverton. The business that inhabits it brings foot traffic and commerce to the businesses surrounding it. Please save this building, it is historic building that keeps Beaverton a unique city.It is a unique business and building!I started driving to Beaverton to shop at Curiosities. Then I added a trip to the food cart pod while I was there. I have been talking up Beaverton and all of the new stores and eating spots with everyone.
This building should be turned into a landmark, not destroyed. If you want any chance of giving Beaverton a downtown feel of its own, do not take away anything that attracts shoppers or remove vintage buildings.Small businesses need to stay alivehas been a landmark of MCM architecture for as long as I have been here (44 years now) please save it!This is a very special building and houses about 60 vendors that rely on this space. Beaverton should look at other possibilities where tearing a successful business building down is not needed.The Peaks adds much-needed character and architectural interest to the city of Beaverton, and is home to a beloved small business. If the city truly wants to one day create an enjoyable, walkable downtown experience, as it says it does, it should doing everything it can to preserve these sorts of buildings and businesses. I grew up in Beaverton and I’ve never wanted to return because it’s always just felt like one enormous parking lot - chain stores and concrete. The library, park, farmer’s market, new restaurants and food cart pod have all been really positive developments - destroying such an irreplaceable building would be going backwards.This building is currently an operational hub for over 60 small local businesses and hosts a monthly flea market that is a net positive for the community financially and culturally. The decision to destroy The Peaks will not only negatively impact the businesses operating within (Curiosities Vintage Mall), but the surrounding businesses as well. On a personal level, my husband and I absolutely adore Curiosities and would be very sad to see it closed; especially for something as mundane as a parking lot. Please reconsider your decision to force these wonderful people out of business.

Natalie TrujilloSmall businesses deserve a chance to due process. This appears to be thoughtless and all about power instead of any sustainable vision. Would like to see more information.I have driven by this building (in all its incarnations) for years and it is absolutely iconic. Curiosities is such a fun store and perfect use of the iconic building. Save it by all means!I love shopping at The Peaks. I think the building adds historic charm to Beaverton.Please dont destroy a piece of our Beaverton history!Favorite place to take my grandfather when he visits. If Beaverton is all about small business it's time for the city of Beaverton to prove it!The fact that the city of Beaverton has decided to get rid of a historic building and replace it with another ugly emotionless high rise is terrible.Beaverton city gov better keep their stinking rotten hands off Curiousities. My son and I go there often & it is one of our absolute favorite places! Why don't they demolish the ugly shops across the street instead?? No one needs U.B.A.D. or another stupid pawn shop!Curiosities Vintage is a very unique business and I have enjoyed going there with friends and family. It would be saddening to see such a historic building full of small businesses be torn down just for parking. :(Love shopping there on top of the fact we are slowly losing our city and heritage in the name of progress. Don’t need no more parking or condos or apartment buildings. This is getting out of hand. My home town of Aloha is barely recognizable and makes me sick. We are losing Beaverton in the same way and its uncalled for.Keep local businesses thriving and with a place to market. Also a diverse and unique part of Beaverton that needs to stay around. Very unique to our city are our thriving local businesses.It's a great little shop.Please don't take another piece of my childhood from me. While change & development can be positive, so much of my home town is being demolished, rendering it unrecognizable. The character of this town & all the old landmarks are vanishing. Leave something for the rest of us.I love these vintage shops! Beaverton's small businesses make the town worthwhile, and curiosities is one of my personal favorites. I have friends with booths in curiosities, and I often shop here for gifts and unique items. To evict a local gem for what will likely be a very small parking lot, would go against the best interests of Beaverton.Just for one moment set greed aside and really consider what impact this will have on the community. You can't rebuild history, once it's demolished there is no turning back.I was just shopping there TODAY! It is an irreplaceable source for decorating and costuming - both of which I am constantly in need.The Peaks are an imporant part of our community. The small businesses there are integral to Beaverton.The peaks is a fun and exciting part of Beaverton’s history. We enjoy the shop and the funky decor as we drive down TV (8). Maybe the city should focus on demolishing old abandoned restaurants or seedy motels instead of tearing down a part of the Beaverton community.We need to protect small businesses and historic places especially when there are vacant places so close to clean up the neighborhood.Its historical significance.
Help preserve small businesses!Save the Peaks! Please keep the historic and beautiful buildings of downtown Beaverton. Rather than destroy these places help fuel the revitalization of the area by encouraging the growth of wonderful, local, quirky small businesses that make Beaverton a perfect place to live!Because small businesses matter and this place is a GEMOn behalf of Main Street Alliance, a network of 4,000 small businesses across Oregon, I urge the city of Beaverton to reconsider demolishing this building, taking with it a thriving small business and 60 local vendors who rely on this business to help them make ends meet. Small businesses are the life blood of our local economy, they create community and bring character to our shopping districts. Curiosities is one of these businesses. The owners are engaged business owners, who care deeply for the quality of items they sell and service they provide. Many visitors drive from Portland to Beaverton to find treasures only to be found at Curiosities, bringing revenue to the surrounding small businesses. It would be an incredible detriment to the city to close this beloved business and tear down an iconic piece of our history.Demoing a building that is serving the community and businesses does not make sense. Beaverton needs to re-think their options.Character, communityI enjoy the business that is currently there. The business fits the architecture of that building!To save the charm of the building and the small businesses that operate within this building. Too many small businesses are forced to close for reasons with many other viable solutions. Beaverton is suppose to be a city that encourages and supports small businesses. This action is the exact opposite of what we as a community want, need and support. Please go with the next viable solution.The Peaks building needs to be preserved to support Curiosities.... all of the owners and their clients.The building itself adds such character and uniqueness to the area, and Curiosities has brought so much more life and attention to Beaverton.Don’t turn this into another parking lot! This isn’t downtown Portland. There are small business that supports families operating out of this building. Do the right thing!This is part of my community and my home. There are enough high rise complexes in the area. I want to keep the small business in my community, because with out them, communities start to get lost. I visit this area often and drive past it almost every day. Markets happen in this area as well. My mom has a small business at markets, so I hold these events close to my heart. Making so many changes to this area will make my hometown an unfamiliar place.I brought a friend to The Peaks last Friday, her first visit and probably my 30th.
It's the perfect structure for antique/vintage shopping because the building is vintage!
I cant believe the city of Beaverton doesn't have another option for a parking lot. PARKING LOT, REALLY! You want to demolish one of the few buildings in Beaverton that has CHARACTER??
Shame on you.We support Beaverton's small business community, and the Peaks are iconic, and it will be a tremendous loss to the neighborhood.

For parking, the city needs to look at the enormous sizing of spaces in the Old Town district, where you can fit almost two care into each space. Make 1st and 2nd Street alternating one-way, single lane streets, and add diagonal parking spaces -- this would add close to 150 additional slots two blocks south of you, with zero impact to driveability in our area.Stop destroying history for high rise expensive condos and parking lots. Long time residents are sick of local government attitudes. You’re ruining Beaverton.There is no reason to remove a viable business from there just because of parking. What the hell is MAX for? And whom is going to use these spaces, city employees or the public?This is an older building filled with plenty of small businesses....they want these people to loose this part of their livelihood for a parking lot. This makes no sense to me. I need a better reason than a parking lot for this destruction of this old building and livelihoods. Much better reason.As a Beaverton resident and former dealer at Curiosities, I am appalled that the city is treating small business owners so callously. Not only is the building a wonderful example of mid century architecture, there are 60+ business owners and thousands of customers who have come to rely on the shop. The city of Beaverton needs to work on REDUCING the need for cars not building more parking lots!!It is part of Beaverton history. It is eclectic. It is a bunch of small, locally owned businesses. The owners and their employees will be displaced. Instead of razing and building expensive unneeded big buildings,, why not help the owners give the buildings a facelift, if they need to be updated.

I do not believe the Beaverton City Council members are telling the truth when they say they will help these people who they are displacing. The city council members are interested in what the (greedy) developers can provide them. At this rate, I will be writing in Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd...during the next city council election.I have shopped at these businesses my whole adult life. Please find another spot for your parking lot. Ugh this would be a huge loss. I now take my college kids there to and my uncle love coming here for the historical value it provides. I'm only 20 years old,but my uncle has taught me about its history, and I'd rather visit small businesses then stare at a concrete jungle.This building houses an amazing business that I have enjoyed for years! I found several pieces for my wedding at Curiosities and can't imagine it being bulldozed for a parking lot!! Beaverton needs small businesses and historic buildings, NOT more parking lots and high rise condos.It's a ig part of the community. I love going there to look for treasures. And the flea markets. It brings the community together. We don't need another parking pot.Really Mayor Doyle? This is how you treat thriving small businesses? Curiosities is the only cool place we go to in Beaverton, and we live here. The community that has developed there is amazing. We look forward to the treasure hunting every weekend at Curiosities. We don't need another Cracker Barrel, Chick Fillet, or whatever else racist white people eat. We need Curiosities!! We know where your interest lies Mr. Doyle.. lining you pocketbook.Stop destroying historic places! Refurbish and restore them so they can continue to bring joy and value to the community.This is a wonderful building that supports local business and makes Beaverton a destination location for shoppers of vintage, rare, and antique finds. It's rediculous that the City of Beaverton would consider destroying such a vibrant location and destroy a family business that has brought so much good to what was a downtrodden.This is a historic landmark that everyone is familiar with. It has a unique look that makes it stand out, and the business that has chosen to reside there is a perfect fit in respecting the vintage feel of the building. To tear down a historic building for a parking lot is absolutely ridiculous.It's an incredible sanctuary of vintage works for the community!It has so mu h history in those 4 walls ans great finds and helped me find many items to repurpose and furnish my home with. We don't need another parking lot for homeless to start staying in.It doesn’t make any sense to tear down a place that people are actually using already.First of all, I love Curiosities! The location is perfect and has that cool retro vibe Beaverton needs. It is well kept and looks sharp, unlike some of the other surrounding buildings to that store. It would be a disgrace to tear it down. Long live the Peaks!This is our history. Support small businesses!This is litteraly the last of the original buildings left in beaverton. I remember seeing it as a child when the feed store used to be by there. It should be a historical building for its age and design. Burgerville just shut down this is just wrong for selfish reasons.They’re unique, not a big box store. Beaverton has enough of those, this whole area with the ice cream shop and their weekend flea market is worth coming to Beaverton for. Don’t ruin it. A parking lot? You’ve got to be kidding me. Shame, Beaverton, get your priorities straight. If it’s demolished, I for one will be skipping Beaverton altogether and going to the Multnomah and Hawthorn areas where they encourage the small boutiques and unique stores.In general, landmarks and historic buildings should not be demolished in order to increase population, drive big business, and development.There are plenty of other spots for a garage. Please done lose the charm of this building. I recently moved from a city that did nothing but destroy all the old for new builds (las vegas). It’s lost so much of its history that can never be replaced.I prefer to shop local to help the economy. A parking lot is not necessary to put food on anyone’s table. Find somewhere else or use public transportation and set an example.A new parking lot is NOT a valid reason to take down such a unique and wonderful building.We don’t need another parking structure when there is one two blocks away.Curiosities is an amazing place full of so many wonderful treasures and has an amazing staff! The building it’s housed in makes Beaverton interesting, unique and special. To tear it down would be a huge mistake! Demolishing the Peaks will mean destroying Beaverton’s character and charm.I love this building and the amazing store it contains.I cannot imagine Canyon Rd. without The Peaks. It’s a unique and iconic space and demolishing it is a terrible mistake. While it’s been the home of multiple business ventures, it was MADE for it’s current tenant. Curiosities is a treasure trove of history and nostalgia. Please reconsider your decision.Just stop taking away our town history! Use empty lots, we love old history!1. This is a landmark historic building.
2. It houses 60 small local businesses.
3. It brings a lot of business to the community.I travel to Beaverton from North Carolina several times a year. I always shop here. I was drawn to the store due to the unique building and the interesting merchandise they sell. I believe this building is a true asset to Beaverton and would be a true lossSo few landmarks in Beaverton. We can’t lose what we have.Landmarks deserve respect, as well as small businesses.Portland is my adopted home. Tearing down an historic landmark and icing out small businesses to put up a parking lot or an apartment complex, to further pad the wallets of good ole boys, is the kind of shallow and backward behavior I expect from Baton Rouge. It's one of the reasons I left. Beaverton can -- and should -- do better.It’s a beautiful example of mid century modern architecture. While I would suggest that Steps should be taken to accentuate that fact, the fact that it still exists should be enough on its own to recommend its preservation. In an age where we are increasingly disconnected from our past, It’s a wonderful thing.I love the curiosity store along with Ludemans.
Keep the stores that bring visitors to this area!Its a great buisness owned by a great person. Also that building was my childhood. It used to be LudemansThe building is fantastic! Find some other spot for temporary parking. The many small businesses impacted by this decision should be more than enough reason to find another solution.because fuck your high rises and parking lots.I am a 5th generation family member of the Denney family living in Beaverton . Since my family founded this town in 1847 ... there have been many changes . However tearing down of historic homes & buildings needs to come to a halt.
We need to preserve our history , not ignore it , tear it down & throw it away .I support local businesses and tearing down one to create a parking lot is ridiculous when there is an empty lot next to the Max station.It’s a treasure!I have shopped at Curiosities for several years. It's time to stop taking land for the benefit of developers pockets. If the city wants to do something, it should work on infrastructure.The rich architectural history of The Peaks is a cultural necessity in Beaverton. Few mid century buildings are left in the city, and the unique design of The Peaks add enormous value to the landscape of Beaverton. Curiosities, as a collective of Vintage Vendors, shows that people in Beaverton and surrounding areas want, need, and seek out a connection to the past. Both the retro, vintage and ageless decor of Curiosities and the building itself, provides this connection for its customers and for the Vendors. These wonderful buildings house over 60 small business owners, each one curating and then sharing this connection to the past. Vendors have happily stayed in their booths at Curiosities for many years, and many vendors have branched out to create their own brick and mortar stores. Curiosities and The Peaks has been an incubator for small businesses that are mostly owned by women. The Peaks and Curiosities need each other and Beaverton needs them and has proven this for years.
My personal journey with The Peaks and Curiosities has filled me with memories and motivation for my own small business. I’ve enjoyed dreaming of Vending my own finds, shopping with friends, attending many of the evening social events and meeting like-minded people who share a love for all things historical. At the first evening social event I attended at Curiosities, I remember nervously waiting inline in my vintage inspired outfit and hairdo. When I saw everyone else there shopping together and admiring the wonderful curated items and seeing the beautiful historical clothing, I absolutely felt that this was my place and these were my people. I had an enormous sense of pride and connection to my fellow people the many times I was a vendor at the Curiosities Flea-Market. I still hope that I will get my chance to have a booth at Curiosities in The Peaks. If the city of Beaverton destroys these wonderful buildings and these incredible businesses, it will be a shame. But more than a shame, something essential that is in our hearts will be lost. The connection to beautiful architecture will be lost. The connection to the past will be lost. The connection to each other will be lost. The people of Beaverton and the surrounding areas do not want to lose these Iconic buildings.Tearing down the historic and interesting parts of Beaverton for a parking lot is ludicrous. There’s plenty of parking already. I’m seriously upset there’s plans to tear down tge interesting businesses here for empty useless parking.Closing small businesses that are actually successful to create a PARKING LOT is embarrassingly short-sighted and runs directly counter to everything that makes our city enjoyable and unique.This is a thriving small business an assetbto Beaverton. More parking lots unnecessary - stop this madness!The Peaks is iconic part of Beaverton and its culture. Many small and local businesses, who are the heart of the city and its thriving economy, call The Peaks home. To replace The Peaks would be a travesty.A vibrant part of Beaverton. A place that brings people to Beaverton. A place that is a successful small business.It's part of what makes Beaverton unique and attractive.The buildings themselves are very attractive and add something unique to our community. The business that operate within the buildings have done an amazing job at giving Beaverton a unique shopping experience. To tear it down would be horrible, especially on such ridiculous grounds such as PARKING. Ridiculous, there is more ample parking than ever in Beaverton especially near the round, there is no need for more, people can max in like it’s the 2000s if parking is an issue. The stop is right around the corner. SAVE THESE GORGEOUS BUILDINGS AND THE HARD WORKING PEOPLES BUSINESSES INSIDE!!!!!My family has been in Beaverton since the 40’s. I can tell you it makes me sick to my stomach to see all the beautiful old buildings torn down. I am beyond tired of all the new buildings, they all look the same. If the housing was affordable that would be one thing but it is not.. please stop!!! The Peaks is an amazing building. Businesses are thriving there. Stop!!They're an essential part of the character of downtown Beaverton and allow space for quality local businesses to stage events that enrich the community. There are buildings on that same block that are an eyesore. There's even better properties elsewhere on the same stretch, like that old Asian restaurant on Canyon that hasn't been open in a decade and already has a completely abandoned parking lot. Tearing down The Peaks for temporary city parking is an ugly choice.It has fantastic style! Plus it is a fun place to shop for treasures.I live in the UK and have visited Beaverton twice. On my first visit, and on the advice of local friends, I went to the Curiosities Vintage Mall and I was thrilled to find such a gem. My family and I went back on our second visit and spent hours (and lots of dollars) there. It was our main reason for coming out to Beaverton from Portland city centre. The building is unique, quirky and utterly delightful. It's a treasure in downtown Beaverton and it should be celebrated, not torn down. The businesses inside reflect the history of the Beaverton residents and beyond. It's rare to find such a community-based cooperative in such a central location, and I'm sad to hear that city planners want to tear it down. I feel you'd lose a part of your history if you let The Peaks go. I urge the city planners to reconsider and save the Peaks. Resist the urge (and financial pressure) so many other cities have succumbed to, to pave over history and replace it with a parking lot.Too many older buildings are being destroyed. This building gives the city of Beaverton Character. I generally only go to Beaverton to eat the the food carts and to shop at this antique mall. Without it I am honestly not sure I’d have any other reason to go to Beaverton.Small businesses are what makes a city unique and special. Why go to Beaverton if it looks exactly like Gresham or Happy Valley?More business, not more parking lots. Putting people out of work is in no ones best interest.THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, parking is more accessible now than ever that I’ve seen in Beaverton. These buildings and the people inside have done a spectacular job at promoting a unique and exciting shopping experience in an otherwise ordinary area. The buildings are so cute and memorable and the trendy atmosphere reminds me of Portland. I’m the most proud of how far the round has come with its food carts, new apartments and THRIFT SHOPS. But if we tear down everything memorable in Beaverton all we’ll have is new buildings with no culture or history to support them. PLEASE SAVE THESE INCREDIBLE PEOPLES BUSINESSES AND LIVELIHOODS!! NO MORE PARKING LOTS!!!What a shame that they would choose to lose pieces of the history of Oregon once again for profit. When is this going to stop? This lovely business deserves a chance to survive where it is and I support any effort that takes place to doso.This is a building that is actively leased with successful businesses. Zero reason to build something “new” in this place. Leave some character in Beaverton!There’s no other place like it on this side of town! The variety of community members it’s brought together is astonishing and it would be such a waste to lose it. I only know the building as the home for Curiosities, and THAT is a business that we don’t want to lose!! There’s enough parking spaces, we don’t need to waste money on destroying buildings like this.It is a perfectly fine building and successful business.There are quite a few run-down buildings in this area. Curiosities is NOT one of them, and also is one of the only draws to that part of town. This decision to tear down a historic building with a popular business in it makes no sense. Your voters are respectfully asking you to reconsider.Governments shouldn't ruin small businesses. Also we love the peaks!Because it’s a part of our history and it’s current business adds flare to beavertonThe Peaks should be saved because I'm tired of developers destroying the cuture of towns with their sterile high rises. Use an empty lot for your nefarious activities.I grew up on 5th and main since the 60’s. So much of what makes Beaverton special is already gone. I would hate to lose another original building. The area between BHS and the post office has a lot of history that should be saved.Save small businesses, diversity is the soul of Portland.Beaverton needs a diverse mix of people, businesses, and architecture to be its best. Tearing down a landmark building with iconic style of a previous era is shortsighted. New development is wonderful but please don’t do it at the expense of character and history.I'm an arts-and-crafts/craftsman kinda guy, but this building is a great example of mid-century architecture. AND it is one of the few businesses i regularly stop at in this part of town - last time I spent $200, which went straight to a small business. Seems stupid to lose it PERMANENTLY for TEMPORARY parking. Except for places like this, I think of Beaverton as one big box-store mall. I can get that in Tigard for gosh sakes!Support local.I have met so many lovely people through here and found a small community. This is my favorite place in Beaverton, I bring all my friends here and show them this jewel. Everytime I come in there's always new things and I can always find something special and unique to bring home. I love antique stores and I've been to so many, yet I have never found a place quite like this one. And it's just down the street from my house! I love dropping by the food carts and then coming in for an hour or so to just explore and experience the history.The National Trust which developed the Main Street program has long recognized the importance of retaining the historic built environment. Beaverton has a unique opportunity to prevent further erosion of unique buildings within the downtown core. As a 20 year resident of this city and native Oregonian, I am strongly supportive of height limitations for new construction as well as preservation of local businesses and buildings. Beaverton can mitigate the type of faceless urban conformity that engulfs too many other communities.It contribute to make the city livable and charming! NO parking lot....Historic cultural icon of central Beaverton, better than another parking lotDisplacing 60 small business tenants to create a temporary parking lot for government workers??? Really??Buildings like this are critical to the fabric of the city, and to telling our story as a society. Does Beaverton want its story to be that it supports 55+ years of small, local businesses - a story which is told for the city for free by a parking lot filled with cars at a striking mid-century modern building unique to the character of Beaverton? Or does it want that history to fade away? To say that local businesses aren't as important as temporary blocks of asphalt, or as a run-of-the-mill fabric building that contributes nothing to the city? This 165 car requirement is completely arbitrary - a rule that the city itself made up, and is now enforcing for no other reason than for the sake of enforcing. Thinking about this decision and the long term effects it has on the city...if someone sat down and thought about this for 30 seconds through a lens of common sense - thought not about short term cost or meeting the zoning code of the day - but rather about the value that these businesses and this building bring to the city...saving this building is a no-brainer. There's a parking garage and transit station right next door. Those are investments that have already been made. They already exist. Let's use them to their full potential before creating more arbitrary parking for the sake of creating parking. For our history, our future, our local economy, the care we have for our residents and business owners, our reputation as a city, our footprint on the environment, and staying true to our identity and our values as a city...Don't tear down The Peaks.The Portland metro area is becoming like every metro area in the country. Small businesses and historic structures are what make cities unique.HistoryWhat a waste! Really Beaverton, there's no other vacant spots that desperately need new life, that you have to destroy a thriving business and amazing Mid Century architecture? Look around, there's plenty of spots for your temporary parking lot!We have lost so much of our history- we must maintain what we have left! And what better way than a successful vintage mall that attracts shoppers from outside of Beaverton? I live in Tigard, The Peaks is one of the few reasons I make the trip into Beaverton!This building for one is a historic site and Curiosities is an amazing business. You take away things people love to do the town will fail.The Peaks is a historical landmark that is not only an important part of the fabric of a community, but it provides jobs, an economy and provides taxes for the city. There are many alternative sites that would be suitable for a development that wouldnt have such a negative impact on the economy. The irony of this proposal is that you are putting people out of work, how does the developer intend on selling the new apartments or selling their retail? There has to be a long term and holistic view taken to preserve the community and economy.The Peaks has proved, time and time again, that it truly symbolizes the heart of Oregon. Amongst the incredible amount of oddities you can find here, the people who run the shop understand and celebrate the different, peculiar people who populate Oregon, that they truly care and create an environment that is welcoming beyond traditional roles of retail and customer service. No, they symbolize and exemplify the spirit of being an Oregonian: interesting, unique, hard to find and one of a kind. To bulldoze this lot is to not only bow down to the blatant gentrification and capitalization of Portlands Meteo area, but to support it is to forfeit your status as a true Oregon resident. Do not bulldoze The Peaks!Don't pave shopping paradise and put a parking lot. It's a beautiful building with treasures abound that helps as to downtown Beaverton's likeability.Why a new parking lot when you are right next to the max line??????????? Is Max not good enough for city employees to use??????. Get a grip. You are going to be remembered for your bad decisions! Social media lives forever, good and bad!It's Beaverton history, it means a lot to a lot of peopleWhy shouldn’t it be saved? This historic building houses the most eclectic shop ever. There is a man running a business that fuels local economy, and puts money in the hands of local people. To let this amazing space go to a corporation who only wants an apartment building is asinine. Let local business thrive, and support a true local member of our society. Bet you can’t find this shop in any other city. BET!!!Destroying these mid-century buildings is like removing some of the beads in a necklace. It will leave a hole in the string of examples of Beaverton’s history. I smile every time I drive by these buildings as they express the hopeful exuberance of their time. Nothing will bring these gems back. Please don’t erase this part of Beaverton’s history.This place helps a lot of local people.Great example of midcentury retail architecture ... becoming more and more rare. Can't believe this land is more valuable as a parking lot!Demolishing this building would be a travesty- it's part of the fabric of what makes Beaverton great.Very monumental piece of Beaverton that needs to be kept by the vintage mall! This mall makes the area and is a landmarkI'm disgusted at the thought of demolishing this building. I love visiting and buying from the vintage shop and hate the idea that the City values a parking lot more than the livelihoods of small, local business owners. Bad idea, Beaverton! Bad!You say you promote Beaverton business, yet you want to eliminate so many and increase unemployment? Where are they supposed to find jobs in a low unemployment market?Stop it! Stop destroying the shops here. We don't want a midlevel high rise, or Starbucks or carlot. We want our food trucks and our vintage shop and our town. We want them small plaves that make Beaverton unique and to support local businesses.Don't pave paradise to put up a parking lotThere are not many vintage areas around Beaverton/Portland. This would be devastating.This is a very Portland tyrannical dictator type thing to do. You have plenty of other city owned property that does nothing but this is actually viable. It attracts all kinds of people (so there is your inclusive quota), it's a tourist stop (tourism dollars mean alot to a city that is just office buildings and giant Corps..) And it pays taxes and provides jobs and income which goes back into Beaverton. Your parking lot does not one of those things. Well it does allow the citizens to pay for the property tax and upkeep, which means less money being spent on other businesses. See a parking lot for a few state employees who shouldn't mind walking on their city salary and pension, is not good for Beaverton. Don't be like Portland and refuse to listen to those who put you there and pay your salary. Dont make stupid decisions. Maybe stop into this place and see why its needed and wanted.I can’t imagine The Peaks not continuing to be a landmark in Beaverton.The Peaks should be saved because they're not dead. Because they are profitable store fronts with repeat visitors.Stop destroying history, Beaverton council. Isthis just an excuse ? How sad and pathetic. Beaverton has become a horrible, ugly, overgrown suburb. The one building and business that promotes unique and unusual items... An original idea....the council wants gone.....despicable.It is by far the best shop of it's kind in any place.I have been in collectible/antiques purchasing and sales for over 50 years and visit Curiosities several times a year.I recently visited the store 02/2019 with 11 extended family members.My Grand Daughter had just lost a still born baby in January at 8 months at St Vincent.This was Her first trip out after the loss.We spent several hours there and approximately 2000.00.We followed up with a dinner at a local Indian restaurant.The store is so eclectic that we were able to buy Japanese furniture,Native American basquetry,jewelry and much vintage clothing.I'm from Yakima and have shopped all over USA.This store is unique in its cleanliness,display, and selection.It would be a shame to see it go out of business.There are many antique stores but none that I know of with such dedication to customers that they travel great distances to frequent and actually have it be part of a family experience

.It’s part of Beaverton’s history. For as long as I can remember I’ve seen it there on Canyon. Please sacs the Peaks and save a bit of old Beaverton historyOur family visits the Market on weekends. We believe in supporting local businesses by buying local.It's a part of Beaverton's history. The building is a unique part of Beaverton as are the people who have invested time and money to make a decent amount of supplemental income. This is what I enjoy about Beaverton, Curiousities! We LOVE this shop! There is something for everyone there and I find new treasures every time I go. I can't imagine they will find another place that could possibly hold so many booths let alone be centrally located. What is the most upsetting is the short amount of time they have to vacate. Sounds like the city has pressure to come up with a ridiculous amount of parking spaces in a short amount of time. I can't imagine all of those parking spaces will actually be used and it's sad to demolish a great building for a temporary parking lot. It's a unique and tricky situation that should be thought out more-shared parking? (They don't ever have a full lot), build up not out? (parking garage), or consider some option closer that is newer like the food carts across the street from city hall. This whole thing makes me sick and I hope the city can come up with any sort of compromise. I thought Beaverton was better in their city planning than this hasty decision.Beaverton needs to value small and local businesses. Curiosities is a unique and refreshing shopping experience that would be a shame to tear down for parking or high density housing. Let’s support our small businesses in Beaverton and keep Curiosities.Local innovation and businesses are part of what makes Beaverton great.It is a unique building that offers a shopping experience that is the only one that exists in the area. The closest antique mall is in Milwaukee/SE Portland going East and Hillsboro going West. It is by far the business I patronize the most in Beaverton and enjoy the most. It would be tragic to lose it.It’s a local landmark that brings unique characteristics to the Beaverton area. Also I have friend that have small booths operating within the strip and it breaks my heart knowing so many people will lose their business and more importantly their dreams.It is a nice building which houses lots of little self employed businesses. In a pan area of town, none other around like it.My wife use to have a business there.This building is not only home to a unique shopping venue, but an iconic landmark for Beaverton. To destroy the midcentury modern building would be a crime against preserving the history and character of Beaverton. There's so little left of the past here and everything is cookie cutter enough without tearing this down too.The future of commerce is local. Investments in decentralized business should be made rather than movement of capital to larger holdings.The many business’ that will be displaced and the history of the buildingA gem of Beaverton! Save small businesses!It’s a fantastic piece of architecture and the coolest thing in Beaverton, it’s the only reason ever go out that way.This a wonderful place my family and I have enjoyed for many years. It's a piece of Beaverton's history!Stop tearing everything that makes Portland what it is.We need to support local independent businesses! Not throw more obstacles in their way.Because it's a unique and special place, I love collecting itmes from there I can't find any where elseWe have enough " concrete pavement" replacing businesses. Just once think about the small business person, and the impact they have on the community.Perusing Curiosities with a cup of coffees from Ava’s is is one of my favorite activities. I moved out of state years ago, but I have family in the Willamette Valley, and when I visit them, visiting Curiosities is also on my list. I sourced so many of my favorite home items and vintage decor for my wedding here, and everything holds a special place in my heart. It’s also one of the most affordable malls in the metro area, so I can actually buy things!! I would hate to see this place shuttered. I would no longer have a reason to visit this part of town.The Peaks should not be destroyed because it houses one of most successful Antique Malls that I have had the pleasure of shopping in and enjoying the atmosphere of, for these past years. Travis has worked hard to build this business into an economic asset for all of the small businesses within the walls of this iconic structure. This mall offers an opportunity for all of those who appreciate a nostalgic atmosphere where they can shop for those old unique treasures. This building and the business that lies within offers so much to so many people. To the City Counsel I say "Please don't destroy the character of this city. Realize that preserving history is so important to future generations."It has nothing to do with it impacting me and everything to do with the lives you would be destroying by forcing them to move or shut down entirely.This is a wonderful, unique shopping mall. My family and I love this place. It is a Beaverton staple and it would be a disservice to tear it down for a parking lot.Losing the unique parts of Beaverton such as the curiosities mall rips Beaverton of its originality and proves to the city that the local government does not care what the people want. Turning this area into something that will not bring any income to the families who currently work there is unspeakable. Demolishing Beaverton’s unique and locally historic buildings should be a crime as it is to destroy historic buildings in greater Portland.This is a beautiful, fun area of town to be in! The thought of clearing it like this is atrociousBecause theirs numerous empty lots and businesses in that area that wouldn't close thriving businesses or maybe just take public transit to cut down on traffic. Curiosity's is an amazing business and shouldn't be thrown out cause your city planners are idiots.Creative small businesses are what keep cities character alive and inviting to folks. Even as things progress, we need them.
We dont need a parking lot, take public transit, set an example.It's a great location for the antique shop, especially the flea market! The buildings have character and I love shopping there. Please don't destroy them!BOUTique businesses are Beaverton‘s future. The city needs to protect bespoke and unique properties, otherwise we will go under as one more boring chain mall suburb.stop destroying landmark buildings that make Beaverton unique and putting up garbage buildings or parking lots. We don't want any more prison looking junk buildings!This is a Beaverton landmark and icon. I can’t speak for the business end, but with such few intact Mid-Century pieces of architecture left in the city, why would you want to send it to a landfill. Responsible development often means finding ways to increase density and incorporate existing infrastructure.What a waste. To sacrifice a popular business for Temporary parking is so stupid. Let's celebrate the uniqueness that is old downtown Beaverton by preserving and encouraging a sense of history that is the Curiosities mall.There are fewer and fewer historical buildings left in the state of Oregon. These sites show us where we have come from and provide a break from the monotony of cookie cutter high rises and big box stores. The small, local businesses that inhabit them breathe life and variety into our communities and should be cherished and celebrated. Save The Peaks, preserve Beaverton's history.It's a wonderful attraction with nostalgia and collectibles. It's a great place to spend an afternoon. It gives small venders opportunities to sell their treasures in a shared investment! 55 small business will be crushed!
This is down right ugly to do. Especially after making them survive without water for months.
Do the right thing! Save them!There are several empty buildings that have been empty for years in the same area. Why not use one of those? Parking or another big apartment complex we don't need? I love this place and it should remain right where it is.This is a great way to shop for interesting things. It would be a shame to lose this and the location is great for this type of business.To Much Of the old giving way to the newBeaverton should be supporting small, local businesses rather than driving them out. It makes no sense to raze a unique building with a successful business that adds character to the area and attracts visitors. City of Beaverton, you should be better than this! Stop contributing to the image that many others have that Beaverton is just full of sprawl and banality. This building needs to be saved and appreciated for its historic and cultural significance as an example mid century modern architecture with current thriving businesses.Giving up a part of our cities history and closing the much loved businesses there...for a parking lot. A temporary one, at that. Isn’t our history worth more than that? What about the people of Beaverton’s voice, shouldn’t THAT matter more than a temporary parking lot?Its been around forever and helping small businesses are always a plus!This is simply government overreach. You decided you wanted this property and that you were going to make a temporary parking lot out of it years ago during your planning phase for the arts center. Your planners never stopped to consider they would shut down a small business and impact countless lives. It didn’t matter to them because they felt they had the right to do it. After all, they were doing it for the community. Except they never asked the community what they wanted. They just assumed the community would look the other way while big government did what big government always does...screw the little guy. Not this time. This time they were wrong and now they have this embarrassment on their hands. Hit them where they’ll feel it. Poor planning and lack of transparency on their part should constitute loss of votes come next election. Let them know that. Save The Peaks and this small business.It’s a building with a lot of history!Progress for the sake of progress doesn’t make sense.Because the history of Beaverton is one that supports small farmers and businesses. And what attracts people to beaverton is its unique mix of old and new. These same city planners are going to turn beaverton into a shell of what it used to be. Filling every inch of free space with crap houses and high rises. It's part of the reason people that historically grew up here are moving out. I hate what beaverton is becoming. So sad. Portland will be another LA and beaverton is becoming just another suburb without the meand to support all the people these greedy city planners are trying to pack in. I'd be curious to know where they live and work....I bet it's not anywhere near the neighborhoods they've destroyed.I have found some great treasures here, the variety is amazing!! We really need to support local small businesses!!It's a piece of local history and home to small businessesBeaverton needs to protect it's landmarks and small businesses, not raze then to make more parking lots.

If city employees are having trouble finding parking, set up shuttles from the transit center. Encourage car pooling.It’s a cool building that adds charm and character to Beaverton — making it a nicer place to live!The architecture alone is worth more than a parking lot.This building is more important than parking. It's a part of our community. This building is a geographic landmark making our town special. Prese do not destroy our special place!You don’t need to remove a small business for a parking lot.It’s a part of Oregon’s history! All these businesss want to stay, let them stay. Find another property to build on. There’s plenty of empty space and run down buildings in cities all over Oregon.To preserve one of the few remaining examples of mid+century architecture and the local businesses it houuses.Other cities are smart enough to save architecture of this vintage!! And be mindful of type uses it serves. Beaverton - shame on you!It's the most interesting architecture in Beaverton and the home to many small businesses. It would be a real shame to demolish one of the very few interesting structures in town and put out some of the only decent businesses around.I want to preserve the character of Beaverton. Fun small businesses are more important than parking lots. There happens to be a large empty lot by Beaverton transit, that would make a much better parking lot for both city employees and commuters.Destroying distinctive buildings with historic and sentimental value is like shooting yourselves in the foot. You lessen the appeal of Beaverton and the economy of Beaverton. Why come to Beaverton and spend money when you can spend it somewhere with more personality? All for a parking lot?It's my favorite part of downtown Beaverton. Dont kill the Flea!!!It's a great place to visit. It's been there forever. We don't need more parking lots or apartments in Beaverton. We already have enough of those. Small businesses matter and make a difference in our community.Curiosities is a gem in a landscape already covered in cement and gravel. By demolishing The Peaks, you not only remove a place where myself and countless others have discovered treasures to cherish, but also the many people who curate these treasures will be out of business. Please consider using the existing paved surfaces for parking and allow The Peaks to remain.This is an amazing shop, by selling antiques and nostalgic items they are preserving the past! This building has so much more class than most Beaverton buildings, we need to learn from Europe and treasure our older buildings, not design new parking lots or chain stores!It’s a fabulous building, with so much character.This building houses so many small businesses and sets an important precedent of shopping local rather than moving all of our buying online and to chain stores.For me, this building has value for it's mid-century vibe coupled with the businesses inside that showcase fun sentimental items of our past.It’s a thriving part of Beaverton. We will be poorer without it.I have lived in Beaverton for my entire 55 years of life. This is NOT how I expect the city I live in to act. You say you support small business, but by these actions that is obviously not true. I’ve also owned a small business for 25 years, supporting 12 families in our community. You have no idea what is involved with moving a business. If you did, you would know how ludicrous it is to expect one to move in 60 days. When we moved our business, it took well over 9 months. It’s time for the city to step up and actually support small business as you say you do!Historic building represent a cornerstone to the history of a town. The west coast of our country is still very young and often we forget our responsibilities as stewards to preserve these types of buildings. I understand that the needs of a city change as it grows but there are always other parking locations.Keeping the Peaks is preserving Beaverton History, cozy and charm, building a parking lot, is taking many jobs from families, the question is parking lot for what?What we love about downtown Beaverton is that it still has so many original structures that have been well taken care of and loveingly updated. These buildings give our city character and are home to fun, creative LOCAL businesses. These spaces foster a sense of community. We would be so sad to see it go.We should preserve what we have and maintain the history and character and continue to support thriving small businesses.This building has been here for ages and shouldn’t be destroyed. For yet another parking lot we don’t need in that area. The Vintage mall there is great and has so many great unique things they sell there. Plus all the other small businesses that are there always have business. Why destroy a good thing in the Beaverton community?It’s such a great building and the perfect convenient location for this long standing group shop.Because thus place us awesome !! You don't need a parking lot , take trimet !History must be preserved. If we continue to demolish special places such as this, it shows that we value money more than remembering our past. This place provides an echo of time for those who weren’t around to experience it personally. It is invaluable to the community.there is no reason to RIP an icon down. there are plant of open parking and plenty of buildings that are not used around this. destroy something that's in the way. not something that is used and doing business regularly. I cant believe how trashed this city is becoming. you care more about parking them history. you care more about homeless that trash the area then you do about the people that actually take care of it.1) There are many small businesses that operate out of that location. Entrepreneurs that have no other physical location to sell their wares.
2) There are multiple other locations that have a much larger amount of available parking to lease to the city. Pietro's Pizza is one as well as the previous Burgerville location. There is also the long-defunct Hollywood Video that stands empty most of the year.
3) Forced closing of The Peaks will reduce desire to visit Beaverton for shopping. Those looking for antiques will instead travel to Portland or Aurora.
4) When people go to The Peaks, they often will shop at the nearby stores, bringing even more cash to the city.I am shocked that you would consider tearing down a unique, iconic building that brings joy to so many shoppers and vendors Alike. But then to learn that it is being torn down for a temporary parking lot? This would be heartbreaking. I’ve literally made trips specifically to Beaverton to go to curiosities. Then of course I end up I having a local lunch and visiting other stores. Curiosities is one of a kind and you want to tear it down for somethings so Mundane? This leaves me with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomachThere's a Max station nearby! We don't need to ruin the small businesses to make more parking! Save small businesses!Honestly, this store is one of the only reasons I travel over to Beaverton from Portland. I love to shop here. The faces are always friendly and it’s always so welcoming. It would be a shame to see it go. Please reconsider.Save this spot. Incredible place, cool history and just a nice local business now providing locals and visitors alike with a unique experience and the opportunity to find their own treasure from days past. Much like the history of this place. The logic of tearing down a thriving local business in a derelict -at best- area of Beaverton to construct a temporary parking lot makes no sense. All this said, perhaps the city could share an overall development plan for the area; or I don’t know, possibly redevelop around existing small businesses that have increased the commercial real estate value in that marginal section of Beaverton.Great architecture with character & charm. Small businesses are important to the local economy!I completely understand growth and expansion. It happens. However, if the city of Portland and it’s surrounding municipalities tear down all the fun and quirky places just to build parking lots and apartments, in time there will be a backlash when there’s no reason to live in just a regular old city. Ultimately the economy will suffer. Places like The Peaks are why we brave the river and the traffic and come over to the West side. One of the reasons we spend money in Beaverton. No one is going to want to spend money to see a parking lot.It still adds cultural diversity and provides a lovely treasure hunting experience. Beaverton does not need a highrise eyesore. The few that are there are enough.Many small business owners affected by this.Stop destroying small businesses!60 small businesses. A land purchase by Beaverton City Council last year, while still asking for bonds and levies. A building in decent condition from 1955. For parking and a land grab.

How dare the council? How dare the city? What price did developers put on your conscious, your morals, and your souls to make such a deal?

Either come clean with honesty, transparency and accountability for such a seemingly stupid string of decisions, or rethink the course of action.We love living in Beaverton because of all the small businesses, I am sure there is a better place for your development than the destruction of our small businesses community.It's a beautiful building that houses 60 small businesses.I support small and local businesses!Curiosities and the buildings they are in are Beaverton landmarks! Please do not continue to let Beaverton turn into a pavement slab. Convenience for city staff is NOT a valid reason to demolish these buildings. Get creative, find a new site, encourage public transportation. Only when we look around and see pavement and lots in every direction will we know we've gone too far.I love shopping there. Always find cool unique gifts.We love shopping there. The building and area should be developed more to save the antique “district”, with the flea market and other business to the south.
Great building. Great business

NO more parking.

