UPDATE as of 7/15/19: 

While it is certain that Curiosities Vintage will be relocating, the effort for saving The Peaks building continues.  I have been in contact with the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) to determine what can be done about potentially preserving this building. According to statute ORS_358653 any property owned by a public entity must consult with the  SHPO for review of any impact on a historical building or site. As of July 8th, that had not been done according to the SHPO. On the afternoon of July 8th, I presented the Director of BURA and the Mayor with a fact sheet about ORS_358653 and they indicated that they would look into it. 

In the meantime, both the US National and the Oregon chapter of DoCoMoMo have reviewed the building, documented it as a threatened building,  and shared the Save The Peaks  on their websites and social media platforms. Letters of support and pleas for the preservation of this building have been sent to the Mayor from The Society For Commercial Archaeology and the Beaverton Historical Society- as well as posts to their social media pages. Several news media sources have also reported about the imminent destruction of this building and brought it to the Portland Metro public attention- which has resulted in close to 4000 signatures on this website in just a few short weeks. 

But plans for the demolition are proceeding unless they can find an additional lot for temporary parking  by the time they start construction of the Pat Reser Performing Arts Center (projected to break ground November of 2019). Demolition of The Peaks building will be immediate, as they project that it will take 12 weeks to convert the Beaverdam site into a parking lot.  

How can you help?

  • Do you have a neighboring business that is within 600 feet of City Hall? Can you offer parking to the City of Beaverton for 18-24 months? They are requiring 65 spaces and di to contract obligations they must be within 600 feet of their building. COB/BURA will lease them from your business. Please contact Cheryl Twete with the City of Beaverton BURA and Mayor Denny Doyle for details. Deadline to contact them is fast approaching and must be done by August 12th.

  • Do you have any information about the history of this building or are you able to search County Records for them? Any info we can find that shows historical significance will help. We do not even have the Architect’s name. Please email savethepeaks@gmail.com with any info along with the source.

  • Do you have any photos of the businesses housed here in the past 55 years? We would love to share them here and also use them to support the historical research info. Please email savethepeaks@gmail.com with any .jpeg images and credit the source.

  • Please attend all City of Beaverton meetings related to the Central Beaverton Master Planning and BURA. Info can be found on the City of Beaverton website. Ask questions about how these projects are funded, how decisions are made and what their plans are. Make statements during meetings or in writing – professionally and respectfully, to voice your concerns about the plans for the development along Beaverdam Road and how the development will impact infrastructure and history.

Thank you for your support.


Jenn Barker, 
Citizen & Preservationist