Testimonial 9

I have been a resident of Beaverton for 15 years. The only changes I’ve seen have been bringing in monstrosities like Cracker Barrel and boxy, boring apartment complexes and semi-modern dwelling structures. There have not been any changes made to support small, local businesses. They’ve only been moved out, left in ruins, or the city doesn’t bother to have building owners maintain external appearances. Downtown Beaverton has been building large complexes to make more housing available, but at what cost? These new residents only have run down and outdated businesses to shop at. There are no antique stores in all of Beaverton other than Curiosities and Rose City Modern. Both of which are in classic, architecturally significant buildings. They are unique establishments that shine in comparison to the old and run down and the new and uninteresting. I have been a dealer at Curiosities for almost two years. Prior to that, I was a customer. Travis markets the business, supports the local community and has a high standard for the merchandise we, as antique dealers, supply. Not only does he support the community, but he helps support small business practices. It would be a shame to destroy the last remaining bit of uniqueness to this otherwise basic and boring city development. Please save the Peaks!!! - Shannon Sanford