The city should have thought of this before starting the other project.It is devastating to the community to think that this building could be torn down. Not only for the 60+ small business owners, the customers, but also for the architecture community. This building is a piece of Mid Century architectural history. And now, the city wants to tear it down for parking? Please explain WHY you want to have more parking in an area that already has a parking structure AND Trimet bus and MAX stops within a few short blocks.Every so often a friend and I decide we need some retail therapy. We head to Curiosities to wander the aisles, chat, share memories triggered by items in the booths and, most importantly, escape from the noise of the outside world. Then we choose a restaurant in Beaverton for lunch. Sounds like a win win for Beaverton...It is ridiculous to evict a successful small business when there are alternate sites close by.This building is a fine example of architecture, removing it would eliminate the vintage charm it brings to the area and also displace a lot of small business that now call it home.Because it makes Beaverton, Beaverton!!This may be the most unique part of Beaverton, and easily one of the reasons anyone goes out of their way to visit. Just a few weeks ago, I drove out from North Portland just to see this place. Nothing else in the city has that draw.
Honestly, if the government can't figure out a way to add more parking (maybe think building vertically on an existing lot instead of horizontally here) they probably shouldn't have more parking anyway!My wife and I used to travel from Southeast Portland on a monthly basis to shop at this beautiful building. Why would the city want to bulldoze this unique storefront, just to replace it with another parking lot for another boxy looking highrise? That's not even mentioning the potential loss of tourist dollars for the city and surrounding neighborhood due to this shop being recently featured in the HULU show Shrill. It's a landmark! Don't tear it down!Beaverton doesn’t want to turn into the vanilla-looking suburban market that plagues most of the U.S. does it? this building is one of the few remaining sites that adds character to the downtown core and operates businesses appealing to the community. Demo the old Stars strip club building instead and build there.Destroy this building and this business and I will never have a reason to come to Beaverton ever again. It's the only worthwhile venture in the town. No parking lot is needed, all the city employees can use public transportation.Let's not let Beaverton become a city made up of big, bland boxes. We need architectural variety!Demoing a small business to build a temporary parking lot is bad business.Beaverton needs to cherish the independently owned businesses that make our unique. Local businesses keeps money in our community, and are vital for a heathy economy.This is a beautiful historic building and it now houses a small business that is very popular and unique to Beaverton.This is a really fun place to shop and the building itself is awesome. No more parking lots, please. Very easy walk from Beaverton central Max!Dear Beaverton,
You barely have anything that can be called community or culture. This building is one of the very few interesting buildings in the entire city. When I drive Canyon or BHH, all I see are chain stores and car dealerships. Is that your vision for Beaverton?
Low cost, high density housing is great, but I’d like to see if there is any real demand. Also, what will be the impact the local schools that are already overcrowded? This area is not near any major employers. Nike employees tend to not live in low cost housing. Who is this housing for? Where will the tenants work?

This whole plan seems I’ll advised. That is unless your vision for Beaverton is just Chik-Fil-As and half empty apartment complexes.Instantly identifiable building, always friendly employees and sellers, and the unique finds keep us coming back. Feels like a part of the community more than a Target or other chain ever could. It’s always busy whenever I’m there. Don’t disrupt something cool and unique to put in a parking lot or some other generic strip mall or business park.Please save The Peaks! I live in north Portland and Curiosities is the only reason I visit Beaverton. That mall and location bring a lot of people to the city (who are spending money) who would otherwise not come. When ever I come to visit The Peaks I’m spending money at these local establishments, having dinner next door, grabbing a coffee, supporting businesses of the city. Local businesses will lose money and your city will lose the charm that draws locals and tourists. Please rethink this plan!Why destroy a historic, occupied building to create parking when there are so many vacant buildings and lots nearby? Makes no sense. Please find a different place to put the parking lot.Throughout the Portland Meteo area, more and more things that make this are unique is being torn down In the name of progress. The peaks is one of those landmarks for Beaverton. Not only are businesses being destroyed but so is history. Where will it end?Historic landmarks that house over 60 small businesses are what this city needs not empty parking lotsThe peaks are an architecturally significant feature that highlights the mid century splendor hidden throughout Beaverton. It would be a shame to destroy this integral piece of regional history.My family has enjoyed patronizing the businesses at this location since we moved here. We love supporting small businesses and want to continue to do so.Going to the Peaks and shopping at Curiosities has become a weekend tradition for my husband and me. We bought our first house two years ago and the treasures we’ve found at Curiosities have helped make it a home. Every time a friend visits we bring them to Curiosities to find their own treasures. It’s the best antique mall I’ve ever been to and it’s always buzzing with loyal patrons and shoppers who are discovering it for the first time. It’s a community space where many of us know the owners and vendors by name. The Beaverton Fleas have also been a staple of our summer. The Peaks building itself is a rare historic landmark in the suburbs that ads much needed character to the City. At the same time Curiosities and its vendors celebrate the past and people’s lives, and help them live on by sharing them with others. Curiosities is a thriving local business that I’ve been proud to support over the years. They’ve given their vendors a platform to pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors and turn their passions into their livelihood. Losing this landmark for a parking lot that could easily go anywhere else would be a tragedy for the shops’s vendors who depend on it and the community who had supported it for years.We used to hangout at the peaks when I was a kid, and it's terrible that they want to tear it down just to add more parking.Plenty of other areas to be considered for a lot.Preserving the foundations of a city adds value to the livability and lively hood of the community. Older buildings typically are built with higher quality products than buildings erected today. Those buildings with a long past are also sought after by businesses.Any loss of historic architecture is heartbreaking, but when the town has so little of it to begin with it is tragic.There are family owned businesses that cant afford to move someplace else. Why in the world would it be ok to strip families of their livelihoods?Simple - we need to keep something unique in Beaverton. The Peaks is a thriving business. Why tear it down to build something useless so that Beaverton can look like every other boring town? Whose interest does this serve?This a lovely building. Beaverton needs more cool, interesting buildings housing cool, interesting shops. Not a damn parking lot. Parking can be found. Just takes a minute.I am from Vancouver Wa. I don’t know if I have any say, but my family and I drive to Beaverton at least once a month just to go to the flea market or just to take a look at what Curiosities has that’s new. We also get a little something to eat close by and make a few other stops since we are there. We would truly miss the shop. It is such a great building it seems a shame to tear it down. Why waste resources. Reuse recycle.Beaverton does not need another parking lot. Invest in rapid transit and housing in this area If car traffic is becoming an issue. Destroying local businesses is no way to operate. I’m ashamed of my hometown.I don’t like when government decides to go against the people.These small businesses work very hard to build their reputation, customer loyalty, patronage, purveyors, and it takes years to stabilize. Then Beaverton wants to pull the rug right out from under them. Shameful. Beaverton shkuld instead kick out a large corporate store for parking, as corporations can pop back up anywhere without the same unique challenges to small businesses. Or find an empty lot.Quit getting rid of what makes PDX PDX.These small businesses are part of our community. My family shops here all the time. There are to many big box stores without the soul that makes a town home. Please save this historic part of Beaverton.Beaverton should be a diverse mixture of businesses, not just Nike and parking lotsIt is truly a unique place where one can go to find many little treasures and gifts. It is distinct to our neighborhood and provides income to many people. To shut this down would be shameful and only cause frustration towards the Beaverton City Council.For one this is an amazing building. I think it is worth saving local Beaverton stores vs building a parking lot.In addition to providing great vintage shopping and much needed income for the vendors, the building itself is a wonderful example of mid century modern retail architecture. If it torn down to make room for a parking lot (!) or, later, some characterless high rise, a trip to Beaverton will be much less likely for me.As someone who owns a home in Beaverton this type of building is what gives our city character. The Peaks brings back fond memories of weekends with my mother looking for cool antiques or more recently my wife and I looking around the Saturday market they have. It's a cool building and would be a shame if it was demolished. We should try to preserve these older and more distinct buildings as much as we can.This is a vintage inspired building and would be ashame to see it demolished as a parking lot!A piece of Beaverton history deserves to be left in place.Small businessbusinesseIt’s a great local landmark and part of what makes up the quirkiness of downtown Beaverton. It is a great use of space as a vintage market place.Leave historic beaverton alone. We dont need a parking structure!This unique business and building are successful and a good addition to the area! What a shame to turn it into another sterile parking lot.Small businessThis is a beautiful piece of hxThis building not only houses an amazing business with incredible people, but it gives the city of Beaverton such character. Why don’t you tear down a horrible store like the Fred Meyer in Beaverton that smells, has horrible customer service, and imports all their crap from CHINA!There are other parking options nearby. I have trouble understanding why successful and iconic businesses should be destroyed when there are viable options. As a family we love visiting these shops. We are able to share with our daughter pieces of history and stories of her grandparents when we come across items that they owned. These stores are uniquely situated in Beaverton and are a special landmark. Please don't take that away.As a city, we do not need more parking lots, pricey condos with lower level retail spaces. We shop at Curiosities and have several nice pieces throughout our home. Please save this unique building.This antique mall has been a wonderful place to browse and find some great items. I've been a customer for over 10 years. My parents come to visit me every other month and my mom has special needs due to a mental illness. She looks forward to visiting the store and having my dad buy her a simple little piece of jewelry. Part of her condition makes it difficult to deal with change in a routine she's used to. This will definitely be a tough one for her. All over a stupid parking lot? Ludicrous. Shame on the city planners.Beaverton should be investing in its small businesses, not rating them down.Historic landmarkA unique delight in Beaverton, antiques and j teresting finds are not just for those who manage to get into Portland. This landmark has been part of the fabric of Beaverton for a very, very long time. Please don't displace this thriving business for mixed use!In a few short years, the Curiosities Vintage Mall has become the most vibrant business in a pitiful stretch of SW Canyon - achieving exactly what old town Beaverton has been attempting for years without lasting success. I visit regularly and have watched the clientele become increasingly diverse in age and ethnicity - directly reflecting the changing demographics of the city itself. There is a real heartbeat of community here that should be appreciated and nurtured, not bulldozed.It’s a very cute locally owned businessThis place is successful, leave it be instead of turning it into a parking lot. It sounds like there is no other real plan except just get rid of this business.Temporary Parking lot? I love shopping there. It actually inspires me to make the trip to Beaverton from Scappoose! What a shame.Demolishing this building would take away business from too many women and small businesses in this city. Put the parking lot somewhere else!It is one of the few individualistic, non commercial or chain, businesses on that street. While Beaverton offers many shopping options so few are small business owners or unique stores. To get rid of it would harm so many family’s income and lead me to believe the city does not look after its own.Working people in a thriving business should not be tossed aside. Period. Not for Parking. And not for the probable real estate deal someone wants to profit on.Leave the kids hinge that make the area unique. Beaverton doesn’t need to look like PDXThis is a great business, very fun and community based. Such an opportunity for neighborhood relationships. No room for nostalgia anymore. Very sad.The building has a place for small businesses to grow and sell items. Building before parking lots.
City of Beaverton doesn't care about small businesses at all they only care about them selves.Curiosities is the only reputable antique mall in Beaverton. For the most part, Beaverton lacks character. To demolish this thriving business that is one of the only "cool" places to shop in Beaverton to create temporary parking is a travesty.This area of Beaverton is not only historic, it's memorable and highly patronized. The city would be destroying families livelihoods and community structure. If destroying this building for parking is the best plan that the city has come up with. Then the city has failed it's community and at doing their job. Which is unacceptable. Find a plan that actually benefits your community as a whole. Not one that fits your needs due to lack of planning... I know there are arguments from the city, we've tried, etc. The reality is if you the city of Beaverton have given 60+ business 60 days to move, you haven't tried hard enough.Support Local Businesses!Let’s keep small businesses alive in Beaverton!Beaverton needs to preserve its small businesses, not destroy themThis building is a staple of the town. I love passing by, and even more so shopping in it. There are not enough places like this left to love in this city. Stop tearing down originality.Because it’s a piece of history. Not everything needs to look new and fancy. Plus, there are businesses who are now screwed due to the greed of others.Destroying small businesses for more parking options is a disgraceful decision.Such a lovely and well kept establishment. It’s one of the only reasons I come to Beaverton at all. I’m in St. John’s. It’s so local and lovely and the thought of it going away just breaks my heart. Please let it stay and bring more joy to countless others.Support local businesses. I love antique stores and there's not enough of them!Leave small businesses alone and let the city employees take public transport and start cutting emissions. The city forded a local neighborhood gas out so a new building can be built, clearly the city cares only about their own agenda (sounds a lot like Trump) so now Beaverton is a dictatorship. The smart park program (42k dollars) was nonproductive. Think green not greedyI’m so tired of seeing mom and pop shops being destroyed. We need these stores. We don’t need a parking lot, or another box store.I always look forward to my visits to Curiosities!!! I escape the world when I walk thru their doors. We are losing these special kind of places for high rises and tall parking lot structures and big box stores. Please stop the insanity!!!There are many other suitable locations for this new building. Destroying 60+ small businesses is NOT the way to go about things.I love the look of this building, and hate the idea of another parking structure or highrise.We have enough parking lotsIt’s a landmark and a great, thriving small business is there. One that’s driven me to visit and spend over and over. Parking?! You’ve got to be kidding me. If you take out the cool businesses who will visit? This is utterly ridiculous!You want to tear down a historic mid century modern building filled with working folks to build WHAT? This has to be a joke. Right? Have respect for the community. That building should be on a historic register, not torn down. No one wants to mimic the pearl district here; we want downtown Beaverton to be the remarkable, friendly town it is filled with small businesses, antique shops and hard working people, not parking lots, boxy apartments and exclusive shops.Unique architecture and history is worth so much more than new concrete development!I love the architecture of this building and often drive all the way from Hillsboro just to shop here. Sad to hear a parking lot will replace this when public transportation is a better option for getting people to downtown.The market approach to antiques at Curiosities is unique in the level of quality always on display. The owners are good people and deserve far better than 60 days so that a temporary parking lot can be put into place. Find someplace else for city employees. This is an outrage. Destroying a profitable local business for shortsighted civil engineering? If you really need the space, go bulldoze a fast food restaurant, they bring no unique flavor to the city.This is a great place to shop. We don't need any more parking places. Encourage people to use the Max or carpool. If you are putting in parking places then in a few years the city will sell this to a developer. Leave it alone and quit bulldozing everything.Too many high rises, too many landmarks and historical buildings being destroyed for modern buildings and garbage like that. Preserve historic sites until it's no longer feasible, and then make changes.Curiosities is easily the best place to shop in Beaverton. My partner & I have carefully chosen pieces from the shop to decorate our whole apartment, and have gotten to know the owners over the years. Curiosities and The Beaverton flea are Metro area destinations, and an opportunity for small businesses to get started and to grow. The building, the property are a huge part of the charm and the draw for visitors. Destroying this site will destroy a landmark, harm thriving small businesses, and make the people of Beaverton sad! Save The Peaks!!With the steady stream of people moving into the area, much of Beaverton is unfortunately becoming just another typical suburb with all of its chain restaurants and big box stores. One of the reasons I am still drawn to the downtown area is because of the small businesses, charming buildings, and friendly business owners. I can’t understand why the city of Beaverton would want to tear down a unique building hosting local businesses. Curiosities in particular is the only real vintage shop in the area. I love having it so close, and without it I, along with many others, will have to take our business to Portland. We don’t need another parking lot, condo development or chain store. We need to support our small businesses and their families and keep shoppers local.This is a place where I have been able to find one of a kind treasures, walk to from our apartment, and serves the local community by allowing entrepreneurship. The building is a landmark on Canyon. Another parking lot? Get real.We love spending time here as a family! We have also not struggled with parking in this area. And, we love the business owners who will be impacted by the destroying of the area!It's a Beaverton staple. The best shop in Beaverton. The Beaverton Flea brings us together and is a sense of community that is fastly fading in our society. Curiosities is a locally owned business by a wonderful man and also supports so many other retailers inside. Please save this building and business. The building is key for this business to be saved.Because it's the only reason I go into Beaverton any more. Nothi g else in Beaverton is worth dealing with the traffic that bogs down the streets most of the time these days and then I find out the only reason it's going to be torn down is to accommodate more cars. Shame on you City of Beaverton. Promote your employees taking public transportation.We have been able to revitalize old town Beaverton with new business without demoing the old buildings. Beaverton Flea & Curiosities is doing the same thing with their surrounding area.
I do not understand why we would need to move a thriving business and demo a building when there is an empty lot next to the peaks. Why not use that lot?
It is sad that the City of Beaverton would impose it’s will on a thriving local small business to put if a parking structure. This is not the City of Beaverton I know.It’s historical and small business owners run it. Makes no sense to tear down for TEMPORARY parking.
What about the abandoned, eye sore on Canyon “Fong Huong Palace Karaoke” across from Kia!? That building needs to go!!!There is plenty of land and vacant building space in the area, rather than destroy an actual functioning business in favor of a parking lot. This is typical of Oregonian short sighted, knee jerk, lack of foresight, planning that we've come to expect out of city organizations. Kind of like not having a snow removal infrastructure in place in a state that still gets snow . . .This is a wonderful place to shop locally and a beautiful building. It would be heartbreaking to see it turned into a parking lot!It’s quirky and original. So many different vendors rely on this space for their livelihood and as a shopper, I love exploring this iconic building, looking for the perfect gift or decor items. I love their monthly flea market events too. As more and more people turn to online shopping, we need to preserve all the live community centric shopping experiences we have.Let’s leave a great building in Beaverton. Mcm is hard to find in the town a icon and business for many. Let them take Uber max or something else.The Peaks provides a creative opportunity for small business owners to share their own creative abilities with us in buildings that are inspiring to look at and to have as a part of our city. I find the buildings pleasing to look at and love to go into the “shops” that are clearly influenced by the era of The Peaks. I feel lucky to have this experience in a city that I call home and have shared Curiosities with others that are like-minded.Please don't erase this oasis. I get my animal feed here, I meet friends here. Please don't take more soul of my neighborhood.
Thanks.It’s a great place to shop. Beaverton needs to support small businesses. Beaverton needs a hook to
motivate people to come to this area. This Vintage Mall is perfect!One of the more iconic buildings in a sea of bad architecture & strip malls. To tear this down for a parking lot is irrevocable ugliness.Love visiting these stores. So much fun!Multiple vendors who bring income and travel to the city should not be exchanged for a bare lot that brings no revenue and negatively affects climate change. That aside it makes no sense to demolish such a wonderful landmark of our city.I love this shop! Don't take t away for more parking....encourage people to use transit instead. I love the vintage shop there and there are not many places in Beaverton to find quality vintage items. We don't need another parking lot.You just don't tear down useful history like that! We need more single home housing, not another overpriced apartment building, so the reasoning isn't sound. Not a fair trade!great store!As a 54 year old woman raised in Beaverton, I am so sad to see so much of this city being torn down without a second thought. PLEASE stop tearing down these historic buildings and beloved landmarks! I love stopping in and shopping at Curiosities and I love the street that it sits on. Please leave these streets and buildings alone. Preserve Beaverton’s history!It is such a cute place with historical meaning. I haven't found a similar place in beaverton. Please leave it be!Wonderful unique time piece building that should be saved not made into a parking lot. Look at all the other run down beat up properties around the area and pick one of those not one that brings people and business into the community. Come on city of Beaverton, do the right thing.This business has been written about and touted as a REASON to go to Beaverton. Guess the only reason *I* go from Portland to Beaverton to shop? THIS store! It’s unique and stands out amongst the homogeneous suburban sprawl that’s been taking over (NOT for the better). It’s not only one of the most greedy things I’ve ever heard of a city doing to a small business owner. I hope the owners sue the city when this is all over.Dear City of Beaverton:
This building and the community of people I have met because of it are a city treasure. It is deeply disturbing to me and nearly 2000 others to think that you would evict Curiosities for a temporary parking lot. The value of this building and it's community far transcends a mundane parking opportunity, especially when there are other more common sense options available nearby. So I add my voice in imploring you as lawmakers to save this building and all the only good things that are available because of it. I have sold at the flea markets there and met so many wonderful people that I would not have otherwise met. And that, to me, is priceless.The building houses a phenomenal business that does so much for the community. Parking can be created elsewhere.We need small businesses, not parking lotsWe need to preserve small business opportunities. Real people count on the income generated by these markets. If the intended parking lot is only temporary, and we don’t have an emergency need for another mixed use high rise, why not take real effort and time in prioritizing the true needs of everyone involved.Its a very unique building and the store sales awesome stuff. I dont think it should be tore down for a parking lot. The building is great to keep around for future midmodern structurs.Not only is it a unique mid-century modern building to Beaverton, Curiosities has made the area a destination. It is a joy to drive by and see what they've done with the formerly rundown area.It’s locally owned, provides shoppers with unique items, retains Beaverton’s heritage. City government is determined to continue to destroy the town’s character, turning it into a charmless, cookie cutter city. No more parking lots or ugly developments!These vintage shops are exactly the type of businesses that create a unique, destination shopping experience. Once they’re gone Beaverton may never get them back. Please don’t jeopardize the survival of all the small business owners operating in The Peaks!Curiosities is an absolute joy! It's hard to believe that even the thought of demolishing it just for TEMPORARY parking crossed anyone's mind, and now an actual plan. Please tell me this is some kind of horrible joke. Don't take this gem away from us!I'm outraged that you would target a local business owner! Curiosities has revitalized the building it is located in and the area around it. They are an important part of the local culture and bring visitors from surrounding area. They should be used as an example of the future we want for the Beaverton area not demolished for a temporary parking lot! Find somewhere to park other than where a thriving local business currently resides or encourage people to take advantage of our awesome public transportation! Please think this through and find an alternative solution!Its a classic building which shows how unique Beaverton is.It is a wonderful example of well-maintained midcentury architecture.
It is a wonderful example of the power of small, local business.
It is a wonderful example of repurposing, reusing, recycling.
It is a wonderful example of the power of small businesses collaboration.
It is a wonderful example of community.
It is a wonderful window into decades past.

A temporary parking is none of these above mentioned examples.
A temporary parking will never become any of the above mentioned examples.
Shame on you City of Beaverton.
Shameful and sad.If the city feels the need to add another mixed use high rise to the mix, they should do it in a way that doesn’t disrupt one of the things that makes it unique. The Peaks is a quirky little building that offers a fun break from everything else.So many cute businesses inside! Don't take that away from them and the people that enjoy shopping there!Why should 60 small merchants be put out of business for a temporary parking lot ?I’ve only recently discovered the Curiosities Vintage Mall and it’s one of the best in the whole Portland metro area!! It’s location and the unique building are half of its charm! Boo to planners with no foresight at all—why don’t you knock down one of those stupid pot shops instead—there’s way more of those than antique malls.This building and businesses within reflect Beaverton's culture. Building parking lots is not the solution to creating a healthy and vibrant downtown district. Density is key, as it promotes walkability and density. No one wants to walk in between gaps in a downtown center.

This is so incredibly short sided and ill-informed. The city's PR is disingenuous at best.Mid century modern architecture!!!!The Peaks is a fabulous building that houses a unique Portland-metro, small, locally owned business that is a treasure trove for many. To replace such a place with an empty lot is an insult to the integrity of the Portland Metro's uniqueness, an insult to those who support small business, and shows where Beaverton's interests truly lie.I’ve been to the flea market several times and would love to keep going! It’s an amazing community and everyone there is so friendly and nice. It’s a great way for so many friends and families to get together and find amazing things you can’t find anywhere else! I would be so saddened to see it go, it’s one of the bed things about downtown.wrecking buildings for a parking lot is the opposite of planning. cities are for people, not cars.This store is one that supports local people a long with keeping the wonderful sense of Beaverton alive! These kinds of buildings that bring character and value to our community should be cherished, not destroyed!To upend an entire successful business, a beloved staple to the city of Beaverton, for parking spots is completely ridiculous. We put our trust in our city leaders to do the right thing and this sets up a bad precedent. What other businesses will be demolished for any myriad of reasons? Let's not become Portland, who has decided a multitude of food carts were less important than some hotel.These small businesses are what make our community thrive.It’s a very unique building and in good shape. Every time I’ve gone shopping there it’s always been busyThere's no good reason to demolish a historic building with a sustainable tenant when there are other places to put temporary parking!I drive through Beaverton almost every weekend and have stopped into Curiosities several times. I always admire the building and how cute/cool it makes the area look. I know it draws many people from the Portland area as well. Honestly if it was replaced by another cookie cutter concrete modern industrial building, nothing would stick out to me in that area any more and I would have no reason to stop. Resale shops may seem meaningless and unimportant to some, but in a world where the manufacturing of new goods and clothes is destroying our planet, buying pre-used goods has an important place in this world. Keep Beaverton’s heart, and cultural heritage intact.Support small businesses! Beaverton saying they support small businesses but then turning several of them into a parking lot is not support!So many small businesses would be affected.The Peaks is a landmark leave it aloneIn an age when small businesses are barely surviving we should be evicting the successful ones for a non revenue generating project like a parking lot. This place is a treasure and always busy.I love these buildings! As a resident, they are an iconic part of Beaverton and part of city. They tell me I'm home. Please don't tear them down!The last thing this area needs is another boxy bland mixed-use high rise standing where something cool and unique used to be. This building is a pleasure to drive by and houses a ton of very cool independent small businesses. Don't screw over these hard-working folks to make another developer even richer. Save the Peaks!I love this place, and it's part of what makes Beaverton a great city. Please re-consider your decision!Yes, Curiosities is the only reason I go to Beaverton! The building is beautiful - so much more character than an eyesore of a parking lot!Destroying a loved community business because they failed to plan ahead for parking before building is everything that's wrong with how our community is changing.It's a core of creativity and community for the area. For many years it has served as a home for my business as well as provided a supportive network of friendly and unique individuals. Everyone looked out for one another. It's sad to see cities in the NW getting rid of valuable touchstones.Much more culturally unique than another building to house cars in.Other than the historical value of the building, Curiosities has become such a valued part of the Beaverton community. It is a place to find the rare and exciting. A place with a smile when you walk in the door.There is never a valid reason to take income generating locations from small business owners.These shops are perfect right where they are - even amidst the city’s new expansions. So sad to think the city just wants parking lots instead ?!?!Cool building+ 60 independent small business ownersI moved here a year ago , this was my first find of someplace cool to shop for great treasures here. Infact stillthe only place around like it! Please dont destroy it for a parking lot!City employees should be using public transportation. The city should do everything possible to insure small businesses should succeed. They should welcome snd encourage entrepreneurship. NOT destroy them! Outrageous they would tear down a building to make a parking place! So disappointed in the City of Beaverton. Shameful!It should be saved so 60 business don’t have be put out, and if the building is an antique, why not keep it. I don’t understand how things that last a long time can seem invaluable to others. How are our future generations supposed to know where we’ve been if there’s no proof of it ever existing except through pictures? With the way technology works in this time, it takes me a while to really believe a picture is real, AKA photoshop.Historical areaPreserve not only the landmark building but the retail space.Leveling this building for a parking lot is not justified. Beaverton is in desperate need of better city planning. I remember shopping in this space when it was Ludmans, and now enjoy shopping it as curiosities.Beaverton has been growing and rapidly becoming one of the best places to live in Oregon. With the addition of the food cart area and updated surroundings, it is proving to be a sought after area. Removing this building along with the many vendors who work there would be detrimental to our city. To put so many people out of business is not how we want to be looked at here in Beaverton. Also, the type of business that would be shit down are exactly the kind of businesses we need to keep the charm and long lasting business owners here in Beaverton. Shame on the city to give little notice of the demolition and to replace such history and Beaverton charm with a parking structure. Oregon pushes for public transportation and has put a system into place that should be used, especially by city employees, to eliminate the need for more parking structures.It is a part of what makes this area so charming and welcoming. A parking lot will ruin that.The over development of the Beaverton area is tragic. We honor nothing of the past and tear down everything beloved by long time locals, all in the name of development, usually promoted by transplants or non locals. It's disgusting. And all of this for cookie cutter, boring, non needed, over priced, eye sores to be built. we should be trying to preserve, save and utilize what we have, not build more trash building we don't need.Great small business with owners who worked hard to find a location and make it work in that area. There is no reason to have a parking lot there. If Beaverton wanted to put in a business office maintaining the look of the rest of the buildings around it based on height and width (such as 24 Hour Fitness), then that would be one thing, but to demolish businesses which provide additional income for families to build a parking lot does not seem like a wise move for the City of Beaverton.I thoroughly enjoy shopping here. It is great to be able to find these local gems in the suburbs, which are generally overrun by retail and restaurant chains. Cheryl Twete says “The city has a strong history of supporting local businesses and approaching redevelopment in a balanced way that maintains the unique history and charm of our central core while finding opportunity for all within Beaverton’s city center." The Peaks is a charming historical building that houses multiple small businesses. These businesses specialize in bringing quality used items to the consumer--it is refreshing in a throw away society to find these great items from the past. Please save The Peaks!Stop replacing Beaverton's charm with shiny and gaudy buildings. Curiosities is unique and draws more customers and tourism. We don't need more parking lots!!!!I've been visiting this store for years! I moved out of the area but still return often. Antique stores are harder and harder to find these days. Let's peserve the buissnes that honor the past. A parking lot is not worth tearing down this gem!I would think viable businesses would bring more tax income than a parking lot or another high rise which is out of character with the Beaverton Home Town feeling.The antique mall is in such a cool, mid century building which compliments the nearby food cartel and The Round. I often take friends from out of town to this part of Beaverton to shop and eat. We need to be ADDING businesses like this to one of the few “park and walk around” areas in central Beaverton, not turning them into parking lots.I don't think demolition is the only solution available. This building is host to a wide variety and large number of small businesses that provide much needed incomes for local residents. Construction considerations such as parking accommodations are valid. At Intel's sprawling Ronler Acres campus there are overflow parking lots during peak construction projects and and contracted shuttle bus services. I don't understand if this, or literally any other option was even considered before the City Council settled on knocking down a building that so many small businesses depend on for physical shop front space. This decision seems to have been railroaded because the council doesn't have the creativity to identify alternative options. On a personal note, my wife and I love shopping here at least a few times a month. We've found local artwork, lovingly restored or repurposed items, and jewelry. Is not just the shopping though, the vendors and the clientele are all pretty well distributed in with the local community. You can find information about all sorts of local treats like food, concerts, trade shows, and services. Why are we tearing down a building that offers so much for so little?It is a unique structure with businesses that directly affect dozens of local families and focuses on the reuse of the old over the purchase of the new.Preserve the history of Beaverton. Beaverton already lacks a sense of place and personality as it is. Preserve what gives Beaverton some sense of town feel and past. There is plenty of room for overpriced mixed use apartment buildings elsewhere.I've never been to this store, but the rationale for displacing/closing a small business is absurd. Do better.This is one of the best antique malls in the area!It is such a historical landmark! And affects so many businesses!We do lots of shopping here, and it brings the vibe to the community we need more of.Tearing down a small, independently owned business is not the answer to parking problems. Giving that business only 60 days notice should be criminal. I'm embarrassed and ashamed of my city today.The building itself is such a joy to see - it is so unusual and so reminiscent of a bygone era. I love the small business booths inside, as well. This is definitely a destination that brings me to Beaverton. It is part of the character that seems to be vanishing from so many Portland-area cities and neighborhoods. We, the people in the community, need to have treasured places like this preserved and celebrated.Unbelievable that a temporary parking lot is more important to the city of Beaverton than the well being of 60 plus merchants livelihood !Places like The Peaks and Curiosities are what make Beaverton more than just a place to live. They give it history and culture. Don’t remove what little there is left!Curiosities is a draw for me and my family to go to downtown Beaverton. It creates a reason for us to come out here instead of going to Portland. It helps to create a feeling a walkability and a unique draw that makes me proud to live in Beaverton, and give the city it's own character. It would be very short sighted to loose this landmark over parking.Iconic.I have been a resident in Beaverton for 30 years. I have served briefly on the Beaverton Main Street Development Committee prior the launch my art career. I have a strong interest in the Vintage “feel” of our city and enjoy how our city is dotted with mid-century architecture. The vintage Peaks and other vintage structures have been occupied with a variety of businesses and talking points. I have spent time within the businesses and asked why they occupied them. The resounding reply’s were unanimous! The Vault, Rose City Modern retro furniture store, and the Peaks serve the culture and uniquely distinct character of the City. I admit there are a few derelict structures in and out of the main corridor of downtown Beaverton, but the Peaks serves as iconic and unique history to our city. Gentrifying our city has its places, but please keep the Peaks and additional mid-century structures in our City. They can not be replaced.

Thank you,
Brenda Boylan
Fine Artist and community supporterWe need to preserve our architectural history, not erase it. Portland has THOUSANDS of overpriced, vacant units. Don't let Beaverton follow suit.America was built by small businesses like these but they are now threatened by the economy. The world has enough parking lots! Besides parking lots could become obsolete with ride sharing etc. This sounds like an uninformed decision.Beaverton already has a very ugly strip mall look. The city has done nothing to improve this are beside the food carts. I drive past that everyday to to and from work. The last thing we need is another empty vacant parking lot.Economic development needs to come from the ground up, not top down.No more giant apartments, there’s plenty of other open spaces in Beaverton. Keep Beaverton the same Beaverton we love, with its charm and character.What a shame to destroy a beautiful mid century building in order to provide temporary parking (for more cars, while we should be focusing efforts and resources on promoting more sustainable modes of transportation.) This is a thriving business (unlike the numerous big box stores which have been closing down in the area) and what a message to send to small businesses in the community that the city will destroy you at will. This is offensive and crass and misguided. Shame on you.This is one of the few businesses with character left in Beaverton. It's given personality to the area, along with offering unique items you cannot find anywhere else. It would be a shame to demolish this business and is quite honestly not fair for them, or the people who sell items and shop there.This is ridiculous! Encourage employees to take mass transit. Shuttle them from an existing parking lot. Don't ruin one of the good things about Beaverton in the name of progress or convenience.Destroy an iconic building for a "temporary" parking? Two months notice? Come on. Every time I am there, there are tons of people shopping, from all over. The shops inside are run by small businesses that need the income. It's always a pleasure to spend time an independent business that has heart and soul, rather than yet another large corporation, box store, etc. Find another solution. If the move must happen, at least actually do your due diligence and give them more time to find a new home or, better yet, actually help them find a suitable one.Curiosities brings me from North Portland to shop in the Beaverton area.It one of my favorite places to go when I go to Beaverton! So many unique things to look at. So many treasures and the employees are all genuinely happy and I love it.We don't need anymore parking lots. This building holds some amazing treasure!First, it's a local landmark. The building has been there for as long as we remember. Second, it generates revenue! It employs people and also encourages reuse of quality items, reducing consumption of new materials. It's a great spot to browse and meet neighbors and make friends. I love knowing that this place exists and that it provides a benefit to the community. Don't tear down Paradise to put up a parking lot!The building has been there for I don't know how is unique but most of all, it serves many many small local businesses within the building. The events they host, bring community together. It is absolutely ridiculous to want to build a TEMPORARY PARKING STRUCTURE on that spot instead!!! Not a clever move by the city if this goes through! this is so frustrating!To help save small business owners and persevere Portland's unique history.The city needs the sense of connection that this business brings. Curiosities holds so much history and allows creativity to flourish. It would be extremely disappointing to see it go.This is a beloved store. It has history and the many vendors whose livelihoods will change if you demolish it. There are so many other areas you could choose. Please don't do this. I love this place so much.The building is historic and iconic. The community and society have an interest and a responsibility to preserve historical and iconic buildings that add to the character and vibrancy of the community especially when those buildings are well-maintained and hosting successful businesses. Beaverton loses out by pushing small businesses into an unknown and uncertain future. This contributes to community breakdown for the businesses that support each other and for the residents of Beaverton. To turn it into temporary parking, not even permanent, is wasteful and disrespectful use of property. Consider your options before entering into agreements that require space and parking needs that you do not currently have available.We need places like this for small businesses. Plus I’m sick of cities destroying history!!!GIVE ME A BREAK!! You are destroying an iconic building and a wonderful small business for a PARKING LOT? NO WAY!Please save Curiosities, this is the exact sort is small business we need in Beaverton. It adds much need Curb appeal to a wholly unattractive part of T.V. highway and bolsters the area's trendy look that the City is trying to cultivate with the food carts nearby as well.We don't need another parking lot in Beaverton! This is a great building housing small businesses. Keep it.This building is a landmark and a wonderful mid century piece of Architecture! It's a business for many individual people to earn much needed money! In this day and age !
I've always loved going inside this building for many years ,since the 70s .
Please save our 1 great piece left in Beaverton.I love the shops in the building! It is charming and helps me keep my shopping dollars local. We don’t need another parking lot for homeless people to sleep in, or new avenues for drug deals. The building and it’s occupants keep our community safe.Parking lots dont help the economy!!!It’s so hard for small businesses to find reasonable rent! Parking spaces are not a worthy reason to demolish the building where they do it!Amazing architecture plus the bread & butter of SO many Portland citizens. For a temporary parking lot?! There's plenty of businesses & parking on that road - an extra parking lot is simply unnecessary as a replacement to this amazing building. Let's keep the fun & quirky history of our city together where & when we can!!It’s a wonderfully awesome piece of mid-century architecture, and shouldn’t be demolished.Locally-owned businesses are the beating heart of any thriving community. Quality of life is vital to attract and retain both residents and workforce talent alike. Without unique places like The Peaks -- which houses a cohort of 70-plus Oregon artisans led by Curiosities Vintage Mall -- Beaverton could devolve into just another cookie-cutter suburb in Anytown instead of the vibrant, unique community it strives to be. Please save The Peaks!I love strolling through Curiosities after a lunch date in one of Beaverton’s little restaurants. I won’t be bothering with Beaverton traffic without Curiosities. City Hall is paving paradise to put up a parking lot. Shame on Beaverton!First the Everyday Music was shut down so a liquor store could move in. Now Curiosities is being closed for a parking lot. Way to turn an eclectic and interesting place into every other stripmall shithole in America, Beaverton...My elderly parents depend on income from their antique booth at a similar mall in the Gateway area so I know how important a place like The Peaks is.I take special trips from out of town to visit the mall. It's a unique, historic part of the area that gives Beaverton character and houses many small business owners. I hope the city will reconsider this move.Historical Value, the Curiosities is a Fabulous Venue & the Beaverton Flea is great for the Community!Why destroy functioning parts of the community? This idea is short-sighted, and, quite honestly, stupid. You can do better.Seriously we have way to many useless new structures being built. Save small businesses, we surely don’t need more parking, storage or apartments.When cool buildings are gone they are gone for good. History through architecture is important.This is a cool historic building in Beaverton, which unfortunately has turned into the land of strip malls and unappealing architecture. This building houses 60 small business owners who are trying to make a living repurposing and quite frankly recycling vintage goods. I visit this shop weekly and come to Beaverton even more so when they have the flea market. There are plenty of other locations with EMPTY dilapated buildings that could be used for the so-called purpose of temporary parking. You have an opportunity here...please do the right thing!It is a landmark! It is somewhere 100% unique to the area & something different to do & see.Small businesses have decreasing opportunities to open and thrive in a well-traveled location. The Peaks provide this. I understand that cities evolve, but the motivation should be what's good for the entire community, not just for developers.My family came to Beaverton from eugene when I was about 5!! I'll be 33 in September, I grew up passing this building many a many times!! The way the world if headed we should definitely be recycling, reusing conserving. Why demolish a perfectly useful space!! I love vintage shops and old landmarks!! Save history!!Besides being home to the coolest shop in Beaverton, it is absolutely insane to demolish a vibrant retail establishment on arguably the busiest thoroughfare in Beaverton (217 doesn't count, that eyesore). If Beaverton leadership wants to energize downtown B'ton, then putting parking on the main drag is not the way. Better to find a vacant lot (i'm thinking close to the Round) off a major highway. Otherwise, the "beautiful downtown" becomes "the ugly parking structures."Preserving the historical businesses of our city encourages more shoppers and visitors. Unique and special stores are what people travel to visit. We don't need another parking lot, chain store or restaurant. We need businesses that encourages money to be reinvested in the families that live in this area.Why destroy a landmark and people's businesses for a parking lot? I'm sure there are better places.Retain livability of downtown Beaverton. Take down the old Chinese restaurant instead.Seems environmentally irresponsible to demolish an existing building that houses a thriving small business. The economic impact to the city is high and I’m also personally connected to this space, having grown up in the area.Beaverton needs more community locations like this, not less. The last thing Beaverton needs is another parking lot. the city govt will need to changeif they demolish this great building.Small businesses are at the core of our economy and should be preserved. As much as progress can benefit us there needs to be a balance so we drive successful entrepreneurs out.I’m sure there are plenty of other places in the area parking can be put. It’s ridiculous that the City Of Beaverton would want to push out such a successful business that attracts people to the area including myself.We don't need another mixed use, high rise that will ultimately end up sitting with vacant commercial space for years to come. Be part of the preservation of unique establishments like the The Peaks and the many small business owners that operate in this establishment. Please reconsider this decision!It's a valuable and beloved part of the community. It gives the city character and charm. It's a place visitors and residents alike want to stop and visit.The is so little left of the old Beaverton, this building is quirky and cool and gradually has personality. The new construction in Beaverton is all so boring and boxy.If there are 60 businesses that means there are at least 60 people that will be without an income for parking? Nope.Because cities lose their identity once the vintage buildings and one off shops are done away with. Give people reason to visit your city because its one of a kind. Not because it filled with luxury apartments, empty car parks, and Starbucks.There are other areas to turn into parking lots - this is a very vintage area of Beaverton and needs to remain a shopping area - cities keep taking away the cool areas and pretty soon, there won't be any cool areas anywhere.It is so important to preserve history in this ever modernizing world. I love our little old beaverton. Please dont tear down peoples livliehoods for a parking lot! Preserve history. Please. No more parking lots!My wife and I visit Portland for vacation and we specifically drive to Beaverton to shop at Curiosities. While there we also eat at the food trucks around the corner and make an afternoon of it. There would be no other reason for us to visit your city besides spending an afternoon shopping at Curiosities and enjoying the people there and visiting with the staff. It is in a unique building that also offers abundant natural light. The owners have fixed up the condition of the building when they moved in there and keep a beautiful, clean, inviting shop. I truly feel as though I have joined the community instantly when I arrive there. The owners and employees are wonderful and the individual vendors offer unique finds which change constantly. It is always a fun treasure hunt that takes me down memory lane each visit. I was also looking forward to timing my next visit during the Beaverton Flea Market which they host there. Along with other community gatherings and activities they put on.

Demolishing this beautiful space for temporary parking and eventual development would be tragic. This would be an irreparable wound to the heart of this community. Please seriously reconsider your planning and be creative with your choices for your plans. You can do much better than this choice to destroy this landmark building. You are better than that. Curiosities Vintage Mall truly is a destination location to be proud of.It's historicIt is a historical building in the heart of Beaverton, losing history is not in the city's best interests. There are other places to put a "temporary" parking lot.I love coming here and supporting the local community. Anytime I ever need to buy any gifts this is my go-to shop. Beautiful things are being sold that have a piece of History. The owner has worked so hard to establish relationship with his customer. And there's so many people who would be affected,please find a new location and let this little business continue to thrive.
Thank you for your time,

Linette SimpkinsI can't believe you would demolish this midcentury building that helps furnish livlihoods to dozens of people to put up a "temporary" parking lot for city employees. BAD MOVE, BEAVERTON! As a native of the area, I'm ashamed that the City of Beaverton would play a part in ousting small businesses and a successful summer weekend flea market that brings in people from all over the community.Antique and vintage stores like this are one of the defining features of our weird little PNW enclave. They are one of the things that drew me to this area over 17 years ago. I still get out multiple weekends every month to hunt for lost treasures in and around the Portland metro area. We are losing the very things that make this place so special and attractive to visitors and residents. The sense of community and positive experiences for young people that the flea markets bring are irreplaceable. Please consider utilizing a space that is already vacant, do not displace and destroy a culturally significant and community-serving entity such as this.It supports extremely well rounded businesses that provides opportunities and events for the community. This place is unique.Curiosities is a cornerstone of the city of Beaverton! It is wildly popular and attracts people from the entire Portland area. The fact that so many local businesses are contained within makes this store a key element in keeping Beaverton in good financial health. Stripping this away would be the biggest shame.The buildings known as the peaks are a unique and distinctive architectural feature of Beaverton. They contain. The three elements that all architecture is supposed to have, firmness, function, and delight. They are a delight to look at! Most modern buildings are just ugly, soulless boxes, void of character. Not at all a joy to shop in or have to look at.

More to the point, there is a delightful antiques and vintage objects shop in there that is also a joy to visit and shop at.

It would be shortsighted foolishness to destroy too things of wonder to replace them with whatever mundane and lifeless enterprise would follow.

Keep the buildings and the business!This is a classic piece of architecture and perfectly housed our favorite shopping store in the city of Beaverton. We drive from Portland often to shop there and love pulling up to the peaks. It’s simply iconic! Please don’t destroy something so wonderful.

Melissa and Vivien WeinsteinWhat happened to support small business and keep Beaverton unique!!!! What a shame to take down such an iconic building just for a temporary parking lot.This building is a vital, productive element of downtown Beaverton--save it!Small business is important to a community. The Vintage Mall is way more important then a parking lot in fact I probably wouldn’t even visit Beaverton if it wasn’t for the Vintage Mall.As former residents of Beaverton, we are dismayed as we drive through there now. High rises, shuttered buildings, favorite restaurants closed. Why tear down a beautiful, historical building group, to put in a parking lot? Why not tear down either of the former nude dancing establishments, where there is plenty of parking? There is a plethora of parking , un-used, and no need to take down these beautiful spaces.This is a great and interesting building that should be integrated into any future development. Destroying it to make surface parking, even temporarily, is wasteful and ill-advised.

