Testimonial 8

This building is the only beautifully designed mid-century modern structures in the Beaverton area. The Curiosities Vintage mall has been an important contributor to the dynamic growth of business in central Beaverton core, with our mall customers supporting other nearby businesses, such as the food carts, Mingo's and Ome Cali ice cream to name a few. I lease a space in the mall and as a vendor I can attest to the fact that my sales have only increased the longer I have been there. I feel this has been a very successful venture for me. And many others. Curiosities is part of a shopping destination that has developed in Beaverton for vintage shoppers, along with The Vault, Mid Century Modern. The city of Beaverton is missing out an opportunity to promote this and cultivate that, with this outstanding mid century building and business. - Michele Macklem-Kemp