Testimonial 5

Please do not destroy these iconic buildings. There are a lot of people from the other side of the river who view Curiosities and Annex as a destination. I was in the shop a few days ago and noticed a few 10-15people from Japan. Not one spoke English but they all seemed to hav treasures in their basket to buy. They likely heard of our shop from other Japanese visitors who come to the shop when the big Expo Center antique show happens in March, July and Oct. The Peaks shops are a destination site for hundreds of people in the summer as vacationers from CA travel up to Canada.. and Canadians travel south. These same vacationers may stay and shop Beaverton or eat in our restaurants. Please consider these shops as a positive addition to Beaverton. There are many people who love the Mid Century items to buy inside and also the beauty of the mid century lines of the buildings. Please do not take this away from Beaverton. - Jill Brady