Beaverton should leverage historic resources like this building to build a vibrant communityIt's a part of our town, our home.It’s not right to kick out these businesses.i have shopped here a lot.i am disabled and this is a convenient location for me and othersThis is a very cool place and a vibrant part of Beaverton! Don’t tear it down to put up a stupid parking lot. Have we learned nothing??Great variety of stores -- supporting small business owners.Please save this wonderful vintage building, Beaverton does not need more parking lots. Keep Beaverton Beautiful!!!As a Beaverton native if 40 years, I would be heartbroken to see this classic building gone to make parking spaces for surrounding businesses that don't ever seem to have enough business to merit more parking. Canyon Road is not an especially attractive road, but this portion would be even worse without the presence of The Peaks! If you need to demolish something for parking, tear down that abandoned Chinese restaurant on Canyon just East if Hall!I was born and raised in Beaverton. This building has finally found its calling card after a multitude of businesses rotating through there. Also, this is a fantastic store.These are hard working people who shouldnt lose their businessesThis is a local staple! It draws people to the area and gives them something to do so that we can fill our cup and be more happy, productive members of society.Because it is fabulous! It is a tradition! Why are you going to destroy jobs for a parking lot?????The building itself is gorgeous. You don't see that often such a wonderful example of Mid Century architecture. The store inside with 60 vendors you can get lost in the past for hours. The flea market is a fun event to look forward to. Beaverton otherwise is a boring city to live in. Its the only shop worth going to in Beaverton. Tearing it down for a temporary parking lot is horrible. There got to be another location for parking. You are going to put 60+ vendors out of business. In this economy it is hard to survive.It's a beautiful structure that isn't a generic, cookie-cutter structure. There are many vendors who will have difficulty finding another place to practice business.City of Beaverton: Frankly, I'm shocked that you've given these businesses 60 days to vacate so that you can demolish this iconic architecture, putting Curiosities and the multiple small businesses it houses, out of business. Why??? For a parking lot??? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RECONSIDER this misguided decision. We are homeowners and small business owners on the westside - honestly, the Peaks/Curiosities/Beaverton Flea is one of our favorite businesses to frequent. It's wonderful to have this fun, funky, cool place in our backyard - and NOT have to battle traffic to get into Portland or go all the way across the river for some unique, vintage shopping. And now with the added bonus of having the food carts right near by - we can make a day of it...lunch and vintage shopping. This is a HUGE MISTAKE and HUGE DISSERVICE to the community and these local, small business. Find another place to build this parking lot or high-rise or apartments, or whatever you planned to put there. This is a BAD DECISION. PLEASE PLEASE RECONSIDER.The destruction of this building would be synonymous with Removing a crucial source of income from a family, destroying a place with much historical and sentimental value, and causing further environmental destruction on an already damaged landscape.
The decision to remove the building is incredibly unethical.I love this store. This is not fair. Find another solution. If you need to fire your current developer and hire me, I can do it better; or I can also run for office and do it better.This building a a beautiful piece of mid-century architecture and this shop is wonderful. Beaverton doesn’t need another parking lot.So many modern buildings are being demolished without a thought, what are we going to leave to future generations?I love this place! The antiques are incredible. I've been coming here for treasures for years. Save the Curiosities Mall!As an historic and recognizable Beaverton landmark, it preserves the character of the city and helps make it unique, unlike the cookie-cutter Xerox suburbs of the rest of this damn country, and apparently unlike what Beaverton City Council is trying to remake the city as. It should stay.The Peaks is historical!! Curiosities takes us back in time for a few moments and we learn some history. Don't take this away from us, please preserve it!#It's an amazing place to find fun vintage items. I have lived in the area my entire life and it's also been one of my favorite buildings. There is no reason we need yet another parking lot especially right there.Please don’t destroy this unique building and thriving, well loved and supported business! It is a place that multitudes enjoy shopping, and provides a place to sell for multiple vendors inside one fun location. There are many better options for a parking lot in the area, if it’s even really needed. This move does not fell in such with efforts to revitalize downtown Beaverton. Please listen to the people who live and shop in this area before destroying a place we love!One of the few buildings that add character to the city of Beaverton. That alone should be enough reason to preserve it. But to consider the negative impact on 60+ businesses makes this decision even more abhorrent. Save the Peaks!!!Local people support it and its businesses..First of all, it is an iconic example of mid-century American architecture.
Second, it is in use by operating small businesses.
Third, replacing such a building with a parking lot is madness. Even if you intend to build a mixed-use high-rise, it will be a parking lot for years before that happens. The plan seems to put city employees' cars ahead of tax-paying small business. Can't city employees take public transportation? Carpool? We don't salt the roads when it snows because we are so "green" so why is it okay for one city employee per car to drive short distances to work every day and destroy the livelihoods of small business owners and their employees?This building has been a land mark and staple for me and many others, since we were children. I know the Ludeman’s, I was friends with their son Peter & was saddened when they closed their doors, but when Curiosities Mall moved in I was so happy that the building wouldn’t sit empty. It’s a wonderful piece of architecture, a great showroom for any retailer and it represents a simpler time, not so long ago, in Beaverton’s history. If you tear this building down for a “temporary” parking lot, it would be a great loss for our community. Not only would we lose a great storefront but a piece of Beaverton’s history would PERMANENTLY be erased.Beaverton has relatively little of interest downtown, and Highway 8 down toward Cedar Hills Boylevar in particularIt is important to keep small businesses and historical buildings alive. It keeps our market diverse and our community culturally significant. The building is a mid century time capsule that serves as a way to teach future generations about the past. Please don’t erase history.The greater Portland area needs to preserve the quirky establishments that give it the heart and charm that have attracted so many people to Oregon.Small businesses are more important to a healthy downtown economy than a parking lot.Don't "Ditch the Kitsch". The Peaks are a unique architectural expression and are a bulwark against the mind numbing sameness of strip mall and urban intersection ubiquity. If we don't save these kinds of structures we end up at a street corner that could anywhere-dot-com in the US. Preserve diversity!Threw the work of this business the building and area have never looked better, felt safer or been more successful. It has brought back some pride and sense of community to the area. It's a great place to find unique gifts and decor and relive tour childhood. In addition to losing all this the livelihood of 60 business owners are at steak. Please do the right thing and dont take all this away, there are many other site not in that could be used for the intended purpose..I’ve shopped here for years, and will hopefully continue to do so for years to come. This building holds memories for me and my family that I would hate to see destroyed. Surely there are other options to satisfy the city’s needs that wont displace dozens of business owners.This building adds midcentury architectural intrigue to the city... it's a crime to tear down a piece of art like that no matter the type of business inside.The last thing we need is yet another nondescript strip mall. Let me guess you’re going to put in a nail salon, taekwondo, T-Mobile?As a traveling musician and small business owner I travel around the country, and the world, constantly. What makes me want to return to a place? Unique stores, historic architecture, a sense of community spirit that sets a town apart from the bland expanses of asphalt that smother culture, opportunity and enterprise.
The decision to destroy an architecturally striking building that houses one of a kind small businesses is the kind of blindly ignorant subservience to developers that will render your town as another “skip” on the list of stops in my travels.

In the end, why waste time destroying your community for a parking lot no one will use after you take away the only things that would draw people to your community.STOP BUILDING PARKING LOTS! BUILD a better TRANSIT SYSTEM!Why destroy people’s lives to add more parking.Support small businesses! I love curiosities and have found many treasures there!! It's a beautiful mid century building!! Please don't destroy it for a parking lot!!I visit frequently! Such a verity of people. This would be the destruction of people’s passion and many small business owners! Besides, it’s one of the last gems we have here.Shuttering so many small businesses in this vibrant area would be devastating not only for the businesses themselves but also for the community. And for what gain exactly? This is yet one more example of the war against small business in the city, and frankly, it's disgusting.

Chris J. SmithDo you have a plan in place for all of the small businesses? Is a temporary parking lot more important?Curiosities is a great business with 60+ vendor spaces. Those 60 spaces support at least 100 people or more & many survive on this income! For example, this is an extreme hardship for the vendors who supplement their Social Security income or are just trying to stay in an apartment that has doubled in rent over the last ten years. Ect, ect & ECT ! Just a couple of scenarios that explain why this income is a nesessity to most.
For these jobs to be saved would speak to the quality of life for a big handful of Beaverton residents.
Also, Curiosities Antique Mall is at the forefront of the recycling movement as many Beaverton residents can buy used items for their home at the store and know that these goods make the SMALLEST possible carbon footprint as they are 100% RECYCLEABLE !!
This is also a beautiful mid century building that should be put on the registry and saved!
Sincerely, Theresa Hinchman-Smeenk 503-680-6700Many people depend on this building for their livelihood.I love The Peaks, it's so fun! It's a Beaverton institution, it would be a disservice to Beaverton residents to destroy it!Highway 8 in Beaverton runs past a soulless string of ugly commercial buildings. But there's one a charming spot: this vintage store. It has whimsical architecture, interesting stock for sale, and a brightly patterned paint job on its hardscaped, triangular lot. It lifts my spirits when I pass by.

If Beaverton would like to have a vital, halfway attractive downtown, then don't demolish this quirky, cute corner.

More temporary, free parking is desired for City Hall? Rent or barter for it elsewhere. Or let city employees temporarily ride the MAX and TriMet, carpool, or pay for parking.

The city would have to PAY to demolish the shop. And when the parking is no longer needed, the city will have yet another eyesore downtown.

This parking problem is not only temporary but also a concern for only a small group of people who hang around the Round.

Please don't make Beaverton uglier.This building is steeped with history, and to tear it down for a temporary parking lot seems blasphemous. Not to mention putting my friend, a single mother of two, out of business.This thriving business is a destination for old Beaverton. I’ve been a flea merchant and a customer, even traveling in from SW Washington regularly for 3 years.
My brother and sister worked for Brothers General Store, a business that occupied the building in the 70’s.... destroying this landmark is counter to the mission of business development in Beaverton. Please reconsider!!!!!!! Teresa WalkerThe Peaks is a unique building that currently serves as a venue for dozens of small businesses, enabling them to join together to attract a broad range of shoppers to their location - and the surrounding area. I've been a patron of Curiosities since they opened and have visited them countless times, spending hours browsing the dealers' booths to inevitably find a "can't live without" treasure. Not only that, but the monthly Flea Market was a great addition and I would never have discovered the BGs Food Cartel around the corner if it weren't for this business. As a Beaverton resident and someone who does the vast majority of her shopping online, this store is one of the few brick & mortar businesses I choose to patronize regularly.

Replacing this retail gem with a parking lot (even if later developed into something else) would not only erase the charm that the building and businesses located within it bring to the neighborhood, it would hurt the local economy by displacing 60+ small businesses.The building is unique and adds charm to the otherwise mundane look of all the other shops and buildings. I pass by the building at least once a day. It would be a HUGE disappointment to see a parking lot there. Please don't tear it down.The building is amazing and it's home to so many awesome small businesses who depend on this building.We are regular customers for this small business and feel it’s one of the few unique and special things about Beaverton. The Historic building and businesses here have taken a big hit. We were devastated when Beaverton bakery closed. Destroying this building sends the wrong message about what Beaverton values as a community.I’ve loved coming to this antique mall and am proud to support small businesses. How is a parking lot more important than an actual business? So disappointed.Why would you want to close a business which pays taxes to our city, replacing it with a parking lot which generates no revenue?!Aesthetically, historically and morally this building/business should not be torn down. We do not
need another parking lot. We should protect small businesses and historic buildings because they are what the city was founded on.Small businesses, like Curiosities, add so much value to a town, both economically and culturally. Without businesses like Curiosities, there wouldn't be government employees to need a parking lot.The building is a unique historic and cultural landmark in Beaverton. It's unbelievable that the city sees it fit to destroy all that for a temporary parking lot. What, nothing else in that area could be demolished? Really? There are so few attractions in the Downtown Beaverton! The city should preserve what it has instead of destroying its history and culture.It’s a really cool looking building that stands out amidst all of the very bland strip malls in that area. Also, the residing business it charming as well.Small businesses are a vital part of any community. Far more important than parking lots.The building itself has historical character on an otherwise unremarkable main street and houses 60 small business owners!!! Why do you need to tear down a building to put up a “temporary” or even a permanent parking lot for that matter? I thought Beaverton was trying to revitalize the old downtown area. If so, this seems like the exact opposite of revitalization!!’Awesome landmarkLove this place! So many unique finds and a lovely local business that enriches beaverton! I drive from NE Portland to go here!Sadly, I agree that Curiosities is a unique and successful business in Beaverton that should be retained to keep the mix of shops viable.

With the city focusing on bringing more restaurants to the area, they ignore the need for infrastructure to support them, I.e. the 3 restaurants in one block with only limited street parking. City planning needs to be more forward thinking, so that last minute decisions, such as this, don’t happen and any decision is more widely accepted by the citizens of Beaverton.It's a fantastic vintage store, nothing else like it around! My family will be so sad, we love discovering things there. Please save this wonderful store!We need to encourage the walkability of Beaverton. It makes no sense to discourage walking and using public transportation by tearing down this building and building a parking garage.Too many of our city's gems are being taken away. We have always been about supporting small businesses, and tearing down a local business for a parking lot defeats that purpose. Plus, there are plenty of other locations better suited for a parking lot.This is a busy store that offers loads of income to people and I for one have enjoyed the market and the flea markets they have put on and customer and a vendor. This building should stayThis area is a great diamond is the mass of bland and same. I love finding gems to add to my home at Curiosities. Please don’t turn this area into a paved lot. The small businesses are greatly valued.Because I feel like we need more small indie consignment retail, not more parking.Because it's history. Because the Peaks and Curiosities have become a big part of vintage lovers over the past 6 years, and visiting them has become an experience we look forward to. They have created a sense of community in the area with once-monthly outdoor bazaar and an annex across the street, along with a cute collection of food trucks nearby. There is nothing wrong with keeping this quirky retro building that has been given us so much joy and appreciation for the old/vintage, and time spent with loved ones.Small business owners have a hard enough time here without cities taking away their opportunities by taking their places of business. Shuttering Curiosities would hurt the livelihoods of dozens of such business owners. Not to mention the value they're providing by keeping our history alive. I strongly urge Beaverton city council change their mind about turning the Peaks into a parking lotI have lived in Beaverton for 9+ years now and The Peaks have always been my favourite areas in the community to walk to and spend my time at.It is an integral part of the Beaverton community. It makes Beaverton a special and unique place to live. It’s a local buisness, and local buisness matters more then parkingI don't live in Beaverton, but my mom and i frequently travel there simply for this antique shop. This cute shop is by far one of my favorites. I bought some of my favorite dolls here. One had her head made of a different material that i believe to be bisque, and she was astonishingly well priced. Please don't tear down The Peaks!This building is a grand part of the Beaverton history. Something that makes it unique and invites guests to experience a new side of Oregon. At that, demolishing small businesses is one of the more harmful thing we can be doing for our society. Let people thrive. IF IT IS NOT BROKE THEN DO NOT “FIX IT”.Support the Diskins.I hope that this great example of mid century architecture can be saved for posterity. Do we want a future of pavement and parking lots? Or do we want to save small businesses and whats left of this American life....before big business, highrises, parking lots....the proverbial Cement Jungle.....small businesses are disappearing everywhere...Please don't let that happen here...I love this business and its flea draws people from all over...visitors always find parking, and walk to the whats wrong with your City Hall....can't you walk?Let the history of the building continue adding character to the community!To me it is a Landmark and essential part of Beaverton, a unique building!!. To become a parking structure and displace all of the consignors would be a a poor choice for the community!Really? Take away a landmark for a parking lot? Horrible decision by the city.It’s a wonderful place to find all kinds of treasures. My daughter, granddaughter and I visit each month togetherThis is a great place full of awesome finds! Please keep it as the business benefits both our economy and the environment.It's a safe haven for the American entrepreneur and the people who just want to shop locally. Let us take refuge in what has proven to be a working area of historical and for many, personal significance.It's an incredibly unique, wonderful store unlike any other in Beaverton, that helps to support and provide supplemental income for dozens and dozens of families. Seeing such an unique treasure getting torn down for a completely unnecessary parking lot would be an absolute travesty!
There are more than enough performance arts centers, we do not need one in Beaverton and we absolutely don't need any more parking!! I have lived here ten years and never once struggled to park in that area, there is abundant parking already!
Please do the right thing for the community and leave the Peaks alone.It's a great place to shop. Lots of people go there. Why does the city of Beaverton want to destroy viable businesses?I love the stores.I have always loved Antique stores and how they make the place they are located in feel cozy and welcoming, I think that Curiosities took this even further, its got everything! Its got art, its got stuff for the guys, stuff for the ladies, its got stuff that appeals to those young and old and I think that it brings a sense of community to its part of Beaverton, being located on a main street and close to the max, it was a perfect find and to tear it down for yet another parking lot is to spit in the communities face.What a cool building! And great contents. Please save it.Beaverton says it's trying to build Downtown Beaverton, but if it consistently tears down the established businesses it is going to turn in to another Downtown Portland with an overrun of homeless and consumers not wanting to travel because there is no personal connection. Small businesses are the life blood of an economy. According to "According to data from the Census Bureau's Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs, there were 5.6 million employer firms in the United States in 2016. Firms with fewer than 500 workers accounted for 99.7 percent of those businesses. Firms with fewer than 100 workers accounted for 98.2 percent." If you run out small businesses from a community you will eliminate the ability for living wages. The last thing we need in Beaverton is more unaffordable housing.Buildings like The Peaks and the local businesses it houses are the heart and soul of Beaverton, the metro Portland area, and Oregon as a whole. It contributes greatly to the unique culture and landscape that we are known for, and it breaks my heart to imagine our city without landmarks like this.

As someone who works as an editor for the Oregon branch of a nationally-based travel website dedicated to focusing on and featuring one-of-a-kind places like The Peaks, I can speak from firsthand experience that the articles published on our site that highlight unique, historic, and community-oriented places are some of the most popular and most positively received due to the deep love held for the independent businesses and local landmarks that we're so lucky to have. I see thousands of comments on these articles from people sharing amazing memories of visiting these long-standing icons decades ago as children with their grandparents, many of whom continue the tradition of visiting and supporting these places as parents with their own children. Even after four years of working with this website, these heartfelt stories still make me tear up and fill me with pride. We live in a truly amazing place, and places like The Peaks are an integral part of what makes our home so special.

My own experiences with The Peaks - specifically, Curiosities Vintage - have been nothing short of excellent. I moved to Portland five years ago after having lived in Bend for nearly 20, and one of the primary reasons I chose this area as my home was for its vibrant community and culture - features that simply could not exist without our local landmarks and independent businesses. Razing properties like The Peaks will destroy this spirit. A generic high-rise building or lot occupied by large businesses that can be found anywhere will never inspire such passion as historic, unique spaces.

Please, for the love and best interests of our community, do not fall victim to the belief that "development" of this kind is beneficial or progressive; it is "development" only by the driest dictionary definition. True development comes in the protection, support, and preservation of what makes us unique. Giving such places the ability to thrive and flourish is crucial to the continued success, growth, and advancement of our community. Consider the personal over the profitable. True prosperity comes from community wellbeing. True wealth comes from within. Save The Peaks.This is an Oregon Landmark! Many people treasure this place. To see it turned into a parking lot is so disheartening. Please save this building!This building is a community space for vintage lovers and small businesses alike. It has merit and reason to stay unlike a parking lot that could be negotiated elsewhere with less disruption to this site and local economy.The buliding has been around since I was a little girl now my son enjoys it.Stop building parking lots and more apartments and changing our neighborhoods...Your moving people out who love the area they live in.It's beautifully unique.It is a gem! It houses small businesses and can not be reproduced in the city. It would be such a mistake to destroy this unique building.Unique buildings and businesses are what make cities unique and interesting. Keep Beaverton’s historic core historic!!Historical, landmark, architectural influence for our present and future.Please don’t take away a wonderful spot where many small business owners are able to try to make a living. This would just be another dent in that community . A parking lot would bring nothing !Just look at it!!It's a treasure!Please save this landmark!This building houses numerous small businesses ESD owners under the room of the antique mall. This is not just one big business, but rather represents an income means for numerous small business owners. I would hope Beaverton could find a more effective way to address parking without requiring these numerous businesses to close.History as importance of current business in terms of charm and function!I can’t believe they think this is ok. Shame on you city of beverton.It is a unique and iconic building that houses a thriving business that supports multiple small business owners. I have been a customer and hoped to continue to patronize the store for years to come. I live in Portland and I actually make visits to Curiosities a destination.It's the only reason I come to downtown Beaverton! Without Curiosities there will be nothing unique about our downtown.It is a piece of architectural character with it's Mid-Century Modern lines. Beaverton is going to start looking like every other boring "redevelopment." There are other junk buildings nearby (the old Ludeman's for one). Pursue something else if it is only needed temporarily.When i was in high school, i would stop by herealmost everyday. I was having a hard time and these people are my friends, this place a home away from home.There is no reason to destroy it.Local treasureI love shopping here. We don't need another parking lot.We need to preserve our older architecture not to mention putting all those people out of business is a greedy CRIME!I’ve been going here with my family multiple times a month to not only see items the remind us of our childhood memories but also to create new memories with my kids. We love the 1st Sunday events where other shops join and spending the day browsing and purchasing items for our game room at home. It’s apparent that our community finds value in this establishment by the smiles I see on other customers while they’re shopping. Please save The Peaks!This place gives Beaverton some unique character in the midst of boring suburbia.This is a wonderful store that offers so many different things at affordable prices. It is part of Beaverton's history and should not be destroyed to make more parking.It’s been around the majority of my life and has great value!This building has vintage appeal which cannot be replaced and should not be destroyed. Also, as a fellow vintage dealer, I am against the displacement of these dozens of small businesses. Curiosities is a fine establishment and part of the charm of this place is the building style. I hate to see another great building lost!Provides fun and interesting shopping options that isn't the mall. Helps keep Beaverton a great place to go.Because it's apiece if local history and to this day makes sure local money stays local. Eliminating it would mean everyone that shops there would not get out of their houses and would have to go online to get those items and not be able to assess condition before buying.This distinctive mid-century-modern building is full of lovely antiques, nice people and experiences of different generations sharing memories.
This location is one of a few unique and quirky shops in Beaverton. This is a great place to find one-of-a-kind gifts...and it is a lovely space for the independent vendors. I love to see this building when driving on Canyon. I always thought...good for them for keeping this fun building, it has been restored to look great and is giving a lot of folks a place to sell and the other folks a place to shop. Please don’t destroy this little bit of history and heaven! Thank you.Because it belongs there. Bring out if towners in as well as locals like myself. Have bought many presents here over the years. Parking Lot give me a break. The last thing Beaverton needs is more parking for more cars. We are called "Stop Light City" as it is. Walking us earlier than driving in Beaverton.This is a space my friends use to generate income for their families.This building is historical and lovely. If you are going to tear it down, nothing you put in its place will be as stunning, especially the architecture. Stop tearing down our past, if it continues we will start to look like California. Also, as others noted, I only go to Beaverton (I'm in PDX) to visit the antique stores there and end up spending money at local restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, etc. when I am there. Please don't take away my only reason to visit Beaverton!The Peaks should be saved because of the unique mid-century architecture. It is similar to old Vose Elementary School, which was torn down and replaced recently. Once our historic buildings are destroyed, a piece of our heritage is lost forever.It's a part of Beaverton history and after school me and my friends would go into there to look around before heading home or another activity after school.Demolishing this building would truly degrade the character of Beaverton. This building and its business fits in perfectly with the new Beaverton that they are working to build. Please don't make the same mistakes that we have seen Portland make.This is my favorite shop in Beaverton. Going downtown mean going to Curiosities. This place is so precious to my family and me!The Peaks is an historic building that houses many small businesses. These business owners are people that make up the community and support the local economy themselves. Tearing this down will only hurt the community.I am tired of classics being destroyed for parking lots n high-cost high rises. What happened to preservation and historical significance?Curiosities is the heart of a beautiful community that brings constant revenue to Beaverton. Tearing down beautiful, well loved, cultured buildings for a parking continues the sad reality Beaverton has embraced. A plastic looking, corporate city. I am again outraged with Beaverton for strong arming the people and robbing our resources, art and culture.This is a grand piece of mid century architecture and should be considered a landmark building.It’s a vintage buildingI first started shopping here when I was in design school, both the building and the shops in them were great inspirations to me and I believe a meaningful piece of Beaverton’s history.Prior to Curiosities opening, we would go to downtown Portland for this type of business. Curiosities is awesome and cool and a big draw to Beaverton. I hate to think about having to go back to Portland for quality vintage shops. Curiosities has brought us to Beaverton countless times over the years. Losing it feels like a gut-punch.This building was used in my TV show Thrift Hunters and it would be a real shame for this bad ass building to be demolished.It is a wonderful store with a great location. Wonderful building. Why would you turn it into a parking lot????My nephew has a store in this mall.Please don't take away this historic part of the community!Do we really need another parking lot while upsetting the livelihoods of those vendors?It is a historic spot and it is a shame to tear down these places that have made this their home for all these years. Plus all the customers they have known all this time. We have lost too many places to concrete. Like the song take paradise and put up a parking lot!!!This is a historic building and should be savedQuit squishing in more apartments and condos. This area is congested enough as it is. More traffic equals more accidents. We don’t need anymore new box stores or apartments!!This is the beloved place. This has history. This is important to the town. This is important to all the people that come there to visit that location from out of the area from out of the stateToo much of our local history is disappearing, which means Beaverton is Losing it’s charm. Stop demolishing the unique, historic buildings!!So many years of history and character to this part of town!! I love their flea markets and that would be so sad to tear down such an awesome place to visit (I’m out in St. Helens, but have driven out to Beaverton, solely for the flea market and antique mall)!Just do it- this place is amazing- stop taking what makes our city recognizable & cool- & HOMEThis is such a unique and historic building. I haven’t lived in the area for very long but Curiosities antiques has been my absolute favorite shop the entire time I’ve lived here. I visit it at least twice a month. The building itself adds character and a sense of community to Beaverton. Such a beloved and historic place should be cherished and allowed to continue bringing happiness to its community.Why do people feel the need to knock old things down and replace with new? Older things need too be cherished like your grandparents because when they're gone they're gone.
You remember that when you're old!!The building itself is amazing!! The people who run the antique store are even more amazing and have some great vendors. Don’t take their livelihood away!!!This is a historical piece of architecture and the home to over 60 small businesses in Beaverton. As a business owner and interior architect in Beaverton, I am sickened by this short-sighted, compulsive behavior from the City. If you say you care about your residents, then listen to us and don’t jeopardize so many businesses. Tearing down a piece of architectural history for temporary parking is asinine.We need to support our small businesses!It’s a landmark and the epitome of what America is SUPPOSED to be about.awesome placeBecause this is the type of progress that takes the soul out of a town or city! There are over 60 small businesses that are housed in this building and where will they go?We shop at this vintage Mall every holiday and birthday. We like to support local vendors and this is the best place to do that. These buildings are a historic part of Beaverton and what makes Beaverton what it is. Save the Peaks.Its a great place loved by manyWe don't need to lose another historic landmark.It is a good place for small businesses at reasonable rents. It also show the type of architecture prevalent in the atomic age, 1950s to 1960s.Great place to visit. It is an icon in the area.The history of this building is an asset to the communityBeen in business for years and is a great place!It's an iconic place, leave it alone.Save the Peaks to support all of the small businesses and save it for the historical value.This place is an important part of the community where a number of vendors sell their antiques to earn a living. It deserves to be maintained the way it is now.It’s a great old buildingThe building is a Beaverton treasure and a stunning piece of mid-century architecture. We do not need more parking Beaverton has enough especially in that area. This is a great place for the Antique mall, I go frequently please do the right thing and keep this beautiful building for the future generations. Stop destroying places with historic value.Because it is a great place to shop and the v building is super coolThis is on my list of places to go when I make my way through your town.If you destroy this building you will be taking a staple away from the community and putting 60 small businesses out of business.Stop demolishing Portland!Small business is the backbone of a community!It’s a treasure. I go every time I’m in town. Truthfully the only reason I am ever in town.Communities shouldn't be destroyed for the sake of parking.Small business Small business
And very good friends of mineIt’s a great old building with lots of character and stands out as a place where vendors can earn a living and provide hard to find items to their customers.It's a landmark, plus hate seeing small businesses getting shuttered.It’s a landmark .it is an architectural wonder .
Do we REALLY need another parking lot !!!!This is a great place to shop...go there every time I visit the area. No need for another parking the antique vendors and this wonderful old building housing such!Cause it’s a landmark and Beaverton has enough parking and doesent have any vintage shops . Beaverton has no soul and this is part of the tiny soul it does have quit turning the NW into parking and condos! You guys are ruining the cityIt is a historical building and a current thriving business . Do not fix it if it isn’t broken!!!Why does it have to be destroyed?Preserving historical buildings is important not to mention the many who rely on this space for their livelihood.Been there destruction of it wood be a loss of a treasureBecause it is a vintage, unique one of a kind building!!Small businesses are provide an income to folks who may not otherwise be able to work. Providing access to those who want to shop for this kind of stuff is invaluable.It is a viable businessThis is a very classic building that gives the town of Beaverton some of its uniqueness.
This building does not need to be razed for parking. There is plenty of space for parking if the current parking area were to be reconfigured more efficiently.
Razing the building will not help the economy of the town at all, nor will the moving of the current business.It’s a great old building that houses a successful business which helps support many others.This is a building that houses small businesses. These people are depending on their businesses to keep themselves afloat. Demolishing this building is also demolishing these business.For me, taking a part of history and bulldozing it over is not progress. In the long run the local shop owners are displaced and that quaint feel of a downtown shop is lost forever. It is happening all over and SAD to see that things can not say the same. Small local businesses need the support of the local government to survive and thrive. Taking this one down will only lead to more vacant shops near by and a blight on the downtown area as people move out to the so called suburbs thus leading to a down hill spiral. Save this Building.That type of architecture is iconic you should be celebrating that it survived. Come on a parking lot really? We lost our old buildings like that in my town. Hate to see any of them go.The livelihood of many people are on the line. The parking lot can be put elsewhere.Think the question your looking for is why should numerous small businesses be destroyed for a Parking lot of all things? Think of the employees who have to go home and explain to their families they don’t have a job anymore, think of the community who use these small businesses, some people for 55 years! There’s plenty of space to build a parking lot, why knock down a building with history and businesses?It's a legacy. People enjoy it.People depend on these stores for their livelihoods. It has been a part of the Beaverton community for many years, and replacing it with a parking lot is a stain on the cities moralitymore and more antique/vintage sellers are forced to move online and deal with shipping, high fees related to web-based sales. this locks out people who don't use computers. It's an economic hardship on these families.

there are so few affordable vintage stores that can be visited in-person. please keep this gem alive!This has been here for years. Such a horrible impact it will have in this area.It's historic and very needed.It's such a great retro building with quality vendors. It's so rare for any place near Portland to have such a great space and it would be horrible to displace so many businesses.Save the peaks!!We need small businesses and a place to market used and vintage goods to keep them from the landfill.I can't imagine losing another beautiful mid-century building, especially one that has been a successful center of business activity for so long. The owners of the business our friends who are an active part of a community of resellers that I'm part of, and this will be a difficult task to have to start over somewhere else.We have very few historic buildings and we should try to preserve what we have. We can encourage other means of transportation for Beaverton city employees.Historic building, unique in its design. Thriving business occupying it. Why would you tear it down?!?Curiosities Vintage Mall in Beaverton is one of the most unique architectural gems left on the Westside. Even when I don’t have time to stop in, I enjoy seeing the fun slice of old 60’s Americana and all the treasures as I travel west on Canyon Road. It’s a special place, providing a rare cultural hub for Beaverton. Curiosities is also houses many small businesses that need this special place to draw in customers close to other shopping spots and easy access to 217 and WES.
Please preserve Curiosities Vintage Mall!
Don’t pave this slice of paradise and put up a parking lot!
Thank you,
Denise Schurke
Raleigh HillsAre you kidding ? Is this even a question? Come on save this landmark of a place !It is a unique piece of history that should remain for future generations to see.It was a warm and friendly place when I last visited and it would be a shame for it to go.This place is amazing and holds a special place in my heart.Great place with lots of small businesses that will be affectedWe need to preserve the past and we need to save small businesses.It’s important for the community and valuable to the vendors that sell there .Stop gentrifying our Oregon cities!Love this place!It is a unique and history filled building.Not only is the building a unique example of mid century architecture, it is currently home to a thriving business. What kind of city leadership would prefer a parking lot, used only weekdays, over a staple of the local business community? I drive from Parkrose to visit this shop regularly. Many people do. This demolition action would demonstrate a lack of intelligent planning and city management.America should have cool places like this everywhere. We should be making more not shutting more downI love antique malls and beaverton doesn't need more parkingBEAVERTON DESERVES MORE and better THAN ANOTHER PARKING LOTOld amazing buildings need to be preserved.Interesting building, great antique mall.You've got to be kidding me? A parking lot? I don't believe it for a minute. There are alterior motives at play here.....

This will be a classic case of "you don't know what you have until it's gone." This goes for both the buildings and the business within them.

People from the whole metro area patronize these businesses because they are unique, a treasure and they are LOCAL!!

DON'T DO IT. Spend your money on business DEVELOPMENT, not destruction.Such a fun slice of history! Visited it on vacation and it added such charm to Beaverton. I can't imagine replacing it with a parking lot!!Historic building of 55 years should not be torn down for a parking lot. Jobs should be saved not eliminated.Historically speaking we need to treasure our past not demolish it.Hmmm. Thought Beaverton was all about promoting small business. No so it seemsCuriosities is my favorite vintage consignment store. It's sprecial and completely fabulous. Park somewhere else!I hate seeing businesses destroyed like thisListen to the people and leave as it!Why would you get rid of this? It’s a landmark!!Historical aspects and Small Businesses being put out of Business. We need more local and Mom & Pop community based business.There are 60 small businesses in this building. For many vendors, this is their only income.It’s iconicBeaverton should work to save its history. Also, it is detrimental to your local economy ro shut down so many local vendorsSo many small business depend on this building it would be so detrimental.Great community icon.
Please saveIt is an important landmark of Beaverton's landmark. We should not destroy history. Please have them build a parking lot elsewhere.It has been here for so long, helps out so many people that own the businesses, and it’s like a local landmark! I love shopping there when I come to town.Antiques and cool finds.
Stop being greedy for everything to be commercialized or a damn parking lot.

Save the building and people's income.
It's historyThis is our history! Beaverton thrives on small businesses. Don’t put in a parking lot to “okay” peoples lazinessBecause of its historyBeautiful - part of history.Supporting local business owners. Demolishing this structure to repurpose as a parking lot is absurd considering Beaverton is overcrowded as is. Build your current parking structures up, don’t consume more floor space.

Work smart not hard......There is no reason to demolish such a historic building other than pure greed. Make it a historical landmark and let the vendors stay!So many people’s lives depend on these small businesses that they run. They have taken a huge risk in their lives by leaving day jobs, making their way up from starting at the very bottom while also taking care of families/their kids. This should not be allowed. Period.I am a frequent vintage shopper at curiosities and this building supplies jobs for several local vendors. Beaverton needs to be about local and value as much of the history as possible.It's a historically significant building.I love the architecture and I believe in supporting small business owners.Small business makes this land, not parking lots. Stop putting people out of work/business, and work with them. Find somewhere else to build a parking lot, or better yet, build a lot WITH these same shops and cover the cost of being out of business for these shops in the mean times.Ita a great building. Many people would be out of work.This is a historic building. It's important to many whos business' thrive. To say you are working to relocate these people is just patronizing and I'm sure they are empty words. It's simple, it's working so leave it alone.These buildings are wonderful and need to be preserved.It’s a favourite place of ours, within a reasonable drive. All our places are closing , please let it live ❤️HistoryIt's a great place to shop!The last thing Beaverton needs is some ugly parking lot or another cheap looking office building. Please save this beautiful piece of MCM architecture!!I love visiting Beaverton and shopping at Curiosities. It is a great place with loads of Mom and Pop vendors. America is fighting to keep our small businesses alive and if this place is eliminated, it would be an injustice to these wonderful people and all those that still have a place like Curiosities to patronize. Please find some open space for a parking lot and leave this existing structure alone.It’s the livelihood of at least 60 families. It’s a cool place to shop for treasures and it’s historic.This building hold historical value and should be more than a parking lot. This is not right. Unhappy to be considered from Beaverton, Oregon if this goes through.I live far from Beaverton and enjoyed visiting and patronizing Curiosities when there. It’s a quirky, fascinating group of shops offering business opportunities to many. It’s a unique place. If I lived in Beaverton, I’d be a regular
customer there.Save the businesses.I can't believe you would demolish this midcentury building that helps furnish livlihoods to dozens of people to put up a "temporary" parking lot for city employees. BAD MOVE, BEAVERTON! As a native of the area, I'm ashamed that the City of Beaverton would play a part in ousting small businesses and a successful summer weekend flea market that brings in people from all over the community.Saving a number of businesses that are housed in this building is very important. They provide an avenue for me to shop.I’m not convinced the city of Beaverton won’t turn around and sell the property in a few years. This is a historical site and should be saved!Because it's part of Beaverton history and still a store enjoyed by many.It's a landmark and beautiful architecture. Take down the old Pier 101 eyesore instead and utilize that rundown space! Curiosities is an asset to the community.These are very neat shops, I live in the area and I’d hate to see these small local businesses go just for some large company to occupy the space or build a parking lot..Well established and profitable businesses that help support the local communities should be cherished and appreciated.I love coming there to see the arrangements and then get a gift. Then after I like to walk to the other business around and shop there. It’s a nice area. Please don’t add another parking lot.It is an iconic buildingThe building is amazing, been there for so many years. It houses memories for me. It's a functional building.These buildings represent a historic and significant time in Beaverton history, and are fine examples of fast disappearing mid century modern commercial architecture sometimes referred to as 'Googie'. The City should be embracing the significance of these structures as important architectural and historic landmarks. These buildings are among the very few left in Beaverton that are interesting to look at, and a pleasure to walk through. Destruction for parking, or yo build yet another faceless and obnoxious high rise block is simply stupid. These building should be the centerpiece of a mid century design development that will draw interest and activity to the area, not smashed for another area of disinteresting junk structures that have taken over the area.I believe in supporting small businesses, not turning them into parking lots.This is a unique building that should be preserved. To demolish it for a parking lot seems counterproductive. This building has it's own grace and charm and as an added bonus also brings so many people the opportunity to supplement their income is just a shame.It’s a historic building that provides a living for more than 60 families!This is a historic landmark that is worth far more than a measly parking lot. Do the right thing.Beautiful place to shop and find a one of a kind gift. We don’t need a parking lot. Let small businesses thrive.What does City of Beaverton needs is local owned small businesses. The City of Beaverton needs to decide what they value more, helping to provide income for over sixty individuals and families or temporary parking. Make the right choice! Save the Peaks!Many people supplement their income with sales of antiques and collectibles at the Peaks. Don’t take that opportunity any from them.Its a great placeThis building provides unique destination shopping to Beaverton. We need to retain retail space of this type to retain our city's character!!!!The livelihood of 60 merchants is on the line.It’s a beautiful landmark and should be saved. People should stop demolishing the past !!!Very Best EVER!!It’s a beautiful building, and many small businesses depend on it!If the building is maintained why should it be demolished. We do not appreciate our history as much as we should.So that the business owners don’t lose their livelihood.It's a great place to shop for things put of the ordinary. A parking lot doesn't do anything for the city of Beaverton!The small business are the life blood of communities and should be respected and preserved.History. Please don't destroy precious history.This building is a beautiful and unique part of Beaverton. It is well taken care of and super retro and fun! But aside from the building, the business and the people are just simply the best. I have been a customer of Curiosities for many many years. Not only are they a business, but the people inside are also my friends. The customer service is outstanding. When I am looking for something, they keep their eyes open for that something! The business they run is top notch, unique and something super fun! Beaverton needs fun!

Curiosities means so much to me. I have so many good memories there. If it were to be torn down, it would be a shame. A shame for Beaverton and for all the owners of the shops within Curiosities. And for a parking lot?? No, just no. Why would you, Beaverton, put all these people out of business? What does that say about your city and the way you run it? What is important here?

I often make a plan to go to Curiosities and I really look forward to my planned visits. There is nothing like this store around and it would be AWFUL for it to be torn down. Please Beaverton, do not tear down this store!This place is a wonderful gem for the city of beaverton, and to take a business in order for a parking lot is silly. This place is somewhere I have gone with my mom over the years.A lot people depend on these businesses to live. People enjoy shopping there.Small businesses are an important part of the American landscape. They shouldn’t be steamrolled over for the sake of a few hundred parking spaces.This is an historic form of architecture. We need to preserve these older buildings not destroy them.

The vendors there have a wide variety of quality items to offer their customers. I visit every Tim I am in the area.I frequently shop at Curiosities Vintage; would hate to see so many vendors impacted if the place is demolished. The building adds character to the older part of Beaverton. Please do not remove a part of Beaverton's history.Because so many people love it.History!!!!For the nostalgia of it and to help with people's jobs.I travel to Beaverton for Curiosities. I like shopping in their clean, fun environment, and wonderful building. When finished with my shopping at Curiosities I will often shop at other Beaverton stores. If Curiosities did not bring me to Beaverton, I would not be spending any money at the other Beaverton stores because I can get everything else closer to home. I know I am not the only one. Curosities is a magical place in its current location at the Peaks. If they have to move, they will never be the same. If this building is torn down, a big part of Beaverton's heart and soul will be lost. I can't make it to the meeting, but will be there in spirit!Small businesses are what made America great. This business supports many people that rely on the convenience as well as taking advantage of more economical price for "recycled" merchandise. Helping to keep Portland green.
Also take into account the historical value of the building.These are small businesses that are thriving why would you want to replace them with a parking lot?Stop destroying 'historical' sites to accommodate for the 100+ people moving to Oregon daily! I'm a born and raised Native and it turns my stomach to see so many beautiful places being torn down to make room for Californians. STOP MOVING TO OREGON!The peaks are a part of history!!I love Curiousites and shop there regularly. I will be devastated if they are pushed out for more irritating apartment complexes or parking. Beaverton needs more character, not less and less.Don’t destroy this cool building.Come on, small businesses need a place to sell their wares. Antique stores are a great place to keep older buildings in tact!!It's a great place for Beaverton and it supports many businesses.I get tired of the city squashing small business in the name of “development “. Maybe you should have planned better for parking? This is not a monopoly game. It’s peoples lives. Please don’t say you are working for small business when you pull a stunt like this
I have lived in Beaverton for 60 years. I have seen what heavy handed games you doIt’s historic!!This store is unique to Beaverton in its design, what it carries, and the monthly flea market it hosts. This store is a fun place to visit and bring out of town guests. It is affordably priced and convenient to get to being right off the Max and near downtown.It is a beautiful historic building, and there are many vendors there that depend on that location for their livelihood.This is a 55 year old building that supports local business. What a terrible loss that would be!!The Peaks should be saved for many reasons. Firstly the building adds such a unique vibe to the Beaverton area. The building is a part of the community as it holds the Beaverton flea market and the building hosts over 50+ businesses. I would be devastated to see this building/business be demolished!There are many small businesses in this area that would be affected. Why should it be destroyed? The stores are different and people love to go there.Look at the architecture, a parking lot is better than that? Oh, heck no.Save the stores and people's lives!Most towns are trying to attract businesses and your town wants to push it out.? Not too smart!What a lovely place to shop. Please consider saving this building for its current purpose.I have looked at this beautiful mid century historic building since I was a little kid, I was born in 1963. It would be a shame to tear down such a beautiful building to put a parking lot in its place! Your are taking away incomes and livelihood of 60 plus people by taking away their storefront. Please reconsider your decision to let them stay and continue their wonderful business. They are my favorite go to antique vintage store. Keep Beaverton alive with this iconic mid century building, it is a landmark for Beaverton!!Because it’s a booming and thriving business that also supports recycling, the locals and encourages unique and creative minds. There are less and less places like this and these little shopping centers are what makes the city unique.The antique shop there is very important to my girlfriend and it has brought us great memories buying and looking at the different items they have for sale.Because im tired of you Californians coming up here and making us look like god damn Seattle. Keep Portland and the surrounding area's looking like Portland. Not fucking San Francisco.60+ vendors use this space to support their livelihoods, destroying it would leave these people stranded and in need of finding venues elsewhere which could deplete their customer base potentially putting them out of businessIt is a treasure to preserve!For more parking spaces is not rightIt’s more important to preserve history than to build new building that lack character and usually end up empty.It’s part of Beaverton’s history and culture!Classic mid century building that has over 60 small Beaverton businesses that sell vintage and mid century merchandise. The building is a perfect fit for this type of shop. It is truly a special shopping destination. People come from all over the country to shop here. I have met people from California, Alaska, New York, and many other states while shopping at Curiosities. This unique building draws countless people to the city of Beaverton it would be a shame to lose the history and uniqueness of The Peaks!It's one of the most interesting buildings left in Beaverton. Otherwise it's just shopping malls and car dealerships. Keep Beaverton interesting! Keep small businesses!This is a landmark of the Beaverton areaWe don’t need a temporary parking lot to replace a historic building and part of Beaverton’s history. The world needs to buy renewable items instead of mass production and save the planet!!! Please use one of many empty or abandoned places instead and don’t end over 60 vendors business or the thrill of the hunt or found treasures!My dad works here 😭😭Love antique mallsPave paradise but up a parking lot! ReallyThis is a great place with genuine people who care about what they do. Each booth is someone's business and this whole building is filled with goods that are being repurposed and recycled, fueling sustainability, small businesses, entrepreneurship, and community. All things that Beaverton can be proud of. The architecture of this building provides the old charm of the city and the nostalgia of better times many young people are looking for. I think taking this building down would be a mistake for the direction the city is trying to merge into as an up and coming hip suburb of Portland. There are other buildings in this area that are run down or not functioning that could be used as temporary parking and are still in good real estate situations for another high rise. There are plenty of places with less character and less history and less riding on their business than this one. As a society and as a city we need to stop sacrificing what is good for what is new.Beaverton needs small businesses like this. Please save them.I love shopping here and the community here.Love shopping in here!!!Because you cannot replace the building and the vendor's businesses. Do NOT need another parking lot-very MUCH need the building and the vendors left alone. Shame Shame Shame on the city for wanting to destroy that.It is a very neat looking mid-century building. to tear this down for a parking lot should be a crime.It is important to preserve livelihoods and to support small businesses. This country has already sacrificed so much history in the way of creating blank parking lots.Enough already! We are sick of condos with no parking, overpriced chic restaurants, and more office space than needed
Leave well enough alone!It is a highly valued spot in the community. There are other places to build parking lots.Organism is losing all of the cool things that make us unique, that set us apart from other areas. Everything is becoming cookie-cutter. This building is amazing, a destination, and irreplaceableIt’s a great store!!This building is a classic gem. It’s perfect for these vendors to resell! This is a great asset to the community. Please save this important building!!This is historical Beaverton! I love this place! They want to put a parking garage there instead? Bad business Beaverton city council. Just BAD!It’s an awesome place with awesome people and awesome stuffIt is an amazing place that I have found so many cool things at! So many small businesses live in there and thrive on that place staying open!! Please don’t destroy it!It's a fun and successful place to shop! Don't need another parking lot.Where has my Beaverton gone? All the unique charm Is giving way to parking lots and eventual high rise development. What is Beaverton doing to build roads to go along with all this runaway high density development? Mid century architecture like the Peaks should be allowed to co-exist alongside parking lots and modern development.It's a historic building that needs to be saved!In a city with so much unimproved surface parking, there should never be a reason to tear down a functioning building for the sake of even more parking. Not to mention, Beaverton should be fighting to retain what legacy structures and businesses remain. Just a short-sighted decision all around. Please reconsider.It’s an amazing placeThis building has provided me and my family with many good purchases and an option for the many antiquers of the beaverton area to have a great shopping experienceIt’s a good business, it’s unique and people would miss it.I love this charming store, it's fun to look at, and a fun way to spend the weekend. It's absurd that you're going to impact 60+ small businesses for a parking lot. That is not what our city stands for.Because its people's lively hood, thier income.This is mid century modern architecture that needs to be preserved for future generations to witness this important time in American history and design history. It was a time when the government actually paid people to unleash their creativity and push the boundaries and frontiers of thought and imagination through design, and art. Besides that, the location, and the building, are drawing customers into this world, and financially supporting US citizens and their families. Please do not demolish this important, seminal moment in US history.This is one of my favorite vintage haunts! I’ve always admired the building and love spending an afternoon exploring the booths at Curiosities and getting lunch or dinner nearby. Let’s preserve the existing character of Beaverton!!I hope the city supports the dozens of small businesses within the brick and mortar shops in their retail district.It’s an important part of the community that supports local and small businesses. Please don’t take this away from the community.It is my favorite place, and the only reason to visit the area. It’s the business front for so many amazing businesses, not to mention the heart of the community.There are not many places like this, the community love itDuh...why put up a parking lot when there are thriving local businesses.....that does not make any sense to me. Keep the businesses!!!!Curiosities vintage is one of the only interesting things to do in Beaverton.It’s an amazing building with a rich past and has been important to local economy!!It’s a really neat place to find pieces of history. The owners are awesomeThis is the best place! I’ve gotten so many awesome relics from here.Tearing down a building that is thriving to put in a parking lot is just crazy.I feel that Beaverton won’t be able to handle the traffic another multi use building would generate. TVH is already a nightmare every morning and evening. And how about parking? Bigger just isn’t always better. Limit Beaverton growth.Lots of people shop here.Leave Beavertons unique character alone. Its an old. Building that people love. A parking lot is hardly a good replacementMy family and I have always enjoyed shopping at Curiosities and the flea market at The Peaks. It offers space for so many vendors to sell their products and earn a living, as well as a fun place to shop and find one-of-a-kind things. This is a valued piece of the community, and we would be devastated if it was torn down!Because Beaverton needs to encourage public transit vs. a parking lot and the Peaks as e well as the other buildings and businesses should be supported by the city. This is NOT economic development!Because it is one of a kind place that I have bought many items at over many years !This is a true gem. A piece of history. It would be a real blemish on the city and state if it were to be removed.There are not many locations with this much character in this kind of opportunity for small businesses to thrive in. The public enjoys these kinds of facilities much more than a parking lot.Not only is this the loveliest store but it’s also a landmark and one of the cutest buildings in Beaverton!Seems simple... small businesses in a single location.Why destroy another cool building for a parlor. When you start shutting down small businesses you encourage big box stores and ruin the old way of shopping. Keep this great building , do not tear it down!because it is cool and funkySuch a beautiful building that allows for so many community members to create an income for their families and bring to life old treasures! This building and it’s location are largely the reason people (myself included) are drawn to come inside. Please don’t tear down this amazing building that is a part of Beaverton’s history, past and present!This is a historical area. Tired of hearing about old buildings being destroyed to slap in a parking lot or new buildings. We need to preserve our history.Because we need to save small businesses! Too, too many have gone by the wayside!!We can't get the past back when we demolish it.I shop here often. It's the reason we drive from Gresham to Beaverton once a month...always having dinner in Beaverton too.
The building is a gem, and should be maintained and used, not thrown out for something plain and average.
Come on, people! Think about it!!I have shopped their monthly with my parents since i was in high school. it is the place where i met my fiance and it is a landmark shopping destination for collectors all around the country, as I have met many on my collectible expeditionsIt's important to the community. To tear it down would be awful.Because it’s beautiful.It’s such a unique building and builds some much character for the city.There isn't anything like it around, we need more small businesses, not less.WE DON’T NEED MORE PARKING LOTS. Our city looks like a concrete jungle. STOP.Please encourage more environmentally responsible ways of visiting than creating more parking lots please.Community place and has lots of historyIt is iconic architecture that gives character to a neighborhood. There are plenty of other properties, more boring, that could be used for a parking lot. Also, the business in there is unique and we need more uniqueness and less cement parking lot structures.Too many cookie-cutter buildings replacing unique, one-of-a-kind establishments - let's preserve that which makes us special.First and foremost, the fact of putting over 60 people out of a place to conduct business, and their tax dollars from sales.
Second, the people and possible tax revenue from lost sales from the vendors at this iconic building.In the interest of keeping it real...keep it real! Why constantly wipe vintage and historical buildings from the face of the earth?Me and my family and friends go to this building all the time, and every time its a wonderful memory making moment. I basically live in this building! The fact that it’s being torn down for a parking lot disgusts me greatly.
Please do not tear down this building. Itself and it’s history don’t equal a parking lot.Just because the buildings are old doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be saved. That’s history for the area they want to tear down... what what happens if we tear down all our history? It’s a thriving business that helps the local does a parking lot replace that?It’s historicIconic architecture deserves to be preserved.It is a small business!! Try saving small businesses for once!!Great place, great owners!Please stop let Beautiful Beaverton had something’s NOT change Sometimes it is better to just stop and slow down You can NOT bring this town back once you take away so NO just leave this aloneDisplacement of multiple businesses in downtown core for parking is plain dumb. It wouldn't be as bad if there was only one business, but the impact would be far less. You should be encouraging small business, when so many people rely on the multiple shops in Curiosities village, and generate foot and car traffic to other neighbor businesses.
Temporary or permanent parking = BAD Judgement
Leaving Curiosities alone = Good move, and shows that Beaverton can embrace small and large businesses.

Don't be the city that only supports large businessesAwesome place to shop!Because it will displace businessThe architecture of the building is just the start. Not to mention all the small businesses inside this awesome building. We need to stop demoing old buildings and embrace the architecture.It is a landmark and destroying it would also put a great amount of people out of work permanently.This building has 60 vendors in it and is a special building. Why do we need to take everything down (especially for a parking lot), and not enjoy something old?This is a beautiful building, and I love the flea markets that they host. Beaverton city has a whole city parking ramp, and can build another one where they allow the BG Food Cartel clientele to park now. Put a ramp there, and everyone will have plenty of parking!My family spends many hours there every weekend. My wife favorite store is Curiousity.Because it is a beautiful old building that holds a lot of memories to many! I absolutely LOVE antique malls and would much rather see one than a parking lot. There are treasures to be found here! Save The Peaks!It's a piece of living history and should be protected at all costs. There is an active community of people that love this building. There are already plenty of parking lots!I saw on the news that about 70 or 80 people have small businesses there. We need to keep some of the charm of old Beaverton to mix in with the new high density housing that is popping up everywhere. It's such a shame that all those people's businesses will be removed and the building that has been there so long, will be bulldozed to the ground.It is an amazing establishment! It is loved by all and should NOT be turned into a parking lot.Preserve a great old building.Provides Charm and variety to the local residents of Beaverton. Promote the culture of continuing small businessI used too go to school in a building near this one. And on several occasions I would stop into curiosities to check it out. This is a cool little store and should not be torn down to make a parking lot !! Let’s not destroy history and a business that is active to make a parking lot. How is that productive ??Because folks love to shop there and why do you hate money?This building represents a piece of Beaverton's history that younger generations might not regularly be introduced to or be familiarized with. I think important to have diversity in the types of businesses that surround us, and to promote the continued success of small businesses.This is an iconic building that has been a part of Beaverton’s landscape for so many long as I can remember. It should be made a historical landmark. They don’t make them architectually like that anymore.
Demolishing it will also have a drastic financial impact of individuals who rely on that extra income from selling their wares there.It is a beautiful store that brings the community together. Every time I've been in the store, there have been many people in there. It brings people from Portland to this part of Beaverton which helps grow the economy in Beaverton and supports other businesses nearby. This store and the people who shop, sell, and work there are important.As someone who like many of the tenants need income from being a small business reseller I understand the need for other people to have an affordable space to do business.Why would you make this building into a parking lot when the old Phong Hong Palace one block away has been an unoccupied eyesore for as long as I can recall? Curiosities and the unique design of the building make me feel like I can have a SE Portland experience right here in Beaverton. It makes me happy to live here every time I drive by. And Food Carts plus antique shopping make for a perfect evening. They should stay in close proximity. It gives that area a good cultural feel. That is what people want where they live.We need more small businesses in the community. Beaverton employees should be encouraged to used public transit to get to work, especially with a MAX stop just outside the front doors to City Hall. A parking lot is unnecessary. Curiosities makes the area more vibrant and desirable to visit.The building is wonderful in architectural design and well lit for a shop| The people there are great too!The Peaks is a piece of Beaverton's history, a source of income for 60 small businesses, a fun place to shop and learn about local lore, and a tourist destination growing in popularity every day. It would be such a shame to pave it over for just another parking lot!This is a long established business and a great store for the community. Let’s not tear down all our history.It has characters and almost called it a landmark if you want too. Should leave some history for Beaverton.It is a great place full of treasures!!It is a landmark in the community and it should not be demolished for temporary parkingBig business should not trump a small business. Great and loved storefront. Due to it being a successful and cared for building besides it being historical!We don't need another parking lot or plot of land, we want the antique stores and the history of a space that has a rich history in Portland. Please don't throw away something because you think it no longer serves a purpose.I grew up here and I want my kids to share this beautiful place the way I have! SAVE THE PEAKS!This is home to a favorite small business- destroying a business for a parking lot is way more harmful to the community.It is a nice walk through store. I used to walk there on my work breaks. It is interesting and a nice architectural addition to Beaverton.For the history that building holds.Iconic, and it's a historical landmark!It’s iconic!A lot of people relay on this company to provide a pay check. Beaverton needs an Antique store,no other is around that area. Why does every one want to take down a perfectly good building. Don't understand!!People are too quick to tear down our history and replace it with something that is generic.Small businesses built this country. We need to remember our roots.This will destroy small business owners lively hood!Amazing shop, lots of treasures, community treasure.Keep the history alive.I have shopped here many times for many years.
It gives local small businesses (sellers) an opportunity to display and sell their products.
Without this building most these businesses would no longer exist.
The impact of demolishing this building would have a negative impact on the sellers, their families and local people who bring needed money into the area.
The multiple stores in the building bring in a diverse group of people who not only spend money there but other surrounding businesses who would also suffer from the economic decline if this building is demolished.The Peaks should be saved due to the architectural significance of the structure. Its roofline stands out as a unique example of mid-century modern design. We should not be tearing down standout examples of period design as this trend will only result in the depletion of our city’s history, culture, and soul.It is a cool building and should not be demolished.Landmark!Don’t erase local businesses without offering them an alternative.This building serves to support the livelihood of over 60 families. How would a parking lot support so many citizens?I live in outer SE and try to visit the peaks whenever I am near. I love the building and the shops, truly unique experience. Do i make a point to stop at target, home depot or costco when im in beaverton? No, i have the same cookue cutter retsil on my side of town.

Stop tearing down unique properties to makecway for homogenity.Because we don't need another building taken down in favor of apartments and condos that no one can afford. Why not keep a business that serves a purpose.history and memories. It needs to be there for future generations.We have enough New modern worthless buildings as it is.Demolishing a building that is well cared for and full of thriving tenants does not make any sense. This is not an abandoned run-down building. It has a character and uniqueness that adds charm to Beaverton. Every other shopping core has a Fred Meyer, Target, & Home Depot type box store. But how many have a groovy building like this? And it's full of self-employed local citizens!! Support local businesses, support architectural history, support uniqueness - Save The Peaks!!I love this place. It's a unique treasure just off the MAX line.Historic buildings such as this need to be preserved. The uniqueness of this building is that it is also an antique mall that promotes the entrepreneurship of all of its current and future vendors. By doing this it brings quality to the very lives that it touches and embraces. The vendors that show their wares at this establishment believe that buying local should embraced and encouraged not destroyed. Destroying a building is not hard, please listen to our pleas and save this wonderful building and allow future generations to benefit from it.The Peaks is a viable business with a focus on small business. Beaverton needs more small businessesThis is one of the few unique places in Beaverton!Because you must preserve the history!!!Its a unique building that gives Beaverton character.The building is a staple of Beaverton historyIt's FABULOUS and it's part of the history of this town. Please, leave it be.I am thoroughly shocked, crushed and frustrated. Of all the places to choose, why in the world this wonderful amazing and very cool place. Having lived in central Beaverton for 4 years, (without a car for half) I have walked by Curiosities more times than I could probably count. It has ALWAYS bright a smile to my face. My first time in I was there for hours. So many memories were brought to life and I've found some great treasures. The idea I wouldn't have this place to go to in the future is devastating. It is most definitely not worth tearing it down, turning people's livelihoods upside down, and taking more away from the great historical character of Beaverton.
Taking those same walks, I pass a serious eyesore of building and lot on Canyon needing to be torn down. It used to be a restaurant and Karaoke bar and has been empty at least 5 years now. There are other places as well. The sad thing is... It's going to be temporary. Not the damage you'd cause to the owners.
Yes we do need more affordable housing but not at the expense of putting more people (aka The small business owners of The Peaks) in need of just that.
I'm extremely disappointed.I love Curiosities. And these buildings have been here the nearly 20 years my family has lived in Beaverton. The town wouldn't be the same without them. Given how the character of Beaverton has changed, it would be a shame to lose even more of what makes it a great place to live. Especially for nothing more than a parking lot.It’s an institution! Antique Malls and shops are green. Leave The Peaks alone!Its an awesome building with lots of character. Please dont destroy it.LandmarkHistory is important!You are putting 60 small business out of business. Moving to another location will put their business at risk.Historical.This place is amazing and it should not be demolished. It is great to go shop and find unique gifts. Why in the hell do you need another mixed use building or a parking lot. Develop it somewhere else but leave this building and it's vendors alone.Because a temporary parking lot is a complete waste of time and space. Why destroy perfectly valid businesses who are making a profit and bringing people to this area. There’s more than enough in the space the area is it is unnecessary to destroy people‘s livelihood. For something that may not last more than a few years. While I agree with the performing arts Center be nice for the town why should we destroy something perfectly sound in the name or false progressIts a landmark of history! The shops, while they are shops, they are like a glimpse back in time, like a museum. This place offers livelihood to the small business owners and a great place to shop local and shop used.Why would you want to put 60 small businesses out of business?It is a beautiful old buildingWe are losing too many of the picturesque structures that are the heart of Beaverton. Don't let this be one of them.This place is a legend. When I got sober vintage was the thing that kept my mind occupied. It was a safe place with friendly people who wanted to teach me more and appreciate the lovely parts of the past. Beaverton is finally becoming cool. Want to know why? Because of places like this. It’s not just another boring suburb like Tigard full of strip malls and parking lots. It’s an accessible place with a lot of potential for an artistic presence. Once you squander creativity and culture you will see how hard it is to get it back. Just look at parts of overdeveloped Portland.It's a great old building.These people make a living at this mall. You are taking away their livelihood as well as a piece of history!Many many fond memories of this building, and the curre t tendants. It's in a perfect location, and the painting on the building brings joy as you drive by. Demolishing this building for a parking lot is just stupid and a slap in the face of the people of Beaverton.It is a Beaverton landmark that I remember from when I was little. They have turned it into such a nice vintage shop that supports many small businesses.Save this thriving small business and the mid-century modern building it currently occupies! Travis Diskin has created a meeting/social community for Beaverton and in this age we are losing our ability to connect. Curiosities has given us a place to reminisce and meet others who share similar interests. Leveling Curiosities will remove an iconic piece of Beaverton’s history and rob future generations the opportunity to enjoy the true sense of belonging to a community.Shops with small local businesses are good for the community.The building is great, but more importantly we need more businesses like this here in Beaverton.Because new isn't always better.It’s part of the charm that brings people to downtown Beaverton. What would be the point for more parking when there is nothing to do when you arrive?For how weird this sounds, Curiosities was the place I met my soon to be husband for our first date. 5 years later we still love to come here and find vintage items, we find joy in supporting small businesses and like our money to go straight back to the community.There are several other eye sores in that area that would be better served to demolish. This building and business give some great interest to Beaverton. I think the curiosity 1 and annex are adorable in their current state. Clean and worthy businesses that bring people to Beaverton. A little history and vintage modern give the area charm.This is one of the best antique shops in Portland. The employees make me feel like I'm right at home and to lose this would be a tragedy. I moved 3000 miles to here and knew no one and all I wanted was an antique store to browse around in and I was met with a hidden treasure. To lose something like this for anything would be a shame on the world.This is the best antique shops around!! Places all over Portland do not compare to this one. The workers make this place magical and fun!!! I'd hate to see it go to waste.I love this shop and the beautiful objects inside. It brings history and curiosity to this dull little town. I shouldn't have to drive into Portland so I can find amazing treasures from amazing ladies.This is a great place with genuine people who care about what they do. Each booth is someone's business and this whole building is filled with goods that are being repurposed and recycled, fueling sustainability, small businesses, entrepreneurship, and community. All things that Beaverton can be proud of. The architecture of this building provides the old charm of the city and the nostalgia of better times many young people are looking for. I think taking this building down would be a mistake for the direction the city is trying to merge into as an up and coming hip suburb of Portland. There are other buildings in this area that are run down or not functioning that could be used as temporary parking and are still in good real estate situations for another high rise. There are plenty of places with less character and less history and less riding on their business than this one. As a society and as a city we need to stop sacrificing what is good for what is new.How can a parking lot generate as much eçonomic benefit?Look stop the crazy stuff and open your eyes and the old is way better then the new placeHistory. Aesthetics.Why would you put 60 businesses out of work When they promote and attract people nationally !This center is a delight to visit. I enjoy perusing the antiques with friends. We make a day of it and enjoy all of downtown Beaverton!It is a thriving business and unique draw for me to come shop in Beaverton.There a bunch of different places you could use besides a widely used area in Beaverton. There’s lots everywhere around the town that have been abandoned, why not use one of those?This building not only houses one of my favorite businesses in Beaverton (Curiosities), but the architecture is one of the few remaining symbols of the past in this area. There has already been so much redevelopment that the Cedar Hills area is hardly recognizable from a few years ago. This building should stand as a celebration of the past and a reminder of the beauty of another era. As I drive down Canyon this is one of the few interesting buildings that remains. Do not tear down this beautiful structure and erase the past. It should be celebrated and cherished.It would be a shame to destroy this building that has such character and visual appeal. Ideally the antique mall would stay, but even if that business is evicted, there's no reason to tear down the building, especially to put in a parking lot!Lots of small businesses are at risk of losing their job.This is a Beaverton treasure which should not be torn down!We should value and preserve our old building. They are part of our history. And this particular building houses a valued business that the community enjoys very much. The building and the business are great for the community. Please don’t just throw it all away.I went there and it's a great place to be and shop around. So many great finds. Great looking building too! I go there with my mom. We love it!The building is a landmark site. Here is the united states developers are too quick to demolish and build. Look at the history of Europe and all the architecture -Beaverton will never have the visitors wanting to see the landmarks. Who made the decision to demolish only to use for a parking lot. Look at other options for parking.Friends of mine had a great booth in there for years. I love to wander there. This place supports small local business. We need more establishments like this!! Please let them stay!The Peaks is a unique architectural gem in what has increasingly been a genericized downtown Beaverton. Coupled with one of the very best antique and consignment stores in the state of Oregon, it is a destination and community meeting place that deserves recognition and preservation. A parking lot will not improve the neighborhood or local business, but in fact will hurt the character of the neighborhood AND local business. This building and its occupancy deserves to be saved.Preservation of historic architecture as well as the preservation of local businesses.More buildings destroyed for parking lots? No! This is a great store and is very popular in the area. The building makes the vintage store.Do NOT destroy this classic building for a parking lot!!!I would Much rather have those amazing vendors that have been there for so long to STAY than have a PARKING LOT!I mean COME ON PEOPLE!As an antique dealer and a former mall owner myself, I know how hard it is to find locations that have a reasonable rent for businesses. This building also is from an era that is slowly disappearing. The style fits with the business.To preserve the vendors livelihoods doing this specialized type of work. Curating antiques requires time, patience and research. One of my closest friends has a booth at Curiosities. I would hate to see her passion ripped away from her to build a parking lot. That's absurd. Not only that, but there a very few mid-century commercial structures left in this region. No! I'm opposed to tearing it down.It is such a beautiful building, and I think it is important to preserve it.It's a great area for small businesses.This business provides income to many different people. They provide a much needed service to the community and they help to recycle slightly used and unique items to the shoppers.Small business is the heart of a community.Need a place that still sells "old time" itemsI love going in with my kids and looking at all the treasures. Please don’t tear it down.Don't crush the businesses in the area, keep the charm, have a special public transport route for the people instead of cars. The small business owners have invested a lot and this particular business has brought more business to others around it, this parking lot is going to take away their livelihood. Save The Peaks.I really believe in saving old buildings, especially ones that house such awesome shops like the vintage shop.Support small businesses and preserve the history of the community.

Many antique dealers are older citizens who rely on the income from their antique business to supplement other income sources. This location houses many such dealers.We should support the small business in this areaIt's iconic.Because Curiosities is a wonderful place and that building is spacious and a perfect place for their business. Put the parking garage in the gravel patch that used to have a barn on it on Millikan - the next block over from the food carts.
Don’t ruin one of the first places that made me believe that Beaverton is and can be cool - Curiosities at the Peaks. It’s uniquely Beaverton. Any neighborhood could have a parking garage -
We can too - just put it elsewhere.This building is a piece of our history...shame on the City of Beaverton!I believe it is important to support the local small businesses. These are people with families who greatly contribute to the economy of the local community. I am a loyal customer of the Curiosities Vintage Mall. It shouldn't be destroyed because it will negatively impact the local community and another sign of gentrification. I feel it is important to advocate on behalf of the people and The Peaks as someone who would be considered a gentrifier. I moved here a year ago and feel I have a duty to speak out against the destruction of a place that means so much to so many.I love old historical buildings and support small local businesses and it's not right to put people out of business just for city employee parking lot that's temporary.It's a staple in our community!This building is very unique and should not be taken down for parking. That would be a terrible thing to do to the whole community.Come on City of Beaverton! Tearing down the successful business for just a parking lot?It's many people's livelihood.It is buildings like that which give a neighborhood charm.Because it is small businesses depending on this place.It is a historical symbolThis building houses alot of businesses that help families make ends meet!It’s part of historic Beaverton. Small, local shops should be saved rather than razed for another parking lot.Unique businesses bring in shoppers. Shoppers buy. Shoppers eat. Shoppers need gas. Oh, and rhen shoppers shop some more at other stores.No need to kill multiple thriving legacy businesses for needless new development. Old can be good!I have many memories of my girlfriend and I walking around this during the weekends. Removal of this building and the memories behind it would be a tragic thing.Such a unique part of downtown Beaverton. I love going there with my elementary aged daughter.To eliminate 60 businesses for a temporary parking lot is unconscionable. Surely another place to park can be found. The actions of the city make me very disappointed.Love this business! Always a treasure hunt!It is a historical part of downtown Beaverton. It's what makes Beaverton uniqueOur historic landmarks are important and need to be preserved. Build another high rise elsewhere!Because it is a landmark and many people would lose their jobs.There’s great businesses there, the building is interesting and it’s more environmentally friendly. By not destroying the building, you will keep the building materials out of a landfill and you will have a place where people can buy used goods and keep them out of a landfill. Thank you for listening.Stop ruining small businesses! Too many are being lost. Beaverton claims to be diverse and kind. Live up to your claims!This is one of the only independent businesses I’ve shopped at regularly in Beaverton. There are almost no interesting shops in Beaverton, so shutting this one is a frustrating decision. The building also has a charm to it, again unlike most construction in the area. Please give this more time and community input.No good can come from demolishing a great shopping area, and putting people out of their livelihoodsUsed to shop there at various merchants over the years. Now I thrift there. Why must everything be turned into parking lots and high rise buildings. You cram the rats too tightly together and the rats will revolt.It is devastating for the community at large and especially to the countless people who own and work for the businesses thst are being forced to leave. This is a disgrace to the city and such a waste of resources and drain of soul. I urge those in power to not let this happen.These shops are what makes Beaverton fun and interesting to visit. I stop by every time I visit from the coast.I think this is just reprehensible to destroy these small businesses for a parking lot!!!!!
Beaverton has other areas to create parking lots how stupid to destroy a great and successful Small Business enterprise.This is a treasure. It is the reason I travel to Beaverton from NE Portland. There are so few places left for small businesses in the area and it's disgraceful that the city would do this to so many who depend on this venue both to sell and to purchase.It's an interesting place, lots of good things to be found there. And the area is not the most attractive, and the Peaks adds too the area, a parking lot would just be hideous.This is a thriving business and a part of the community as well as a historic building. To demolish it for temporary parking is absurd.Its architecturally significant and ccan be utiized as a cool focal point with devvelopment all around it, Have a heart and leave some charm!Save these businesses! You can build your high rise parking lot elsewhere but can not recreate these historical stores again in another place. Listen to the people and keep these stores where they belong, standing not demolished. Find another way to make the new building work somewhere else. Too many historic buildings are torn down, this is Oregon’s history! Please keep it alive 💜No reason for a parking lot next to a busy road that will cause more traffic jam and accidents. There is already a close by parking lot near by for use. Stop destroying and wasting money that is no need for when we can just keep what’s is there in business that is already impacted others like myself , I’m a business owner and I understand the position they are and you depend on your store and the store becomes apart of you and then to see it crush it like crush there heart in a million pieces of all the memories and loyal customers to stop by and even new friends created!Please don't tear down this cool old building. It's mid-century architecture is needed in the city of Beaverton and the business it houses brings lots of tourists and people to the city of Beaverton.I'm actually from Corpus Christi, Texas. I have visited this unique spot ,key word "unique"... while on my travels to beautiful Oregon... why on earth would anyone consider demolishing this space?! I can't fathom this. I'm sure there are many more area's that can be used for whatever it is that the city is wanted to add. Consider this space a beautiful addition to Beaverton and let it stay as is. Thank you for listening. And I hope Curiosities is able to maintain this gorgeous location!!Don't destroy small businesses!I love going to shop there! So many memories 😊They are a wonderful and different type of architecture, home to a variety of business all adding worth to the neighborhood and The economy. Put an ugly useless parking lot somewhere else.This is a great business with many interesting sellers. This would not be just one business shutting down, but more than 60. Please come up with another option.I support local unique businesses.It’s a cool place!A city needs character.We should encourage the mixture of new and old architecture. This building holds a fixture of the community. A small business, as unique as the building it fills. Sure they could move but with what higher rents or a smaller space. Beaverton has an obligation to fuel these businesses not hinder them.My family loves to visit Curiosities. One of the vendors makes little grab bags of toys that my son adores. We often make an afternoon of it, first visiting the nearby food cart pod and then grabbing something sweet at Ome Calli afterward. We told several other families about this tradition of ours and they ended up going because of our suggestion! You have such a gem in Curiosities - I can’t believe you would trade it for some more pavement. Ask yourself- do you value culture, creativity and uniqueness? If so, you need to save the Peaks.The Peaks offer a unique place to find fun, vintage finds. They employ multiple people with different booths, bring history alive and make for a great view compared to some of the abandoned buildings nearby.This is a landmark piece of Beaverton architecture, housing many small businesspersons.These venders and management have put their heart and soul to make this mall the liveliest and fun exsprerience to shop and take us back to the joy of the past. Shoppers like myself just love this mall. It has become a family to all . This mall adds to this area. The flea market once a month makes a Sunday a joy. It brings
Business to Beaverton and a fun place for visitors. Please don’t take this away from us all. This location is everything. This in my opinion will not solve your parking problem. The city is making its own problems. The little people make the world go around. Think about what you are doing to our Beaverton. You would be taking lots of joy from Beaverton. Most sincerely , Marcia schroeder.Support small businesses! Save history, not just the building but also all the vintage and antique businesses that save those items that bring nostalgia to us all.I love to buy things at stores like this one, and if different folks sell their goods here to supplement their income, it needs to stay. Also, stores like this one attract buyers that like to find special items that you can not find in other stores. Moving the store will probably cause the rent to go up and that impact s the ability of a store like this to be able to offer lower rental rates to people that sell in this store.Curiosities Vintage market and the Beaverton Flea market are some of Beaverton’s best gems! I would be heartbroken if all those venders had to pack up shop. They have true treasures and support employment, recycling/repurposing items, teaching the community with they’re how to’s, and much more. Loosing them would be a tremendous loss to the Beaverton community.This act shows Beaverton putting the comfort of parking spaces over the lively hood of a person. It is not a good look.It’s a beautiful building that supports a community.It is a staple of Beaverton and represents the pulse of our city.The Peaks is a part of the town of Beaverton that is history in the making. The beautiful building has tested the passage of time. There is not many historical Beaverton buildings that are left! It has always been good business for Beaverton. Why destroy the best historical buildings and erase history? Especially for temporary parking and ugly high rise living spaces!It's a wonderful place to go and get away from the mundane. It shouldn't be destroyed. I've love going in to the shop for many years; sometimes to purchase and sometimes just to looks at all the unique pretties.The Peaks is a landmark, one that helps make Beaverton a special, unique place. Destroying it is short sighted and wrong. I enjoy shopping there. Recently a tv show was filmed there, clearly I am not the only one that thinks it is special!! Please do not destoy The Peaks. Let it remain as one of Beaverton's special places.I have always driven past this building and it is an important part of history.The only place like it in Beaverton! There are other spaces to put parking.. Of all things.I have supported multiple small businesses, several times at the Peaks. The antique building support and enhance the shopping environment. It is conveniently located and easy to find.I just moved here, but this building caught my eye immediately! I'd hate to see it go. The architecture is so unique! The local community is in there! Coming from Austin where everything slowly morphed into a parking lot, multi-use building, or McMansion makes me value the uniqueness that each neighborhood can bring. Please don't homogenize Beaverton!My reason— is that these are family owned businesses you are closing. For a parking lot? Some store owners have put their life savings into these establishments.Amazing business, owners, and representation in the city.It is a historic building that is housing currently many small businesses. It needs to be saved.This is an iconic building that has been a part of this community and Oregon for a very long time. This is history. Portland has already demolished land marks and is uglyfying. Does Beaverton have to follow suit?I'm not a Beaverton resident. I'm an Ohio resident, but I have friends and family in the area and have stopped through the area on several occasions. This building is iconic, and the businesses that operate therein deserve the opportunity to speak for it... it would be such an incredible loss to the community if this lovely structure is razed. Please, reconsider.I love to shop at that store. I love to see all the old things that people used to have and would love to have some of there vintage stuff in my home. I love to collect vintage things and seeing the store go will break my heart. So the store should stay there and find parking somewhere else.Please don't displace so many small business. It's a great place to shop not put up a parking lot.We need to save the vintage and the arts! Too many parking lots, not enough arts, crafts and history in the world.Historic buildings shouldn’t be destroyed for temporary parking or for public development where alternative locations can be found. It’s also disheartening to see an established business which has a strong and thriving community completely disregarded in a commercial presuit.It is a landmark!Great shopping, great people. Because the government has to much power to do the wrong thing. Do the right thing for once and leave it alone.It's one of the places we enjoy visiting when we are in townIt is historic and should be left aloneIt is a part of the community, bringing people together.Please don’t do this! I love the shop and this area. I support saving the peaks.Vital part of the local history.It's a landmark art deco building which shouldnt't be torn down for a parking lot. It's impacting many people who make their living there. It's a great place to find interesting collectibles.Support and save small local business.This building is a midcentury classic. It is a precious jewel in what should be the center of the City of Beaverton's redevelopment plan. If the vision for Beaverton's future is to increase customer traffic and support the small businesses downtown by creating access for walkers, then the Curiosities building is a shining example of the respect the city needs to give to their small business owners. In a time where small downtown areas such as Tigard, McMinnville and Milwaukee are being given loving care to bring folks back to support businesses, Beaverton should be leading that trend. Shoppers from Portland head across the river to Camas, or head to Oregon City and the towns mentioned above because those areas are being revived, but not through the destruction of their historic buildings. Beaverton has a chance to keep some charm and history in their center. Speak to Portlanders about their number one issue with "progress", the most common answer will be the destrution of historical buildings. Besides the value of the peaks building, you must take in to account that Curiosities is one of the top destinations for shoppers in your downtown grid. The 60+ vendors inside those walls are some of the most respected vintage vendors in the industry. If the COB destroys the peaks building, not only will the landscape be affected, the well being of these small businesses will be seriously damaged. The COB owes Travis Diskin and Curiosities a huge debt. Since he brought the vintage mall to the downtown area, other small businesses have popped up and foot traffic has increased. He has supported the neighborhood and also brought new attention to the area with his Beaverton Flea. As a Portlander, I can tell you that Beaverton is one of the last places on my list to visit as a shopper. Cuiriosities has changed that. Because, In a sea of mini malls, the Peaks and Curiosities is an oasis of charm.The building houses 60 thriving small businesses, tbe backbine of the community.Affordable commercial space is not easily accessed for new businesses. Shiny new buildings may have some appeal but the commercial space within them is not affordable. There needs to be a mix of buildings so that new businesses have a chance to start and grow.history should always be told, and preserved!It is an icon and needs to be perserved.It is a unique piece of architecture! It has been a family tradition for years for everyone to get a Christmas gift from there.It is landmark buildingI love the vintage stores here I come several times a month to check out what they have! Why would you destroy a little vintage peice of beaverton? What about "keep portland weird" ? A parking lot is not weird or cool, it sucks. That store is so awesome and holds pieces of history. The flea market they run is so busy and makes so much money I don't begin to understand why a parking lot seems like a better idea that antique shops! Please do not demolish this. So many people love the shops. Please!Mid Century Modern building are disappearing and must be saved. They are a national treasure. I live in one and love it!My grandpa who lives far away rarely visits Oregon but when he does we always go to this antique store and have created a lot of memories from the stuff we experienced there and from what he has purchased to help substan those memories if this place gets demolished for a parking lot it's like you are demolishing all the potential memories that can be madePutting 60+ businesses out of business--or at least displacing them and causing economic hardship--is insane. And for what? Parking? With global warming we should incentivize people to take other transportation--not facilitate parking cars. Finally we are losing iconic mid century architecture.The Peaks is an architectural gem in a neighborhood that is becoming a modern hodge-podge of tall housing structures with commercial at street level. A parking lot? Seriously?This mid century building needs to be preserved because Beaverton has very little in the way of historic architecture!! There is plenty of parking in Beaverton!! Leave this gorgeous structure alone!!It’s beautiful and it provides a place for small businesses to thrive. There aren’t many affordable/supportive options for small businesses.We don’t need more parking lots! We need honest businesses that also bring life and character to Beaverton, and this building does just that. Please do no demolish this building! Find another solution!!1) It’s important to preserve architectural heritage...once gone, it can never come back.
2) More and more, cities are becoming homogenized and lack their unique heritage and design. When you go to Beaverton, you want to see Beaverton, not “every and anywhere USA.”
3) The Peaks are special and beautiful!!!Beaverton is loosing a lot of its charm and this business has a lot of charm.
With a lot of venders with quality items and displayed in such a way that puts this antique mall above the rest.
It would be a shame to see it and the mid century building turned into a parking lot.We need to stop destroying old buildings just to put up new ugly buildings. We need to start appreciating history and keeping it around. Also I have curiosity vintage mall they are the best.They are a treasured landmark and should remain. To tear them down for parking is a travesty!This is one of the only reason I come to Beaverton. Don't destroy a part of the community. Have a heart Beaverton, your neighbor deserves it.Curiosities is a local treasure and landmark! It has been a safe place in a crazy worldI love this area, I would hate to see it lost it would be devastatingIt has character and still useful,find a zombie steucture instead.It is an old building but full of so many memories for so many people. There is no reason to tear it down. So many people walk through and see all the era's that have they have come through. So many people make a living from what they are able to sell there.Curiosities is the best antique store in the area! It’s like a museum displaying historical artifacts. I bring my friends there & get breakfast at Tom’s Pancakes all the time. Beaverton has lost Beaverton Bakery & Burgerville recently. The quaint charm of these businesses lure prospective customers to Beaverton where they shop and eat at restaurants. Beaverton should value Curiosities as a local gem. Tearing it down for a parking lot is disgraceful and short sited. Please reconsider your terrible plan to close Curiosities.It’s beloved by many thousands of shoppers and it deserves to continue there.You are a heartless coward if you take this place away from alll these people.City would rather destroy a business then take measures to use the existing parking garage and ask city employees to use public transport. They are fine voting for projects to make using personal transportation harder for others, just not for them even though they are right on the MAX line.I love this place you can't get rid of it.Let's stop destroying and throwing away.iconic mid century architectureI love shopping here with my family and it would be a waste of such a great space for so many artisans. We need more small businesses and local artist and craftspeople not another high rise.Curiosities is a beautiful small business that is a huge part of the community!!!Because it’s just heartbreaking to see all of the small business being taken away
And the vintage building that is soooooo loved by the community
There has to be a better idea.Support small business and the hard working families behind them!!!We need a city with character and I’ve always enjoyed this great building and the businesses it’s housed.Support local small businesses!It doesn't make sense to remove successful iconic local businesses especially when its for temporary parking. There more than enough parking spaces at other lots, say the Fred Meyer lot. It would be cheaper to just hire a van driver to shuttle workers back and forth. Temporary parking lot over a vital long standing icon of a business in Beaverton seems ridiculous because it is.This building wonderfully houses many amazing businesses! There is something for everyone around every interesting corner. It needs to remain intact!My childhood went through the many shops here. Tagging along with mom and family as we browsed for that gotta have trinket. To remove such an established building with its multitude of shops makes one head scratch as to How a parking lot replaces taxable income the city surely needs. There are other lots nearby that can be broken up for smaller lots for parking. Beaverton is not that big to need more parking for anything.Saving this structure will be saving many small businesses. What is going up in its place; likely an overpriced retail stores that only big companies can afford?We need preserve the uniqueness of Beaverton. We do not need another ugly high rise multiple use building. Beaverton has enough traffic already why make more. City planners need to get their head out of their asses and stop approving these horrible buildings and destroying small businesses.It is much better for the community to keep these places. No one wants to see their city turn into a bunch of cement meaninglessness losing all of it's important history. Stop turning our cool area into crap.I have been going to Curiosities vintage for years and the flea market that they hold. It is one of our favorite things to do on the weekends in Beaverton since there isnt much to do out there. We even moved away to Newberg and STILL come to Beaverton to visit Curiosities. Please save Curiosities!It has been a space I travel with my family, who visits from out of town, every summer since it's been there. On hot summer days or cold rainy ones, its such a spot that I look to for memories of past experiences. There's always something to find and it creates a space that is not just being used to house cars, which is important nowadays.Curiousities is a destination in Beaverton. My wife and I went all the time when we lived in Beaverton. Any time we visit Beaverton it is a necessity to check out curiousities and see what’s new.

This place is unique and has a rich history within Beaverton, why demolish it for something insignifigant and bland?No more big box stores, or high rises!It holds history and shows some culture in Beaverton and that city needs it. I've shopped there and just love the architecture. It takes the community back to a simpler and fun time. Put a parking lot somewhere else, please don't take away history and jobs for some ugly blank space.Curiosities Vintage Mall has been an important part of my life and my family’s life. We know Travis and the many people who make this wonderful place shine in Beaverton. This cool place brings culture to Beaverton, brings community together, and brings business to Beaverton. We all benefit greatly having Curiosities in our city. This is a unique and extraordinary market experience. Interest in Beaverton for distinct, artistic, and unique destinations is very, very low without Curiosities. We feel that losing this place would truly hurt our community. Everyone we know visits this fabulous vintage mall and it gives us all a wonderful experience, a delightful day. The Farmer’s Market, the food carts, this particular vintage mall, these make a city hum with cheer. It would be a terrible disservice to our city to lose this bustling business! Nowhere else in Beaverton can people come for such a beautiful vintage shop experience where they may buy and sell pieces of history. Travis has built something amazing. He has given us a treasure with his Curiosities Vintage Mall. Please don’t take this precious gem from our city. We desperately need it.

Janice CampbellBeaverton doesn't need another parking lot. They can park on the street like everyone else or better yet, they can take public transit!!The shops are successful and we love shopping there. It also goes hand in hand with the food cart mall nearby. A parking lot would only further industrialize the street and make it more impersonable. Ugly to make parking lot.For the spirit and benefit of small business and community.Because it is one of the few interesting local shops that supports re-using useful things. It’s a real shopping experience for all generations. Not many small local shops in Beaverton anymore.Not only are there business that serve the local community, the sort of unique treasures found the are one off's now in our culture. It's so cool to explore the what people curate there and it's a fond emotional treasure for the citizens of Beaverton and larger metro region. It's an antique mall that people actually like and worthy of saving.It's a lovely building and an awesome business that deserves more than this!!A unique architectural building that houses a unique small local business benefitting many in out local community. I may live in Portland but I drive to Beaverton to enjoy & do business in the historical downtown core & its local small business owners.
Resist becoming a faceless corporate wasteland like Southeast Portland or the "Pearl District".One of the few actually unique business places in Beaverton. Makes the area worth coming to in a sea of strip malls.Don’t destroy a perfectly good building and thriving business for anything temporary!!! That horrible looking closed restaurant at the corner would be perfect to use . Don’t tear good things down . That is not progress.I’ve lived in the Beaverton/Cedar Hills area for more than 25+ years. It’s been... interesting to see the growth. It stupid to see how the city has become Nike, OR. Seriously it’s being demolished for a parking lot? So they rather lose moving and gain comfort for the employees? Welcome to the everyday lives of people WORKING JOBS—we have to find parking, so why should officials get comfort at the cost of jobs and income for the community? This is f***ing stupid and the city should be ashamed.Adding more steel and glass buildings into Beaverton is not the answer. Keep the history and diversity of the buildings in tact.This has meaning to so many people. History just seems to mean nothing to politicians anymore which makes me so sad. I hope instead of a parking lot (of all things), this area will be saved and continue to be a place for many merchants.I’ve lived in Oregon most of my life and have shopped at the vendors that have occupied this space over those years, in fact my first pair of skis came from there. Please don’t destroy the peaks.It houses many memories for those of us lifelong Beaverton residents. Shouldn't we get a say in our memory preservation? Listen to what We, The People want for a change.Because it is an historic building and one of my favorite business in Beaverton.A fully functioning building should not be torn down to put up a temporary parking lot, especially considering that a substantial amount of people earn a living out of that building which helps generate revenue that the city of Beaverton taxes and that money is also put back into the local community. I have also shopped there numerous times and it is a value and added benefit to the City of Beaverton.We love our local businesses. Please consider saving the Peaks.The building is so reminiscent of when times were kinder and people were happy. I am 64; the architecture reminds me of my youth. The building has style it is unique and honestly on that street its one of the few with character; it is a warm homey spot in that area. Spend the money instead adding new curb appeal in that area, asking adjoining stores to tidy up with flowers and a fresh coat of paint. I love this building (and the contents)This building is architecturally important and I'm finding it nutzo that no one is talking about THAT. Even though there's not some impressive name attached to the building (Neutra, Saarinen, Lautner, Eichler, etc), the building itself is representative of the Googie style (see: With it's paint that highlights its striking zig zag roofline and flows up and down the corner sharp peak, it stands out amongst a blah of boring buildings. I am sad that there isn't more of this 1940s-1960s representation around. This is something that should be appreciated and celebrated. What I find crazy is that there is always some commercial or tv show or film that has some Mid Century Modern influence in it. This building represents exactly what is now, what is popular and what has stood the test of time. Besides supporting a local small business, we should be supporting an awesome building, a piece of history.There are a lot of great businesses in this area. Some that may not financially be able to relocate. Don’t take the charm out of Beaverton.It is a landmark and would put a lot of small businesses out of business. In this day of internet sales we have far too few brick & mortar stores owned locally.This is such a wonderfully unique building that throws you straight back to the mid century. It would be a tragic loss to see this torn down just to be replaced with yet another boring, hideous, generic building or worse yet, condos.I moved from Portland to Beaverton almost 3 years ago. Over the 8+ years I've lived in the area, I've watched the character of the neighborhoods I love be destroyed by high rises and parking lots. The iconic Peaks building was one of the buildings that first caught my eye here. I've grown to like living here, but at the time, the Peaks building was one of the first things that made me think, maybe Beaverton has some character, maybe it's not just bland suburbia.

The building -- and the shop it's home to - stand out in a sea of cookie cutter strip malls and big box stores. It would be such a shame to destroy that.Because I support our community and small business. Knocking down this wonderful vintage store for temporary parking is a shameful legacy for any city.iconic piece of Beaverton historyTo create a thriving community you must blend elements of the past and the present for a sustainable future. This building and the businesses inside it, beyond having personal significance for me, create a place for people to congregate, and bring a vibrancy and uniqueness to our city’s sense of identity. To demolish a thriving small business hub would be a mistake and a move in the wrong direction for the city’s development.This is ahistoric and loved building for the entire Oregon community!!Why destroy it? And put 60+ businesses out of business??! Do the right thing for once and SAVE IT!!!Because it houses many businesses. Beaverton City govt should be helping small businesses not evicting them.The individuality of each of the seller’s shops is an important thing to preserve—not to mention we are talking about people’s livelihoods.It’s a wonder business! The local vendors are hard working and it really makes jobs for these hard working people. The flea market makes Beaverton a wonderful place to be! It’s a central hub for the community during the summer.This building is a piece of Historic Beaverton and should be left as -is. Why does the City of Beaverton think that just because they are trying for " Beautification " of the city mean that this should include razing the building for a parking lot? I don't quite get this logic. There are many people who work in the plaza that count on having an income every month. Relocating for these folks is not an easy task as rent has gone up in many retail spaces in the City of Beaverton. Removing this building would be sad for many residents in the Metro Area who grew in up Beaverton / Tigard consider this to be an important landmark to see it go.I love this shop and the owners are so nice. They do not deserve to be evicted without much notice, and for this purpose no less. Please save this shop!It’s a stand out classic, and a part of Beaverton history!I have lived in Beaverton for most of my life and this old section of it is a treasure. It would be really sad to tear this down . With the old Burgerville now gone things are already looking different. Really heartbreaking for those of us that have been here 50+ years.I shop there regularly. People's life businesses are there. For a tem0orary parking lot Please stop it.It's an important part of the community.It's a wonderful and unique place to shop and supports multiple local small businesses. To loose this establishment as it is now would be a great loss for the community. Oregon's focus on small business and DIY is part of what makes it a great place to live and I dont want the Beaverton community to loose that.This historical building is a gem and Curiosities is a great and successful business. Beaverton doesn't need another parking high rise; it needs more small businesses like this to bring in foot traffic for shopping and enjoying the central Beaverton quaint feeling. Please don't tear down this building.This is clearly not an area of blight. Curiosities has revitalized this part of Beaverton, This is clearly about proximity to The Round, which now houses the City of Beaverton government. I hope you find a good condemnation lawyer because they have to demonstrate a need for the property and prove there are no other suitable locations for whatever monstrosity they want to build next.This is a historically significant building, not to mention super cool looking compared to the concrete jungle of the rest of Beaverton. Tearing it down to put up a parking lot is completely regressive.I can not imagine why this building should be pushed out so people can use it to park TEMPORARILY! I have been in this shop many times, as have my friends and family. Surely, there is another option. How about tearing down the unsightly vacant for decades Chinese restaurant on the corner of Canyon road and Hall. This decision makes no sense at all. And is appalling.Many, many people love this place..
Two months notice to become a parking lot is shameful.History. Community. Social connections. Much of what is missing in today's society. I wonder what the city will decide to pave over next for the all important dollar in the name of 'revitalization....'We need to keep the historical buildings in our area preserve for the next generations. In addition this particular building houses jobs for numerous people. Since most of the Democratic politicians are Clamoring about climate change how about having your employees take mass transit.This is a fantastic antiques and thrift mall that has been there for years. You take it away to build a damn parking lot, you take away part of the history of this town. Shame on you!It's a historical piece of history. :-)Because of it's historical value and the sense of community that has stemmed from its use to so many.Beaverton needs to support small businesses!We need to save out history!Few buildings in Beaverton are interesting. Few shops in Beaverton are interesting. This is both. Don’t make Beaverton more bland than it already is.Wonderful place to shop. It’s been there for so long.Beaverton has an amazing collection in mid-century commercial architecture, this building tops among them. Along with it's incredible architectural significance as a perfectly in tact example of the exaggerated modern style, The Peaks helps support the visual identity of Beaverton and can be called into service to provide a connection between The Round and the historic downtown. Its funky vibe is perfect for attracting the types of young professionals the city is interested in. Finally, the days of tearing down places of community importance because of the priorities of a narrow group of city administrators ought to be behind us. This kind of top down urban renewal displaced millions of Americans in the 1950s-1970s and failed. Today's city planning is focused on bottom up community involvement and is based not on remaking the city in the image of a homogeneous elite but on strengthening the community-valued assets the city already has.Iconic building and a local business that doesn’t deserve to be eradicated because of our love affair with cars. Find another way.It gives the are character. Don’t lose it.This building should be saved as it houses unique businesses that otherwise may not have the same exposure elsewhere.There are plenty of parking lots and not much history left in Beaverton. This building and it’s business needs to stayWhen my wife and I visit my sister-in-law in Beaverton, The Peaks is a must stop for us. The great quality and fun items that we find there are items we don’t come across in San Francisco . We love shopping and spending our money there and it would be very sad to see it go. Please save The Peaks.

Thank youI absolutely love Curiosities. It breaks my heart the city of Beaverton is acting in such a callous, heartless, selfish, disrespectful and unsustainable way.The mid century design of this building is far better than the typical ‘mixed-use’ cookie cutter building that some developer will try to replace it with.Small businesses are being eradicated across the country and it has to stop! We love to shop and support the small businesses that frequent this building.It’s a beautiful building full of history and a part of the personality of the town.History is present here. I have rummaged through and tried on vintage clothes and see and breathe the past and the joy it gives me and others. The internet has taken most of this nostalgia. What are we wanting to become? Robots in a world of buildings or thoughtful , creative beings? We are in charge of that plan.Cities need this unique structures to maintain their individuality and sense of place.Quit tearing down landmarks or historical buildings for more parking structures and apartments! Enough is enough!!Please don't tear this place down. It is helping people with their finances by allowing a nice place to offer their wares. I have bought items at Curiosities.Because there are plenty of parking lots and they are tearing down half of Portland right now. Why destroy Beaverton too?!?Character and history create neighborhoods that people want to live in. The Peaks are filled with both. Tearing them down would be a terrible mistake.Demolishing a building with not only such character and history, but is also home to small businesses to make way for a temporary parking lot is a slap to the community's face. To say that this is required for the people that already live and work in the area due to other construction is ridiculous, because to make room for these people you're displacing others while destroying one of the last remaining unique structures in Beaverton. The city should be ashamed of its goal to become nothing more than a series of glorified strip malls.I love itAn amazing antique mall with many momentos purchased over the years, don't destroy an establishment & building that helps people follow their past!Sounds more like a convenient way for the city to move out the old so they can do what they want later on without going through their citizens.It’s a landmark and the owners have given it new life and have exciting things there. This would be stupid to ruin that history and the shops.This building is an impressive example of midcentury modern architecture.It keeps alot of people employedIt's a beautiful building, the building and the business make Beaverton unique.We don't need more parking lots! This is an town icon and small family owned business.Delightful and unique shopping in a town filled with big box stores.Many small businesses rely on the location they have succeeded in. It’s not right to just tear everything down for growth.While living in downtown Beaverton I would walk to this store to browse around. It’s so hard to find a unique place such as this. It has often been a special pit stop on days we’d walk to Toms Pancake House or check out the Saturday Farmers market. Tearing down this building will take some of the charm of downtown Beaverton away.It is important to preserve the best architectural representatives of the recent past.It is a classic building in downtown Beaverton, where i grew and can remember numerous interesting businesses housed there. To destroy interesting architecture for a parking lot while leaving other nearby building of no aesthetic value makes little sense. Please reconsider destroying buildings that are in use and provide visual interest in a city which is becoming more and more monotypic strip malls.This building currently hosts an antique mall which allows many community members to be entrepreneurs and supplement their income. My parents sell at this mall to help pay their bills. As a retired couple, this antique mall allows them to still contribute to their community and to be self-sufficient. While I realize space is at a premium in Beaverton, areas need to be left for small businesses to compete and thrive. Not only do antique malls bring together a community of people, they also help our community reuse items and reduce waste. Please consider saving The Peaks.This is an old town Beaverton favorite treasure.Vintage stores are gems of our communityI love vintage stores! Don’t get a lot time to visit so that’s why it shouldn’t get demolished.This historic landmark, and home to dozens of small businesses is what the heart of a community looks like!Family oriented. Local landmarkThis is one of my favorite places in Beaverton. It's so original and un- suburby. Such interesting stuff! It rivals anything in Portland. What a mistake to let it go.My wife and I have a 6 month old baby and bought our first house in the West Slope neighborhood last year. As we've gotten acquainted with the area, visiting this business and the Sunday Flea Market it is host to has become a joyous family activity, and most importantly it provides is with a greater sense of community. It was one of the first public places we went to with our baby and I assumed it would be a regular part of his childhood growing up in Beaverton. Please don't take that away!Beaverton flea and the Peaks are a part of our family. Our 6mo old baby boy has his first books of classical stories from Robin Hood to My Friend Flika. We bought them from a vendor who read them as a child and wanted them to be passed on. We love to dance to the songs on the Best of Big Bird Sesame Street album we found here. We love the unique items and the sense of community this place offers. It would be great loss to shudder this Beaverton treasure.Foolish to destroy a historic building and affect 60 vendors livelihood for parking. Really? Parking? No.One of the few things that is worth driving to Beaverton from the other side of the water. This place helps small businesses, which makes it crazy that the city wants to get rid of it. The weekend outdoor market brings people (including myself). It then gets people outside Beaverton to stop at other local shops and food places.Accidentally stumble upon this place and fell in love with it. It’s a nice place for the community to check things out and have some events from time to time. I’d hate to see this place go as this will make Beaverton less interesting and more like a cold city.Protect local businesses. We cannot turn on each other.This building hasn't impacted me ... yet. I've been meaning to visit Curiosities for a while, and now that I know that there are other vendors there, I'm definitely going soon. I think the Peaks should be saved because because small businesses are really what makes a a community a community. Supporting local business owners is simply the right thing to do. I'm sure we could live without the convenience of yet another parking lot.Great pieces, historic, and so cute! Not worth losing for a parking lot. That is lazy.It’s an amazing g piece of history and a landmark, that as an avid thrifter, I’ve gone out of my way to visit as a tourist from NJ! Please don’t tear it down...huge mistake.Knocking down a building and displacing small bysiness owners for a temporary parking lot is an incredible waste. This building is a unique landmark on TV highway and cannot be easily replaced.Mid century architecture. What really? For "temporary parking" where has our culture gone? This building is an excellent specimen of a time when Americans valued forward future thinking. Look around you. Do you see anything fancy about Walmart Starbucks Walgreens and the vast oceans of Edward scissor hands neighborhoods that are so squished together they might as well be apartments? You really want the future generations to be inspired by strip malls?? Temp parking is more important than small business? City planning knew what was going to happen so boxes are checked. Great what's next? Imagine if we decided to tear out the st John's bridge because we need more lanes? Think that vote would pass? Walk around that store. Look up ! You see anything built like that anymore? Really want to trash that? Get your priorities on track with planning for better driving conditions. Or give kis physical education.Tearing down what remains of downtown Beaverton to put in a parking lot is a shame. That building adds character to it little city!It’s a historic building and a landmark of the Beaverton area. We saw a great loss with the closure of Beaverton Bakery and the Burgerville in the area. Why close yet another historic landmark business when you don’t have to?Because it's got age history and a vibrant community that rely on it as a cultural and commercial hub.When all we have left is Walmart and Starbucks we’re gonna wish places like this still existed. Don’t destroy something classic and original for yet another parking lot.Heritage buildings need to be preserved. Don’t tear it down.Its a landmark and people love itI take a gentleman with Aspergers to this mall. He has seen to many places close and it unsettles him.This is my dads all time favorite shop that he has such a great time in always. Our family has been coming here for years. It shouldn’t be tore down for some stupid temporary parking. FIND A DIFFERENT PLACE!Beaverton has been on the urban development map for several years now. There's many corporate stores (Ross, McDonalds, Chipotle, etc.) and that's fine, however, if we decide to pummel small businesses such as Curiosities and local stories like it Beaverton suddenly loses its identity. Pop up and small businesses create local culture and defines who we are as a community - once we start to rid ourselves of what makes Beaverton unique, we start to close the doors to future businesses and unknowingly discourage the growth of our city.

Personally, The Peaks have been a major influence in my own life. I have spent many hours here combing through the vintage mall and have made many purchases that have enriched my life and home as well as my friends. People who are out of town always ask what's cool in the Portland metro area and I've always made the effort to bring them out to The Peaks (and without disapointment).

To evict such an incredibly humble local business of Beaverton is disheartening. And especially for something temporary? It's not only disheartening, but it makes me lose faith in my home town. Please do not evict and destroy these businesses and people. There's plenty of options to consider.It's a local landmark and means a lot to a lot of people! And it's way more important than PARKING SPACE.Because this mall and these business are what I see as the heart of beaverton and an area everyone knowsIt's an important building in Beaverton and a cool place that can add to the charm and community of any renovations in the future.A unique piece of architecture on Beaverdam Road. There are far better places in the area for a parking lot.Portland needs to preserve its unique, fun, and interesting local businesses!!!! Plus there are vendors within the business that will lose opportunity and income.Curiosities has been a great addition to Beaverton. I am a frequent shopper and there are always lots of customers and great merchandise to choose from. Its more than an antique mall, it’s a community. The 60 vendors, not to mention the employees, will have no where to go if you boot them out to put in temporary parking. What a horrible idea! The ludeman’s location would be an excellent place to put parking since it sits vacant ever since the building was torn down by the city almost 2 years ago. Save the Peaks!This is over 60 independent businesses that support many people in our community. It is also a perfectly functional building. The businesses create affordable opportunities for people to furnish and decorate their apartments and homes, and allows for the reuse of thousands of items that might otherwise end up being discarded. This business is good for the community and good for the environment. Please find another solution for temporary parking needs.Historic value...I love this place. If I see another parking lot or high rise unaffordable apartment building, I'll scream. Stop stripping the city of charm and history in a grab for moneyMany people enjoy going to this antique mall and is a resource and a gathering place for the community. Please don't tear it down. Parking lots offer zero enrichment and do not financially support the local economy.Save Beaverton’s history!It’s the best, most unique business in Beaverton!It's a little gem of an alley small business should be expanded in this area, not shut down.Too many small businesses will be impacted/possibly destroyed by the eviction/destruction from this building. Small/privately businesses are the foundation of this country being extinguished by corporate chains and unnecessary building.Because it’s not a polite parking lots are a blight. This is a community based supportive and very busy establishment shame on you city of beaverton there are tons of areas that are a blight get you heads out of your assBc it's part of this community!! These people will lose their businessnd I will lose my escape from reality, in their Paradise.Honestly, it feels like a lot of family run businesses are being ran out of town. This one is very unique , brings a lot of people into the area that might not come into town to spend more money.This place is fun!Save small businesses!!!This beautiful example of mid-century architecture not only represents local history, it also provides many small-business owners a way to make a living.
Destroying it represents everything that is wrong about unchecked growth and why we have so many vulnerable citizens on the streets now. And for what, parking? Wow, what a savings.
Pick something less beloved. There are many.Having unique local businesses is what makes a community thriving. Building non-affordable apartments is not what a community needs.It’s an awesome place for the community, should not be taken away just for parking.It is an established well ran community business in an historic building that is part of our culture!Supporting local small business owners!!!!!I love that place, a wonderful area & I go all the timeIt’s an amazing building and I love shopping there! Support local businessLovely vintage mall, and the best in Beaverton! Offers competition with Portland!There are memories within that building that need to be saved also it’s a great thrifting storeThis iconic building and small local business should be supported rather than demolished. Please preserve landmarks and businesses that give Beaverton it’s own identity!My friend had a business in this building! I don’t want to see more high rises with crowded streets and no parking when we visit downtown Beaverton. Already hard enough to find parking when we eat out or go to the post office!This building has been around for as long as my family and I have lived here. From the bustling flea markets to the antiquing on a day off, it brings a distinctly homey feel to what's left of historical Beaverton. We don't need more residential buildings, especially at the expense of small businesses! Leave it be!Because of its historical and social price. I don’t think you need 60 or so shops! The new architecture is disgusting and has little to no appeal! The City would rather destroy then restore. History is worth saving!Are you kidding? Build basement parking. Work harder. Don't displace hard-working business owners who preserve Oregon's culture.Small businesses are the heartbeat of any city. Having a small business economy brings pride to the city, representing the entrepreneurship and innovation of it's residence. We as a nation are already losing so much of our history, it would be tragic for Beaverton to contribute to the degradation of what makes us a strong nation.I have shopped there hundreds of times in the 24 years I've been in the area. Love the people. I had previously bought patio fixtures there in its previous incarnation.This building has more stories than almost. My other building in the neighborhood! The peaks add so much character to our city. Please save it!!!Jobs are more important than car storage. This displacement shows the legacy of car culture and the high cost of free car parking.historical value and it is businesses that are making money if they weren't making money I could see tearing that down and replacing it but these companies are making a living for families in BeavertonHistorical and we dont need another high riseThere are numerous unattractive buildings located near Curiosities and Curiosities Annex. The buildings that Curiosities and Curiosities Annex occupy, on the other hand have angled designs that are classic midcentury modern and have great character. Just as the early 20-century core of downtown Beaverton has been preserved, the atomic age design of these midcentury gems also deserves to be preserved. To replace these cool buildings, and displace the thriving small business community housed in them, is shameful and does nothing to, as Beaverton Community Development Director Cheryl Twete was quoted as saying, "maintain the unique history and charm of our central core." Destroying the buildings destroys some of the rare pieces of charm that comprise the city of Beaverton. And destroying them does nothing to "support local businesses," but rather imposes economic hardship, relocation distress, and emotional stress on the small business owners who operate at Curiosities. The Peaks should be saved because of they represent a historical design and cultural era and house a community of local entrepreneurs.It’s history.People depend on this space for survival! It’s hard enough out there - let these people continue their businesses.I don't know the math involved, but 60 days' notice sounds downright rude if they're not behind on rent etc. ..and for a parking lot..?? How harsh and horrible to not give these businesses more time to adjust, even if you're certain you want a parking lot there.. Just 60 days..??We need diverse examples of architecture, respect for historical structures, investment in small successful business and the communities they support and foster. Also, a better investment in mass transit over additional parking to encourage more single vehicles. Support vintage culture and those that are attracted to the area in search for it.It's a very unique structure. How many shopping centers look like that? They don't build shopping centers like that anymore. I think it should be kept. Is it an economic hardship to keep?The peaks is a historic landmark for Beaverton and we have purchased authentic vintage items from the various dealers at this location.
Please Save the Peaks so the next generation can enjoy shopping for vintage items.Curiosities is a vintage treasure in a historic building. No sense to tear down Beaverton history for developmentIt's an amazing building and the vintage mall is such a wonderful place . Beavertons downtown is all about supporting small businesses, well this is exactly what this place is. Not all change is bad but this is a bad decision.It's a cultural center connecting a community of people together. One of the few non restaurant reasons to go to Beaverton.The businesses in that building are some of the only small businesses in Beaverton that get my business. Thais business are some of the best in the entire metropolitan area. Getting rid of those merchants and that location will damage the small businesses in this city beyond repair.This is a great little business and one of the best maintained properties in the area, bringing culture and history to downtown. I love shopping there. The idea that a city that says it wants to thrive and help small businesses thrive shouldn’t be steamrolling a shining example. Find a more suitable space for the parking lot!Supporting small business is key. No need for more parking.This is a beautiful building and wonderful business. These kinds of places are what made we want to move here. We do not need a high rise. This building brings charm and beauty to the area.When my dearest of friends were getting married , my mom took the bride there to get a vintage fur hat.
When my friends uncle passed away , I got my friend a bolo tie that reminded me of his uncle.
When i rarely get the change to visit my family, i stop there to see if I can add anything to my collection.
The staff are oh so lovely , the building is beautiul, and the items are always unique and of great quality.
I would be heartbroken if it was actually going to be closing.The Peaks shouldn't be closed because most of its residents won't ever recover from the eviction and will close for good, hurting BeavertonSave local businesses! And no need to encourage more driving with parking spaces.The peaks shouldn’t be replaced with parking lots. The small business creates a great atmosphere and brings good energy to Beaverton.This building is a landmark! I love curiosities so much. They support local businesses. Tear down Tha t old empty Chinese restaurant and make that a parking lot instead!I enjoy shopping at Curiosities and the Flea. I like a little piece of old fashioned in the middle of a growing area. I support these small business owners.There are many reasons but a very big one is that it houses 60 successfull small businesses! Sixty individuals, sixty families, countless workers...why be so willing to destroy so many peoples' livelihoods? Our economy needs to be stronger, not weaker. Leave The Peaks alone!Great loss to owner and the many businesses located within.This is a historic area of Beaverton, with well-loved businesses run by people who count on those businesses to provide for their families and employees -- and their employees' families!!! Don't take away a beloved area that has contributed wonderful memories and needed services! I'm nearly 60 years old....I remember it from my childhood --- can't imagine Beaverton without this unique space!It houses local businesses and is an island of creativity in a sea of cooperate strip malls. Please don’t do this!I love this building and the shop that’s in it. It has become a landmark for how close I am to home. Before I lived out in Beaverton, I would drive all the way in from Portland just to shop at Curiosities. I am devastated that the city of Beaverton wants to tear it down!This location gives over a hundred community members a manageable grassroots way to generate some income. It is also a clean bright and well maintained micro shopping mall that generates additional foot traffic to the whole area's businesses. It is absurd and shockingly short sighted to consider taking away a business center that fosters commerce to the dozens of locally owned private businesses in that area -- for TEMPORARY PARKING? and then what -- the synergy of the area is destroyed for what? the profits in the long term gained by so few -- and forever lost by so many of our own community members now. Ridiculous!The Peaks is iconic and shouldn't be demolished for a temp parking site - find another place. Love the people and the cute things i find in there.Its iconic and has some really unique itemsIconic building, historical architecture, local businesses,
Parking lot can be done elsewhere perhaps by building up not tearing downThis cute little store should definitely be saved! They have so many gems from the past that bring back such warm memories. I feel like I am back in my Grandmother's attic when I go there!This building is a landmark that has been apart of our community my whole life. I’ve enjoyed spending my time shopping at the vintage and supporting local vendors.It looks like a place I would include in a western trip. I love historic buildings.This is a great store to shop for things that bring back fun childhood memories.To demolish this place means to demolish a part of the community. We don’t need another parking lot, condos, or apartments. We need to preserve the unique parts of this city that bring everyone joy. Too many wonderful things are being destroyed in this area lately, and it’s time to fight back. Don’t waste money demolishing something everyone loves, instead focus on utilizing what we have, and less invasive ways to make improvements to this city. I’m so tired of seeing new construction everywhere.It's part of Beaverton history!! Part of my own history, one day very soon, my children's too. This is a great and safe area to all. Dont take it away for your own profit.My sister, along with many other Vendors run businesses, create business for their community and are all part of restoring and saving the lost idea of reusing and recycling items! A parking lot cannot do those things!The world consumes too much. This has been a fantastic place for people to find new homes for amazing things that otherwise would end up in our already too full landfills. We need more resale, not more parking lots.This building has been here all me life. It’s an icon in Beaverton. The build next to it was already taken down. That alone broke my heart. We need to respect some of our history in Beaverton and this is one of those.Enjoyed visiting every store that was in this location.This is a beautiful mid century building and if you keep destroying old buildings you destroy the past.It’s a part of history and so much has already been replaced or updated. Let’s keep the vintage vibe!Because it’s an iconic building. And a lot of people have poured their heart and soul into making it a successful business!!This is a historic part of Beaverton and one of the coolest buildings in the city. This store adds so much special shopping and interest to this area that no other place in Beaverton has like it. Beaverton should be supporting small businesses and this store has many small businesses owners within it. It is shameful that Beaverton would do this for a parking lot. There are other options. Get creative.Because it is a vibrant business and would be a shame to destroyVendors do well, and bring in people to the city. Shoppers spend time, buy lunch or dinner and support many area businesses. The small antique malls are disappearing, save this one.As a Tour Guide for Portland Japanese Gardens for many years, I had tourists from all over the world ask me, "What can I do in Beaverton?" Besides NIKE, Cornell Farms, Saturday Farmer's Market, Food Cart Village, and Rose City Modern, I proudly referred them to "CURIOSITIES" our wonderful Vintage stores (in amazing vintage buildings). Please, please, keep some much needed character in our hometown and save these charming buildings!!!!We don’t need another parking lot. The peaks are a Beaverton land markIt's a very unique and amazing place. And I love the people there. Please stay.You shouldn't take down a thriving business. Plan better! Take down other places that can survive in another location. This business is dealing in a beautiful retro building. Mid-Century modern style. It is not like those style of buildings are on every corner of Beaverton. Keep that history. There are a lot of people being hurt by this plan on the part of the city of Beaverton. Your plans are no guarantee of success while the business that is there is successful. Take your plans elsewhere. Please save the history of a cool business and building.This shop is truly something unique in Beaverton. I've never seen anything like it. I have so many fond memories visiting with family, and destroying this space would be a blow to our community and history.Put a parking lot somewhere else. Support local vendors.Demolishing unique buildings with history takes away from the city's identity and replaced it with an unoriginal box.Here is a copy of the letter I just wrote to Mayor Doyle:

I just received the recent issue of the Your City magazine. I love reading about all the initiatives the city is taking - under your leadership - to make downtown Beaverton a thriving, walkable and diverse neighborhood.

I have recently learned about the city council's decision to evict Curiosities Antiques in order to gain temporary parking spaces for city workers downtown. While I understand it is within their rights to do this, the decision to raze a vibrant small business seems short-sighted and counter to the desire of the city's leaders to create a lively, unique downtown.

Beaverton has a negative image as a big-box-store-filled, drive-through suburb. The downtown area has come a long way just in the last five years. It seems counterproductive to destroy a building that is not only historic, but well-kept and home to a successful business.

Please consider stepping in to Save The Peaks.

Thank you for your time and consideration.You cannot replace such nostalgia.This store is amazing and fun. My kids and I visit the store frequently and always leave with a new treasure. The flea markets are always awesome as well and we never miss one. Keep this amazing fun store that brings so many people joy.My dear friend has a booth there!Beaverton needs to preserve it's historic buildings! And the last thing we need is more parking lots.Local business should always take priority over something as silly as a parking lot. People can continue to park on the street and the community has the right to thrive.It is a historical building & fun place to shop!Historic and small business. Don’t be so “Beaverton!!!”We need to support small business' and what they represent. If this really is for additional parking then planning wasn't thought out well and this is a terrible move on the city of beaverton.The Peaks is an iconic historic building and NEEDS TO BE SAVED! The business in it, Curiosities, is actually bringing life to the area and revitalizing it. Why would you tear down something successful?

I love the historic architecture the community has -- there is so little of it these days, it must be saved! The Peaks should be designated as a historic landmark and things built and restored around it if they are a "blight" to the community.

In recent years there has been such a disregard for the buildings that bring a sense of history to our community. The very few hundred-year-old buildings still around the community today were saved because people fifty years ago decided not to rip them down. We must do the same.

IBecause it is a great place to shop. It is home to 60 businesses and these people need a place to set up shop. We are told by the federal, state and city that small business are the backbone of this country. So why is Oregon making it so hare for small businesses to survive. Shame on you Beaverton.Because it’s classic mid-century architecture - something Beaverton should preserve rather than tear down for parking! This is unconscionable.My husband and I just purchased a home here in Beaverton. I spotted this gem while driving the first U-Haul load to the new place and couldn’t wait to check it out. After a long couple of days of moving, browsing the treasures found throughout Curiosities provided a much needed break and was the first thing we did as a family. Everyone had a great time and left with something special to make our house a home. Even as new residents we would feel the loss if this place were gone.I personally need shops like this in my life . I frequent them and love to see our history unfold in quirky Art,beautiful furniture made in America , and other one of a kind gifts and treasures . Shops like these give people opportunities to start their own small business.Renting the booths out can help hundreds of people become employed. Recycling our “stuff” that is right here ,unique and a special is so much better for our environment too. I wish we had More shops like this !!!Curiosities is always been my favorite antique clothing store. They customers their are so friendly and they deserve to stay there.It’s a landmarkIt’s a mid century modern gem. Stop destroying our architecture you knuckle-draggers.Special memories!!! It's a huge piece of Beaverton! Please leave it alone.The City of Beaverton should have planned better for their grandiose urban renewal plan so that leveling a long-existing business with interesting architecture to put in a banal mixed-use building/parking lot was not on the table. If I'd known these were the kind of decisions CoB would make, I would have not supported the urban renewal. There are plenty of other empty, unused spaces to take over. Leave Beaverton with a little flavor. Start thinking better, planning better, and thinking outside your box buildings, rather than just bulldoze whatever is convenient for you.I grew up shopping in this building. It’s a landmark here in Beaverton, there is no reason a parking lot should be out here instead. It doesn’t make any sense for the area. This building needs to stay.This is an important part of the communityIt's a gorgeous piece of mid century architecture. Travis has worked hard to create a beautiful and fun place to shop.
Don't pave paradise and put up a parking lot!The building design is incredible. Tearing down the old takes away history from our future generations.They weren't told until the last minute that they had to be moved. Plus it's going to be an unnecessary parking lot. There already is parking.It’s historical, quirk, and charm that Beaverton needs more than parking places.The Peaks is a historic little landmark full of interesting businesses. The city planners need to hold on to Beaverton's history in some spots, not just destroy it everywhere to make way for the new. There are already plenty of high-rises going in elsewhere, and there are empty lots that could be used instead. Please reconsider your planning.Because it is one of the most visually appealing bldgs in BeavertonThis current social norm of tearing down the older buildings to put up new ugly high rises has got to stop. These beautiful buildings are our history. Our part of the US does not have the the antique buildings of the east but we do have vintage architecture which has helped define our region. It deserves to be saved.This small business deserves better. They are the historical character that Beaverton should preserve.Best store ever!! Community needs more stores like this. Not ugly apartment buildings and parking lots!Part of Beaverton history, iconic buildingTearing down the past is not the way to make the furture, I love this little shop. soon we will not have any history and no small businessesThis building is or should be considered a historical landmark and preserved by the historical landmark society due to it unique architectural design, post and beam with glass walls and Polynesian roof lines are considered to be post war modern at its best and should remain preserved as such!My reason is this sight has been a historic site many stores have been there and now a antique store is there now but it shouldn’t to be torn down there is many buildings around there that are still standing and know one are using them so tare down those buildings down for parking not this historic place come on city of Beaverton use your head..The jobs it currently has and the importance of a historical landmarkIt was one of the first buildings I really noticed when I moved to Beaverton. I love that curiosity's has taken it over and cared for it, we don't see neat buildings like that anymore. There's plenty of other places to build a studio ugly parking garage. Keep the Peaks forever!!There is so much history, culture and spirit in these neighborhoods. They are a what makes cities and towns homes--livable homes and experiences. Tearing down the peaks, is tearing down an connection folks have to their neighbors. Don't do it.I live in Salem. Curiosities is my sole reason for visiting Beaverton. When I’m in town, we stop to eat at Big’s Chicken.

I love the way Curiosities is curated. There are lots of treasures, but it’s not a musty old second-hand or antique shop. We love mid-century modern, and there are several vendors at Curiosities that cater to thus period. It’s a marvelous building and location. Please don’t tear it down or harm even one of its peaks!As an Engineer, Economist, and a Historian I have worked on many project to save old structures. The Peaks is a sound building that should be saved. While not old enough to be place on the Historic Registry, it is old enough and of an interesting enough architecture to be placed on the City of Beaverton's Registry of Significance, if they have one. Places like the Peaks , in towns across the nation, are being removed at an alarming rate at the protest of the residents. It seems like when a city's government sees a project that gives them high $ in the city coffers now they forget History, Civic Pride, Current Revenue, and Constituents desires. Why put a number of small businesses out that are bringing in revenue to the city, stimulating the local downtown economy, and providing a destination of interest to locals and visitors alike just to secure a site for future development. Turning the Peaks into a parking lot does not make sense economically, civically, or politically. Please "KEEP THE PEAKS."The City's endless catering to the richest members of our community is, once again, coming at the expense of everyone else who lives or works here. The Round has been a financial & prestige boondoggle, from the start. Now, the gentrification that lies at the core of everything the City is primarily concerned about (unlike matters of economic, gender, or racial justice), rears its ugly, self-centered head, once again.

I'll never forget nor forgive that the City Council members were more concerned about the "acceptable" paint colors used on a massive new, higher end, apartment complex built near my home, than they were about the local elementary school that was already bursting at the seams (meaning the kids in that apartment complex would get sub-quality educations), or the lack of any sort of playground or park anywhere near the complex, leaving those kids to grow up in high-risk play environments, otherwise known as streets and parking lots! Your priorities consistently neglect the most vulnerable members of this community, while the wealthy get all the tax breaks and perks their greedy, corrupted hearts desire!I made memories with some of the most amazing people here. I bonded over vintage with the ones I love here and i dont want to see it goToo many reasons to mention here. Smaller businesses need to stay. Many people love and do business with this mall. The building architecture is fantastic and would hate to see it go.Any place can be new, but you can't create history. An interesting unique building, filled with interesting unique things has far more personality than a parking lot.
Making a parking lot is totally counter productive to the efforts of environmental preservation efforts; you should be encouraging public transportation, not growing the concrete jungle.
Please don't destroy part of what makes the area special. Thank you.Love this shop and the people who work there!Great shopping in downtown Beaverton. Save it!Because it’s history! Why change something that is perfect.Beaverton is growing to business is nice but when you have businesses that are trying to make a living, it is a shame to shut them down. there are so many other places along that road that are empty and ready for demolishing and why this was picked, I can't understand.
I hope that the city reconsiders ruining the lives of people that are living off
this income from the vintage storefront.It’s a historical landmark! We don’t need another expensive identical apartment complex!There is only one.Let’s maintain some of the charm and unique qualities of Beaverton!Support small businesses!Historial building with unique architechture. A staple of the local community, with a lot of local vendors. I have not seen how the Round's development has benefited those in the middle and lower classes, and fail to see how it is beneficial to continue it at the expense of established businesses.It's going to break my friend's heart if you do that! Don't we destroy enough stuff here in America. All that to make a parking lot? Pretty sure Counting Crows have something to do with this.This building has character, something that the west use is known to lack. Why get rid of one of the few charming features along TV Highway?! Of course parking is needed. Sure this has been a long-coming work in progress but that does not mean that tearing down this building is the right thing to do or what is best for the community. Find another location, we have the space.Tearing this building down for a parking garage will only perpetuate the image of cookie cutter urban sprawl that the west side is known for. People want character, which comes in older structures and from business owners with an eye for the aesthetic. “Progress” is not always that. YeahIt’s alleay been there and everyone I know loves itA place of many memories and historyThis is where my mom and I go to relax and spend time together bonding just us and no distractions. The people here are amazing and don’t deserve to be evicted.Culture.great place to shop! beaverton needs cute places like this.
no more ugly parking lotsNot only should The Peaks be saved to preserve Beaverton’s history-It also holds one of our family’s favorite stores. My husband, I and our 2 teenage kids love Curiosities!Beautiful historic building!I have lived in Beaverton for 50 years and the changes I have seen have been good and bad. But to tear down a yet another building that’s is part of what makes our town unique is just sad. Gentrification much.We need to cease the destruction of the history of what makes our towns great! I have watched the development of Beaverton at Scholls & Roy Rogers & 175th, completely shocked and disgusted with all that had to be destroyed for another "ugly" high school and so many 'just add water and stir' homes all backed up against one another. It sickened me the last time I travelled over Cooper Mt. at Kemmer Rd. where forest and land met their demise. Now this! A place that has made a name for itself and has seen so many people come in and leave with smiles on their faces. My daughters and I have spent many hours browsing every nook and cranny for treasures. And the people that run it are knowledgable and always willing to help. The retro building invites you in. Don't destroy what makes our towns humble and inviting.It’s a beautiful building. Learn a lesson from Napier, New Zealand. They decided not to destroy their Art Deco buildings and now the whole town is a tourist destination.

Or be like Portland and become a city full of huge, non-descript glass & steel buildings.It's a unique and special part of the history and landscape of downtown Beaverton. We need to fight to preserve the landmarks in our community to help maintain our sense of identity under the stifling pressure of suburban homogeneity.It’s going to affect families, children, the community!It's a sweet little vintage mall I love and should be saved for historical purposes. No more parking lots. Less cars, more public transportation.The Peaks is one of Beaverton's very few interesting mid-century buildings, and its still in vibrant use by small businesses. To tear that down for a "temporary parking lot"?? Sounds ludicrous just to say it. Beaverton can and should do better.There are times when a community needs to retain structures that both speak to the history and the hard work of those who have helped build a city.

A city with a sense of self does this and I believe Beaverton should be this type of city - parking lots add no asthetic or character value.Beaverton residents are DONE with the shattering and discarding of our city's history! The charm of Beaverton has been replaced by high rises and the never ending pop up strip mall. Enough! My family has visited every business at the Peaks for the past 19 years. So much of Beaverton's history has been taken away. Let this one survive!!One of the few really interesting shops to browse and shop in in this area. Horrible to replace this with an eyesore parking lot.We need to retain our history not obliterate it.This is a classic building. Honestly, it is fun to shop there and treasures are sold. It’s a combination antiquities and and crafts from times gone by. Much more interesting than a parking lot!.This is a great place to find vintage and cool old stuff. Most importantly, is the fact that for many vendors, it is a way to make extra money to supplement their income!! It would be a shame for such a wonderful place to be torn down because of corporate greed!!Demolishing a collection of shops that brings such an intensity of flavor and uniqueness to Beaverton to add another parking lot is absolutely a foolish choice for everyone involved. Beaverton is only richer with Curiosities and The Peaks, and targeting a group of independent artists, to sacrifice that, would severely diminish the ways that Beaverton is able to stand out.Beaverton is loosing it's character and will soon look like San Jose. Is that what we really want? We are loosing our mom and pop stores and soon will only have ugly big box stores. Surely there must be other options.Demolishing this place for a temporary parking lot is about the dumbest idea I have ever heard! How can the city be ok with getting rid of this business that clearly the neighborhood and beyond love to put up a temporary parking lot?? Find another lot, maybe this time without a business on it! The city said they were out of options... NO, NO YOU ARE NOT. FIND ANOTHER OPTION!Our concern should be inner 'downtown' beaverton preservation and revitalization not the tear down of existing interesting architecture!Cities are too eager to replace the past for something no one really wants. Witness the Portland Hotel fiasco! This building and the shops it contains is very unique and makes a lot of people happy. Do not destroy it for yet another parking lot.To preserve the opportunities in our community for grass root SMALL BUSINESSES to grow. You know, the little people, other than big business or developers.Support small businesses. There are other options for parking!Local businesses should always be supported in any way possible, and the historical impact and relevance of the building itself should be wholeheartedly recognized. Curiosities has been a part of our lives the last six years, with five furniture pieces, along with countless gifts, being purchased from there. It would reflect poorly on Beaverton to obliterate an historical building AND a successful local business for a parking lot, ironically, *right*next to a Max station.It helps Small Businesses that are the backbone of our Portland Area EconomyI feel this building and what it houses are a real treasure to the community, not to mention the unique irreplaceable architecture.This building keeps Beaverton weird.It is a good Thrift Store and loved by many people. Why would you turn it into a parking lot that is dumb.It’s a historical landmark!This building is a vital part of the central Beaverton community we know and love.We need to support the small business and owners that have kept Beaverton a vibrant and creative community. A temporary parking lot?? Really?? Do better Beaverton and treat your community businesses right!Beaverton is one of the few places that has several wonderful midcentury buildings. we need to preserve these. This antique mall has been wonderful for the community along with the Sunday flee markets. Work so well with the food courts. Such an outing for people. This place is always busy and it has just the become the feel good place to go on weekends or my day off during the week. Do what it right for the good of the neighborhood and history.It's amazing!! Do not destroyBeautifulI’ve been shopping at curiosities for a while now and have many of my friends. It’s become not only a landmark but a tourist destination, one I often recommend to people. Destroying the building would put a lot of people out of work and destroy their livelihoods, only so they can put in another ugly high rise as they’ve been doing all over the portland area. We really don’t need anymore.Small businesses need a boost. They don't need short-sighted city planners who are just out to pad each other's pockets. Without small businesses, you end up with nothing but big-box stores; selling more Chinese garbage.This is an awesome place and vital for the vendors and customers. Who needs another parking lot?!Thriving local businesses, a convenient location and a piece of history, all right here. And the City of Beaverton wants to tear it all down for temporary parking during construction? Ludicrous. Way to think, Beaverton.Tearing down this store would put dozens of small shop owners out of business. The location is a major destination for antique collectors and it adds a great deal to the warmth and charm of our downtown area.Beaverton residents are DONE with the shattering and discarding of our city's history! The charm of Beaverton has been replaced by high rises and the never ending pop up strip mall. Enough! My family has visited every business at the Peaks for the past 19 years. So much of Beaverton's history has been taken away. Let this one survive!!It is a good looking building and the new architecture is hideous, 80 % of the time. plus, we all have fond memories of going there in all it's different guises/iterations.This building and the small businesses it houses represents true community and an artistic endeavor. It is unique and is what Beaverton needs to protect if Beaverton is ever going to become a center for our residents or a destination for people outside our neighborhood. Erasing it to become a parking lot shows extreme lack of vision. Even the proposed performing arts center won’t have the heart and soul that the organic growth of community now housed in the Peaks. We need to preserve both the history that the building is a monument to and the creativity of its current tenants. Celebrate their existence! Don’t demolish their existence!Small business owners need to be supported in Beaverton instead of torn down.So many other vacant buildings to choose from. This is a vibrant part of the Portland vibe and the charm of small towns. I hate how Portland is tearing down all the beautiful old buildings just to put up something with zero historical charm. Stop it please! Save our old buildings. And I love antiques and this is defiantly one of the best we’ve been to!Because it’s apart of Beaverton historyWhy shouldn't it? Lovely little bit of nostalgia in the middle of Beaverton's commercial wasteland.Small businesses, unique architecture.The peaks is a great shopping experience.
I have found great items.
Old buildings like this are a part of what makes America great, should be saved if all possible.It's an iconic building, with a unique business that I happen to shop at several times a year. It's a location I bring out of town guests to and we'll spend time in old-town Beaverton. It's refreshing to be able to spend time with uniqueness rather than the cookie-cutter homogeneous look that has become the Cedar Hills Blvd area.This is a historical building. Why tear it down for parking? Seriously? There is a MAX stop right at the Round. The government employees can take MAXWhy the hell do you want to put a ugly ass parking lot for city employees when you ask all the rest of us commoners to use public transportation, or bike, or walk? How about permitting all the new big box apartment buildings with NO parking whatsoever and allowing neighborhoods to absorb it? Leave the Peaks alone already. Many people rely on it to supplement their income to pay the very local city that the city levied.Throw an entire building into a LANDFILL for a parking lot. Get it together Beaverton.I truly love these businesses. They are unique and inspiring environments. Beaverton’s store fronts are run of the mill, cookie cutter businesses. Union Vintage & Curiosities bring value to the community and enable a fun, beautiful space to buy and sell vintage/antique items. Please do not get rid of these businesses!We love this place! I have spent hours looking at all things odd, beautiful and curious. This is people's livelihood you would be tearing down, as well.55 plus years of unique history.Because it’s a great little shopping destination that supports multiple small businesses. A temporary parking lot provides little if any economic development for working people. You ask why shouldn’t it be destroyed - why SHOULD it be destroyed - for a parking lot? That’s ridiculous & only serves to destroy a gem in Beaverton. I work in Beaverton & was thrilled to find such a cool spot in ‘the burbs’. The $ I spend there will not go to another Beaverton shop because the Peaks is a unique treasure in a sea of bland sameness.It’s a iconic building in Beaverton. A landmark!!A wonderful business that makes Beaverton feel worth visiting now that I’ve moved. Everyone that works there is so nice and it would be truly a shame if this area is demolished.They are beautiful buildings that have history. We don’t need more new buildings and construction going on! There’s way too much of that alreadyThis is one of the greatest specialty shopping areas in Portland! As many of us vintage and antique collectors know, this is one fantastic place to find those special treasures. Not only that, but it has become a real social gathering place for fellow vintage and antiques collectors. We help one another out finding hard-to-find items and make new friends. This shop has enriched so many of our lives-we need it as a common ground for us as otherwise, honestly, some of us might go days without dealing with another soul. We need The Curiosity Shops for our peace of mind, our social connectedness, and as a landmark location that we can count on plus for many of the booth sellers, it's the only place they can sell locally to other collectors. PLEASE DO NOT TEAR THIS BELOVED LANDMARK DOWN for a lousy stupid parking lot or other junky strip mall crap. Beaverton is BETTER than those other places that attract less than desirable people. Show us YOU have the wherewithall and compassion needed in running a city as wonderful and culturally diverse as Beaverton is. You KNOW you can!Keep vintage building intact and local businesses, think it's such a unique 1 of a kind space.Talking about historic preservation is meaningless when the only considered action to space accommodation is paving over older buildings to provide more parking ( for city staff?). Move into the future by encouraging use of public transport, not more private vehicles.This is a great building a piece of history, not only that I love going here and seeing the amazing vendors! I make it a point to stop!!!Support local businesses!I'm a Japanese.
I've visited Portland many times, and I visited Curiosities Vintage Mall every time I go shopping. Also, I ate lunch around the area every time.
I can hardly speak English, but the staff were very very kind.
I'm happy to be able to contribute to the business of great vendors. Don't lose the great shops. definitely.New buildings are a dime a dozen. Old, historic buildings are treasures worth preserving. Memories abound of trips to visit the shops. Please reconsider your actions for the sake of progress!History!I love Curiosities Antiques Mall! We don’t need anymore high rises!Historic building. Destroying it would simply add more sameness to downtown Beaverton while destroying both jobs and history for a TEMPORARY sparking lot.Participating in all of the summer events/markets the area provides makes me feel like I am a part of the community in which I live. I enjoy the environment and feel of the area as well.The history and community that this area has provided to Beaverton's citizenry should not be taken away so easily.Development is good, but development at the expense of character and small businesses is disasterous. It is not well thought out. Let us leave space for some charm, some character in our community.
Besides, if 30+ vendors rely on this facility for their livelihood, then it is truly not the best use of taxpayer dollars to create a parking lot. Let people take public transportation!When it was restored-repurposed in it's current use I was so pleased that someone did something thoughtfully befitting and respectful of a charming vintage building when so many communities are seeing demolition upon demolition of local character for homogenized development. Beaverton needs to hold on to it's limited remaining structures that however inconvenient or seemingly insignificant, speak of it's history and help retain local personality — both of which are essential to generating and maintaining community identity and pride. From our metro area to across the nation, there are a great many examples of communities — large and small — that have been revitalized by refusing to yield to the most convenient "vision" of persuasive bottom-line developers. In fact, reclaiming local heritage as an integral component of revitalization projects has been key to their success. In this time of explosive growth of the “love local” movement and appreciation of mid-century design, it is shocking that Beaverton’s civic leaders would ignore the evidence of the positive return from commitment to and investment in preservation of local history for the sake of short-term convenience and long-term cultural homogeneity. Please, show that Beaverton’s heritage matters, be creative, think outside the easy box; prove that you are not in the pocket of developers and large corporations and keep this small, vintage piece of the city.It's part of Beavertons history. Adds character to the neighborhood. 60 buiness owners will lose their business with no where to go .This is Oregon, not California. It's a fine working building with a business I shop at. That whole strip from Hall to Cedar Hills Blvd, is still part of 'Vintage" Beaverton, there should be some left "as is" from a time when things were peaceful and not so chaotic. Beaverton City Council need to have more respect and take more pride for what still exists in Beaverton. Plus stop allowing the GRAND trees to be cut down.For Pete’s sake please leave something unique and iconic in Beaverton! If these are torn down and replaced with YET ANOTHER box building and parking, then that turns us into just another boring American suburb, where you don’t know if you’re in Atlanta, Fresno, Kansas City or Beaverton because they all look the same.

For crying out loud, let us have something that enables small local businesses to thrive, and reminds us of our city’s roots. Please!Destroying this little side street in Beaverton would be sad. Can’t we keep some character, instead of giving way to more soulless mixed-use crap?I think it's an attempt on the part of the city to make the food carts a success. As it is now, they are in the wrong place. They have no visibility. Tear down this building, and voila - you can now see the food carts. I'd think it'd be easier to find a better location for the food carts.

Someone had this crazy idea about "The Round" which is just marginal, and here is another attempt to resurrect "The Round" and adjacent buildings.Why does everything historic need to be flattened to the ground these days. Despite the City and the possible "Higest and Best Use" as a temporary parking lot- I am astonished that such a well loved building can so easily be leveled in 90 days. Can we not preserve any history anymore? Curiosities is a welcome and well loved small locally owned business. I am outraged at how the City of Beaverton is mafia run and just as corrupt as city of Portland.We love this building. It's architecturally different and unique. It's not sterile and boring like everything else going around in town. Why don't you level Gordon Hoverslands dumpy, rat infested building down the street- that aesthecially provides nothing to the city. Why take the coolest building on the block and THATS the one to tear down. Makes no sense.It's a fun little shop, good for a day out with friends.I cannot believe any one would want to tear down such a visually pleasing building! When I drive down Canyon Rd. my eyes gravitate toward it. It is so unique and one of a kind. Good Lord, get rid of that hideous empty Chinese restaurant that has been empty for so many years! Please, people, use some common sense! Ken and Beth Hyland Beavertonbecause I consider it one of the best shopping experiences. Love going there with my friends every week. It's our thing!!!!!!! Please don't do it.I love the antique mall that is there now. Would be a shame to see it go.This is my FAVORITE store in the Portland area. Please don’t tear it down! The store is nice looking on the outside AND the inside!As many people have attested, the peaks are standout buildings in this increasingly "faceless " landscape. I enjoy shopping at Curiosities and Ome Calli (among others) and the area lends itself to friendly interactions between businesses and customers. Please leave these beautiful buildings intact--they're already killing the soul of Portland, let's keep Beaverton unique!It’s a landmark. It holds history in its form and people recognize it for longevity and iconic appeal lasting decades. Tearing it down would not only gut a special icon but it would upheave people’s livelihoods. Save the peaks... for futures sake.Architectural pleasing to the community and it's visitors. We need to keep conversations about the history.This is a cool old building. How can you knock it down for a parking lot?! A parking lot! And this, as the city tries to beautify downtown and attract people. This is so stupid. Please don't knock it down.

-Michael KalkofenLet me get this straight. You want to bulldoze an iconic building for "temporary "parking. That means you just want your grubby mitts on it to do as you please in the future huh? But yet you just bulldozed several lots for your homeless Parking program!! City hall has a parking structure and a very large parking lot across the street. Why don't you use those? I hope every single person in Beaverton votes ALL OF you out of office. Especially Deany Doyle he knows better after 15 years. They are getting greedy and just do whatever they want. We as the taxpayers need to take back control.Please at least save one remnant of what Beaverton is/was. Must everything be turned into a money making disgusting looking high rise that, BTW, no one can afford?what a beautiful building!... have a morals and stand up for what's right instead of greed for profit and destroying anything and everything like humans do bestWhy are we wasting resources by tearing down another perfectly good building with successful businesses? There's plenty of empty buildings nearby they can demolish insteadWe should save this building because of its history and character.I was so charmed by the Curiosities shop when I went in with visitors from Ireland and it has now been a staple on my Beaverton jaunts along with a stop at the food carts. Finally! My home town felt like a destination, something I could show off to visitors. The shops within the Curiosities building are delightful, clean, well-appointed and they are providing livelihood to so many small business owners. I do not even like second hand stores in general but this space is special and the architecture is great. Our little bit of Palm Spring and we need to preserve what little Beaverton history we have! That building has been so many things over the years. May I suggest tearing down the nasty Foung Young palace next door with the moldy Laz- Boy chair thrown in the front yard for your parking spaces? Why mess with people’s livelihoods and a lovely building when there are so many depressing structures along that same street. There are other options! Please do not put people out of work. Not everyone wants to work at NIKE and small business contribute to a vibrant economy and keep dollars in Oregon! Thanks s much for listening to your community!A darling spot that many people treasure. Take the time and locate a spot that will be less impactful to the citizens.This is the best vintage store in the area. Please don’t tear it down. You’re making a huge mistake.Better than parking. Historical integrity.Because it is such a unique building and because so many people's businesses are at stake and because shoppers love this place.I enjoy coming to this building and this area for flea market days and browsing all the shops. There is already such little small business and locals shops in the area and this area brings the community together. It would be so sad to see a part of this community go. We would lose so much of the character and community as well as income and that local business. Please don't demolish this area and ruin the community feeling we have now.For the small businesses that call it home.

This building has hosted some iconic businesses over it's 55 years and continues to serve the community with great vintage goods and community events. Why tear it down now?

This is a historic building, and it really brings a sense of history to Beaverton. Curiosities is a very successful shop and one of few left in the area. It attracts so many visitors, and also the shop provides income to many residents. Please save these wonderful buildings.

Please, leave the small businesses, an asset to the community and a means of income for so many, to thrive. NO MORE BOX BUILDINGS, APARTMENTS, PARKING GARAGES in areas where STORES and BUSINESSES are demolished. NO MORE DEMOLITION of THRIVING businesses. Please find empty lots to buy and build on, City of Beaverton.

To destroy a piece of history that brings people joy and happy memories is wrong. The architecture of the buildings are unique and a piece of Beaverton's history. Simply walking through the door of Curiosities Vintage Mall sends you back in time to a place where life was simpler and people were more connected to one another. My husband and I recently we're delighted to become a vendor in the Curiosities family. We have seen (and have spoken with) customers wandering through. They see their childhood, their parent's childhood, and their grandparent's childhood. Allowing people those memories far surpasses any new construction. The condos, the food carts, and these vintage buildings help create an amazing sense of community. Please don't destroy that. Thank you.

Please do not destroy these iconic buildings. There are a lot of people from the other side of the river who view Curiosities and Annex as a destination. I was in the shop a few days ago and noticed a few 10-15people from Japan. Not one spoke English but they all seemed to hav treasures in their basket to buy. They likely heard of our shop from other Japanese visitors who come to the shop when the big Expo Center antique show happens in March, July and Oct. The Peaks shops are a destination site for hundreds of people in the summer as vacationers from CA travel up to Canada.. and Canadians travel south. These same vacationers may stay and shop Beaverton or eat in our restaurants. Please consider these shops as a positive addition to Beaverton. There are many people who love the Mid Century items to buy inside and also the beauty of the mid century lines of the buildings. Please do not take this away from Beaverton.

I have been connected to this building for several years. I've participated in the Beaverton flea markets and am an antiques vendor in the mall. This building is nor only an architectural anomaly in our city but ot is a hub of eccentricity.

Curiousities vintage mall has been a gathering spot for oyr community to celebrate some of the best our history has to offer. You cam find so much historical finds pertinent to oregon and our budding and growing city of Beaverton.

As a community centric hub, the mall has hosted wonderful events that bring us together amd foster the growing community. Through Curiousities, small business thrives.

Save the architecture and the community it has become.

The Peaks are a Visual Staple as one drives down Canyon Road. What's next Tom's Pancake House ? Sometimes perhaps we need to KEEP the old classics instead of building another High Rise of Affordable ? Housing with street retail. The Peaks are a memory for many Beaverton residents.

I remember going to the Ski Chalet and renting my downhill skis when I was a teen, and my parents bought their first patio set from LUDEMANS! The feed store (NOW THE ANNEX) was where we took rescued ducks and they saved them from being hit by cars. THE PEAKS are one of the few.....OLD BEAVERTON building left.... The city needs to work on areas already flatten (see SW Canyon and Murray)......the PEAKS need to be saved. What can I do to HELP Spread the word?

This building is the only beautifully designed mid-century modern structures in the Beaverton area. The Curiosities Vintage mall has been an important contributor to the dynamic growth of business in central Beaverton core, with our mall customers supporting other nearby businesses, such as the food carts, Mingo's and Ome Cali ice cream to name a few.

I lease a space in the mall and as a vendor I can attest to the fact that my sales have only increased the longer I have been there. I feel this has been a very successful venture for me. and many others. Curiosities is part of a shopping destination that has developed in Beaverton for vintage shoppers, along with The Vault, Mid Century Modern. The city of Beaverton is missing out an opportunity to promote this and cultivate that, with this outstanding mid century building and business.

I have been a resident of Beaverton for 15 years. The only changes I’ve seen have been bringing in monstrosities like Cracker Barrel and boxy, boring apartment complexes and semi-modern dwelling structures. There have not been any changes made to support small, local businesses. They’ve only been moved out, left in ruins, or the city doesn’t bother to have building owners maintain external appearances. Downtown Beaverton has been building large complexes to make more housing available, but at what cost? These new residents only have run down and outdated businesses to shop at. There are no antique stores in all of Beaverton other than Curiosities and Rose City Modern. Both of which are in classic, architecturally significant buildings. They are unique establishments that shine in comparison to the old and run down and the new and uninteresting. I have been a dealer at Curiosities for almost two years. Prior to that, I was a customer. Travis markets the business, supports the local community and has a high standard for the merchandise we, as antique dealers, supply. Not only does he support the community, but he helps support small business practices. It would be a shame to destroy the last remaining bit of uniqueness to this otherwise basic and boring city development. Please save the Peaks!!!

It's part of the historical "modern" architecture of the area. Currently in use as a successful commercial business that represents the community. Draws in people from other area's to shop in local Business in Beaverton.
Save the peaks !

Preserving old buildings is almost always a good idea. And they attract visitors (japan, Portland and the great Metro area). Usually when they are torn down it is at the behest of some developer and is often coordinated with friends in high places. I certainly hope you are not those friends in high places. Keep those 1950's shops. They are officially antiques themselves. Besides, you will be putting over 70 vendors out of work and destroying a business that has rapidly build itself up.

Have a heart and a sense of history.

A beautiful building that adds so much happiness to the bland neighborhood. Lively businesses inside, Caring, thoughful people that work here - more needs to be done to bring this type of business and people to this part of Beaverton. With the MAX line and food carts nearby, this is a place I frequent and it's so convenient. Please do not tear down The Peaks !!

Having a on going and successful business at this location will do more for Beaverton then destroying the building and living nothing there but a barren piece of land which may or may not attract a future developer. Beaverton has very few such buildings and this one has been developed into a successful business which brings a great many folks to the area.

To preserve the unique store of this kind in Beaverton!

The buildings serving as curiosities should be saved because they embody the new motto
of Beaverton and logo of welcoming, vibrant,responsible,Athletic,and friendly, as well as embracing diversity.

For all the fun and good friends.

It is a quality series of shops that adds to the local community.

I live in NE but my friends and I often frequent The Peaks and Curiosities Vintage Mall. Although out of our way, the mall is an excellent and fun area to shop. There are numerous establishments that not only provide a living for so many but also bring business and revenue to Beaverton. To see the mall and annex demolished would be a shame and, I believe, have a negative impact on many people's lives and Beaverton revenue. Do not destroy this incredible resource! Save the Peaks..

These two, architecturally matching, chalet, mid-century buildings are likely historical by a major architect and SHOULD NOT BE DESTROYED!! These buildings should be held in high praise and regard due to their style, materials used and their beautiful architecture. These should be on an historical site and left for future generations to admire and learn about. SAVE THESE BUILDINGS!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!

The Peaks is an historically significant building for Beaverton. It now brings the community together by offering the only vintage recycle shop in the area which encourages up cycling instead contributing to landfills, i.e., a green business.

There are various small business located in the area , that I and my children visit. Thanks

Curiosities is a business (businesses) that draw people and events to Beaverton. There is no other "like-kind" antique store in size and sophistication in this city. Being new to this area I have enjoyed the great friendly atmosphere, cleanliness, and the combined knowledge of so many diverse collections of all goes together with the era of the peaks. Please save this little piece of nostalgia and joy. The uniqueness is why so many are drawn to Curiosities.

This building should stand!! So many people utilize this building for their business and it's a great place to go! A parking lot isnt more important than peoples livelihood! SAVE THE PEAKS!

The historical home of women and minority owned businesses should be saved to continue it's good historical work. It's unique profile adds to the visual uniqueness of the area. I for one am sick to death of the homogeneous buildings going up.

It’s where I shop! And support a bunch of local families/people who also turn around and spend that money right in the area.

it holds an antique mall where most of the proprietors are offers an opportunity and a place where small businesses run by women can thrive...

This business provides more value to the community than a parking lot. Quite frankly it’s disappointing that this is even being considered

Because I know so many amazing small business owners that will be put out of business and greatly impacted if it gets destroyed. This is just wrong.

There are other places for high rises, this is not the spot, save some of the history of Beaverton. We need diversity not another Walmart.

It is peoples knock it down for a parking lot is irresponsible and rude.

I moved to Beaverton 25 years ago, bought my house19 years ago, sent my two children to K-12 Beaverton Public Schools, have been active in my NAC and opened my small business in Central Beaverton 7 years ago. As a taxpayer, a voter and a small business owner, I am extremely disappointed to the short-sighted and thoughtless decision making that has occurred around the Curiosities Vintage property and business. The reason I moved to and contribute my time and resources to this community is that it valued its pioneering history of being a diverse and entrepreneurial culture. To see that this administration has no regard for that history, small business or its citizen's desires for unique retail experiences is frustrating and disheartening. And to be as ruthless as to give this small business essentially a death sentence with a ridiculous 60 days notice is shameful. There are plenty of other options for both temporary parking and for development in the surrounding area. Shame on you, Mayor Doyle, Marc San Soucie, Cate Arnold, Lacey Beaty, Mark Fagin, and Laura Mitchell. I will not be voting for any of you in the coming election year and will actively voice my disagreement with your decision to all available sources.

The businesses in this building are one of the reasons I actually come to Beaverton from Portland in the first place. Please don't evict the valuable contributors to Beaverton's economic fabric from this important space.

Sixty-two small and unique businesses make their home there. They should be able to stay. The historic buiding should not be demolished to make room for parking and at the expense of all those who do business there.

They don't build them like that any more! This great mid century mod building should be preserved.

Curiosities is an incredible pillar in the community and provides a wonderful shops! Please think about all the community members that would be affected by this.

This is such an iconic building and a remembrance of the past, not to mention a very successful business. Demolishing it for TEMPORARY parking is short sighted, particularly with MAX right there. Shouldn't you be promoting use of public transportation? As I understand it, Tri-met ridership is down. Do your part. Additionally, you are greatly impacting small businesses that are doing well and continue to do well. Let's be smart about this. Demolishing this for PARKING that is TEMPORARY is not a good decision and indicates poor planning on your part.

This is an historical building and the vendors at Curiosities bring people from Portland and all surrounding cities to Beaverton.

Why should it be saved? Is this a serious question? There are 62 small businesses located inside here which means 62 families that rely on the income generated to provide for their families

This beautiful and historic building is home to a central and multiple smaller businesses that fill a special niche and bring many people into the central Beaverton city core who spend money, not only there but the entire region.

Because poor planning on the part of the city does not constitute a problem on the part of small businesses! Good grief. Leave the peaks alone.

The current tenant ofThe Peaks has worked tirelessly to create a thriving, family owned business in Beaverton. With its many participating vendors and regular outdoor markets, demolishing this building to create another parking lot it unfortunate indeed

This building is a landmark in Beaverton. It currently houses one of the most unique antique shopping experiences here in the PNW. Save this beautiful building & the wonderful businesses.

This is an important business for the community and a landmark building. It's short sighted of Beaverton to drive away this thriving business and the community of customers who frequent it! Shame on you, Beaverton!

Why are we taking down a well-used building for a parking lot!? This is crazy. How about other run-down buildings that aren’t being used. Your poor planning shouldn’t take away the living of several women and families in a well-run and taking care of building. Poor choice Beaverton!

Curiosities represents the livelihood of so many people. Beaverton doesn’t need another parking lot. Shame on you.

The Peaks supports many small business owners providing unique goods.

It gives the city character.

This building is an architectural piece of Beaverton’s history and BEAUTY.
Only a fool would tear it down!
Wake up Beaverton. History can not be replaced.

This directly impacts families and friends who own these businesses!! Beaverton doesn’t need another high rise apartment that people can’t afford. There is no upside to current residents and only goes to put more money in wealthy developers pockets. Save curiosities and the surrounding businesses!

Is there nothing in old neighborhood's that the City doesn't find important enough to keep. Why the parking lot? Let people take the MAX ......I really find discrimination in this planning for parking lots. Beaverton being an extension of Portland should follow the reason people love Portland.......walking, biking, taking the MAX.

Stop overdeveloping our town!!! Leave Beaverton alone!

Small business. Local business. Preservation. All very good things. This is community. No more high rises. No more parking lots. No more big box stores. Keep the Peaks.

This building and the people that run it are so valuable to our community.
They put on such wonderful events and it is such a pleasurable place to visit.
Places like this are what make Beaverton special and unique.
Please do not take it away !!!!!

It’s not an ugly building like the buildings across the way. It’s good to keep a little history with all the new that’s been going up. Dont lose sight of that balance.

I have had my small business in this mall for the past year. The people and the building are amazing and draw people from all over the Portland area!

This is a lovely building and a wonderful business. I’ve been going since they’ve opened and it would be a shame to lose Curiosities. They have done a fabulous job building this business and I love this quirky corner of Beaverton. Keep the uniqueness of our city intact and don’t tear down wonderful historical buildings!

History far too often gets shoved aside for new. Sometimes it is meant to be left alone. You have a business in there right now that thrives. I personally know the owners of Curiosity's and this is their living. As the old adage says, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Seriously!

This building adds much needed charm and personality to Beaverton and I have spent many happy hours beneath it's roof. We don't need another generic mixed use high rise that could be found anywhere. We need unique small businesses who add so much to the community, as well as the wonderful special events hosted in this building.

We value small businesses in our community. We want to support locally owned small businesses. We should destroy their business for temporary parking, that is wrong in so many ways. Better planning should have been done. There are other options.Parking should have been considered before moving the city offices etc. Now other businesses have to pay the price for this?

This building contributes to the mid-century charm that is an important part of Beaverton’s history. There are empty lots that can be used for a garage or you could demolish one of the many other buildings that offer no cultural significance. This is a very poorly planned idea. Shame on Beaverton.

Small, unique businesses deserve space. These are places that support families and when you spend $$ there, it stays in the community. Don’t make Beaverton what Portland is becoming!

Curiosity’s is a great business. A unique shopping experience. . We don't need more urban expansion that could be found anywhere. We need more unique small businesses that add to the community, as well as the wonderful special events hosted There.

My family’s business means everything to me. I don’t know my life without Curiosities and the community it has built for me.

Beaverton is becoming cooler and cooler. So many great restaurants and shops! This beautiful piece of its history only adds to the style and coolness! Don’t destroy a part of her history that looks so rad!

This business provides income to dozens of residents. Why would the city want to squash opportunity for its residents??
Travis Diskin and Jennifer Barker and their vendors have made Curiosities a destination in downtown Beaverton. They have preserved and enhanced a true architectural treasure. To be frank, it’s one of only a few establishments that I would endure the horrendous traffic and congestion of Beaverton to shop at.


The peaks has a long history in Beaverton. For the past several years it has housed a wonderful vintage mall which is home to over 60 small businesses. Please reconsider the plan to demolish these businesses and the wonderful history of these buildings. Do not ruin the good things in our town for more parking. Figure out a sensible way to solve the parking issue and save 60+ businesses.

Beaverton history. Save it. Can’t rebuild history

Keep Beaverton unique!

This building supports over 60 local business owners and greatly improves and enriches the culture of Beaverton.

It’s a historical building and houses many small businesses within the community.

Local businesses are what this community thrives on. This is history and livelyhood for Beaverton.

Curiosities is not just a store. It is part of what makes Beaverton a community. They have events that brings the community together and support many small businesses within it. To lose this business and this building would be to lose a rare and unique treasure. Shame on the city planners to put up city buildings and not plan ahead for parking.

Support the small businesses and employees can park anywhere. Think bigger - come on!!

Beaverton claims to be "open for business", yet constantly throws up hurdle after pointless hurdle towards small businesses. Enough already!

Towns are for people, not parking lots.

The owners have restored life back into this building. They care about the community and have successfully helped keep business locàl. They are in a beautiful, iconic building and have created a fun place for the community to gather and connect with each other. They have done a huge service to the city of Beaverton by fixing up this building and making it a destination location. Do not tear this building and business down. Curiosities and the building it is currently in is something Beaverton can be proud of. Do the right thing and keep it alive. It is the heart beat of the community.

The Peaks are unique landmarks in a city that is looking like “any city”USA. These buildings offer a snapshot into the history of Beaverton through their architecture style. Plus they offer important small businesses an opportunity to thrive & add a fun flair to Beaverton.

It’s important to support small, local, and unique businesses!

Because it's a historic site of Beaverton that's now a beautiful business that positively contributes to the community

This building, and all atmosphere surrounding it is important. It's a community. A high rise does not belong there. I, along with many friends of mine love shopping in the old markets. Please leave this part of town the way it should be. Leave it alone.

I'm so tired of all the landmarks being destroyed and gentrified! Keep the small businesses the way they are, stop all the noise pollution from construction, stop being greedy, and leave this alone please!

I support local business and believe in valuing employees, businesses, and families over parking lots.

Because The Peaks provides community for the great people of Beaverton. Save The Peaks!!

I am a small business owner in downtown beaverton and other small businesses like these, in fashionable, historical buildings are what define this area as a hip, eclectic hot spot. It would be a huge mistake to continue destroying this funky neighborhood just to shove more tall buildings in. Especially since it may very well price small businesses out of the area, which is why people come and want to live near in the first place!

My daughter has a booth in this unique vintage store, and does live video promotions for Curiosities. I haven't been able to enjoy the store, yet, because I live in a different state, but, want the chance to do so, in the future! Please don't let this unique vintage store go! It's precious, and green!

Beaverton's downtown core is becoming revitalized with new restaurants and as people start using this area more we want to see local small businesses that stand out. Curiosities is a wonderful store that is fun for the average person to poke around in to find treasures. It is a wonderful part of the downtown experience. For it to be torn down, jobs lost and a treasure of a shop destroyed because of temporary parking needs, is dispicable. Think about the long term goals for the city, plan ahead and keep treasures like this.

There isn't much of old Beaverton that has character. Please save this mid-crbturt modern building.

The Peals offers a necessary diversity to Beaverton’s culture and enriches is historical story. Additionally, it houses several thriving businesses (many of which that are women-owned) comprised of the members of our Beaverton Community. To demolish this historical building in favor of a parking lot, not only is a disservice to the current generations represented in it, but to those coming up behind them as well.

Please save the small town feel that is left in this historic town!

Local cultural historic location
A place where self supporting community can be found.
Recycling of the elevated kind

No more cars; enhance TriMet

Stop destroying the history of Beaverton.

It is an integral part of the Beaverton community, and should be saved.

Historic building with local businesses. Please build your high rise somewhere else!

This building is a part of Beaverton history. The building is unique and adds so much charm. It would be a shame to destroy it for parking. Beaverton get it together.

It is a great place to shop and the building itself is an old slice of history

The treasures we have found and family adventures we have had are the reasons we cherish Beaverton. This is unreal!!!

This is such a great stire if repurpise, saving the city tins of money on trash/recycle. Tgere are fewer and fewer if these stires each year. It also give the general public unique places to shop and revisit history.
Don't take that away.

This place has been a place I can shop and share fun times with my family. They host many community events and it helps many people with a living since there are so many vendors. It’s the only real place like this left in the greater Portland area. There is plenty of parking and no need to tear down such a needed community place.

Not only does it have a history in the community but it helps a lot of small businesses in and around the area. Please don't destroy this for a parking lot.

This is an iconic building in Beaverton. It's heartbreaking to think a characterless building could replace it.

I am puzzled by the city of Beaverton's "need" to construct a temporary parking lot. We have lived in the area for decades, and have visited Curiosities and the former businesses many times. 60 days to relocate a vibrant business seems unrealistic given the cost of business rentals in the region.

This place has given so much to the community as a gathering place for fellow vintage enthusiasts and a vibrant storefront that gives more diverse economic opportunities life to Beaverton. Replacing them with a parking lot is ridiculous and unnecessary and unwanted!

It is a special business in Beaverton. Takes it out of the cookie cutter class as well as helping local venders.

It is something different in the heart of a city that is mostly chain restaurants. Uniqueness should be valued, and not demolished for yet another parking lot.

It’s a great building, full of unique mid century character that hosts so many great vendors. It’s the reason I drive to Beaverton from Portland and when I’m there I also shop other local businesses. If it’s gone so many people will be impacted.

It’s been there for 55 years that’s why!!!

I know the peaks as the home of curiosities vintage. A place to find great vintage gifts for friends and family. I know that I travel from Vancouver WA just to shop here and spend an entire day in Beaverton also patronizing local restaurants and taverns

There are so few shops in Beaverton left that aren't corporately owned. You just lost Everyday Music and Curiousities is the ONLY reason why I even go to Beaverton anymore. I was born and raised there.
I know for a fact that you can find a much better location for a PARKING LOT than destroy a small business. Shame on you.

Because it's a prominent landmark and I shop at that vintage store fairly often

Keep small businesses alive in Beaverton! Curiosities and The Beaverton Flea make Beaverton a fun destination. Otherwise it’s just another drive-thru town.

There’s an empty field next to Beaverton Transit Center. There’s no reason to demolish small businesses that help make Beaverton unique when there’s an empty lot less than a mile away. Even if that empty field can’t be used, there are other ones. We can’t lose the community feeling of Beaverton by heartlessly evicting small businesses.

I send so many people to Curiosities, who then stick around and check out some of the other cute businesses in out little downtown area. I dont want to see another crappy parking lot where a fun business used to be!

Beaverton says it's small business friendly, yet they are willing to close down over 60 entrepreneurs for a parking lot. Who will this benefit the most? Not downtown businesses that's for sure. Good luck!

Because history, usefully commercial space, and people are better than parking lots.

It's such a great variety shop of things from the past. Much better than your average antique shop but still has some of those tings within it. I personally love the die-cast section and go there about twice a month and would hate to see a parking lot there instead. Keep this unique place in tact and running PLEASE. It's never empty and has really cool flea markets as well.

Oh, the irony. Demolish an historic building, that is home to a business focused on celebrating and preserving the past, to make way for a soulless car park. Please...just don't. The Peaks, and the business it houses, are special places that add character and spirit to Beaverton. Towns need that at least as much as places to park.

I like to go eat food at the food trucks before walking through all the curiosity shops.if the shops weren’t there I wouldn’t eat at the food trucks

I love the community that curiosities has built with their store and summer flea markets. I am a small business and rely on events like the flea market/vendor booths to stay in and grow my business. Demolishing this business for a parking lot is SHAMEFUL. You should be ashamed that you are kicking out so many small businesses (each booth in that store is a small business! ) not to mention buying secondhand is a green/environmentally sound as you can get, so knowing this will all disappear for a parking lot?! How awful for our planet! So disappointed and disgusted with the actions of the city.

The City of Beaverton is what it is today thanks in part to the many businesses that have helped grow the economy. Curiosities has been such a huge part of Beaverton for so many years and have not only preserved the vintage building in which they reside, they have made it a destination location that people from around the area flock to. A parking lot?!?! Destroy a landmark and one of the best antique markets in the area for a parking lot? Maybe you all looked over there and saw that old building and thought little of it. Please be aware that those of us who do business there, Curiosities is by far one of the best businesses in the downtown Beaverton area. Locally owned and supporting local business owners saving relics from the past and providing affordable goods for the surrounding communities. Please put your parking lot somewhere else.

The Beaverton Curiosity store is a wonderful place. It sells lovely items and makes a great place to shop in the downtown area. The building is one of the few mid-century buildings with character in the city and the flea market brings in a good amount of business to not only the business itself but also the surrounding businesses as well. The store is wonderful place to walk around and visit and is one of the places I love most in our city. To see it taken away from us for something so sordid would be a shame. It offers a lot of variation to our city and draws people from afar to visit us. Losing it would be a shame.

It’s the first place that caught my eye when I first visited Beaverton and it’s truly one of a kind. Both of my parents insist going to Curiosities when they come in town to visit me from Illinois!

Where to start, the building has so much character and catches my eye each time I drive past. In addition the flea market and curiosities shop is so unique and there is nothing quite like it in the area. Beavertons downtown area is quite boring already with curiosities and the market being the only thing that brings me to it.

Please find another location for a parking lot.

This is absurd. With all of the empty businesses around Beaverton and the empty lots that have stood in town for years, you plan to evict a successful business so you can build a temporary parking lot? Do you understand how that looks to anyone looking to build a business in Beaverton?

This is an irreplaceable mid century building! I live in SE Portland and come out to Curiosities at least once a month which leads me to shop other businesses in the area. Without this gem, I’ve got no reason to come to Beaverton! Tear down for a parking lot-you have got to be kidding

This is a magnificent building and helps give Beaverton style. Having charities just as important as having green space. Don’t wipe out history for a parking lot. No one wants to live in a town of just parking lots! Please please please don’t demolish the peaks!!! 💔

Please save this building! Please save small business.

This is my favorite shop in all of Beaverton. PLEASE STOP BUILDING! I want to see plans to accommodate all this growth. You cut back school funding and teachers and add building after building after chick Filet. Major Dewey. Shame on you.

The city shouldn’t be allowed to just decide to shut a business down and build what they want. This is too much control and not thinking about the little guy and the small business owners that this effects! This building is 55 years old, quit trying to destroy the history of the city for your own greed

It time to start saving some of teh retro and cool buildings in the area. This is a truly unique building and it is worth saving.

We are on a rampage in Portland and Beaverton and many surrounding areas to tear down structures that hold historical and nostalgic value of our past... we are replacing them with high dollar living and parking places that offer nothing to the integrity of our cities or state other than over population, unaffordable housing and chaos. What are we going to do when this runs it’s course and we are left with hundreds of unoccupied living spaces, empty parking lots and structures because the job market is totally saturated and people cannot afford the high rents and fees associated with all this? We have to stop this madness and preserve our structures and spaces and keep our history...

I was a vendor at this establishment for 2 years- and I witnessed first hand the impact Curiosities had on its customers and surrounding community. There is a sense of unity- a passion for preserving the rights of small businesses and giving merchants who would otherwise not be able to share their craft and wares in a community setting. The ENTIRE staff dedicated their time and effort to making Curiosities a most treasured landmark and icon of independent commerce. It’s history, and the history of the collectibles and memorabilia it houses, needs to be preserved. Every great town needs a piece of history- this is Beaverton’s.

I’m shocked to hear about the plan to make The Peaks a parking lot for city workers. It seems selfish, unnecessary, and destructive to the unique character of Beaverton. The Peaks is a bright spot in a rather dull area of our city. Surrounded by unattractive businesses and electric wires, The Peaks offer a delightful glimpse into the past with its vibrant colors, playful 20th century modern architecture, and multitude of carefully curated booths. It’s so unique that the city should make every attempt to preserve this building and work with it, not against it. Why don’t you transform the existing lots at Biggi and Cress? I love BEAVERTON because of its charm. If the city removes buildings with character, we’ll just be another boring suburb.

Beaverton will loose its character and just look like nothing but car lots and parking lots if buildings like this are taken down. I love those little businesses. Beaverton is mostly generic strip malls. It is a bad direction. Makes one want to drive on through and patronize nothing.

A historical landmark that is a part of Beaverton’s history.

Why should we destroy businesses under the guise of supporting local businesses? There are plenty of rub down, abandoned places in downtown Beaverton.

Small businesses are what keep a city like Beaverton unique. I have had the please of watching my close friends and owners of Curiosities, the Barkers, build their business from the ground up and have so much joy doing it. The demolition of small businesses will strip our city of its culture.

This building is one of a kind in the Beaverton area. The Peaks buildings have to be maintained as a historical landmark of some kind. You cannot find architecture like it, it tells a story of years past. It serves as home to many small business people and taking it away would leave them with no place to do business. The people of Curiosity are the nicest, most welcoming people. They make each and every person that walks through the doors welcome and often like family. There is no other place like it anywhere near Beaverton. People come to Beaverton just for this place, and the events they hold. I know people that come from Tillamook just to attend their summer flea markets. So you know what that means for Beaverton...revenue! When people travel to Beaverton to visit Curiosity, they also visit many other businesses. Taking these buildings and the businesses that occupy them would be detrimental to the city of Beaverton and the hearts of the community.

Our unique history should be preserved.

The City should be helping preserve its history and saving small businesses, to protect its past and serve its future.

This long-term landmark business is an important community asset. It reflects Beaverton’s cultural and historical values. Please don’t destroy that!

This shop is something unique, and a great source of community. How they hold their community flea market brings everyone together to share their unique and inspiring history and craft. If you lose this shop you will also be losing a little bit of the Portland Metro community spirit.

I’ve grown up in Beaverton and unfortunately there are so many things that have changed. The one good change over the last few years has been the Peaks. Particularly with curiosities it provides a rad vintage area in the suburbs and creates a wonderful community with the vintage festivals in the summer. Stop gentrifying Beaverton!

With the development boom around the area we have fewer and fewer classic buildings to preserve our twins history. The architecture is stunning and unique against the tall rectangular boring boxes that are new buildings. Not only that but new buildings come with higher rent that a lot of small businesses can’t afford. Tearing down The Peaks would mean saying goodbye to beloved community businesses.

Curiosities is a place my significant other and I like to visit often. It's a date destination for us that we have fun at and we have a lot to talk about there. Please dont take this away from us for parking.

Curiosities is a unique business that brings people to Beaverton. No other business in town has the unique characteristics that Curiosities offers. Tearing it down for, yet another, development opportunity STRIPS away the character of Beaverton.

It's a beautiful mid-century building that houses numerous small businesses. Shame on Beaverton, a parking lot is not "progress".

Because all Portland is becoming is parking and apartments!!! It’s disgusting. And why do city employees only get parking!!!! I regret moving back to Portland to see all this crap.

Curiosities is a draw to people! We take all of our out of town guests here and visit often from Hillsboro. The vendors are great and there is no other antique store with the quality, yet affordability, of Curiosities. Don’t tear down these buildings! Save these businesses!

Please don't demolish this amazing place, my daughter and I love exploring Curiosities. The impact on the small business community would be hard to overcome. Beaverton is growing of course but destroying the unique quirky bits and pieces in the name of growth is a huge disappointment and loss to our history.

This is a colorful and vibrant spot in Beaverton, which Beaverton needs MORE of! Put parking somewhere else. There is plenty of room in Beaverton!

Beaverton: do you realize how short sighted it is that you want to tear down so many local businesses for a -parking lot-? If the businesses are gone, how will the small city attract people to come? Do you realize now much business the Curiousities shop brings in on one of their flea days? An eyesore of tarmac is not needed. Individuality is needed to bring folk to downtown Beaverton. Please do not make this mistake. It is a historic area that should be preserved and not destroyed. Please do not be like every other short sighted community and tear down places that bring people and revenue.

The building itself adds a uniqueness to the usual boring square buildings. There was a study done which identified there are plenty of parking places in Beaverton. Jenn and Travis have established a great way to reuse/repurpose antiques, instead of contributing to pollution and landfill. Keep the peaks!

I think this building represents a well preserved mid century building style. It has a vibrant mid century style with intentional graceful lines that are a really nice view from Canyon Road. The use of many windows and natural light make the building so light and airy feeling in the inside. Who was the architect? He did a wonderful design that has had businesses filling its space for many years. I remember the garden store ( don’t remember exact store name there in the 1980s and 1990s run by Bob Martyn. One would often see others from the Beaverton community there- a “go to place” for many in the community . Driving by it now it is a gem to look at ! And a bright spot in an otherwise pool of business buildings where many have little or no style redemption, not kept up, —there is even the eyesore vacant restaurant that has stood vacant for years with weeds growing - no source of income for owners and no source of anything but sight blight for how many thousand drivers passing by. Maybe Beaverton should refresh it’s focus and consider adjustments to their plan. The building and its wonderful style right there off Canyon road brings moments of peace and joy to me on my commutes . What a great way to start a morning ( or anytime of day) looking at this building that figuratively soars above so many other buildings in the area. Perhaps the city should rethink destroying this building. Remember the song lyrics” pave paradise to put up a parking lot.”? Not all plans do translate to progress. There is a much better answer in saving this and there are many uses that a building like this can provide not now but in the future.

Don’t destroy that amazing place . It’s like a museum and it’s gull with awesomeness.

This building is a landmark in Beaverton. It houses a thriving business that will be closed to tear it down . This isn’t right. Parking lots can be built in other areas

I currently live in Vancouver, WA and go to Beaverton specifically for this place. I am moving to Raleigh Hills soon and consider some of the architecture in the SW Portland and Beaverton areas to be wonderful examples of our area’s history. It’s reprehensible that history is not cared for or respected, but simply demolished.

This is what makes Portland, Portland! It’s employment opportunities for so many people plus small town business and selling is so important and great for any city. This makes me really sad and disappointed if this actually goes through.

It is a unique old building full of charm! Do not destroy it! Please look for other options for your parking lot. It would be a terrible waste to lose this great building for that purpose. It would be devastating for the owners, vendors, and all of Beaverton.

Family owned businesses where the locals can gather are important and a basis for the fabric of a good community. Plus if you take it away, you are robbing this longstanding family of their livelihood! What kind of community does that? Does Beaverton want to be known as this type of city?

my house wouldn't be the same without everything I get from The Peaks

Curiosities holds a place in the community's heart and deserves to keep existing. Don't let this happen, please!

First, i feel like if you need parking just build a parking garage where the BG food cartels parking is. That is a complete waste of space and can be changed. Now as for the beautiful peaks building, besides being an iconic structure in beaverton, it both is and houses many peoples businesses. We all love picking and finding cool treasures, like on American pickers. This building and the area surrounding could be Beavertons happening location with The food cartel and round so close people could walk to this place and have fun looking through and purchasing a piece of the past with their family and friends. Of you wat to tear down building start with the vacant ones and let this beautiful building, the people in it and their businesses survive. We need more culture and the peaks houses more under its roof than all of Beaverton combined.

Beaverton is a steadily growing community, but preserving some of its history and charm should be part of our community planning. Please reconsider demolishing The Peaks, a true Diamond in the Heart of Beaverton!

Curiosities is my favorite business in Beaverton. Our family goes to the monthly flea market every time. The building has so much charm in a sea of bland suburbia. Save this bright spot in Beaverton!!

Instead of yet another boring parking lot in Beaverton, shouldn't we be looking to the future by encouraging public employees to find other modes of transportation while valuing our historic buildings and successful independent businesses? Surely there is another way to serve both needs.

This is a unique gem of a building downtown. More parking? Really? Please don’t tear this down!

Curiosities is a treasure for Beaverton and does not deserve this short-sighted, ill-conceived treatment and outcome.

The peaks have been a staple of canyon road my entire life. You can build a parking lot ANYWHERE! Why do it at the expense of history?! It’s these kinds of decisions that make me, a 37 year resident of the Portland Metro area, leave and head for another area. The integrity here is long gone for the easiest way to accommodate the flux of people coming here.

I drive all the way from Molalla to visit and shop this special shop. I’ve seen it evolve from a start up vintage shop to a city staple, hot spot, and must see shop to visit for vintage tourist. This would be a huge loss. Travis has taken pride in making this one of the nicest vintage malls in Oregon. I’d urge the city of Beaverton to reconsider its decision!

Because of the local businesses that will be forced to relocate or completely close due to the short notice.

It’s a beautiful historic building! Beyond that there are no other antique shops nearby! Where would I shop! Curiosities is my home, it’s where my family shops. It’s lur community and where we go to visit with friends!

Businesses here have worked very hard to embrace sustainable practices and provide community space. This development project is the antithesis of those values.

I love the shops that are there currently. If Beaverton needs more parking tear down that Chinese restaurant across from the car dealership.

I live in Scappoose, but I remember this building from years ago. It’s individual style adds to the eclectic feeling of downtown. The last thing I want to see there is a contemporary parking structure that looks like every other city. Please don’t take away this awesome building from the Beaverton landscape.

It is a wonderful old building with so many great stories. I went there as a kid to Ludeman’s. It’s a landmark and should be treated with respect!

This building and that which it houses gives back 10 fold to the community. It adds to Beaverton by being not yet another chain retailer. Beaverton already has enough of that. It is a gem in what could be considered a "strip mall" city. This building and its retailers are unique. Keeping the history of Beaverton and its vintage wares alive.

The city needs small businesses, not a parking lot. There is no reason to destroy people’s livelihoods for this.

Please don’t destroy this cool building - Beaverton needs to retain some character and style.

It’s a historical Beaverton building with mid-century charm. There really isn’t much left in Beaverton with character. Please save this building!!!!!!

Curiosities provides a unique shopping experience. The location and building are part of that unique experience. When family and friends come to visit, it’s one of our favorite places to go. I have found so many treasures at Curiosities. The people that work there really care about the community. The have worked hard to establish a business that provides a need in our community. Please reconsider demolishing this unique and special place.

This building is a piece of Beaverton's history, which is slowly fading from everyone's memory, as more and more historic buildings are being knocked down. We can't keep demolishing buildings older than 10 years to make way for new construction, most of which stands empty and unused due to high rents. It's a waste!

There are plenty of parking lots and not nearly enough quirky vintage shopping locations in Beaverton. I bring all of my out of town guests here and it’s one of their favorite places to hang out and shop. Besides my personal enjoyment of this venue, this is incredibly short-sighted and negatively impactful for the businesses that rely on this venue. You can’t say “Beaverton wants to support small business” and pull a bullshit move like this. Please reconsider.

This is one of the best things to do in Beaverton on a rainy day (Everyday Music was another). I am floored to hear that the city slyly purchased the building and have given 60 days notice for all businesses inside to shut. All of this to build a parking lot? For government employees who should be utilizing mass transmit and ride sharing enough that more parking isnt necessary. Beaverton is quickly losing a lot of its core identity.

This building is an important part of the community and has been for years. I understand the need for more housing, but this isn’t the way to do it.

I love Curiosities and it brightens my day every time I drive past - they do such a great job with decorating their shop. They also provide a way for other vendors to sell their goods which helps the local economy. Please re-think this decision and don’t put another small business owner out of business!

People will stop moving to beaverton if there’s nothing fun or unique about it!

Architectural (Googie design) and community importance!

The building and the local business brings culture to that part of Beaverton and needs to be saved

It brings some much needed character to Beaverton

It’s too rare for small business to thrive. This is a travesty- everyone should have the opportunity to create a business and life for themselves independently. Corporate and large scale building are ruining our cities. Stop the over expansion and keep the culture connected to local businesses.

I am a supporter of small unique businesses and this amazing company needs to be saved!

This wonderful landmark serves the citizens of Beaverton. It is the home of sixty small businesses who are the foundation of our very community. There have to be more community-friendly and more environmentally friendly options than tearing down a landmark in favor of PARKING,

Any elected official who approves this nonsense will be out of a job at the next election. Guaranteed!

Curiosities is my favorite place to shop in Beaverton. It gives the city a unique flair and there are always people there. The funky retro vibe is cool and it has been lovingly refurbished. I keep reading in the city newsletter how you’re trying to bring more interesting things to Beaverton. Why in the world would you demolish this building???

I'm all for mixed use/infill but not at the expense of destroying what makes where we live uniquely us.

It's a great store and it brings my mother a lot of joy.

Curiosities has made a destination spot in Beaverton! I credit it with helping to revitalize downtown Beaverton and make It unique. It is the best antique mall west of the willamette and beats anything one can find in western Multnomah county. Please do not trade this special spot for a parking lot! You will be taking away a part of what is helping to make Beaverton special.

The Peaks is a historic landmark that needs to be saved. Curiosities has promoted the preservation of Beaverton history throughout all of its booths in the form of local antiques and through knowledgeable employees. Curiosities cleaned up the area around its building and made their small part of Beaverton beautiful. Not only has Curiosities preserved Beaverton history, but they’ve created their own cultural tradition through its first Sunday fleas. Beaverton does not have any other independent traditions. The Peaks and Curiosities has proved time and time again its pride in its city that has turned against it. The city should be showing the same pride in its small businesses instead of building more high rises that serve outsiders coming in rather than serving its own long time residents.

I absolutely love Curiosities and the vintage flea. It brings people together. We bond over old crap. Find cool stuff. Eat good food. This is such a shame.

Let’s preserve & keep some of our local treasures that make Beaverton unique! Want something new & shiny? Upgrade/modernize that neighborhood without destroying some of those unique buildings!

As a life long resident of Beaverton I do NOT want to see a thriving business hub in our community be torn down for another slab of concrete to park cars and another large parking lot. City planners and developers must act to maintain and keep business such as these, encourage public transit and focus on street parking options if parking is needed and uphold this thriving special and unique hub of our city.

We should protect long held family owned businesses that are an important part of our community and clearly something the community wants to keep as an important fixture! Especially if it’s giving back positively to the community.

I love shopping at that store. And I am an architect student so it would be sad to see it torn down.

The building is old and the construction is fun and something you don’t see very often anymore. The store currently there is amazing and the only reason my friends and I visit the city of Beaverton.

Because too many landmarks are being taken down. What is a city without history? Besides unless the next housing is affordable it doesn't benefit the people.

Businesses that provide employment, taxes, goods and servuces ahould never be forcibly removed to provide parking for anyone, but lsaat of all Goverment employees.

I believe in supporting small businesses and not parking lots

We visit twice a year and this is one of our favorite shops! Please don't destroy it!

Curiosities is a fun store to visit, and the architecture of the building is unique and draws the eye.

This is a landmark establishment that has been offering unique finds for years. There are already many places around Beaverton to park and many other vacant buildings in the city to demolish to build this supposedly wanted parking lot. Demolishing this building is unnecessary, and the city of Beaverton needs to get better city planning advice.

Great store, vintage to Beaverton, small business, don’t want a parking lot .. this store brings me to the area

Heartbreaking to imagine this unique building and amazing local business being demolished for yet another parking lot... shame on City of Beaverton for wanting to destroy this destination and local attraction.

This is such a unique shop and adds an extra bit of eclectic fun to an otherwise boring town! Don’t take this away!!!

This is a unique shopping experience in the area, it would be an absolute shame to take these buildings down for parking. We visit these shops frequently and have taken many out of town guests with us. There are many vendors that display their goods in these buildings. Shame on you for this decision. I hope that you will reconsider! (Perhaps instead you can encourage your government employees to take public transportation instead of driving to work!)

Curiosities is a great part of the community, and the peaks building is one of the best and last remaining pieces of vintage architecture in downtown Beaverton. With all of the new construction happening, Beaverton’s past deserves to be preserved.

I’m an out of state fan of this beautiful business. It has been on my bucket list for this Fall. I am frustrated to think , that this wonderful shop will die to become a parking lot. How can they in all good conscience destroy someone’s livelihood for a PARKING LOT!?!?

Curiosities is a huge attraction foe antique and vintage buyers and the swap meet attendees come from all over the area. Losing this amazing vintage mall would be terrible

There is a business and jobs connected to this building. To demolish it and eliminate jobs for a TEMPORARY parking lot is ridiculous. And the building itself is a quirky throw back to a bygone era that adds uniqueness to an otherwise drab stretch of the city.

The Peaks is a historic landmark that needs to be saved. As new construction continues we are losing more of our cities historic character such as The Peaks. Please reconsider and save The Peaks and our cities historic character we deserve.

Unique property, unique and bustling business and the sole reason I drive to Beaverton to shop a few times a month.

It's a joy to have in the community ! The monthly flea market is a statement of Beaverton!

It’s such a unique building with ties to the past; plus displacing so many small and 100% local businesses with such short notice is AWFUL!

I lice the place. It a treasure. The people are friendly and they care about our community.

Why is the city bent on destroying anything that makes Beaverton Beaverton? I understand putting making the streets look nice and removing old run down buildings but you're removing what gives Beaverton its charm. We're just going to become another suburb like any other. Bland, boring and full of businesses and buildings that all look like any another in a typical suburb. Sad

Demolishing a piece of Beaverton’s history to put up a parking lot is ridiculous. Beaverton needs small businesses, especially ones that support the history of the area. This is poor city planning and I hope the city council will reconsider and save this landmark.

This business is one of my favorite stores in town. It's unique and has a great collection of so many different items. There are many things I can only find at Curiosities.

To destroy the small businesses of so many people so some people can people can park their cars is beyond absurd. There's literally a GIANT empty lot across from the Round and you want to destory local commerce? Who is thinking this is a good idea?

Not a good idea for anyone except maybe government employees and that say it all.

This historic building houses many small businesses. Find somewhere else to demolish if you need temporary parking. I suggest simply utilizing many of the parking lots that are empty near there

I love this business, the building, the location, the history, the people, the ability to support so many small businesses in one place, making new memories with my own kids as I shop items from my own childhood.

Not only do I shop at Curiosities for my own home, I have called on Travis and Jenn numerous times to help me find props for my photo shoots with Columbia Sportswear and SOREL. Aside from the amazing architecture that should definitely deem preservation, the community that they’ve created within those walls must not be displaced.

A wonderful addition to the strip malls and big box stores and chains that plague this area.

Small businesses are critical to our local economy enjoyed by many every day. Build transportation options that support large numbers, improve walking and cycling options in the area. Temporary parking is a temporary solution.

I am a native of Beaverton and Beaverton High Alum. The progress I see in Beaverton is expected, but not at the expense of it's history and charm. The downtown core needs to maintain the thriving small businesses that have sustained it for years.

When my husband and I moved to Beaverton, we didn't know anyone at all, and we had to find something to do. Previously I'd only been a thrift store person, but one weekend my husband looked up some antique stores in the area, and we popped in to Curiosities. We became antique people that day, and frequented the area often, until the day we moved out of state. Dozens of pieces in our home have come from Curiosities, including our favorite conversation piece, a set of theater seats. The thing is, the location of this store is exactly what made it so appealing. It's close to downtown, within walking distance of so many shops and restaurants, it's the perfect location for a night out as the sun sets and the air cools down. So many of our nights were spent like that, and there are countless other people in the area who haven't had the chance to discover the magic yet. And simply put, our patronage to Curiosities is the reason why we ever discovered any of the other businesses nearby. To tear down this building would be a disgusting shame, yet another corporate move that gives no credence to history or small businesses. To tear down this building would be more than a shame, it would be a crime against this city that I knew and love.

The peaks add a unique history to the city of Beaverton and we should be trying to save it rather than demolish it in favor of a high rise building. Curiosities and the other businesses within it help make the city of Beaverton an interesting point to visit. It would be a shame to see the building demolished. There is no other place like it in this area. Please don't destroy it!

It's a Beaverton landmark and an excellent example of mid-century modern architecture. It would be a terrible decision to destroy this building for a parking lot.

One of the few remaining examples of googie architecture left in the Portland metro area!

Not only is Curiosities an awesome collection of vintage dealers, preserving the past with their unique and special treasures, but the Mid-Century Modern architecture of the building is also worthy of preservation. Making such rash, irreversible decisions about historic buildings and community landmarks is plain irresponsible. Please consider community input and respect the feelings of those who are in favor of retaining parts of the city’s past and not demolishing everything old to make room for new, essentially erasing what made the community so special to begin with.

It's an Irreplaceable part of historic Beaverton, a one of a kind landmark.

My family and I love to go flea market shopping on the weekends. Curiosities is an amazing store that I could spend hours in. Please don’t tear it down.

The Peaks is a unique building and supports local businesses. It should not be torn down! The city of Beaverton will not improve our community by destroying unique gathering places that support small businesses.

Curiosities is the reason I go to Beaverton. The charming exterior in a classic style... the warm, friendly, and fun group of people that have an excitement for all the vintage and antiques that pass through their doors. It’s hard to find that these days, and would be a detriment to the city to lose such a gem.
The city needs to keep The Peaks!

Mid Century architecture is an important part of Beaverton’s history. By demolishing these interesting and soulful buildings we will destroy the character and soul of Beaverton.

A unique building like this shouldn't be destroyed for parking.

It is one of the coolest places in Beaverton! I am SHOCKED that you would even consider this! It is a landmark in my opinion and for a stupid PARKING LOT?!!! This infuriates me !

Beaverton seems determined to lose all history and replace it with a new monoculture. Please don't destroy thriving businesses and classic architecture in favor of whatever is "new". Parking is a real issue, but one that could be solved without sacrificing all history and charm. We can be a thriving city without making all the buildings look the same.

Don't destroy a local business!

Curiosities is an awesome Beaverton business and is great for the local economy. I have been visiting since they opened, and remember this place when it used to be Leudamens. This is a mistake on the city of Beaverton’s part of they go through with demolishing it.

It's a great place for many different people to sell things,the wonderful choices of unique items ,it's a fun place to see things that bring back different memories of when a certain item was popular. Can always find a gift of joy for someone Just recently bought my mom a silver diamond antique ring for mothers day. DON'T TAKE THIS PLACE AWAY!!!

What is proposed is going to kill small businesses. It seems it’s being done in an underhanded way. City planning must have been planning this for some time.

This is exactly the kind of business Beaverton. (and many other cities) needs. To destroy a thriving business and an existing and historical building is short-sighted, irresponsible and just plain dumb.

I am so disappointed to hear that the building will be demolished. I love Curiosities and the unique building where it is housed. I come.from Hillsboro to shop there and love supporting this type of small business. In a city where all of the buildings look the same, and there are so many chain stores and restaurants, this building is worth keeping. I can't believe the city would force out a small business in a unique building to put in a parking lot. This is NOT in the best interest of the community and the city should absolutely come up with an alternate plan for parking so this building and business can be saved.

Stop taking away successful popular businesses because an out of state developer thinks that they know what is right for a community that they don't live in.

There isn't much left of the past in Beaverton, especially 1950s-60s Googie architecture. I love driving by this building. It makes my happy that it exists. We don't need another blah modern something in its place. I know a temp parking lot is scheduled to go on but that'll change to an office structure or condos eventually. Stop it! Lets keep the awesome that's there now. Lets keep a small locally owned business there. Lets keep Googie!!!

Why close a popular and thriving business to put in a parking lot? There is an old eyesore closed restraint less than a block away with easier access that would be a better choice. Small businesses like that in the Peaks are the foundation and backbone of the city. They fit in well with the whole walkable shopping feel that Beaverton needs. Please think about your decision. Is it really a good/popular decision? Remember the people you will be upsetting are voters and they will remember a poor decision when it comes time to vote.

With online shopping, I have few reasons to go anywhere to shop. But the antique mall located here is one place in Beaverton I always enjoy shopping. I almost always find something to take home.

First off the mid century modern building itself should be reason enough. But here is a thriving local business that is supporting individual small business people! It is a thriving business that is an anchor for the community. Just because the City of Beaverton didn’t have the foresight that they wouldn’t have parking is not Curiosity’s fault. The city is allowing all of these apartments to be built without adequate parking for them shy should the city employees get to have parking? Also the underhanded way they acquired this property is despicable and they should be ashamed. Listen to the voices of the people who elected you and STOP this!

We need to preserve the character and history of the area. People can live anywhere- they don't need another high rise in this specific place.

I like convenient parking, but not at the expense of iconic landmarks and local businesses that feed the community!!!

Save Curiosities and the community it has built and maintains in beautiful Beaverton! Shop Local, don't desteoy it.

We visit twice a year from Tacoma WA to shop the flea market. Not only is it a part of history and the architecture is artistic and unique. It is a great place for locals and for people from out of town. My good friend who lives in Beaverton goes every flea market. We love this place and would be greatly saddened by its demolition! It shouldn’t be destroyed because of how much it is apart of the community and so much diversity gathers here! Please save The Peaks! NO MORE PARKING LOTS! Save history!!!!

It should not be destroyed. It’s a great looking building and Curiosities is a fantastic store that is more benefit to the area and community then a parking lot. Beaverton should hold on to these older parts of the city. Instead of trying to give the city a face lift. I can think of many more places that would make a better parking lot. The city of Beaverton is making a huge mistake and doing a disservice to its citizens. I’m sure if Nike wanted to keep the space, they’d bend over backwards to accommodate.

Curiosities should be saved because it’s a wonderful place to shop and is yet one more thing that is old being repalaced with new.

We just moved here from Seattle and know what gentrification does to a city and the communities. We so not need to do this in a town like Beaverton. We love the quirky shops there. On top of all of that there are plenty of places for people to live right now. And they can't even fill the empty business spots in Beaverton Center or other various strip malls. This is beyond unnecessary.

Beaverton has become just another clone of the bay area. With tech companies and california money flooding into the area, is another high rise really want the community needs? NO! Curiousities is one of the most unique, wonderful shops in Beaverton. I look around my home at the many things I have purchased from there and smile at the memories. Stop trying to turn Beaverton into a steel and concrete mess. Let it have some style and class!

Curiosities isn't just a store to Beaverton. It is a community of people. Visiting Curiosities has become part of our routine. When we are looking to connect or just need a friendly smile, we pick up a cup of coffee and go say hi. They have succeeded in putting the heart back on our community in a way other community projects have not. Please do not take away something that works well for our community only to spend huge amounts time and tax dollars trying to replicate it. It just doesn't make sense.

Part of the charm of the area!! Really a parking lot!!! Ridiculous!!!! I’m sure they can find another spot for a ugly place to park cars !!!

The architecture and businesses within this building make it an irreplaceable gem in Beaverton. As a local resident I am so proud to have it in my city and I make it a point to share that with others. Removing this building and displacing the businesses within would be an absolute shame.

Historical value of this landmark and the continuity in Beaverton makes this a must save. Losing 55 small businesses because if bad planning by the city government makes me question voting for incumbants.

I absolutely love this building along with all my friends who live in Portland/Beaverton area. Curiousities has been one of my favorite stores for quite some time and I'd be devistated if they got shut down just to build a parking lot.

The structure is historically significant as a fine example of mid-20th century modern post-war architecture. It provides visual interest in an area that doesn’t have any other architecturally-significant structures. Losing the structure and the business inside would be an incredible loss to the community.

I love Curiosities! I come all the way from outer SE Portland to shop there. The building itself is adorable, but the businesses that call it home inside are what really brings it to life. Please don't white wash this area any more than it already has been!

This is a unique building supporting businesses in Beaverton. There's no cause to demolish it for unneeded parking. This should be carefully reconsidered.

The Peaks most definitely should be saved as it is the anchor for unique vintage shopping in Beaverton. Small businesses have worked so hard to finally get Beaverton on the map as a great little city to visit, shop, dine, meetup with friends! I lived in Beaverton for 32 years before moving to AZ. I still look forward to getting some fun vintage shopping in when I come up to visit. There has got to be some other property that can be used for parking without demolition of The Peaks.

Now I'm not good with words, and I'd like to say because I love shopping there, but that's not going to be enough. When you drive by the shop, you instantly need to see what's inside. You walk in and it's as if you entered a time capsule. Beautiful cool glimmering things and objects left and right. You're taken back to when life was simply simple. You find the the one thing you had no idea you were looking for and you take a piece of the treasure with you, only wanting to go back to see what other timelines items you can bring into your home, yourheart. Or you can put down a parking lot. Something we mindlessly walk on.

One because we need to keep some of the older buildings in Beaverton they are part of the cities history, and two because we have nothing else like Curiosities in Beaverton!

This breaks my heart. Beaverton should be ashamed. Curiosities has taken a classic, historic property and turned it into a thriving business, attracting visitors from all over the Portland metro area. This is exactly the kind of development Beaverton has been boasting that they want to bring back to the downton core for years. Now among all the other rundown, abandoned properties in the Beaverton core, they set their sites on the Peaks -- effectively forcing Curiosities out of business. And by the way, isn't the point of having City Hall on the Max Line to eliminate the need for parking? Why don't you acquire property from somewhere else along the line and provide city employees with transit passes?

The structure is historically significant as a fine example of mid-20th century modern post-war architecture. It provides visual interest in an area that doesn’t have any other architecturally-significant structures. Losing the structure and the business inside would be an incredible loss to the community. A parking lot can go anywhere. Putting a parking lot on a main thoroughfare only detracts from the feeling of “community”.

Downtown Beaverton desperately needs to support small businesses & entrepreneurs. It is the independent shops that give a location personality & deepen the community. Not a mixed use high rise.

There's enough high rises going up everywhere already. The Peaks has a real charm. Curiosities is a treasure chest. We have fun exploring all the treasures it has inside. It's close to the food pods, too so you can have a great experience in culture and styles in one place. Please let it stay.

This is an amazing store. The city of Beaverton is up and coming and a great destination spot for locals and tourists. This shop is offers a unique and artful display of wares, art, furniture, and jewelry to people visiting. It makes no sense to evict a co-op style place like this that helps to build community ties as well as build local tourism and retention. This is a Bad business move that affects many to cater to card. The city always toots it green factor yet here you are losing a iconic building and business for cars??? Please reconsider this stupid move!

They provide architectural heritage to the curry of Beaverton. Bulldozing our downtown to make way for bland, square new buildings dilutes the character of the town and white washes its history.

We need more businesses personal history in the community...and fewer parking lots.

This town is growing like crazy! I’m not against the growth but please don’t tear down decent businesses for stupid shit like a parking lot! You’re taking away somebody’s livelihood.

This building is not only a wonderful piece of architecture, but it is hub for community activity. The Beaverton Flea is a great market that draws people in from all around the area, and Curiosities is a wonderful retail shop run by good people who make a difference in Beaveron's small business community. Tearing it down for yet another high rise building shows the citizens of Beaverton that their city cares nothing about historical landmarks or small business.

This is not only a landmark, it brings the community together.

60 days is not notice enough to displace the vendors..

I would be heartbroken to lose The Peaks to a parking lot. Our family loves visiting Curiosities, as it offers an authentic shopping experience that Beaverton desperately lacks. After shopping at Curiosities, we walk to the Beaverton Food Carts and extend our time in that area. Without Curiosities, we would not be drawn to the food carts. I have lived in Beaverton for 17 years, am a native Portlander, and places like Curiosities give me hope that Beaverton can become a little less sterile and predictable, and can offer something unique and unexpected. It is a breath of fresh air...a new parking lot is not. The city is completely tone deaf to think tearing down The Peaks is progress. It would be quite the opposite, and speak to the lack of vision for a truly vibrant, eclectic city.

The building is such an important community place. Not only are the flea markets greatly enjoyed by many in the community but it is a special place full of history and preserving the past. Tearing it down for a parking lot would be a great disservice to the people of Beaverton and those who come from surrounding areas to experience the flea markets and the vintage shop.

This is an historic landmark. Shame on you.

The Peaks offers so much more to the Beaverton community than a temporary parking lot!! Small businesses are so important to a successful city, don't destroy these businesses just for another ugly parking lot. You will lose a valuable part of Beaverton.

Part of the Portland/metro charm is keeping Portland weird. Well this place is a staple for that in Beaverton. This place is a beacon for people of all types to come and see beautiful eclectic art, eclectic people and brings culture to the town. I live in Salem and i still come up to patron this establishment. I tell others about it which drives more people to the economy. If this place disappears I will have almost no reason to go up there. Please don’t tear this place down.

As a dealer and customer I often find wonderful items at the fabulous store and have participated in the markets as well. It is often the only reason I came to that area, but is not my only stop once I do.
The idea of removing a landmark building on short notice and putting 60 plus small businesses out of business (thus removing that tax revenue for the City of Beaverton) to build temporary parking for city workers is repugnant on so many levels. Once an asset is gone and those businesses relocate or worse are put out of business completely - you don’t get them back. How tone deaf can the City of Beaverton be, more parking for cars? Instead of encouraging public transportation (especilaly for public workers!!!) Reducing the number of small businesses by an ill advised short term decision instead of attracting new ventures! This will have a chilling effect on a business area that has been a difficult sell to start with.
I am forwarding my comments with the hope and the strongest encouragement to the City of Beaverton to reverse this horrible decision.

It’s a gorgeous historic building with such an amazing roofline & current tenant. One of my favorite places in Beaverton. There is plenty of parking in the surrounding blocks. I feel that another location would be much better suited for a parking lot. Plus, giving Curiosities only 60 days to vacate seems a little quick.

Because Curiosities is amazing! It’s a huge asset to the local community and economy.

This is a unique and beautiful part of Beaverton!
Otherwise it's just another generic city that has no personal charm and no reason for people to be drawn to it. I know people that come to Beaverton's small businesses from PORTLAND because their neighborhoods had decided to demolish what made them 'weird & unique'. We don't want to be like that, we don't want to be a city that people drive by and don't notice us because we're exactly like other cookie cutter towns. Don't let gentrification happen in Beaverton!

Why do we need to knock down older buildings just to put up new ones? Especially when there are established businesses in the buildings. Curiosities is the only true vintage stores in the SW. Not only does the owner suffer if it’s demolished, all of his vendors, who rely on his well established business, suffer a loss of income.

Think about the citizens of Beaverton.

Because history is being destroyed at an alarming rate. Because our neighborhoods are turning into cookie cutter, boring buildings, making our cities unrecognizable and unique. Because small, thriving businesses are important to support. Because rhis building is an incredible example of Mid Century amazingness.

This is the last cool old structure of this era in the city of Beaverton. I know of many people who come to Beaverton just to see the building and go to Curiosities. For these people they would never come to this part of the metro area if it was not for this shop and building.

A valuable bit of culture and history in Beaverton

It's a historic landmark that houses an amazing opportunity to support local vintage dealers. It is one of the few draws to Beaverton. Please reconsider tearing down this beautiful piece of Beaverton's history.

This is a historical site, and keeping culture and history within a community is what makes a community strong. We don't need more high rise apartments. We need rent to be brought down in the empty units that already exists. This isn't even creating a housing bandaid, it's just pushing out families that need the most help. It is also pushing out families that have built this community from the ground up, and showing them that we care more about investing in big budget buildings than we do in the people that are already here.

This is a beautiful building that houses amazing vendors and events. I bring out of town guests here and they are always delighted. It would be a shame to lose a wonderful building and community to a parking lot.

I am one of the 60+ vendors at Curiosities so this affects me very much - but this isn’t the only reason why I’m signing this petition: I truly think Curiosities is one of the best vintage shops in Portland. It’s not just a shop- it’s an event & meeting space as well. Beaverton Flea & Curiosities is a huge asset to the city of Beaverton. Ive lived here all my life and Beaverton is a place that for so long was the punchline of jokes - but now, because of businesses like Curiosities, was becoming an actual cool, unique place for people to go. If you demolish the building, you are taking a huge step back.

I never knew that historical history of the Peaks building in which the Curiosities vintage Mall resides in, but I do know the Vintage Mall. I discovered it when I started working at the Fred Meyers just down the road a little bit; I was a courtesy clerk and I saw an advertisement on one of the carts and decided to check out the place on one of my days off. I fell in love with all the cool stuff that you can find from all the little shops that you could find in the hole Peaks building. To lose out on such a cool, eclectic collection of people's interests and hobbies (and most of all business, did I even mention that? I think I neglected) would be such a shame and an absolute tragedy.

I grew up in this area so did my parents. Beaverton is unrecognizable. We can grow but still hold on to the past and incorporate our history.

Curiosities vintage mall is one of the most unique reasons to visit Beaverton! The building, its vendors and community should be supported and treasured instead of torn down for a parking lot! Surely the city of Beaverton places more value on community than it has shown. Please listen to the people and keep Curiosities where it is!!!

The world has enough parking lots but not enough quality vintage and antique shops.

It's a historic building, should be kept

Preserve historic districts

Please don't take away this unique business and the livelihood of those that run it. There should be a better solution for parking issues.

The Peaks building is home to Curiosities. I have shopped here many times for anything vintage and it's an amazing locally owned store. I can't imagine a historical building home to a fantastic business getting demolished for a parking lot. Unbelievable. Please do not demolish the Peaks building. Thank you for your time.

This building of full of treasures like no other. It holds so much value and is a Beaverton staple that has to stay.

This building and and the businesses that thrive within it are a gem and landmark in Beaverton. Curiosities is a big part of what makes downtown Beaverton a fun place to visit. Find another solution for your high rise and parking.

Having a unique place for people to explore and acquire curious and creative artifacts keeps the community inspired and diverse.

Destroying a antique mall just to put in a temp parking building is absolutely ridiculous. I work at an antique mall myself and if someone did that with basically no warning I would be furious. These are peoples jobs your taking away just to have a parking lot. I also live near by curiosities and I love driving by and visiting and to have to drive by yet another parking lot would be a waste. I hope they reconsider I am sure there is another place to build a parking lot without taking away peoples jobs.

It is a unique place to shop like nothing else available in Beaverton. The flea allows an opportunity for small vendors. It is an experience.

The city should be preserving small businesses and unique structures instead of driving out locals and further gentrifying our area.

The Peaks is not only a beautiful piece of architecture that has lasted many years in what has become a pretty drab part of Beaverton, but it is now home to an amazing shop. Curiosities has been a fun place to take my family, and we have found lots of cool treasures in that wonderful building. I've lived in this area for 36 years- I grew up looking at that building, and always enjoyed seeing it stand out in an ugly area. It is a landmark, and it would be a tragedy if it were to become a PARKING LOT.

Can we please keep some of the charm of Beaverton? There are better places to build in my opinion. I really like the stores in The Peaks.

The curiosities building is a local treasure. The vendors inside are a wonderful part of the downtown Beaverton businesses.

It's a part of history, and the store brings the community together. The store is very unique as well. Why do you need another parking lot? Save this space!!!!!!!

I love the shops and come into Beaverton to shop at them. The Curiosities building is iconic and should be saved.

Any building that’s been with us for 55 years and has impacted the community in a positive way should NOT be torn down. Period!

It is a great mid century building that brings a lot of character to downtown Beaverton.

A beautiful building design with vintage historic value. Brings character to the city and current business brings all ages together to learn, appreciate, and buy a piece of history or add to collections. A one-of-a-kind establishment that should be preserved.

Please don't distroy another piece of beaverton history.

It's a historical building helping many businesses and the community

The buildings in Beaverton are an important part of the history there. My mom lived there for ten years and always talks about how cool the architecture was. This building is no exception and no building should ever be torn down for a parking lot.

Curiosities has been a part of my life for 5 years now. Before I moved to Beaverton in August of 2014, I visited a friend that had just moved to Beaverton himself. Curiosities was first destination that he said "I needed to see". I've been to quite a bit of vintage/antique stores throughout the country, and this is by FAR the most unique, eclectic, organized, inviting, pet friendly, helpful one I have ever come across.

Low and behold, 6 short months after moving to Beaverton, I became part of the Curiosities family. From a small vendor booth, to a large installation, I have taken pride in this store and the community within. Beaverton would love a huge part of charm if this building was gone. People from all over the country, and other countries, have made their way into the store and all have let us know exactly how awesome it is.

From the regular customers that stop in weekly (or more), repeat customers that are always searching for new treasures, to new customers that just discovered us or finally had a chance to stop in, Curiosities is a legit destination in the heart of the city of Beaverton.

The Beaverton Flea (the flea market that Curiosities has during the summer) draws 100s of people every time, and has become a legit event during the summer. I can't imagine it not existing anymore.

Not to mention the holiday parties, the customer appreciation parties, black tag events, and other things that the business does in return/appreciation for the business that the fine folks of this area and beyond do for them.

Curiosities business aside.. The buildings themselves are legitimate works of historical art. The architecture is simply gorgeous, and there are no other building around that look anything like them.

I'm still in shock at the sudden danger that this business is in. I've seen nothing but growth in the company, and all the small businesses within it, over the last 5 years. I can only hope that the City of Beaverton comes to its senses and realizes the importance of Curiosities to the community.

Please. Stop this action, and let small businesses survive.

Beaverton currently has immensely more to offer than other suburbs of the Portland Metro area. The Peaks, and Curiosities in particular, play an immeasurable role in this. They are an irreplaceable, beloved part of this community that bolsters the local economy and creates a unique experience for residents and visitors alike. Local small businesses MUST be supported for communities to thrive, especially in a town where corporate giants like Nike and Intel are buying up mass portions property and threatening to irrevocably change our city. Tearing down The Peaks would be a detriment to this community, and one that would not be quickly forgotten.

We really shouldn’t lose an entire small local business to TEMPORARY parking. That’s ridiculous. Their store is cute, unique to Beaverton, and deserves to either have more time to find a new location or not be required to move at all.

This plan is incredibly disappointing. I have enjoyed shopping at curiosities antique mall for years, and their summer sunday flea market is a staple. There are so many businesses who will be affected negatively by this. i do not feel this development is in the best interest of locals. It would be destroying a community meeting place and a lot of character in the city of beaverton. More parking will just promote more driving and pollution, and an eyesore. Why not develop and encourage public transit and carpooling instead??!

As an architectural preservationist, one thing developers neglect to understand is that mid century and post war works such as this are becoming more and more valuable and more and more prized and ultimately more and more rare. The land that it is situated on is of much less historical, aesthetic and cultural value than the building and the context itsself. Buildings like these NEED and MUST be preserved for future generations because they are so significant and give so much back. Mid century modern buildings that are able to stay preserved will increase significantly in value over the next several decades and the research shows this. This will be a GRAVE and dire mistake if they decide to demo this historical masterpiece of a building. It honestly is criminal. And a prime example that we need to put cultural and historical legacy ahead of something that not only is horrible for the environment, the culture, the businesses and the community but would be destroying a key legacy landmark of pride in the northwest of mid century modern architecture that is extremely unique to this area and globally only in a few places. Neglecting these facts only serves to promote ignorance, stagnation and poor decision making for the entire region.

I visit curiosities often and appreciate the area for being a place of discovery. It has such a unique charm that the Beaverton area would not be the same without.

Small businesses depend on The Peaks, and will be harmed if it's destroyed.

Curiosities and the other shops add value to Beaverton for me as a citizen and a consumer. Curiosities in particular encourages me to travel that direction and spend time on my Sundays exploring. They give local vendors an opportunity to sell and display their wares. To demolish that culture for parking is sickening. You should be ashamed of yourself for considering it. There is literally a Max stop walking minutes away.

I have so many fond memories from the Peak and I would love to create more too.

The closing of Curiosities Vintage mall will most certainly adversely effect the small businesses in the immediate vicinity as well as the City of Beaverton itself. This small area has started to flourish with the food carts, Ome Calli Ice cream shop and the other enterprises which have cross pollinated with the benefit of the increased traffic brought in 7 days a week by Curiosities Vintage Mall. This is very short sighted of the City of Beaverton.

Several reasons! Both practical and sentimental: the business has been dearly loved by locals and widely supported. The 60 day notice does not allow the business to find a new location and therefore will inevitably result in going under. The building itself is iconic, and the replacement with something like a parking lot is unsustainable and damaging to the community and local businesses. Please reconsider.

Some "pieces of history" are just property but this is beautiful and a thriving enterprise for small, independent businesses! Don't touch it!

In a city with few landmarks, we really need to save this one!! As a business, Curiosities BRINGS in money to Beaverton.

It’s unrealistic to believe that demolishing a historic building is the only answer. AND Curiosities is the best vintage shop around. My family and I love shopping there. Come on, City of Beaverton, do better!

Interesting local antique malls like Curiosities serve as focal points for the neighborhood, they attract tourists, they provide income for the many dealers and they lend the area character; in Curiosities' case the character offered is friendly, and around it pivot the lives of untold HUMANS who served and are served by the business. There are smarter places for a parking lot.

I own and run two businesses, Jet Set Coffee and Bad Wolf Clothier, that are rooted in the aesthetics of mid century design, and the value of building community through small business. This fellow business shares these same values and is a part of a local tradition that brings joy unique to every season of the year. They give local curators the opportunity to sell their vintage finds to the community promoting a form of sustainability, keeping these vintage pieces out of landfills. Above all, to sell these items in a historic building of immensely unique design provides a connection to the past creating a truly multidimensional experience.

It’s an independent ran businesses and a beautiful building. Please stop w the gentrification and keep the old beautiful paarts of the city.

History. Ethics and integrity. Community. You don’t do to people, you do with them.

Please don’t destroy this attractive, unique building. The Portland area is losing its vintage buildings at an alarming rate and with it much of the city’s charm and character. Also, The Peaks is home to a small business that’s valuable to the community. Please help IMPROVE our metro area, rather than damage it.

There's no good reason to put dozens of people out of business so we can have ANOTHER parking lot that's probably going to end up ANOTHER overpriced apartment building with constant vacancies. This business serves the community and adds some much-needed character to the city.

Save historic businesses and building!

i love Curiosities. One of the only independent businesses in downtown Beaverton that is not only doing very well, but has also brightened up a very dusty and grey portion of a busy highway, and the city decides it wants more parking in that spot? Beaverton could be such a cool place, and for some reason the local government continues to pave over interesting locations while ugly old buildings or empty lots sit vacated for YEARS. Nike is here, Microsoft, gigantic hospitals surround Beaverton, there’s a population boom occurring! Give those new folks something interesting to do in their town.
Curiosities has been such a fun place to shop and is something my parents and I can enjoy together.
Do better for the future of Beaverton. Make people WANT to come here, not angry because they have to sit in traffic while driving through!

This is a wonderful small business and the flea market is a stalwart if the Beaverton community. The building is historically relevant—how much mid century modern architecture actually exists around here anymore? Demolishing this and running out dozens of small business owners for a parking lot is absolutely unacceptable.

This is one of the most unique features of Beaverton! Why have a parking lot when you can have a thriving local business supporting our own city.

This building adds so much character to the community and has so many valuables to offer! Tearing it down for another parking lot is a waste of time and space.

Destroying multiple local businesses for temporary parking is the most absurd thing.
The city should focus on saving small business and supporting the history of this town rather than ripping it down. Curiosities has been a regular shopping spot for us during the few years we have lived here. We go to the flea, shop the stalls, and treat ourselves to ice cream or wonder over to the food carts.
There are plenty of empty lots in that area that can be turned into temporary parking. Why destroy people’s livelihoods?

This a great business which supports many small vendors. It is a great destination in Beaverton and should not be shut down.

Support local business and local character

I LOVE the shops in the building and they fit perfectly with the aesthetic of the building - a time capsule to be preserved. These are treasures for our community and Beaverton has always shown they supported the value of such things - not just monetary . What are they thinking in destroying this? Find another option...!

It is an iconic building in a suburban area which is somewhat of a rarity. It also houses a thriving business.

The Peaks is an amazing building that shows Beaverton’s past architecture and how design influenced certain decades, especially mid century modern, which to this day continues to inspire designers in both architecture and aesthetics of home furnishings and personal products. The Peaks literally can be inspiring younger generations as they drive or walk past it to look into history to see why MCM was such a movement in art history. But aside from being inspiring and interesting for our cities landscape, why should we be demolishing a perfectly good building that houses a business that encourages the reuse and recycling of older items? Something that completely benefits our planet and something more people need to do in order to save our planet. There are plenty of open lots in the downtown area or buildings that have been neglected that can come out. What about the lot that’s completely empty next to BTC both in the same side of the street and opposite of it? They have been empty for years and the only thing that uses them are teenagers milling about and people smoking. It would be an awesome use for a park and ride. Why? Because the redline ends there. We have both the Blue and red lines that come to the west side. But the redline stops at BTC and many people commenting from Downtown (like my husband and many of my friends as their employers do not contribute to parking but contribute towards a max pass) have to deboard a red and then wait for a blue or a bus to come to continue their journey home. Many I’m sure would rather drive to BTC and catch their train there. Not to mention but BTC has a lot more transit police presence than other park and ride stops like Millikan or Beavercreek so there would probably be less car break ins than at those stops and you have the potential to make triple or more the amount of spaces using those two vacant lots than you would if you destroyed The Peaks. And you wouldn’t have to demolish anything first for construction. Also, Curiousities provides something for people to do within a short walking distance after eating at the food trucks. And the owners generously have let me park there after shopping at their store so my family and I can go eat and support our food trucks, which our other small businesses that depend on the support of the businesses surrounding them would appreciate. And lastly, the owners of Curiousities are kind and generous people, who support others in our community. They offer classes for very low cost for people to learn new skills. They put on a flea market all summer long for small businesses in our community to make even more profit and a way for people to connect with one another. It maybe one building but it houses the businesses of numerous people in our community and to destroy a building that is architecturally historically important for a parking lot when there are open lots in the same general area, isn’t just going to affect one business owner. It is going to impact MANY families who use Curiousities as a source of income for their household. There is over 50 booths in that building. That’s 50+ families who make income right there. So destroying that location, would effectively be telling these people “sorry, you and your children aren’t as important as a parking lot, even though it’s been pointed out there are plenty of other locations”. If you really want to destroy a building, what about Hall Street Bar and Grill? It’s been vacant for years now, is in the same area and probably would yield the same amount of spaces as The Peaks would. Additionally, the spots there would also be nice for the businesses in that complex and would get used on the weekends. Please don’t tear down The Peaks.

I enjoy shopping and visiting this area and the history of it !!! Don’t dismantle

Support small business! Do not become like Portland - where it’s no longer feasible to open and operate a business effectively. NO MORE CONDO AND RETAIL COMBO PACKS!

Destroying these buildings will cause a major loss of revenue for the City of Beaverton. Curiosities and the Beaverton Flea bring together numerous people from all over the area to reminisce about the past, appreciate art and handcrafted items, and to upcycle quality items so they do not end up in an overflowing landfill. So many amazing creators that sell their wares here are our neighbors, friends, family and most importantly our community. Their livelihoods will disappear with the demolition. Please support our local makers by saving a place for them to display their art and for the community to explore!

I love the Peaks! With so many chain stores popping up it's so nice to have this historic building still up and full of life. It makes Beaverton unique and special. It brings business to the city with it's vintage store and flea market. You have to leave the city and go to the east side of Portland to experience something similar. The Peaks is one of the reasons I love Beaverton. Dont turn it into a parking lot!

This is part of the city and as we grow we need to preserve the parts that make us unique. This store is part of the community and drives commerce and culture into our little neighborhood. I thought this was what the city was trying to do, make us a cool community of local owned business and restaurants that help the community flourish.

We need all the small businesses we can get. There are other options for a parking lot than this location.

This is one of the few places left in Beaverton with some character. It’s not just another strip mall or - a parking lot. This place contributes to helping other small businesses grow by allowing people to sell their items in their store, as well as creating a flea market once a month that is a wonderful source of community. To tear this space down for a parking lot would be tragic. Your taking something that creates income for dozens of people, and a space where the people enjoy going and brings people into Beaverton - for a parking lot?? This is outrageous.

While I understand the need to accommodate our growing population it is also critical to preserve the culture that attracts people to this area.

If no other suitable solution can be found, I would suggest a solution that saves these historical sites and adds housing.

While it is a structural challenge, it might be possible to build in a way that saves these buildings.

I would encourage looking at other cities in the world that have done that.

Yes I would rather preserve the area as is, partially due to infrastructure impact concerns such as the capacity of our roads to accommodate that many people.

How ever as I have demonstrated we can save our historical sites and build if that is the only other option.

Curiosities Antique Mall brings people into Beaverton -it’s the only antique mall that I know of in Beaverton. We go there frequently, and, while in Beaverton,we will patronize other local businesses. Without Curiosities, we would have no reason to come to Beaverton, as Beaverton is mostly national chain stores that you can find anywhere.
Additionally, the building it is in is a cool midcentury design and should not be destroyed. It is unfortunate if Beaverton is not part of the national movement to preserve midcentury architecture. Don’t let Beaverton become just a generic blight of chain stores and restaurants. I urge you to preserve unique buildings and destination businesses like Curiosities that bring in business from people outside of Beaverton.

This beautiful and iconic historic building has been turned into a thriving, destination shopping venue that helps local economy. With all the massive growth in Beaverton, it's heartening seeing the handful of areas lett that show local architecture while supporting community and commerce.

Development can be a good thing, but not at the expense of small businesses and unique architecture.

I love the curiosities and interesting things that I've found at this place. I've been able to find very useable items and many cherished items. Please let us keep this place!

Because your erasing anything that makes the northwest beautiful and unique. Just to squeeze people in. If we don’t try and keep our beauty, history and uniqueness of why people are drawn here then where will we end up. This is so sad.

Not only is this a fantastic place to shop, it’s an amazing piece of mid-century architecture that’s part of Beaverton’s history. This building needs to stay put, there are plenty of other locations to put a parking lot.

Have always enjoyed this neighborhood small business. Horrified to hear the city wants to destory their livelihood for a parking lot. Shame.

This building houses a unique and popular business. A temporary parking lot (or permanent parking lot) is not a reason to destroy livelihoods. Get real, Beaverton.

It’s a beautiful historic building with a great purpose!!

One of the things I hate about the west is municipalities that don’t appreciate their own history enough to protect it. Tearing down older, fully occupied buildings for a temporary parking lot shows a complete lack of understanding of what the community of Beaverton is about.

This is nice place to go antique shopping in Beaverton and such nice friendly people and the city wants to tear it down.SHAME ON YOU CITY OF BEAVERTON...SHAME ON YOU.

That building has been an historical part of the landscape that makes canyon rd. Please don’t take away any more of our little town of BEAVERTONs history!

The sense of community Curiosities has created for the metro area is incredible. I’m from Hillsboro and always enjoy going to the shop especially in the summer time with the weekends events going on there. Need more places like this to build communities and neighborhoods not another stupid parking lot.

Curiosities is a thriving business in. Beaverton, whose 60+ vendors depend on this
For their livlihood. The store serves the community by bringing hundreds of shoppers to Toto the downtown core, to frequent and spend dollars at the store and many events. What a loss to the city! This mid-century building should not be razed in favor of a parking lot.

It is a piece of history. They are awesomely designed. I love driving in the area and it's not all new high rises. I also love the shops that are in them.

It supports tons of local businesses! They host community events and bring everyone together in the neighborhood... it’s great for that and the economy in Beaverton!

We need to save our land marks in the city of Beaverton. This store has been a great social place for me and my family. It makes me so sad that they would take down something that is positive for the city of Beaverton. I know times change but don’t take away one of the best places in Beaverton. This vintage look makes the best store for our community. Heck it’s been on a tv series..

Because they're historical Beaverton!!!!!

This is a beautiful store that has drawn visitors from around the Portland metro area to Beaverton, and has encouraged community through local events. It is one of the biggest locally owned shopping experiences in Beaverton, and one that gives the city it's character. The store, being a collection of vendors, supports many local vendors and artists. It would be a huge mistake to get rid of it, with how beautiful the store is and how much they support the local community.

Out of all the boring, same ol same ol buildings and businesses in Beaverton already, these businesses give Beaverton some personality and personally bring me a lot of joy and make me happy to live here. I do not want them gone and would move away from Beaverton to a town that respects small businesses and understands thier importance if they did get torn down.

This is an amazing historical building.

This building is a beautiful example of mid century modern architecture. This style of architecture is just starting to be recognized as important by scholars and historic preservationists, not to mention being loved and sought after by it's fans. A similarly styled house (with the same unique peaked roofs) was used in the new Hulu series "Shrill" and was in a Portland Mid century modern home tour. Tearing down this building down just as its style is being recognized and its popularity is skyrocketing is a shame for the city of Beaverton and historic preservation in general.

Curiosities is a wonderful example of the type of small business that the city of Beaverton should support. There are 60+ local dealers that bring in business and revenue to the city. The building is a unique part of the community, and should stay that way for years to come.

Having a store like Curiosities gives a value to Beaverton that it does not have. It elevates it culturally, giving it the character that is mostly found in SE Portland. It is clearly needed and should NOT be destroyed. The people of Beaverton give it much more value than one more parking lot. Canyon Road lacks character with its endless car lots and Curiosities is a breath of fresh air and an added value to the food cart pods.
Make Beaverton more friendly and keep Curiosities!

This vintage store is a most beloved shop for my daughter and I, when we are out and about exploring the city. We always find treasures every time we’re here, and it’s always just that: a treasure hunt. Please do not take away this very special place in Beaverton! There’s nothing else like it in our city, and is truly needed.

The peaks should be saved because history and community should be saved. Curiosities is more that just an antiques store. It is dozens of vendors coming together to sell their history and stories. And the Beaverton flea is the same. It's community and friendship and everything that should be preserved. Beaverton doesn't need another parking lot or high rise building, and we don't want it.

Secondhand fashion not only matters, but it’s helping save our environment.

Shuttering small businesses, a joyful part of our community, for the sake of more high rise developers is not in the best interest of our community. Historic charm and small business is what makes Portland wonderful and we are being stripped of the very things that make this area a great place.

TV Hwy needs to keep it's historic charm instead of needing to conform to more parking. A parking garage immediately on TV hwy would be an eye sore. Let people use the public transportation on TV Hwy or Max two blocks away.

Curiosities is A unique, fun, and entertaining part of Beaverton we should expand the vintage district not destroy it.

It is the HQ of a
community and a building that reflects the wonderful history of Beaverton. There are other ways to solve parking. Of
course. Save this building and find another solve.

Great stores! Shameful plan!

Old building should be saved so that small businesses can use them and thrive in them! We don't need big orporations running and ruining everything.

Another high rise will not bring people to Beaverton. We need to keep some charm. If you want to do something, revitalize what is already there. I am all for progress and I want Beaverton to be a destination, but I know as a person who travels a lot, it is character and uniqueness that draw people. Chain businesses, places that look like everywhere else are boring. We're already losing Burgerville. Please keep the old fashioned charm as much as possible in our town. Invest in sprucing it up, not tearing it down. Thank you!

I moved here from Los Angeles, CA. because I wanted more of a small town, REAL community feel and that’s exactly what Beaverton gave me. In just the last year, Beaverton has become apartment complex after apartment complex with more and more demolishing of beautiful sites for parking lots/work spaces. Curiosities is such a great shop! It was one of the very first places I ever stepped foot in when moving here and i was blown away! To see it go would be heartbreaking and would feel like a piece of Beaverton is missing. Don’t become LA, stay true and save the amazingness this city STILL has to offer.

There's very few places left in Beaverton that have a historic, small town feel. I love Curiosities and the other shops there. It's a place that brings history, art and culture to Beaverton. Please do not destroy it.

It’s uniqueness is unmatched! I have not found a better place to find gifts. Even when not looking for something specific, it’s always fun to just browse. Beaverton would not be the same without it!

It’s the only I place I really like to go to in Beaverton. I look forward the the Beaverton Flea every month.

BecauseThis is such a unique addition to our city. To destroy it to put up a parking lot is an outrage. I love Curiosities: not only have I found amazing pieces for my home, but it has brought a real sense of community to the area. We have nothing else like this and it must be preserved.I smile EVERY TIME I see this building. It is a beautiful example of midcentury architecture. In a world that wants the new, next best thing-we need to save what we can to remember a simpler time. A time when dreams were BIG and nothing seemed beyond reach. Plus there are several small business’ represented within the shop itself. To close would force them to lose a part of their dream.
Thank you for considering our views.This is the best vintage shop around In Beaverton & should be preserved because it deserves to be more then a Parking lot!The Peaks is an iconic building in Beaverton, representative of the history and uniqueness here. The current occupants provide a hub of community activity in this area, and it attracts customers from all across the metro area. Do NOT take this place away from the city!!!They paved paradise, put up a parking lot.💔Because it's crucial for the environment to keep resale stores. Support small business. We have enough traffic issues already. Way too many new Condos.
We don't want to become "New York", or any of the other huge places that are only made for rich people!!We should be preserving this piece of mid century modern architecture!There is no reason to tear down a beautiful & used building for a parking lot. There must be a better option for parking.Wonderful architecture with a thriving business.Shameful that the city of Beaverton can't figure it out without shutting down a local business whom has a local following. Sad.Beaverton needs to keep a historic district...the triangular lot is historic. People are not as attracted to strip malls.

Washco building is classic architecture, not readily seen. I have fond memories of shopping here-it was the first place to go for plants!The community is amazing. Please don't destroy it.Please save this building. I go there often (as do several of my friends) and very much enjoy Curiosities in particular. It’s a unique place and very much appreciated by the community - I don’t know of any other store like it. As someone born and raised in Oregon (the Portland/Beaverton area in particular) it’s very sad to me that the stores and business and community centers that once made this a unique place to live are being torn down on what seems like a weekly basis to make room for yet more ugly high rises and parking lots. I sincerely hope you will rethink displacing this store. Also, it seems ridiculous that you apparently only gave 60 days notice that this was being done.We love the curiosity shop and the building is a landmark as well as really interesting architecture.We have so few of these unique and dedicated local businesses in this community. The Saturday markets and unique vintage offering brings so many to the area we need places like this to stay and grow!The peaks is the personality of Beaverton. Its small businesses like those that make it a special place. If we keep tearing down these landmarks, Beaverton is simply going to be a mirror of modern Portland. Its killing the diversity and beauty of downtown to replace it with high rises. I want to be able to see the sky.I love Curiousities so much! This move would destroy so many small businesses and families trying to keep afloat. Literally what the heck, City of Beaverton! There’s no need to do this!!!! Let your city keep some of its cool, please!Vintage shopping is so fun. finding retro furniture, light fixtures, and clothing from a time past has kept us coming almost weekly to see what’s “new” in store. Aside from that there’s a community that love the vintage shops , and wouldn’t want to see this go!This building, Curiosities, its tenants, and its events (Beaverton Flea) are some of the most unique things Beaverton has to offer its residents and visitors. Part of why I enjoy living here is the sense of community created by attending something like the Beaverton Flea. Even if there were time to relocate it, the absence the charming building and the central location would be a huge loss. Please preserve what remains of our unique community!Evicting small business permanently for a TEMPORARY parking lot is absurd. Surely the City can find another TEMPORARY solution that doesn’t displace locally-owned businesses!Curioisities is a viable business that is well loved and has been established in Beaverton. It deserves to remain.Ruining people's livelihoods... Over a TEMPORARY parking lot? For fucks sake!There aren’t wonderful shops like this in the Beaverton/Tigard area anymore. A shop filled with history, and incredibly pieces from the last 100 years. With wonderful employees and owners, its a shop and building with so much quirkiness, and vibrancy. The City of Beaverton need to focus its attention elsewhere, and not on demolishing historical buildings, that house some of the areas richest history. Shame on you Beaverton.This is a awesome piece of architecture that can’t be replaced by a parking lot. Beaverton needs more mom and pop shops like this not big box dealers.I love's my go-to for unique gifts, for others and myself. Travis and Jenn have poured so much into this building and business to make it thrive. Closing it is a slap in the face to the small business owner in Beaverton who works so hard and has brought so much to the community.Beaverton "needs and Icon" for people from other side of river to see us as a "Destination". Please understand that we serve the community because we hav so many many people coming to our shop. They may stay and eat here.. and spend money w small businesses. thanksThey should have thought about parking before all the new things went up.
This is a living for some of those people.

I thought we were helping the unemployed
Not adding to it.We need historical pieces of Beaverton to stand strong, it’s what gives Beaverton character. We don’t need another high rise there.The Curiosities Vintage Mall is such a treasure in our city. Not only is it a wonderful place to find unique, recycled goods, it employs many small businesses under one roof. All things that the City of Beaverton claims to value!This is a family owned business that gives this neighborhood a place to share their own history. This is a unique attraction for downtown Beaverton and will bring business for surrounding restaurants and stores. There must be an alternative location for this project.It's an irreplaceable part of Beaverton.This is a cool little place to bring out of town visitors. A memento of our uniqueness. We have to stop destroying and concreting everything. Beaverton does not need to be a giant parking lot.One of the most wonderful attractions especially on weekends in Beaverton.This is a great shop! It adds such fun and character to the community. It would be sad and terrible to tear down this building for parking.Why do we choose to destroy the things that make our towns a treasure? Why do we decide that replacing a historical building that supports small business is considered progress, especially when it is replaced for a parking lot? Beaverton, you can do better. Also, set and example and encourage and reward public transportation and carpooling. A parking lot is a step backwards. Think about it.To save the 60 vendors/small businesses that call this building home!Adding another high rise condo to Beaverton destroys the character and appeal of the city.The Peaks is a historic landmark that needs to be saved. The Peaks‘ current occupant, at least for another 50 days or so, Curiosities Vintage, is a goldmine of Beaverton tradition and history that would be lost; smothered and buried under black asphalt in the shadow of another high rise filled with people unaware that their new apartment had suffocated yet another small local business.

Curiosities has promoted the preservation of Beaverton history throughout all of its booths in the form of local artifacts and through its knowledgeable employees. Not only has Curiosities preserved Beaverton history and offered it back to its community, but they’ve created a new cultural tradition through its first Sunday flea markets. Beaverton does not have any other independent traditions. Through its Sunday fleas, Curiosities has drawn in Beaverton residents and transformed them into a community that takes pride in its monthly tradition and small piece of beautiful Beaverton.

When I say beautiful Beaverton, I am referring to the fact Curiosities cleaned up the area around its buildings and made their small part of Beaverton beautiful, an area which the city previously ignored. It seems that once the bright colors of its parking lot mural caught the eye of the city, X marked the spot where a new parking lot would bring them more profit at the expense of its current community they are supposed to serve.

The Peaks and Curiosities has proved time and time again its pride in its city that has turned against it. The city of Beaverton should be showing the same pride in its small businesses and community instead of building more high rises that serve outsiders coming in rather than serving its own long time residents. You may be thinking Curiosities will just find a new building to rent, but through this eviction the city of Beaverton has created a precedence that if you establish yourselves and become part of the community, the city will rip it away should they find your location inconvenient to their monetary prospects. I once took pride in living my whole life in Beaverton, but seeing my hometown value money over its historic locations and local businesses such as Burgerville or The Peaks and Curiosities sickens me. The eviction of Curiosities and flattening of the Peaks is contributing to the rising the cost of living that is so high, I will not be able to afford to continue living in my hometown as a recent college graduate of a public Oregon university. Instead, my place will be given to a rich outsider who is unaware of the Beaverton culture and history that was lost when the Peaks was destroyed and buried under tar and asphalt so they could have somewhere to park their car.These are old buildings and small businesses that are thriving. Beaverton would be tearing down part of its history that should be kept safe.This is my absolute favorite establishment in Beaverton. It's what sold me on the city and what made me move from Portland. It's where I do almost all of my gift shopping here, it supports several interesting local vendors and artists, and its what gets me out to the food carts, making me get out in Beaverton and support the city with my income. I have brought hordes of people here, it is what makes me most proud to live in in Beaverton. Beaverton will barely be cool anymore without Curiosities. To replace this building at all is an absolutely devastating blow, but to replace it with a parking lot of all things is a stab in my heart as a part of this community. This parking lot shouldn't even be considered. Let Beaverton keep its soul. Don't pave over perfection.I have spent many weekends enjoying the shops in this area taking the stress anyway from my busy job. I have called Beaverton home for 8 years, please find another area for a parking lot!It’s important to maintain diversity. Beaverton being Beaverton, there is a multitude of scrappy retail and light industrial, as well as actual vacant lots, just begging to be developed. Why destroy a structure that still Mai rains a period charm and that the community has an affection for?This building is part of Beaverton’s history and culture. I understand that Beaverton has a parking situation, but there needs to be better foresight and planning. Destroying our history for parking is not the answer!!!It is short-sighted to remove the character of Beaverton to pursue the money from these developments. Nobody wants to live in a city without charm.This is one if the places that make this city unique. There are so many mixed use high rise buildings popping up everywhere, it’s nauseating. It’s important for cities to keep their charm and individuality.This building and its businesses within are a true asset for Beaverton. They have becone a destination for shoppers from all over Portland and beyond, especially the monthly Beaverton Flea. Its walking distance to the new Food Carts combine to make this business a real draw. Isn't this what Beaverton needs- a vibrant business community? Please rethink this poor decision to raze the building, especially for a parking lot.I use to drive past this building everyday on my way to and from work. It’s so much fun to look at. Visually interesting and a piece of Beaverton. What a shame to loose a vintage piece of Beaverton, one of the last, to a parking lot. Shameful city planning.Not a good look Beaverton. The city is spending money and using large grants to redevelop existing buildings South of Farmington and has empty storefronts and eye sores like the old Mama Mias, turned strip club l, turned Asian restaurant turned Phoenix bar sitting ripe for redevelopment. Choosing to displace a well maintained building with an existing business in place shows lack of vision and empathy for a city trying to be business friendly. I kindly suggest you reconsider this choice.This is a historic landmark in a town that has very few historic buildings. My husband and our 3 children love searching for treasures at Curiosities and the Beaverton Flea Market. It always a fun and unique experience. Beaverton is a suburb that has very few gems like this to visit and shop. It's a shame that city planners do not see the value that The Peaks building has to our community. I wish Beaverton's city planners we're more focused on creating more spaces like this for people to gather, rather then tearing them down for another slab on concrete to park our cars on....Because this building is home to many local small business owners - economy = community = health.We love this part of Beaverton and often visit the vintage shops there. If that goes there will be no reason for us to venture there or spend money in the community.Mid-century architecture provides unique character to our city. All efforts should be made to preserve it, not replace it. This building is well known and was even recently used in filming a portion of a Hulu series. I doubt any new construction will bring such attention to Beaverton. Don’t destroy Beaverton’s unique buildings.It is a slice of Beaverton history... Everything else has been leveled and demolished to become parking lots and shopping malls or apartments so don’t do it to this one please. Mic drop. Curiosities has an amazing staff and selection as well can’t think of anywhere else to go in town that would be better.Small business. Unique store great for the community. Owners and vendors will loseThis is one of the few areas where you can shop for any type of antiques and also be on foot. Beaverton does not need another parking lot. Displacing small businesses is a black mark on our cities name. Please reconsider this.Great small businesses like Curiosities need to be relished, not destroyed, ESPECIALLY not for a damned parking lot.There is not enough unique retail space in SW. These buildings are home to businesses, who will not be able to find suitable replacement space.The Peaks have created an income for over 60 individuals in the Beaverton/Portland area. For many, this is a place people call “home” and find happiness during a rough time. For me, this family who owns Curiosities have invested so much love, care and hard work to create such a positive atmosphere for their employees and customers. Everyone I know who has visited Curiosities has had nothing but positive things to say. Upon evicting them, many lives would be negatively effected and families would lose a huge piece of their identities found through in this shop.If Beaverton needs more parking spaces, they can be found without bulldozing its history! Curiosities is a great asset to our community, in a beautiful historical building.The Peaks is an asset to the city. They owners have created a place where vendors and collectors can meet. It's wrong to take that away from our community.One if the few places in Beaverton where a small business owner can thrive and not look like every other strip mall in townUnique mid century architecture for this area. A historical reference that should be preservedWe absolutely love shopping at curiosities! We have many special finds that have helped complete our home as well as indulge my love of pinup clothing. It would be heartbreaking to lose this local treasure. I've lived in this city my entire life and every torn down piece of history has made it a little less recognizable and a little less special.It has character. We don't always need to raze old buildings. Especially for a parking lot.Curiosities is my favorite hidden gem of Beaverton. The idea of Curiosities being demolished is outraging. Where's Leslie Knope when you need her?Because it's a landmark. So tired of corporations oicking on small businessesThis building is a landmark and a thriving business. Tearing it down to put in parking goes against everything I believe about the City of Beaverton’s values.I love visiting Curiosities and checking out all of the fun finds. It’s terrible to decide to demolish small businesses for parking, and with so little notice I’m sure most places will have to close rather than try and relocate. Curiosities as well as other small businesses make our community in Beaverton great and unique. Please reconsider your decision.This building is a staple of the downtown Beaverton area. It's awesome structure alone should be why this cannot be torn down. The fact that the city is willing to take away peoples livelihood to build a temporary parking lot is disgusting. A piece of history is gone if the project comes to fruition.Throwing out good business owners is never a solution to any parking problem.This is the coolest store! Unique items and fantastic atmosphere! Curiosities has many loyal customers and wonderful vendors...I happen to one of them. We are creative and hardworking striving to create a place different than your average shopping experience.Beautiful historical buildings should be saved for future generations.Let’s keep the unusual charm in our little city and not homogenize it with big massive spaces

History is important.This is a classic piece of Beavertons history. I can remember seeing it and being amazed by the engineering as a child, and then later when visiting the old Spaghetti Warehouse next door growing up in Beaverton. More importantly, I cant believe Beaverton is willing to stomp out the livelihood of not only the owners, but all the booth vendors that occupy this great business. It's a collective, and a community. Several people will loose their source of income if this landmark is torn down. We have spent countless days (and dollars) here, and met so many great people. Some have become business partners of ours, some are even friends. Please join and sign the petition to save this great business and piece of Beaverton's history.Antique goods are hard to come by on the scale that Curiosities can provide.This business has brought vitality and renewed interest to what was a sleepy stretch of roads. It’s a vibrant community of micro business that enhances both locals and visitors to our community. Tearing down both a historic building and closing a successful and POPULAR business is foolish and nearsighted.It gives back.This gorgeous Mid Century building should be preserved forever. A piece of art in itself- let alone the people who sell their vintage curiosities in it. Figure something else out!Because we need to have more unique local stores in Beaverton. Tired of seeing things just torn down around here.This is an amazing, unique, local landmark that brings far more money into Beaverton than a parking lot!Please do not destroy one of the few remaining places that add charm and uniqueness to the area. The peaks in its current use is a draw for tourists and locals alike. I drive over 60 miles round trip to visit several times a year. While in the area, I eat, shop, and buy gas. We need to encourage entrepreneurial small business owners. There are plenty of derelict, poorly maintained buildings and nuisance storefronts in the city. Don’t target a thriving business.It's a one of a kind building that adds something a little extra and special in our city. With more development we need cherish and save buildings that make our city unique. I love shopping here to find unique gifts and items for my home and love suporting a small local business and all the vendors that sell here. This stores brings people to our community and the monthly flea market brings people from all over.Please explore other options for parking space and save this uniquely architectural structure.It's a unique piece of architectureA treasure for the community (quite literally!)Save the historical things, go build somewhere else.Curiousities Vintage Mall is one of my favorite places in Beaverton, an institution that reminds me of when I first moved to the PNW and would spend many hours just wandering around inside looking at all the various treasures. To demolish it for the purpose of putting up a TEMPORARY parking lot is absolutely disgusting, and it hurts the local business and the community. There are already enough small businesses being driven out or closed down, do not let this happen to the peaks!It’s a piece of History and should be preservedBecause its historical landmarkThere is no need for another parking lot.There are very few vintage stores in the area, and actually bring in quite a few people from the east side of Portland among other places. These buildings look beautiful.The Peaks is a landmark in Beaverton. Every time I drive by I am so happy to have a business like theirs in my town. It is absurd and incredibly short sided to demolish a landmark and an incredible place of business for a parking lot.It’s so sad to see charming small businesses being destroyed for a parking lot. I hope you reconsider.Beaverton doesn’t have enough of these kinds of shops. Would be heartbreaking to see it goes for parking spots.Really? A parking lot? Public employees need to be using the public transportation system that keeps getting pushed on us to decrease traffic. So by now providing more parking you are actually going to be increasing the traffic problem as more people will be driving. This is not a solution, this is an addition to a problem.The history of this area should be preserved. There are many areas of Beaverton that are better suited for a parking lot.There is so much WASTE in today's society, looking for usable and fun items at places like Curiosity's is really an important option. People love this place! Go doze a strip club instead!We need to preserve retail with culture in our community.Because small businesses are the heart of Beaverton. We need to stop turning this city into a place where people come to rent, but a place where people come to liveI find it very ironic that they need the space for parking. Your urban goal is less cars, so why do you need a temporary parking lot? (Don't try to answer that please!)

I find it disappointing that the city had a no-high-rise ordinance for 30+ years, until it was the only way to go. Now that they need to go vertical, they can just plow over anyone they choose in the process?

I haven't been to the building since it was a Ludeman's, but I don't like eminent domain actions. One would think you could arrive at an amicable arrangement here, rather than just giving them 60 days notice and telling them to get out. I hope the owner and the business are on the same side of the discussion here.This is a building , business, community, and shopping area of local and statewide significance. It it unfair, to say the least, to replace this important part of Beaverton City history with a, what? a *temporary* parking lot. If The Peaks is gone, and 60 businesses with it, what will you need a temporary parking lot for? Mourners? Be reasonable, BURA & city "leaders." Pay attention to what Beaverton really needs, and don't carry out this grossest example of incompetence on your part.This is a beautiful building and it would be an absolute shame to see it be demolished.
Curiosities brings the community together in ways no other businesses do in Beaverton. It’s going to be missed and everyone I know is devastated that it will no longer be around for business.I'm tired of everything being, closed and knocked down to make more mixed use condo/retail spaces.This is a community treasure. Without small businesses like this, we aren't a community at all.Shame on you, negatively impacting the lives of dozens of small business owners solely for the convenience of a few civil servants who prefer to drive to work rather than taking the mass transit that stops literally on the doorstep of their office building. Oh, and wasting millions of our tax dollars to do it. Unconscionable. Have you no shame?Does the city even know how many people's lively hoods will be disrupted by this proposed demolition for a damn parking lot? City employees should carpool and use public transportation, or buy a shuttle to move folks around.
Or why not remove the blight of those local car dealerships' and give them 40 days to move their inventory out of Central Beaverton to an industrial site.

This decision is short sighted. Both The Peaks building and the antique stores within, provide historical value. Customers come from far and wide to shop there. Beaverton has few historical buildings and must not trash another one.
Be like Italy and honor the historic.This is my favorite hidden gem of a store which brings so much diverse cultures and people together for the love of repurposing and salvaging goods. It’s improving the city by the sustainability- please do not get rid of this building. Especially because by tearing it down to allow for more parking the city of Beaverton is directly going against any green efforts for our community.I want The Peaks to be saved because is sad watching historic building after building being demolished in the Portland area. Our community needs more places like this not less. Displacing all of these artists small businesses would be a shame.This has been the perfect secret for a friend. Why put in more parking when beaverton has enough?!?The business there are really cool. Parking lots are NOTIt’s an awesome Mid-century modern building with an awesome business that Beaverton seriously lacks. If Beaverton doesn’t support small businesses, what does it support. Please save Curiosities.Building diversityHistoric buildings should be preserved as a part of the preservation of culture within a city. This building carries impact for a lot of the citizens and patrons who support the businesses within’A unique part of Beaverton that has been there for years. Small business that many people frequent due to its uniqueness. We don’t need a stupid parking lot.For one, we dont need more parking lots or big box storesThis place provides income to many small businesses. It's something that makes Beaverton unique and draws people from all around. Another high rise or parking lot is going to take the charm out of Beaverton. How about you demolish a shitty car dealership to make room for more people? Also, #keepbeavertonsmall
I live in Beaverton because it isn't Portland. It's becoming overcrowded which takes the appeal away, at least for me.This is a beautiful piece of history currently housing functional, loved and financially viable business who have also not been given ample notice to find a new location. This is unacceptable. We need to protect local businesses that contribute to our towns and cities. This is the backbone of who we are as Oregonians.History deserves to be preserved. We don't need more high density buildings.For one thing, there are already too many high rises in Beaverton. Don’t let thus historic, needed area close.It’s a fun and wonderful place!! Why do we need another eyesore in Beaverton? We need to preserve our history, not tear it down!!It’s a historic building. Wonderful small business.This is a great small business that offers so much diversity in a market of cookie cutter clutter! Not only have I been able to find some awesome deals, but at times it's like stepping back into my childhood when I catch a glimpse of a dish or a picture that hung in a house during my childhood. Stop putting small business out of business just to increase space for commercial companies. Keep Beaverton a friendly and fun place to shop!This building is one of the first buildings that my spouse and I started really shopping at after we bought our first home in Beaverton. Shopping here also then lead to exploring that area of Beaverton. There are so many other buildings in that area that could be bought or demolished. This building is like no other in needs to stay!The Peaks is a beautiful building filled with wonderful people. Why would you want to lose something organically great?The peaks adds culture to our town. It's a fun vintage shop and Beaverton lacks that greatly.Use this building as a template or an architectural interesting point when rebuilding the area. Preserve as much as we can to continue the beauty and uniqueness of our city.Demolishing this is going to ruin downtown. You are going to force real estate prices up and small businesses out.Even though I don’t frequent this shop as much as I’d like, I think it’s a wonderful place, and has so much character to it. Everything from the building design itself, to the vendors just brings so much more to the community than just a parking lot would. It really isn’t fair to ruin so many people’s livelihoods so a few city employees can park just a little closer to work. This is an incredibly selfish move by the city, and it sickens me that they’d even think this was okay to do.Keeping historic sites in the City of Beaverton is an absolute must. This iconic landmark not only brings back childhood memories, but is still a great place to visit and spend my money.Beaverton is losing what remaining character it has and displacing businesses. Why? Is this the only place it has for a new high rise?It's unfair to demolish a small business just for a TEMPORARY parking lot. Surely the city can find another place without having to put someone out of business.Such cool, mid-century architecture. I’d hate to see it go!One of the only reasons why I travel to Beaverton! Such an amazing business with tremendous character!Preserve some of Beaverton’s charm and history by saving the PeaksIt is a great place to shop and wonderful business. We need more small businesses in beaverton.Travis and Jennifer have brought not only life, but culture into the heart of Beaverton. Their quaint shop Curiosities has expended beyond buildings, and the homes and hearts of many community members. Curiosities is located in a central point of the Beaverton that allows members to stroll though and appreciate people and items from all walks of life, while also experiencing the magnificent food culture of the recently developed BG Food Cartel. Jennifer and Travis’ Curiosities is the epitome of small business, where every guest is greeted with an atmosphere of friendship and family values. Removing this small business to be replaced by a parking lot would be a great disservice not only to this hard working family, but a tremendous loss of culture that you can’t find anywhere else in our community.It is a local business that means more than a parking garage! I had good memories and that store and it is always fun to visit!!Don't shut down 60 businesses! Stop building so much in Beaverton.The Peaks has had a great cultural impact on the city of Beaverton, bringing together people in a community based experience. Curiosities, in particular, is a fantastic shop. Small businesses will be greatly affected and the economic boost the area will receive will not outweigh the negative effect on the community!I can remember going there when it was a farm store when I was a kid to get formula for our puppies!This space is better used as is!This is a great location for many small businesses to thrive in Beaverton. As Beaverton fights to bring in a more diverse, younger community that feels more welcome in east Portland, they make the mistake of not understanding who their audience and what they want. They want the quirky, they want to blend blend history with present. Demolishing a building That can house a multitude of businesses that supports the Beaverton and portland community... for a parking lot... the need to figure out priorities is evident. When people lose their jobs/ability to make income for a local government parking lot. That’s sad and wrong.The Peaks is hideous trash and really should be demolished.It’s a landmark!Beaverton needs more unique buildings with local businesses, not parking lots.Not only is The Peaks a historically significant building in Beaverton, it also houses one of the most interesting and fun establishments for visitors. I come from SE Portland to shop at Curiosities, and I know many others who do too. Please don’t demolish The Peaks. It brings so much culture and flair to an otherwise bland neighborhood.Historic preservation is importantBy supporting Curiosities, you are supporting 60+ small businesses in Beaverton. Every day, Curiosities has shoppers coming from all over the metropolitan Portland area..... bringing revenue to the small businesses and the city of Beaverton.There is no reason to demolish an existing and useful business when you could not even fill the Round without taking it over as city offices.I love coming here with family and friends and roaming around browsing the cool little trinkets. This is the best store ever and would be sooo heartbroken to see this place go :(The community needs this building and the occupants. Stop gentrification. Look at Seattle.It’s a great store for recycling rare finds, inspires creativity and helps people make money for items that usually end up filling up landfills but it also helps the community keep small businesses thrive and also to help people decorate on a budget with style! Please don’t close this great place for a parking lot that will probably be empty space.The building and the business that occupies it, Vintage Curiosities, add an incredible amount of much needed character to central Beaverton. My family and I drive in from East Portland just to visit this location. While it doesn’t look like much to the average person, humble mid century buildings like this are attractions for many people. It won’t be obvious right away, but I have a feeling the City of Beaverton will regret demolishing this small time capsule of a bygone era.Evicting successful businesses to build parking doesn't make much sense.Amazing historic building design plus amazing small businesses I love to visit.The Peaks is a architecture that needs to be saved. We demolish too many building in the name of progress.With New York's Penn Station have we not learned that architecture from specific era's of American History needs to be preserve. Penn Station was a loss that galvanized the modern historic preservation movement. Mid Century architecture and signage is critical to Americas history and this is a prime example that should not be demolished for a parking lot.This building has been well maintained and kept aesthetically pleasing. It has remained relevant while keeping its retro charm. Although I’ve moved from Beaverton to Vancouver for job related reasons, this is one spot that brings me back to visit, enjoy the events and spend money! I enjoy visiting and shopping at Curiosities and then branching out to other sites for lunch, dinner, or just nice evening of appetizers and cocktails. It would be a shame to replace this landmark with a parking lot. Didn’t Joni Mitchell write a song about that??!Curiosities Vintage(the current resident) is a great shop and a fixture in the community. Part of that is due to its location. It’s in a distinctive building that’s easily accessible by public transportation. It’d be a shame to see this building gone for a parking lot.Does the world really need another parking lot? This store isn’t just a store, it’s a place of joyful communion where one persons no longer needed item becomes another’s treasure. Travis and Jen’s fun events bring people together in happy pursuit of a great deal on unique item - like treasure hunts for adults. The city should get creative and figure out how to make extra parking around a wonderfully unique store that brings value to the neighborhood!As a former dealer at Curiosities I am shocked at the short sighted view of the Beaverton City Council. Curiosities is a viable thriving business that brings many customers to Beaverton daily. Customers who would just as soon spend their money in Portland. The money that Curiosities generates for surrounding businesses and restaurants is not insignificant. There are other sites that are suitable for temporary parking. Don't destroy the community's architectural gem (not to mention peoples livelihood) for an eyesore.

Small businesses keep money in the local economy, and there is no other place like The Peaks for small businesses and vendors. To demolish something like this in not only a travesty, but an utter loss to the community.This is such an integral part of Beaverton culture and life, and would do so much more for the city than a parking lot.No one respects history anymore. Preserving the nature of a place and it’s history through architecture is vital to a community ‘s sense of place and pride.In a suburban area covered by strip malls, The Peaks are a saving grace of arts, culture and community in the Beaverton and Portland Metro Area. Providing an opportunity for dozens of small business owners and creatives to operate in commune year round, as well as during their peak fleas, it offers more than any other business in the area. This would be a serious sad loss, and one that is unjust. Look around for other opportunitiesc city! Save the peaks!Curiosities cannot go away! They are one of the best stores in Beaverton, and that building is so cool looking! It was just on TV for Christ sake! To tear it down for a parking lot? Girl. That is ridiculous.This is a community landmark and meeting place. It houses a lot of local vendors and provides a unique outlet to offset all the strip malls in Beaverton. We need it far more than we need another parking lot.It is the most interesting building in all of Beaverton. Also houses an awesome small business. How about you take down the Hall Street Grill location. It’s been empty for more than a year.I have lived in Portland my entire life-62 years! I remember this building during all of it's lives, and now I am one of the business owners here. It is a beautiful example of mid-century architecture, and an iconic Beaverton structure.I enjoy the character and uniqueness of this building! It is unique and deserves to not be destroyed.The Peaks should be saved to preserve classic architecture and to not destroy the businesses within.They contribute to both the culture and community of their neighbors and their neighborhood. They are loved and beloved in the community, and should be treated as such.I support local business.Everywhere I look, there are nothing but cookie cutter garbage developments being put up all over town. Destroying this unique building and the small businesses it houses would be a detriment to the community and keep on the trend of ‘Keep Beaverton Boring’.Growing too fastThis buildings architecture is worth saving & the shops are fabulousThe curiosity vintage store is unique and employs lots of women. Please don’t destroy but build them another affordable space to sell their itemsIt’s not right to do this to a businessThis shop provides many business owners with a way to sell there wares. Not only that, it brings people to downing Beaverton for the flea market on Sundays-a high rise ain’t going to do that.I LOVE this building and the shop it houses. STOP this decision PLEASEDO NOT DESTROY THIS BUILDING! Please consider the value this building has to the community. Please consider the small businesses and community members that will be affected. I have worked in Beaverton for 30 years. These buildings and businesses matter!Curiosities inside the Peaks is one of the few reasons I go into Beaverton.
There is a huge parking structure next to City Hall that is usually only semi full to the 3rd level. They should use it to the fullest! Geez! Who is making these decisions? Do they need to be Recalled???History should be preserved, not thrown away like old trash. Beaverton does NOT need ANOTHER high rise that looks exactly like the three others that have gone up in the past year. Curiosities is a vital part of the community and the building shares insight on what the town used to look like. We don’t need another eyesore of cookie-cutter construction. We need to hold on to the few unique buildings that remain.I have lived in Beaverton my whole 25 years of life. I love to see it grow - but it breaks my heart to see some of the most wonderful places in it destroyed. Curiosities is such a unique vintage shop I have spent so many hours wandering. PEOPLE LOVE VINTAGE. I don’t see why this particular spot needs to be used for a parking lot (seriously?!) when I feel it draws so many in. Please reconsider!Why would you close a thriving small business to create a parking lot? If more parking is needed, why not use the vacant lot in front of the former Hall Street Grill?This building and it's contents are real life. The memories and happiness it brings to many should not be lost.The building gives the area charm, in a city that desperately needs it.It’s a landmark and helps locals business. Therefore places like these give the city more character. And attract better culture and environment also on the plus keep this will help create bonds and memories for future generations.Small businesses should be valued and protected. We don’t need more parking lots; we need to continue to build our public transportation and support small's one of the best antique malls in the portland area. most things of interest or cultural value in the area have already been destroyed. you are replacing history with concrete, blending right into the strip malls, and you should be ashamed.As a person who was born and raised in Beaverton, there has been enough unwarranted “change”. To see this building demo’d just for a parking lot is a travesty. Curiosities is a great store and nothing else compares to it in Beaverton. If the city is “pro business” they will find another spot for their parking lot. Let historic Beaverton live!This building houses a thriving business and a cultural treasure. We don’t need more multi-unit housing while other similar multi-unit structures sit empty blocks away. We need to keep businesses that provide community and bring people together. Save The Peaks!!HistoryA historic building & thriving business! I love coming to Curiosities to look for special finds. I’ve found so many pieces for my home, & gifts for others. I love supporting a local business by shopping here, & would be so incredibly sad if it closed. There are so few shopping opportunities like this in Beaverton!Not only is this building a local landmark, it is an iconic example of mid-century architecture. Curiosities attracts vintage collectors of all ages, interests and income levels and is truly a destination for locals and out of town visitors. That all translates to revenue for local restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and more. Please don’t destroy this fantastic corner of Beaverton by razing this building for a parking lot!What a unique building in central Beaverton. I can walk here from my home and live shopping at Curiosities. It’s a one of a kind antique store. Let’s keep it around!So many quality small businesses!We love shopping at this establishment! It’s one of only a handful of establishments in Beaverton that we can still find vintage vinyl, & used music equipment.

The building is also an important historical landmark in Beaverton. We’ve lost so many of the older buildings in Beaverton - it’s be very sad to see another torn down, especially for something like a temporary parking lot.Places like The Peaks give Beaverton personality. Parking lots are just depressing and boring.